2022.01.23 06:45 Stapro “JWALA" by SUDIN POKHAREL DA69

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2022.01.23 06:45 gamepilaties 🏑 ⚾️ 🏒

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2022.01.23 06:45 chacinana Applying for Settled status after having Pre-settled status and being in the UK for 5 continuos years - waiting times

Does anyone know how long it’s taking to get a decision?
When I applied for pre-settlement I got the email with the outcome after a week or so. Now I only received the confirmation of application email and nothing else. I applied on the 02/01/22
So, has anyone applied recently and can advise on how long it took to get an outcome?
Many thanks in advance
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2022.01.23 06:45 GorillaRimjob What's a good program to use? I want to create code that generates a grid, and each cell is a different color.

All my coding experience is with JCreator from high school. Basically, I want to create a grid of cells, and then have each cell randomly choose one of 10 colors I selected. I'm not asking for the code, just a good place to start. Thanks :-)
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2022.01.23 06:45 necrolust_00 Which country has the best navy as of 0.20.0 public build?

Disclaimer: Admrials' stats are based on 0.19 due to a game-breaking bug
Each faction has one major naval power: Reichspakt (+ Donau-Adriabund) has Germany, Third Internationale (+ Moscow Accord) has Union of Britain, Co-Prosperity Sphere has Japan, and Entente has Canada, with USA (or AUS/CSA/PSA) being the wildcard. Honestly under a capable player's command all five candidates can curbstomp the other fleets with ease, but let's get into it.

Germany, assuming it has taken over its colonial fleets, boasts 454 ships, with 7 CV's, 3 SHBB's (labelled as "Dreadnoughts" in mod), 34 BB's, 14 BC's, 8 Armored Cruisers (categorized as CA both in vanilla and in mod; basically heavy cruisers with a battleship gun), 6 CA's (labelled as "cruisers" in the mod), 25 CL's (labelled as "escort cruisers" in the mod), 228 DD's, and 129 SS's. Its fleet is bigger than Japan and Canada COMBINED, and with Reuter (has old guard trait but he already has superior tactician which gives access to concealment expert, and he has ironside to buff the capital ships as well) or Boehm (has superior tactician and does not have old guard, but he does not start with ironside trait) in command, the Hochseeflotte will be able to sink enemy fleet most of the time, if not always.
Its only downside is all of its 7 carriers - 3 Main Class carriers use converted cruiser hull so they can have up to 40 deck size, and the rest of the carriers (both Maas Class and Weser Class) have deck armor, which is probably fine IRL but is waste of a module slot in game, not to mention that refitting those 4 carriers to have 60 deck size cost 7164 IC, which is way too expensive - for reference, "the meta cruiser" you would build in sweaty multiplayer (lv 1 medium battery w/engine 2's maxed out light cruiser battery 2's, 1*AA 2, 1*secondary battery 2, and no armor) costs 4766 IC (assuming you are using 1936 modules). The worst part is, the carriers you would get from 1934 Naval Program also have this issue.

USA starts with 301 ships - 4 CV's (3 of which have 60-deck size), 4 SHBB's, 18 BB's, 4 BC's, 34 CA's, no CL's, 158 DD's, and 79 SS's. It starts with highest dockyard count (38 dockyards at the start of the game), which is more than what Germany and UoB starts with COMBINED. Its admirals are nothing to laugh at either, with Leahy and King coming in clutch, and even if you lose both of them you still have Richardson and Halsey as backups. There is one giant problem here as well - no matter what, unless you are in old version of Kaiserreich, you will definitely go to civil war and lose some ships. Even if you do not put your fleet out, the AI most certainly will and lose some ships.

UoB starts with 300 ships - 6 CV's (5 of which have 60-deck size), 2 SHBB's, 6 BC's, no CA's, 25 CL's, 149 DD's, and 100 SS's. It starts with a national spirit which permanently boosts dockyard output by 15% and lowers naval doctrine cost by 10%. The one big downside is its admirals - good luck grinding Warburton-Lee or Evans, since most of your best admirals escaped to Canada back in 1920s.

Japan starts with 198 ships - 4 CV's (1 of which has 60-deck size), no SHBB's, 6 BB's, 3 BC's, 4 Armored Cruisers (don't ask me why), 8 CA's, 2 Coastal Defense Ships (basically pre-dreadnoughts but with cruiser hulls), 17 CL's, 101 DD's, and 53 SS's. Its admirals are nothing to laugh at - even after the nerf Yamamoto is still powerful, and Ozawa and Koga come in close second.
Japan's biggest weakness is, surprisingly, the devs and their tendency to nerf Japan, regarless of their intentions. Yamamoto is only level 4 in the mod but is level 5 in vanilla, Ozawa is also level 4 in mod but level 5 in vanilla, Koga is level 3 in mod but level 4 in vanilla, and I didn't even begin on their traits. Both Yamamoto and Ozawa lost their bold trait, which made them way worse than Reuter. Also, as if quartering PatAut's consumer good reduction bonus was not enough, Japan lost "four battleships and four battlecruisers," at least according to the 0.20 patch note, but oh boy were they lying. They deleted 2 carriers which start with 60 deck size AND they nerfed the Kii Class Battleship from SHBB to BB 2. Yes, the devs did "buffed" Japan a bit by making admiral Daigo from level 1 to level 2 compared to vanilla, but that's miniscule at best if I'm being honest, since he becomes at least level 2 in vanilla anyways simply because you convoy raid the hell out of China in the first place. There are more nerfs the devs did (e.g. Yamashita being level 4), but they are out of the scope of this post and I am getting low on caffeine and antidepressants.

Last but not least, Canada starts with 2 CV's (none of which start with 60 deck size), 3 SHBB's, 12 BB's, 6 BC's, 2 Armored Cruisers, 3 CA's, 28 CL's, 81 DD's, and 21 SS's. Canada more than makes up their lack of ships with some of the best admirals - Somerville and both Cunninghams are quite useful. Also, its submarine admiral (Tom Phillips) is arguably better than the Donitz, considering that Phillips starts with suprior tactician (which unlocks concealment expert trait) but Donitz does not start with it (or blockade runner or spotter for that matter).

With all things considered I think Germany has the best navy as of 0.20.0 without considering the bugs on admirals, with USA/AUS/CSA/PSA going close second, assuming the three AI nations don't go monke and blow the ships out. That being said I'm pretty sure other nations can rival these five (not at the same time, obviously), but I don't know how possible that would be.
View Poll
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2022.01.23 06:45 Dirtyyk the voices in my head told me to put $100 into bitcoin

I’ve done ZERO research on bitcoin, all i know is i’ll be laughing or crying about it when i wake up. It’s currently 4 am and i just got a random intrusive thought. Oh well, scared money don’t make money. Goodnight 🙎🏽‍♂️
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2022.01.23 06:45 TRAcademy Litecoin Technical Analysis for January 23 , 2022 - LTC

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2022.01.23 06:45 KUNDALINI456 Gen Z dan Milenial suscribe Netflix, When Boomer embrace this book

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2022.01.23 06:45 Shiraisaki Help

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2022.01.23 06:45 woosal1337 Sedef Kabaş'ı tutuklayan hakim kıdemsiz çıktı

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2022.01.23 06:45 foodfixture Keto Creamy Goat Curry Recipe | Indian Style Mutton Curry Recipe | Keto,...

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2022.01.23 06:45 a_bombs Bitmain the L7 is an fn joke. DO NOT preorder this until you see one running from a reputable source. If you have one ordered, I would start to act now to get refund or switch it to another miner. If you are new in the industry I am sorry that this happened and don't give up on mining.

Bitmain the L7 is an fn joke. DO NOT preorder this until you see one running from a reputable source. If you have one ordered, I would start to act now to get refund or switch it to another miner. If you are new in the industry I am sorry that this happened and don't give up on mining. submitted by a_bombs to litecoinmining [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 06:45 Blueskyyyyyyyy 24 [M4F] Monday Blues

Feeling the Monday blues coz work again tom! HAHAHA Kapagod hays. alam ko madami dito same ng nararamdaman.
Anyways, looking for friends here that I can talk to when I have good news, bad news, chismis, or anything under the sun. You can share your stories too!
Okay so about me, I’m from the South. Decent looking and normal BMI! I love working out hehe I also do play the guitar and drums.
So yah! We can talk here or in Telegram. Hmu
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2022.01.23 06:45 barnyard9 BigBrainCo is basically facttechz 2.0

He calls that youtube channel as startup lmao..beer batli sucks.
i don't understand why he did facttechz type of channel. according to my knowledge, those channels ad income is pretty low...and nb sponsors these types of videos as well.
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2022.01.23 06:45 Exotic-Chef-8544 One of the best daily task i have ever get! 6 PMC killed >20m for a tank battery

I haven't got any task similar until this, but it seems that the game knows i'm broke af.
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2022.01.23 06:45 RRima2 #ico

Join ico and get good profit, don't miss your opportunity#LPI #LPIDAO #CRYPTO #BINANCE #BEP20
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2022.01.23 06:45 TheWizzr UPST Price Predictions - Upstart Holdings Stock Analysis for Monday, January 24th

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2022.01.23 06:45 Theicedoge1 good hitsound

the ones that i like is drum-hitclap and drum-hitnormal
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2022.01.23 06:45 NewsElfForEnterprise Power restored for 6,000 customers, another 600 still in the cold

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2022.01.23 06:45 Oscar12s Brand New Quirky Sort Of Open-World RPG Adventure

Rated T for Teen by the ESRB (not really, yet, but I can see it getting a light T or heavy E10+).
Hey guys, I'm sort of in the process of making an RPG! It's kind of open world where the only barriers are getting abilities, key items, or even new party members to progress. Sure, it may not be THAT original but it'll be pretty different from many other games (it is inspired by some though).
Dang, this is a long one, so prepare to read a lot. Nevermind, I'll just put a TL:DR at the end, but if interested, please read, I highly appreciate it.
Beginning of the Plot:
The story opens up with the main character (Male, 14. However, I'm quite indecisive about who it should be) at his last day of 8th grade, while still under the shadow of his "rival" (who's really just some rich guy teasing him). During 8th period, Mrs. Roseberry, the Biology teachers presents an Ancient Orb (which will be VERY important to the plot, but the player doesn't know yet), she's not sure of what it does but shows it off anyway. Suddenly, the lights go out and clouds surround the whole town, no light can get in. Hostile Spirits appear and can be fought for EXP, but if you die, you get sent to the nurse and school's dismissed for the year shortly after the power returns and the clouds vanish into thin air.
Our hero is now home, and a couple hours later goes to sleep shortly after being illuminated by a misterious light, and told about the terrible danger at the Indii Islands, the core and source of these emonic events. He is told about the eight Ancient Orbs (remember now?) and their power to open the Ancient Gates and make it possible to stop the evil beings slowly leading the world into chaos and destruction, and saving the people of the islands by collecting all the orbs spread over them would be crucial to preventing the seize of the magical land.
Confused as if that was true, he wakes up only to find a materialized version of the voice (said voice is really just a divine sprite of a lady made of light) telling him to pack up some things and head for the observatory up northwest (well, technically it's southeast, but the game makes it look that it's northwest, whatever, it's northwest), where he'll meet someone, an old friend (who will also be an important supporting character).
He packs up his trusty BankBuddy card, his phone, some food, some clothes, and a tent and leaves immediately, without telling his mother, father, or even his trustworthy sister, but is soon caught by his loving mother, who had overheard the prophecy. She understood he was doing the right and let him go while shedding a tear (and giving out some money, you know how it is).
The main character leaves for the observatory while fighting some hostile bugs and street dogs... with a stick. There are some conveniently placed roadblocks here and there to prevent the player getting lost or accessing areas earlier on (EarthBound reference? Maybe, maybe not). Once you make it there, half-beaten to death, obviously. You make your way to the observatory and break in, only to find a room with a portal (yes, really), in which, you jump in.
After entering the portal, our hero find himself in a lab located at the Indii Islands, where Professor Carl Dalton conducts his studies (oh wait, CD, hehe). Prof. Carl gives you some potions of healing and installs a program into your phone that adds a digital map of the area, some information about places, and the history of certain places (kind of like Mario Odyssey lore in maps, and Google Maps isn't in there for whatever reason), alongside with his number to call you occasionally just to talk about things like status effects or battle mechanics, or just your basic information about places.
Then there's a tutorial with a Stoney Crab (a crab with a stone as a shell). But that's about it for the plot, for now.
Timing Mechanics
For starters, no Rolling HP Meter (though I thank Itoi for creating it, very creative), but there will be engaging battle mechanics to keep you from spamming the A button (yay!). First off is the attacking mechanism where you approach an enemy or so in a side-view turn-based fight, and follow a command to attack. There will be a circle that shrinks quickly, and the guide is to press the command whenever it reaches a golden ring of pixels to maximize your damage output, which you have 2/30 frames to do so (you will always miss if you don't do the command, and you will do less damage the farther you were from nailing the golden ring.
Next, is block/parrying/dodging! When it's the opposing party's turn, they will probably attack, and just like Sans said: "What? Did you really think I'm gonna stand there and take it?", meaning that you should totally break the rules and dodge or at least block an attack, to minimize damage intake or remove it completely... with another circle and golden ring. Again, dodging is possible by timing 2/30 frames, and the closest you were from the circle, the less damage you take. I'm not sure about 2/30 frames to dodge though, it might be too easy, or too hard? Paper Mario runs at 30 FPS and timing action commands is easy because you're given 3 frames... Eh, I'll keep the 2 frames.
There will be eight stats to be aware of in battle, listed below:
HP - Health Points:
HP determines your health, pretty much how much damage you can take before you die.
MP - Mana Points:
Like HP but it's drained for special magic moves to attack, heal, or assist you in battle.
Atk - Attack
Your ability to attack and deal damage, like some sort of multiplier, gotta research on that.
Def - Defense
Your ability to defend and reduce the damage you take.
M. Atk - Magic Attack
Your attack multiplier for offensive spells on Twitter.
M. Def - Magic Defense
Your defense multiplier against offensive spells on Twitter.
Dex - Dexterity
Your intellect for spells that determines when you can learn certain spells for your party member or how accurate it is, etc.
Spd - Speed
We all know and love this one. To attack first in battle and run away successfully, with the added bonus of feeling like Sonic.
Battle HUD
There will be a single-line text bar at the very top displaying character actions. Right below it, our characters' names, HP, MP, icons, and status! Below that is the battle itself. Below that are six options displaying themselves like this for only three characters:
Attack | Spells | Party Items | Guard | Flee
For the one character without that layout, it'll look like this:
Attack | Check | Party Items | Guard | Flee
Attack will attack. Spells will cast a spell. Party will let you check your party members' descriptions, backgrounds, weaknesses, stats, status, etc., but it won't waste a turn. Items will let you use an item. Guard will let your party member guard, heavily reducing damage if you suck at defending. Flee will let you have a shot at running away from a battle you probably entered while heavily underleveled. Check will give a description of the enemy, tell its Max HP, Max MP, Atk, Def, M. Atk, M, Def, Dex, & Spd, while making HP visible forever and recording an entry. Right beside the HUD, to the right, there will be some rectangles displaying who you're currently controlling with a list of all the four.
For targeting, I'll just make the other enemies dimmer and have the one you're looking at flash on and off with it's name on top. If an enemy is targeting you, it will very quickly go to the row of the target and attack, you will know who it will be, you'll just have to be real quick.
Game Mechanics
It will have money to spend at shops for good stuff like items and equipment. Access your bank account and withdraw or deposit money with your BankBuddy card. You can equip only one weapon, but two armors, one for the body, and the other is miscellaneous. Many drop items you'll spend hours grinding for! Slay bosses to find and retrieve the Ancient Orbs! Recruit friends! Time commands! Get lost in a maze dungeon! Die over and over again! Press a button to JUMP! That's right, jump in this RPG somehow (Thanks Mario & Luigi). And perhaps switch places so you can have anyone in front! Get MatPat to uncover the lore! Hold a button to run! Press that same button to attack briefly in the overworld for a first strike! Sneak behind an enemy for a free turn! Get back stabbed while trying to do so! (Wait, how are some of these game mechanics? No idea).
Become a hero by timing attacks and blocks and recruiting true friends in this great and somewhat open-world adventure. Enjoy a game without a rolling HP meter. Enjoy an RPG with a jump button, a run button, and a way to attack in the overworld. Enjoy a game with a unique HUD, unique graphics, and unique audio which I will monetize. Unique mechanics like having party members switch out places so anyone can be on the front of the line. Great side characters and temporary party members. Find new spells laying on the ground written on sheets of paper. Complete the enemy journal entries. Fight epic secret bosses.
Don't die!
Save your game!
Save again!
Grind for hours!
Save the world! (Or at least those islands)
All coming out in like six or seven years granted on having no coding or game-making experience, oh well.
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2022.01.23 06:45 Any_River5065 O primeiro homem a mandar me um vídeo recebe uma surpresa 😈

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2022.01.23 06:45 G00nFr0g Matching tube specs

How crazy do I need to be getting when it comes to matching tube specs for duals? Obviously the closer the better but at what point in measured specs are you able to actually perceive anything?
Plus or minus 100 FOM/ x amount of SNR? Or is it immediately apparent regardless of the level of difference?
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2022.01.23 06:45 kyoumokawaii Phony (Tsumiki Cover) - Hoshimachi Suisei has reached 6 Million Views

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2022.01.23 06:45 SamuelSucksAtLife what does the phrase "so i took the ladder" mean?

i know this is really stupid to ask. my first language isnt english, but iv heard that phrase a lot from both online friends or just online, and i don't think i completely understand what it means
i think i kinda know what context you would use it in, something like "we could either do A or we could do B, so we took the ladder", but whats the ladder? how do you know which is the ladder?
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2022.01.23 06:45 GorgonRAAMsay Trading all. I don't offer ")

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