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I knew the matchmaking was broken but not this broken!

2022.01.25 10:09 spamupvote I knew the matchmaking was broken but not this broken!

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2022.01.25 10:09 gxmedia [SEJ] Talking Google MUM & Enterprise Culture With Conductor’s CEO via @sejournal, @mirandalmwrites

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2022.01.25 10:09 UltimateTraders 1/25/2022 Daily Plays, ADM first company with amazing earnings! AXP excellent, PEBO [Who cares], a few real companies to look for, I did 3 important videos last night, sell into these head fakes for me, sorry to some of my Call options, PUTS for the WIN! DWAC SAM CHWY CVNA and please PTON rally!

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was definitely wild, but I will be selling into rallies. Buying PUTS and trading them on market strength. By nature I am indeed a BULL, but I have also traded for almost 30 years! I have been thru enough and lost enough that I understand buying the dip is not an optimal strategy for me, I am better off keeping a ton of cash on hand when things go bad and pivot quickly….
I was a little shocked yesterday when I received the message from Reddit for harassment and saying I may be banned. I am very used to being banned on Reddit, it did hurt to lose the 12 million from WSB, 2 million from Investing, 2 million from Stockmarket and I have been banned 6 months off and on from Stocks 3 million. For myself I need these eyeballs, I felt to get notice….. I am not sure where I go with Reddit. It was supposed to be a 2 month experiment where my production would fall off but maybe I land a job as a money manager… In 2020 I was up 400-500% and safely is the key! I knew it wouldn’t happen again, but when AMC/GME took off I saw this as an opportunity to take me off the streets, as I was an Insurance agent trading and enrolling customers at the same time… As the year wore on I wasn’t doing anywhere near thbe 400-500% but I started to feel that it would still be ok to retire early. [I started working in 2012 a W2 when something awful happened in 2011] especially if I stopped bleeding in Connecticut rental properties, which I unfortunately still am… and I retired right before Thanksgiving 2021…. The idea was to use LEVEL 2 which is indeed the #1 most important feature for day traders. Anyone doing this 10+ years knows this for a fact…. Little did I know I was retiring into a correction and possible bear market… now, I did know that eventually we would correct but not when and not this fast….However 1 thing about this market that is indeed different is the speed. I may do a video about this, and why… Many of my generals tried to convince me that this time is different… NO I am sorry it is not! Numbers are numbers and people cheat, lie, scam….remember we are small fries and execs will sell, print shares, hide things to shaft retail. The only difference from this market and any market in the 1920s, 1980s or 90s was the speed!!! The way that people can communicate is the only difference. Remember, I did a video about why the stock market was created. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXfCEwn5fBM&t=200s it is very important critical for you to understand it, and when you do, you will know why it is never a good idea to try and attack a company that lacks money, I don’t care if it is 100% short, because the last ones in bonafide bag holders…..It would not surprise me if TV anchors or money managers do not have a good back ground on the market….. So I did 3 videos.
Video #1 about the ban, and if I get banned I will not come back to Reddit as I am getting nothing from it, no compensation, so who is losing? Me or many thousands gaining knowledge from a successful trader forever : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm8mPZHOxk4
Video #2 some of my elite team were discussing how much they were down, and it hurt me. Hurt me bad, I felt it was extremely important to help them and you! I started to slowly sell off stocks in October, I stopped throwing most grenades and by the end of the year had 65% cash… I now have made money and only added IVR that I am long, I am probably near 75% : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE0FlT2-kjo&t=1s
Video # 3 very critical, stop listening to FUD and being brainwashed. This is 5 minute DD you can do even if you are 14 and brand new to trading. For free too! Ok so if you aren’t used to this maybe 10-15 mins with basic charting, nothing difficult so anyone can use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyOMUESHuxs&t=11s
I don’t plan on going anywhere or getting banned. I am starting to gain traction. If I do finally get the 500K job with possible bonuses I am out! I am being honest that is why I came on Reddit… I am not an entertainer, I am a trader. More than likely I wont be liked because I tell people that 500 to 2 million isn’t possible. That 16 to 74,000 is fraud… I get blocked, I am trying to prevent massive losses. I tweeted Trey and Matt this morning that it is time to let the apes free, they should get lawyers if they don’t already have them… They each have tons of followers because they tell people and promise people riches, from nothing. That an MOASS is coming, 1 never seen before..This has been the largest pyramid scheme I have ever seen and its because fast communication and uninformed retail…. But those are the people with millions of views that use click bait and get paid. Not me, being honest…. No one wants to hear you can make 25-50% in a year from invested capital… They want to hear you can make that in a day, a week, a month… I tell you in April when I posted that video… I was called a retard, dumb, made fun of by everyone… I was banned for saying anything negative about Cathie… all that does is make me laugh, I shake my head, because my confidence in the market is known, this is me typing not in person. I am extremely humble, but we are typing, and how can you type conviction it will sell arrogant…..So, I don’t plan on going anywhere, I may do a video with what I hope, but if I banned here, I will not come with another user name, will not come back to Reddit. I am undecided if I want to do a discord, I will indeed use Twitter. This is all taking up tons of my time. I have made new friends and the generals can contact me, I have helped countless others, but I don’t need to be banned and come back.. what am I gaining for hours of work each day?
I finally saw my first amazing report from the 4th Qtr. I am going to add it to plays and just monitor. ADM… AXP was very good and so was PEBO… IBM earnings were not good but I will let TV heads and analysts say what they want….because earnings are coming off, rates rising I will use the rallies to sell into strength or buy fresh puts…Unfortunately, we will be trending down unless earnings are amazing.
Here are 5 things I am looking at.. hot money is dangerous, and I do not feel good when anyone loses money.
AXP – Credit cards, actually an amazing report, shares are expensive but maybe calls, lets see
ADM – A manufacturer of products to manufacturer and make it easy for agricultural development, corn, wheat soy… yeah boring but earnings were awesome! Lets see
PEBO – An unknown bank with amazing earnings and very good dividends its super defensive
LOGI/HEAR – Logi had good earnings, head sets for computers, mice, not great but good.. HEAR same field has been hammered so let me see them both
CHWY – Pet delivery, 20 billion dollar company, I have puts, they lack sales and lose money. This was Ryan Cohen Hoopla as he founded the company, its run was 0 to do with fundamentals
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2022.01.25 10:09 RedmasterqQ Leaping Larvae Intrigue Scientists.

HomeNews & Opinion Leaping Larvae Intrigue Scientists The Scientist spoke with entomologist Matt Bertone about the characteristics of Laemophloeus biguttatus larvae jumps—a previously unreported behavior in this group of beetles.
Chloe Tenn
Jan 20, 2022 4 ABOVE: Larval (A) and adult (B) Laemophloeus biguttatus beetles MATT BERTONE Insect larvae are often thought of as worming their way around their environment, legless and slow-moving—or even immobile. But a paper published in PLOS ONE yesterday (January 19) reports a peculiar behavior in the larvae of Laemophloeus biguttatus, commonly known as the lined flat bark beetle: jumping. This rapid locomotion was previously unknown in this insect species, according to the authors of the paper, and has only been commonly observed in fly maggots.
MATT BERTONE The research team collected and identified beetle larvae from the North Carolina State University campus in 2019. They filmed the jumping larvae with a high-speed camera to capture their movements. They also assessed the muscle mass of the developing beetles using microCT scans and SEM imaging to further investigate the mechanism behind the jittery bugs. The authors report that the Laemophloeus biguttatus beetle larvae can jump further than their body length both horizontally and vertically.
The larvae launch themselves into the air by gripping soil with their legs while arching their bodies, then rapidly curling inward after releasing their grip on the soil. The researchers identify this method as “latch-mediated spring actuation,” a common mechanism insects use to launch themselves into the air. However, in these beetle larvae, the latch is not formed by one body part gripping another body part as in other invertebrates such as springtails and locusts, but rather by the legs holding the soil or substrate beneath the animal.
In a conversation with The Scientist, North Carolina State University entomologist Matt Bertone discusses how he first noticed these jumps, the mechanism behind the behavior, and potential reasons why larvae leap.
The Scientist: How was this paper inspired [or] started? Matt Bertone: This was really serendipitous. Basically, there was a standing dead pine tree outside of our lab on campus that had some nice fungus that was growing on it under the bark. That’s a great place to look for insects. . . . Basically, I went to look at the tree and collected all different types of insects from there, from beetles to bugs and mites, and things like that. I brought them back to the lab and as I was preparing and putting these larvae on pieces of bark to take photos, I noticed they would walk a little bit and then hop. I was like, ‘That’s really strange.’ I’ve never heard of that before and searched a little bit and couldn’t find anything about that.
I was in a seminar with Dr. Adrian Smith, who’s at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and he does a lot of really great high-speed filming and videography. We’ve been talking about projects to work on, and I was like, ‘Oh, hey, I just found this little larva that looks like it’s jumping. Let’s record it.’ Once we got the high-speed recordings . . . I sent it to a few colleagues who are experts on beetles, and none of them had ever heard of that happening or seen that happen.
TS: What is special about this jumping behavior in beetle larvae? MB: Jumping beetle larvae . . . [are] actually fairly uncommon for such a large group of insects. There’s over 350,000 species of described beetles in the world, and very few of them jump as larvae. . . . When we saw the slow-motion video, we were able to see how it was actually jumping and that was even less common—basically unique among insects.
TS: Can you summarize steps in your research process? MB: We first filmed [the larvae] at 3,000 frames per second or so . . . and we could see what was happening and how they were jumping, but we didn’t see some minute aspects of it. [Smith] actually filmed at 60,000 frames per second and we were able to see much more distinct steps in the process. Once we did that, we also looked at the larvae under a scanning electron microscope to see if there were any special features or anatomy that might help them jump. . . . We also reviewed the literature . . . to put them in context of the other types of insects that have jumping larvae. In that context, these [larvae] are very unique.
TS: Can you explain how these larvae leap? MB: They were doing this latch-mediated spring actuation. Basically, they latch on to something, build up energy in their body, and then release the latch. That releases all the energy. What was unique about this is that they were using their claws to grip this substrate, the ground, and that was where they were latching. There are other insects that have latching mechanisms and do this [where] they actually have a body-part-to-body-part kind of latch, rather than a body part to the substrate. However, [these larvae] don’t need to develop two body parts to latch on to each other.
We invited Joshua Gibson at University of Illinois, a specialist in these latching mechanisms and in energy . . . he did a CT scan of the larvae to look at the musculature inside. Basically, if we know how much power a muscle puts out, and we know how much muscle [the larvae] have, we can see how much power it would take to have them leap the way they did, and their strength and speed. Even though [the jump is] not super powerful or super record breaking, it was more than the muscles alone could power. That led us also to show that this is some kind of latch where there’s the stored energy that’s released.
Representative launch sequence of jumping L. biguttatus larva ADRIAN SMITH TS: Do you have any ideas or speculations [as to] why the beetle larvae do this? MB: First of all, we ruled out that they were doing this normally, because they often live under bark. There’s really no space to jump around. Another idea was that it was some kind of artefact of what they do under the bark that might be translated to [a] jumping mechanism outside, but they did it so readily. . . . When they felt the need, they would just hop. They also really didn’t react specifically if you touch them with something. They will get a little annoyed, and they’d walk away, and they’d hop.
Our best hypothesis based on all this information is that because they live on this decaying wood and under bark, these resources are . . . basically not around for a long time. They decompose. They fall apart. So, we can imagine a situation where the bark falls off a tree and exposes these larvae, and they’re light-colored against a dark background. They’re easy for predators to spot. This leaping actually costs less energy than to crawl. It may be that they just use this to get out of a bad situation quickly, and randomly find a better situation because they can’t actually direct their jumps. They kind of go all over the place. It’s not super sophisticated, but it is an energy effective way to move around.
TS: Were there any challenges throughout the process? MB: Although this species is common across mostly [the] eastern US, and probably one of the most common of the species of this group of beetles, they are fairly tiny. They’re in these very ephemeral resources, these fungi that grow on dead trees and things like that for a small period of time, and then get turned over to other fungi and other organisms. Finding enough larvae to be able to experiment on was one of the challenges. We were really fortunate to have found . . . a couple dozen specimens. But they don’t live very long. . . . If we had more specimens that were healthy and behaving naturally, then we could kind of manipulate [experiments] in ways to see what caused them to jump. But because we only had a limited number, we were only able to really describe the jumping and present this as a new finding.
TS: Where do you see the future of this research going? MB: It’d be great if other researchers who find [the larvae] were to push the studies further and look at other reasons why they might jump or if there are other species that may jump as well.
TS: What do you want readers to take away from these observations? MB: Adrian published a video about jumping fly larvae maggots, and we actually found a number of them under the same bark that were jumping as well. . . . There are lots of different flies that do this. They have a very well-known mechanism for doing it. At the end of this video that Adrian produced, he did a little teaser for this jumping beetle larvae. . . . A researcher, an expert in this group of beetles from Japan, saw the video and said, ‘Oh, I’ve seen larvae do that, too.’ It was a different genus, in the same family. . . . We do know [that] the jumps in real time look almost identical, or very similar, although [these two beetle species] are not super closely related.
This all leads to us thinking that [larvae jumping may be] more widespread within either this group of beetles or even close relatives.
I definitely encourage people to look under the bark—responsibly—on dead trees and dead logs and look at living things and see how they do what they do.
Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for brevity.
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" https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/leaping-larvae-intrigue-scientists-69632#:~:text=SUBSCRIBE,ALL%20RIGHTS%20RESERVED.
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2022.01.25 10:09 TwitchTv_MT9 Chances of Getting in to Computer Science With A* A B

Hello Guys!
I am interested in Trinity College Dublins Computer Science program and i did GCE-A Levels as my choice of university enterance exams and my grades are stated as A* A B. A is in maths. So are my chances very low or is there a decent chance of me getting in to the school? Any help is appriciated
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2022.01.25 10:09 Goatkuri Guys I fixed traffic

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2022.01.25 10:09 lacottoncandy Are we living in the end times?

I feel like we are living in the biblical end times. I remember 2020 there was so much calamity around the world. There was an increase in natural disasters, floods, earthquakes etc. There was even locusts and murder hornets on the loose. And now its going on 3 years and we are still going through this pandemic. I understand that human history is filled wars, rumours of wars, natural disasters etc . But it just seems like everything is coming at once. I also understand this isnt the very first pandemic. But its just really odd about these covid restrictions. And now there is another variant on the loose. I feel like day by day our freedoms are turning into privileges. The freedoms that our ancestors fought so hard for things are slowly going back in time. Everyday life is getting harder and I feel like the world is getting more isolated. I do not feel so hopeful about the future.
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2022.01.25 10:09 DrRhetoric Petro's paleo

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2022.01.25 10:09 allalongthewayy [FO] Framed gift I made for my in-laws, successfully shipped to France!

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2022.01.25 10:09 Patient_Ad6008 Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) [Official Music Video]

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2022.01.25 10:09 No_Head_6651 PLEASE HELP, black screen after installing GT610-1024D3LG1(DDR3)

I'm on HP Pavilion 500-157kr, motherboard 2AF7, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, idk what to do, I tried to put hdmi, vga, dvi in my video card still black screen, but in my integrated gpu intel no sign of black screen, Please help me how to fix it...
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2022.01.25 10:09 Thundrrr_GT i had sex with dream

Anyway, I wanna dream about this dude- 5'11-6ft, bringing it up on me in the beach. I wanna see him shirtless and touch his abs. "Clay hun, its getting dark we should go." I say. "Nah, let's stay here for a bit longer babe.. I wanna have this moment with you..." he says. I look up to see his beautiful wet blonde hair slicked back as his sea colored eyes stare into my sunkissed brown eyes. "You look so hot right now..." Dream says. I notice the change in his eyes- he's in heat. I get scared yet I secretly enjoy the piercing look he gave me right at that moment.

Fast forward to sexy hot scene hehehehehe...

"D-dream w-what if someone a-aahhh~ sees us?" Dream smiles and looks down at me again. "Better keep quiet then you dirty slut.." I can feel him thrusting and thrusting. He chokes me. "D-dream~!!!" I scream. "I said to keep shut, are you fucking deaf you piece of shit?" I smile at that and moan harder.

Fast forward to cumming cuz tbh im starting to lose my ideas

"a-aah!!! d-dream im gonna c-cum~" I scream out loud. "Me too babygirl, cum with me."

ok we cum and get caught by secuirty guadrd bc these kids snitched and call police and now we get death sentence. the end
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2022.01.25 10:09 cookie__crumble_ jowa

gusto ko na ng jowa. namimiss ko na yung may mapagkukwentuhan ako ng kung ano nangyari sa araw ko, namimiss ko na yung may ka-cuddle ako kaso nakakapagod naman na kumilala ng bagong tao. haha.
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2022.01.25 10:09 I_hate_people69 I bought a record needle a little over a month ago and as soon as I bought it they immediately upped the price $10. Then when you click on it through the watchlist it goes up another $4. $14 more than what I originally paid for the exact same item! I just wanted to get a spare

I bought a record needle a little over a month ago and as soon as I bought it they immediately upped the price $10. Then when you click on it through the watchlist it goes up another $4. $14 more than what I originally paid for the exact same item! I just wanted to get a spare submitted by I_hate_people69 to mildlyinfuriating [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 10:09 Chocolate-Spider Kumoko's Day Out 3

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2022.01.25 10:09 AlanPartridgeIsMyDad Study Spaces

Does anyone know any good study spaces other than Uni/college libraries?
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2022.01.25 10:09 The_one_and_only_PLB Audio Interface vs dedicated DAC and Amp

I currently have my AKG K-712s plugged into the Steinberg UR22C that I also use for Audio In. I quite like the sound, but I'm still wondering how much of a difference a proper dedicated DAC and Amp Setup would make for listening.
Has anyone here tried both/switched from one to the other and can recount their experience?
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2022.01.25 10:09 CrosbyBrendan Here Are My Top Five Albums I Think Are Future Trainwreckords Episodes

  1. Daystar by Tory Lanez: Released during allegations he shot Meghan Thee Stallion, him defending himself against those allegations tarnished his reputation in the hip hop community and his next album did even worse. Todd hinted he wants to cover this album.
  2. Slang by Def Leppard: I have gone on record and said Def Leppard are the Imagine Dragons of the 80’s (even if their good songs are better than Imagine Dragons’ good songs). Slang was an attempt to hop on the grunge bandwagon and the album sounds like a piss poor version of Soundgarden and it basically guaranteed they never saw chart success again.
  3. Origins by Imagine Dragons: Despite that they have tried multiple times to come back from this I am getting more confident this was a career killer even if it was just 3 years ago. Their follow up album did even worse and at most I expect Enemy to be like Beautiful Mistakes where it gets airplay here and there but is not the smash hit prior singles were. If they ever have a big hit again it’ll be a god damn miracle because I am certain a lot of people are done with Imagine Dragons.
  4. The Long Run by The Eagles: Another instance of album broke up the band but I’ve vocally requested this album as the band dysfunction in the Eagles was ten times worse than any band covered (even CCR). The story behind album itself is also very similar to Mardi Gras. It may have went 7x platinum but it didn’t get the same positive reception Hotel California did and The Eagles would not release another album for 28 years and when they reunited in the 90s their moment was over.
  5. Signs of Life by Billy Squier: I had four candidates in mind for Trainwreckords when the series premiered, this is the only one that has yet to be covered. This was the quintessential career killer, aside from the infamous Rock Me Tonite music video, the album itself was also much more pop than his prior albums and my dad said that when the Rock Me Tonite video came out, his place on the A List died overnight and eventually he stopped selling out shows. He also tried multiple times to come back from that but there were also stories about how his label flat out refused to promote his albums.
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2022.01.25 10:09 GodofWar_1 [16M] hey wanna be friends? [Friendship]

Hi, I’m looking for someone available to invest in a long term friendship. Someone to text with everyday, and call too some time. It is one of my core values in a friendship to work things out.
That being said if you wonder, my interests are reading, my favorite book is game of thrones; listening to music; genres that go from classical to classic rocks to pop, playing video games; Minecraft, EU4, and CK2 on pc. I also speak three languages, and have some lovely pets.
I’m not looking to talk to anyone in particular, other than what I just said, I want someone as friendly as I strive to be.
I’m an open person, and a fast replier, so dm me. Thank you, and hope to see you there
In another life, I will make you stay.
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