Once Upon a December- Alice Madness Returns Fan Animation by Meo Gato Preto.

2022.01.27 09:30 OriginalPapaya8 Once Upon a December- Alice Madness Returns Fan Animation by Meo Gato Preto.

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2022.01.27 09:30 CurtD34 6 Cannabis Headlines in 60 Seconds - Marijuana News from Around the World

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2022.01.27 09:30 ThisIsJegger Next dlc idea "set scene"

So i have had this idea for a dlc for a long time and was wondering how viable this could be as an idea.
The dlc would be called "set scene" and it introduces Michael DeSanta as a movie producer to gta online as well (maybe we meet him through franklin), and he messages us if we are intrested in helping him make a movie as we are at this point one of the most well known people across los santos. We buy a movie lot but Michael also wants our help with something else. A new heist.
So how this would work is that the movie studio is a front where we "make our movies" but we make them by doing heists. Let me explain. You could maybe choose between 3 heist (like the autoshop contracts but bigger) and every heist has their own payout and entertainment value. For example one heist has a high payout but low entertainment value. Another one is middle and the third one has high value but low entertainment value. The entertainment value dictates how much money you earn passivily via the movie studio so if you grind a lot you might want to do one kind of heist compared to the other.
This also adds a good excuse to add some crazy vehicles. Think of the scramjet or deluxo which would fit perfectly in a movie scene or high end cars for people who like that.
And it is a good chance to add a lot of lore to the game for the people who are intrested in that. What Michael did after the union heist and such.
I am wondering what you people think of this and if this would be a viable idea
(If the voice actor of Michael isnt available we can always have Solomon help us as we already have him as a contact).
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2022.01.27 09:30 jason-landry Synesthesia and Chromesthesia

Do you see colors when you hear music? Synesthesia and Chromesthesia are neurological traits, kind of like having perfect pitch, for example, where you are able to see colors or shapes when you experience sound or play music. I find it fascinating.
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2022.01.27 09:30 FalseDingo9 Por favor alguem me ajude estou sendo perseguido no trabalho pela turma do prefeito

Tenho 31 Sou funcionário público e sempre procuro fazer o certo o meu trabalho e não ser puxa saco porem nessa gestão altamente incompetente me deixaram meses ,sem computador, sem internet e sem sala e quando consegui uma sala q estava livre estão querendo me jogar em um corredor contra minha vontade já me mudaram de sala 9 veses nesses 4 anos q trabalho aqui. Acho um abuso de autoridade isso pois não me dão as ferramentas pra trabalhar e ainda espalham q eu não trabalho. Ja tive que refazer meu trabalho até 3 vezes mas não atendem meus pedidos.posso me recusar a mudar de sala?
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2022.01.27 09:30 KeyLimeJunkie HS2 | Motts warned government that scaling back eastern leg was ‘unlikely to meet strategic priorities’ before publication of IRP | New Civil Engineer

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2022.01.27 09:30 SebHaar Super Pleased with my January Haul, received a lot of long awaited preorders!

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2022.01.27 09:30 That-One-Dude46 How my last few MC sessions have been going

The one question that's been on my mind recently that I finally brought up during MC: If AP's wife didn't out the both of you would you have confessed on your own?
When I asked that the response I got was basically pure silence. When all she did was cry (I honestly believe she doesn't even know the answer) I walked out of that session. I haven't answered a text or phone call in almost 3 weeks.
What's been even more revealing though is during the past few sessions (before that last one): She somehow developed a superiority complex, and felt that I was somehow 'too inferior' to be an 'equal partner'. Mainly because of her Education, and her job (which she wouldn't have had if it wasn't for me). Her AP satisfied and enabled that egoism (I couldn't think of a better word) and all the inadequacies and negatives were basically projected onto me.
It was actually after that session where I ended up filing for separation and cut her off completely. I stopped all payments that I was helping her out on: utilities, groceries, college debt etc; and I cut her out of my insurance. The reaction might have been extreme, but it honestly made my blood boil hearing it. Also, the reason why I've had so many hang up's.
So this is where Im at right now...
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2022.01.27 09:30 dawnspynx Anti-vaxxer misread hiring post that says "vacancies" thinking it said "vaccines"...

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2022.01.27 09:30 PhoneCautious4592 Wann kommen eigentlich endlich diese tollen Preise und Produkte auch nach Deutschland und co.?

Steh da voll dahinter, dass Gamestop ein geiles Unternehmen werden kann und freu mich für die Amis, dass die da wohl kleine Preise für geile Sachen zahlen.
Wenn ich allerdings hier guck, schlägt Gamestop in den seltensten Fällen Amazon. Wann haben wir endlich die Vorteile bei uns?
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2022.01.27 09:30 Adelu1219 Mhm

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2022.01.27 09:30 LlttleLantern [M4A] Sea of Wolves. A Selection of Pirate RP Ideas.

Allow me to set the stage with a few points to know about this little world we're playing in.

So, whatever story we make can be rather up to discussion but I've got 4 character ideas and some slight starter ideas I can play or we can use them as inspiration😇
We can make a story with any of these mentioned characters or you can request a blending of them. Feel free to use most any pirate or nautical media as a reference for inspiration for I've most likely seen it. I'm a shameless nerd for pirate and nautical stories🤷🏾
I look very forward to seeing what you bring to the table😇
If you decide you like this idea here's what to send:
  1. The gender of your character.
  2. a ref pic or description of character.
  3. The sought of character you want to be and any further details (eg, if your character has a ship you may want to send that🤷🏾)
  4. Which of the mentioned characters you'd want me to be if any and what our dynamic/history is.
  5. Preference for third or first person writing.
  6. List kinks and limits if needed.
I am a massive switch especially for dominant women and futas. With muscular men and FBs I mainly dom.
Limits; sounding, shit, vomit, ridiculous amounts of gore (but pain and violence to an extent is fine).
Kinks? I won't be able to remember them all but.... public sex, cramped spaces, loud, rough, risky, slapping, biting, hair pulling, slurs and insults, raceplay (I'm black and latino), CNC, affecionate, powerplay, collars and cuffs, Foreplay, edging, teasing, foot jobs, thigh fucks, titty fucks, handjobs, whips, biting, bite marks, knife play, tattoos, cum play, rimming, porn logic, being deep throated and reciving cock and ball worship, mind breaking, post orgasm torture, multiple orgasms until left quivering. Unless specified otherwise all of these go both ways and all of these are negotiable.
I'm a thorough switch, especially for dominant, athletic women and futas. I tend to dom men though.
Chat or PM is fine but Chat tends to work best.
Kik= JumpyLantern
Message me here for my discord.
I am 18+ and all characters and participants must be +18
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2022.01.27 09:30 N45-W75 What would happen if everyone in the world only focused on bettering themselves to be of best service to everyone else?

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2022.01.27 09:30 JayBing-20 Update killed earnings ??

Ever since the update happened after my miner was offline for a couple days ...the last week and half earnings have basically nothing ... I was avg .3 a day ..now its .1 a week .... any reason for this or did they kill helium??
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2022.01.27 09:30 crytoloover شرح لعبة bomb crypto لعبة مربحة _ شرح جميع المراحل / شرح بومب كريبتو

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2022.01.27 09:30 Bookkeeper-Dependent Looking for a community and friends

I am looking for groups, either, in person or online for a friend. He is an older,(65+, retired) gay man, looking to make like minded friends. Nothing but a social outlet. Any recommendations in the AVL area?
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2022.01.27 09:30 w650az Wrong War, Wrong Enemy

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2022.01.27 09:30 Historical-Bed-3299 Male Virgins Tip of the Day: please please PLEASE do not forget about foreplay.

This is going to be true for the rest of your damn life. So listen up. Foreplay is so important when it comes to sex. Girls are told that the first time they have sex will hurt. But it doesn’t have to hurt!! Especially if they’re warmed up first.
So know that she’s going to take longer than you to feel aroused. Consider going down on her, fingering her, kissing and fondling her breasts, rubbing her hands all over her, kissing her neck, making out… anything to make her feel extra extra turned on, extra horny, will make sex SO much more pleasurable for her and it will mean she won’t experience much pain at all.
Anyway the rest of the tips are is this post Male Virgin | How to Be Good at Sex Your First Time
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2022.01.27 09:30 rayona2017 True Psychological Fact About Men (5) #shorts #dailyfacts

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2022.01.27 09:30 Dnpraja Holup.😶

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2022.01.27 09:30 AdFantastic9938 Exangemon

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2022.01.27 09:30 hellenkellerzombie Buy looping via ramp

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2022.01.27 09:30 DelrayPissments "Can't steal heist prep right now"

So I noticed someone was hanging around a Merryweather weapon drop area for Cayo Perico and I flew there to check him out! He exits the Avengers etc and has his shootout on the ground but eventually he dies. I see a opportunity and I grab the weapons with my Sparrow and receive the message mentioned in the title. I ignore it and fly to my Kosatka and there's no mission complete prompt or anything.
What went wrong? I wasn't registered but that shouldn't matter as it hasn't been needed before.
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2022.01.27 09:30 Fluffy-Wafer6111 Joe Rogan is the Gwenneth paltrow of dude-bros, what does his candle smell like ?

Filthy BJJ mat and energy drink would be my guess
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2022.01.27 09:30 ChrisHenry1303 Beautiful Stream | Akaka Falls Hawaii | Welcome to Mellowed Sleep Short...

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