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Looking for a video!

If your database contains ’, then it's your database that's messed up. Most probably the tables aren't configured to use UTF-8. Instead, they use the database's default encoding, which varies depending on the configuration. If this is your issue, then usually just altering the table to use UTF-8 is sufficient. à ( lower case, upper case À ) (commerce, dated) at, @ (at the given rate for each item) Synonyms: darabja, egyenként. ( formal, often in the phrase à la) a la, in the style of, after the manner of. Synonyms: módján, modorában, stílusában. usage: In both spoken and written English a is used before words beginning with a consonant sound (a book), an before words beginning with a vowel sound (an apple).Words that start with vowel letters but are pronounced with the consonant sound (y) or (w) are preceded by a: a union; a European; a one-room apartment. The <a> tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from one page to another. The most important attribute of the <a> element is the href attribute, which indicates the link's destination. By default, links will appear as follows in all browsers: An unvisited link is underlined and blue. A visited link is underlined and purple. Even though utf8_decode is a useful solution, I prefer to correct the encoding errors on the table itself. In my opinion it is better to correct the bad characters themselves than making "hacks" in the code. Despite its diminutive size, à is a hugely important French preposition and one of the most important words in the French language. Its meanings and uses in French are many and varied, but at its most basic, à generally means 'to,' 'at' or 'in.' Compare à to de, meaning 'of' or 'from,' with which it's often confused. How to Type Spanish Letters and Accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) 67.5K There are several ways to configure your keyboard to type in the Spanish accented letters and upside-down punctuation (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) and which one you use depends on the frequency with which you need these letters. a: [noun] the 1st letter of the English alphabet. a graphic representation of this letter. a speech counterpart of orthographic a. Avoid support scams. We will never ask you to call or text a phone number or share personal information. Please report suspicious activity using the “Report Abuse” option. mini professional fun haver :)i make my videos and dad does my emails -- Adley@Spacestation.com

2022.01.25 11:14 SaberToothedBambi Looking for a video!

There’s a video, although I’m not sure it was on Grant’s channel, that I need some help finding again. It was a historical-themed video about some discovery that required stepping back from geometric math and into algebra to realize the solution. Might have been Omar Khayyam? Any help is appreciated
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2022.01.25 11:14 lisacalandro STOP Facebook from banning people- please SIGN petition now.

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2022.01.25 11:14 No_Fail_6947 What would be the best portrayal of Scarecrow?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 11:14 TheHeroReddit Chibi Kagura in Gacha Life

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2022.01.25 11:14 akantyphilosopher Gen z is the “dumbest” generation yet.

I think this is unpopular because it is plastered everywhere how much better they are for the world than every previous generation.
I think a lot of it is this illusion of intelligence because we’re exposed to so much information thanks to social media and growing up on the internet.
But In my opinion (and I hope I’m wrong), gen z maybe more intellectual but the dumbest in terms of practical wisdom and common sense. It’s almost as if majority fall into the dunning Krueger effect where they think they’re smarter than they are. It’s common knowledge that usually ignorant people think they’re super smart because they can’t comprehend the possibility that they don’t know everything and others may know more, inserting opinions when they know nothing on the subject etc….
Well they’re still young and I hope I’m wrong but fuck.
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2022.01.25 11:14 Quinticuh quick question about gameplay

Are you supposed to able to react to attacks and block for the right height? Even during the tutorial against sub zero when it had me block 5 attacks I almost died because there was no animation before the attack and it was unreactable. i just had to guess top or bottom and hope. I play for honor and im used to 500ms light attacks. This was insane to come into being used to for honor.
Also why not just mash buttons if people cant see whats coming in time. Cuz this games controls are something else on pc lemme tell ya. I lowkey thought it would use the mouse to aim and then click attack but apparently we got genius i j and k l. I couldn't even process the tutorial and all I can see myself doing is absolutely mashing the keyboard and hoping for the best. and the funny part is according to forums that actually is the strategy and works against good players too! Also im probs just doing the story will spamming work for that? cuz im not trying to get stuck in the story at a point I actually have to get decent. I just want to play it and be done with the franchise
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2022.01.25 11:14 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 25, 2022 at 03:14PM

Gerade ist es January 25, 2022 at 03:14PM
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2022.01.25 11:14 redditisgarbage911 My friend is the most unlikely Bitcoiner ever, but he shows that anyone can do it

I have a friend that's always kind of hopped on whatever trends are going on at the time, generally isn't very studious, and has trouble sticking with things for a long time.
When I saw him last year, he asked me if I "had any crypto," and I told him I had a few shitcoins but mostly just held Bitcoin. We talked about it and I sort of unintentionally sort of intentionally scared him a bit about all the shitcoins he was holding (over $10k just in shitcoins and then some Bitcoin as well).
He's not a stupid guy at all but he is fairly easily influenced when it comes to stuff he doesn't know too much about, so I ended up scaring him about it I guess since he later converted most or all of his shitcoins into Bitcoin while also buying more Bitcoin when it was pumping near $60k.
Then of course, the market crash. He messaged me basically for comfort or to see if I was panicking and I told him the same thing every time. I also linked him plenty of resources and offered to help him understand why Bitcoin is revolutionary and why it's here to stay, adding that it would probably help add to his resolve during the market crashes.
I say that he's what I view as an "unlikely Bitcoiner" because he doesn't even really understand it very well nor does he seem to even have an interest in actually learning about it. Yet, just from the messages I send to him when he's worrying about the market crash and stuff like that, he's sort of getting the idea that it's not just a digital token where it's all about getting rich in fiat and then dumping the bag, and this has led him to not only hold through the dip but even buy more, has increased his time horizon, and now he's looking into taking self-custody of his coins without my even prompting him to do it.
All this without even fully understanding the major Bitcoin talking points like monetary freedom, separating money from state, taking true ownership of something, decentralization, etc. and having only a pretty surface-level understanding from all the shit I've thrown at him.
I make sure not to ever tell anyone to buy Bitcoin and I simply state why I am buying it, but that and a pretty surface-level understanding of Bitcoin's fundamental principles is really all it's taken for him to put in a large chunk of money into it, hold through a market crash, buy the dip, and take self-custody.
Anyone can do it, really; it just takes time and maybe someone to help explain things in a simple way. I even fully orange-pilled my technophobe aunt to the point that she was genuinely interested in buying some but never followed through on it ultimately due to laziness/being busy.
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2022.01.25 11:14 VizualHealing What is the Russian QWERTY keyboard?

Is there a name for the Russian layout? I suppose it’s standardized, there must be a good name for it like ‘QWERTY’
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2022.01.25 11:14 ACIM_FRP Lesson 25 by ACIM Daily Workbook Lessons For Regular People

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2022.01.25 11:14 Anonymous_02_ Question about game

So, i really like yu gi oh but i don't play and watch it from a long time. Since i saw this game and is free to play i wanted to try it, only problem is i don't really remember cards, decks, strategy, ecc...
Should i know something before i play? Or i can just play without see nothing?
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2022.01.25 11:14 vanquish0916 'Cause she's so hiiiiiiigh... High above me

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2022.01.25 11:14 h8re I'm sorry, what?

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2022.01.25 11:14 ACR25 I just bought breakpoint and I didn't know there's a friends pass like how the game "It takes two" works. Is it possible that we finish the whole game together? Or There are areas locked for my friend?

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2022.01.25 11:14 bioticfoundry More cloth practice by me

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2022.01.25 11:14 Lemon_Patch Can we like- stop trading 3 high tier pets for the neon version ;p;

I get that that's the latest value and stuff but it's so disappointing you worked hard to make a neon bat dragon than ppl offer 3 if not 2- can we pls make values normalized again o.O like when adopt me was in it's best and it wasnt complicated 💀💀 the value didn't matter too much in 2020/2019 me a while ppl are saying my pets are worth 1.5 of whatever T-T LIKE BRO ; - ;
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2022.01.25 11:14 Found_in_a_trashcan test

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2022.01.25 11:14 poete_idris Student returns w a wholesome moment

A girl hadn't been in class for a month because she thought she was transferring. She just came back today and the whole class screamed and hugged her. It was the sweetest thing, really made my morning !
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2022.01.25 11:14 LukaGrunt Sovryn Tea with Dennis Porter, Greg Tanaka & Matthew Diemer - Link 👇

Sovryn Tea with Dennis Porter, Greg Tanaka & Matthew Diemer - Link 👇 Get ready for some Sovryn Tea🫖
⏰ Today at 5 pm UTC
EdanYago will be talking about how #Bitcoin can be used to bridge political divides with some special guests:
⭐Dennis Porter, Greg Tanaka & Matthew Diemer
Set a reminder 👇
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2022.01.25 11:14 1Cloudz9 Pfizer CEO: "Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any"

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2022.01.25 11:14 fjgwey Been saving for Ganyu since Zhongli's first rerun, pulled for some other characters in the meantime. Got her and let's say she made getting 36-stars a lot easier.

Been saving for Ganyu since Zhongli's first rerun, pulled for some other characters in the meantime. Got her and let's say she made getting 36-stars a lot easier. submitted by fjgwey to Ganyu [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 11:14 Suitable-Break-7867 Median Ui 1.6 Blogger Template

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2022.01.25 11:14 thumbsdrivesmecrazy How Bitcoin Become The Solution For The Remittance Market

Here the key reasons analysed why Bitcoin is the actual answer to the remittance market. For anyone looking to send money overseas in a faster, cheaper, more secure manner – whether a remittance payment or not – Bitcoin provides an excellent service: 5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is The Answer To The Remittance Market (with more details explained on each of these tips)

  1. Bitcoin Is Decentralized
  2. Much Faster Than Fiat
  3. Less Fees Incurred
  4. Heightened Security
  5. Accessible To All
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2022.01.25 11:14 flofloredditz What is everyone doing at the Saimatsu wedding?

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2022.01.25 11:14 GearJunkie82 Preemption

Preemption in IL appears to be related to firearms other than handguns. My question is does preemption only apply to CCW permit holders vs FOID?
Example: if I have a green laser on my pistol in Chicago. With CCW, okay. With just FOID, not okay?
This is meant to offer clarification on just how far the preemption blankets local municipality.
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