Principles (Help Explain)

2022.01.27 09:12 mike33cedarpk Principles (Help Explain)

I've seen a lot of twists on what everyone thinks principles are. It's become twisted so much that I now think I have my own views of what they mean jumbled.
Principles - serve as a foundation for our beliefs, ideas, rules and law. They govern our external action plan/operations, steer as moral guides, and create our logic and reasoning
Please feel free to give examples, but basically they are rules and guideline for how we conduct ourselves and why we do it. Am I missing something else important?
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2022.01.27 09:12 Happybunny15 WoF fanart!

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2022.01.27 09:12 SmileyUnchained Conan O'Brien graces the cover of Rolling Stone, September 19, 1996.

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2022.01.27 09:12 Ok-Revolution7232 I used to have a job working at a pickle factory but I got fired for sticking my fingers in the pickle slicer.

She got fired too
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2022.01.27 09:12 Tonlick Who is the queen of Nickelodeon?

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2022.01.27 09:12 tuttywala Need Advice! Buying 2 for 1?

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2022.01.27 09:12 SlavPT Benfica vs Boavista

Alguém aqui foi ver o jogo do Benfica contra o Boavista? Tiveram que mostrar o vosso teste de covid?
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2022.01.27 09:12 ZealousidealAnt77 If I enjoy I SEE A DREAM by CG5 am I no longer a nerd

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2022.01.27 09:12 VaksAntivaxxer Biden Surgeon General Suggests Joe Rogan Podcast Should Be Censored: Big Tech ‘Has Important Role To Play’

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2022.01.27 09:12 TheRevDG Sharks URC team to face the Stormers

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2022.01.27 09:12 Fortunate_Soul What do you think a fair price for the full Firefall armor bundle would be?

We've seen the helmet for 700 chief coin, given 343's promise to reduce prices across the board, what do you think a fair price for the full Firefall set would be?
For reference, Firefall includes helmet, attachment, chest, leg utility, stance and coating (maybe shoulder and knee pads not visible in the leaked preview image).
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2022.01.27 09:12 malzundhopfen Making invert sugar

So I am making an invert sugar for the first time, per instructions by Ron Pattinsons book "The homebrewers guide to vintage beer". Everything went fine, but my induction cooker is so powerful that even at the lowest setting possible I have trouble keeping it below 250°F. So I am shutting down the heat every other minute, otherwise it would get over the temperature very fast. Does it need to simmer all the time or is it just important to keep it at the given temperature?
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2022.01.27 09:12 DIYDylana [rant] I feel like no matter how much I read and no matter how many times I've seen all the same words, my reading speed will still be too slow

I've studied Japanese as a hobby for yeears and I know basically all of the common kanji and the common readings(including ones that aren't jouyou). People around me have been impressed by it, people who are still learning and think I'm ''fast'' though I've slacked off since corona so my reading is rusty. But still, regardless of that my reading speed is so slow and tedious no matter how much I actually read that whenever I play a game or something or text pops up in a video it goes away too quick for me to be able to read it. At first this wasn't frustrating because I was still in the beginning/intermediate stages, but now I'm not it's quite frustrating.
To top it all off, Ever since I've been having more problems with feeling tired/cognitively slow in general because of mental and physical health reasons things got worse in ways I can't really fix right now, processing all of the characters has been incredibly overwhelming where each sentence feels like an overload of information and then often I just go on error mode. I'll accidentally read the stuff in front of the sentence or behind, I'll linger too long on a specific kanji instead of seeing the whole word, etc. It really doesn't help that a lot of the time the kanji I'm reading are pixelated or of low quality, or when I read a shounen manga they have a bunch of furigana in the way that I don't need that just look like visual noise to me that's in the way.
My reading speed is not a big problem when I'm playing on an emulator and can just pause, but it's almost asif people hate putting basic quality of life and accessibility options in their games or something because plenty of times there's no way to pause it and still see the text or even just pause it at all. My katakana reading speed is probably the slowest, but I still read hiragana and kanji at a pace that's too slow and If I try to speed read I miss half the words.
Now, I've never been a fast reader in English nor Dutch and I basically have to ''narrate'' everything I read in my head (I can't not do it). I've watched let's plays where people skipped the games text too fast for me to comfortably keep up as well. But in English and Dutch whenever I see a word, my subconscious does recognize it almost immediately, it's just the processing I have issues with so I take it a bit slower than I otherwise would and re-read a lot of lines if it has information that's new to me, dense, or that's complicated. I can still read it waaaaaaaaaaaay faster with way less effort than Japanese. It feels like with Japanese it's almost an insurmountable wall to climb. These days I look at a piece of Japanese text and I already start getting anxious. It's so exhausting that I'd secretly rather just read the English versions of things but then I'm like..That completely destroys the point of learning to read Japanese.
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2022.01.27 09:12 KamaandHallie The Music of Erich Zann by Kama and Hallie

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2022.01.27 09:12 KelseyKultist Hi, any advice for keeping character sculpts even? I.e arms

I’ve been a little stuck when sculpting figures for 3d printing. Should I sculpt in a T pose and rig, or sculpt in pose? Any advice and techniques are welcome>
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2022.01.27 09:12 pinochio_man I actually have an nft collection and want to sell it to someone that wants to start his own nft project .where can i do that . Any suggestions'?

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2022.01.27 09:12 Re-pre 444

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2022.01.27 09:12 tomsmiththrowaway10 Blanca Soler

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2022.01.27 09:12 Emotional-Juggernaut Fighting the unknown

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2022.01.27 09:12 Coconut-Creepy Second IUD expulsion

This is my second expulsion. First after 2 months this one after 8 months. I have bled extremely heavily the last two days since it came out. I have always had very light periods so this was concerning but it’s waning now. I’m exhausted and weak. But what to do now! I was on the pill for over 15 years prior. Do I just go back? Tubal litigation is a thought but the procedure is backed up due to covid. Any thoughts? I’m so frustrated.
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2022.01.27 09:12 Mammoth-Listen-4474 Save Games problem

Hi guys,i've a question,i play a lot ds remastered and 2,if i wanna buy it on steam,can i upload my save games in the new games on steam? No importance for the achievements,but I love my characters and i don't wanna restart all over again
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2022.01.27 09:12 VenomWeR [Simon Johnson] Reece James is on course to return to Chelsea’s first team squad in time to help their bid to win the FIFA Club World Cup next month.

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2022.01.27 09:12 I_am_catcus Graphic designer also needed

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2022.01.27 09:12 BusinessRough9141 They got rid of yesterday's date lol. Guess we're in it for the long haul!

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2022.01.27 09:12 leite_de_burra Bonito Brasil:

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