[David Ornstein] 🚨 Barcelona working to sign Adama Traore from Wolves on loan with ~€35m buy option. #FCBarcelona speaking to #WWFC & 26yo. Not done yet. Spurs deal all-but over. Club-to-club talks were going positively but he wasn’t keen to play RWB @TheAthleticUK #THFC https://t.co/MDI2PVTDvy

2022.01.27 08:37 Ygdsx [David Ornstein] 🚨 Barcelona working to sign Adama Traore from Wolves on loan with ~€35m buy option. #FCBarcelona speaking to #WWFC & 26yo. Not done yet. Spurs deal all-but over. Club-to-club talks were going positively but he wasn’t keen to play RWB @TheAthleticUK #THFC https://t.co/MDI2PVTDvy

[David Ornstein] 🚨 Barcelona working to sign Adama Traore from Wolves on loan with ~€35m buy option. #FCBarcelona speaking to #WWFC & 26yo. Not done yet. Spurs deal all-but over. Club-to-club talks were going positively but he wasn’t keen to play RWB @TheAthleticUK #THFC https://t.co/MDI2PVTDvy submitted by Ygdsx to coys [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 08:37 Ok_Examination8810 Lapidot belly lick

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2022.01.27 08:37 junerlegion Hey here's my big brother!

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2022.01.27 08:37 SpeechDebate2020 Help with the wastehq store

So I was trying to buy a Hail to the Theif vinyl off the official wastehq merch website and it was only 37 something dollars because then for some reason at checkout it said I had to choose 1st class shipping or tracked shipping (which are both upwards of 20 dollars) does anyone know how to fix this or a work around?
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2022.01.27 08:37 krobdawg What Is Your Favorite Moment ? - The Fall

Happy New Year folks!
It's been a while but it's time to crack on with the back end of the series...
If you have seen any of my posts/comments relating to The Fall, you will know I have a soft spot as it was actually my first one. I have told the story a good few times on here but it basically involves angry English teachers and even angrier year heads forcing me to read which results in a good few stolen CHERUB books from the school library... and the rest is history.
The Fall is the first installment to really experiment with the formula and is one of the most interesting book in my eyes as we get to see things go wrong, CHERUB logistics and general campus life.
Definitely a shift to darker tones but works really well.
I have a hard time picking one moment, especially for the books (like this) which I rate highly but its got to be the food fight at the end. It is a chaotic ending to a chaotic book as James has two girls fighting over him which creates one of the most iconic campus moments in history. James sitting there all smug knowing full well he caused the madness is what I like to call a classic James Adams moment that I heavily referenced in my review series.

Also noticed I have picked two endings on the trot... the series is full of well rounded, happy endings so I guess I am sucker for them.
Please let me know your favorite moment from The Fall whether that be apartment escapes, trapping pigeons, skateboards to the face, basketball sized..., stabbed paedos or terrified red shirts.
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2022.01.27 08:37 Nathan_-_Drake This world must be fucked up if this was real. We are doomed, seriously.

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2022.01.27 08:37 Crazyblackbul Classic clips 🔥🔥

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2022.01.27 08:37 ThinEzzy Awkward guests - The illusion of deduction

The first time I played Awkward guests I thought it was great. This was just the type of modern clubs game that worked my brain in just the right way.
The second time I played the game, I thought, 'that was a lot of fun.' I won and felt satisfied that I'd deduced who the killer was before my opponent. . . . Only I didn't deduce anything at all.
It was only on my third play that it hit me. I realised that this isn't a deduction game at all, it's an information denial game. In a 2 player game especially, you can trash cards to stop your opponent seeing them, but ultimately, it's just a race game to who drew the right cards.
In fact, this game is simply drawing cards and ticking them off until you are 100% certain what the solution is. I mean, you could guess a solution, but your guess is 100% a guess, because the game doesn't really have an internal logic. Yes, the murderer can lie, but it doesn't really matter. Just write it down. You'll either get a card that contradicts them and you'll win, or you won't, and you'll lose.
Further to that. I realised that this game is essentially predetermined from the start. One person will just draw the right cards that close off routes and alibis and another person may not. It's not predetermined who wins, just that it's not really based on skill or deduction, just who got lucky with the cards.
Anyway. In comparison, search for planet X has ACTUAL logic and deduction. You can use the info provided and the rules to deduce a possible situation. In Awkward guests you can not do that. You can only guess, but that's all it is, a guess. It's technically a race, but you don't really have control over it.
Anyway, it kinda broke the game for me when I realised I wasn't actually thinking, I just thought i was thinking. . . I'd been tricked. It's essentially the endless clicker of boardgames, yet I still had fun engaging with the illusion.
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2022.01.27 08:37 DeipFry internal error: java.ioexception: an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host

keep getting "internal error: java.ioexception: an existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host" when i try to join a server, i have tried everything on yt and google no idea what to do, used both WiFi and Ethernet
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2022.01.27 08:37 petiteodessa These randomly generated MC bugs are scaring the living life life of me

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2022.01.27 08:37 kink_shamer_pro SOD: Expiry dates

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2022.01.27 08:37 yeriaverium Who is ready for the laser sight flatline meta!

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2022.01.27 08:37 jihyosmiles guys guess my favorite color

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2022.01.27 08:37 Xx_Kronik_xX Mister Lightning

Yalonda awoke to unfamiliar sorroundings, she quickly came out of her groggy state, and was alert. Her heart beat away inside her chest. Her thoughts raced trying to piece together how she had ended up here, wherever here was?
She quickly got to her feet, and took in her sorroundings. The room was small, and the walls and ceiling were completely covered in some kind of metal that protruded outward a little.
When her eyes met the door, she began to approach it with caution. She held her ear to the door, and listened. Nothing.
She opened the door, it creaked, revealing a long dark hallway. As Yalonda stared into the dark abyss, she felt uneasy, afraid of who, or what may be waiting for her at the end of the very long hallway.
Hesitantly Yalonda proceeded into the darkness, and down the long hallway. The walls and ceiling were covered in the same protruding metal. Suddenly she froze with fear. A sound. Or to be more specific, she heard a giggle. Or at least that what she was convinced it was. Giggling away from among the darkness. Mocking her!
Yalonda had never felt true fear, not until now! She didn't like how trapped she felt, how Itclaustrophobic this cramped hallway made her feel.
Suddenly a flash of light illuminated from the end of the hallway. Then another. She jumped as a loud shrieking sound followed. She stood frozen with fear upon seeing it watching her at the end of the hallway. Which was no longer blanketed in darkness. Now it was illuminated by sparks of electricity.
It was wearing what looked to be an old diving suit, that was completely made of metal. It had a domed head, with no visible eye holes. And sparks emanated from its entire body.
The metal creature held one arm towards the ceiling, and spoke with a tone that was more like a screech…
The creature touched the metal on the ceiling with its long metal finger, and electricity surged down the entire hallway.
Don't touch the walls! She repeated to herself inside her head over and over. Her legs finally started to run. And she heard it behind her…
"LIGHTNING SPARRRRRK!" It shrieked, and let out a high pitched laughter.
She heard it's heavy footsteps thumping over the sound of electricity surging all around her. It was close!
She rushed back into the room where she had awoken. The only room available to her. A dead end! This was it, she was done for. The metal creature continued to shriek at her…
This was it, the end. Yalonda stopped trying to hold back the tears. She fell to her knees and closed her eyes. The sparks around her growing more violent and loud. And the screeching voice of her executioner to be, greeted her as it stood in the doorway…
The whole room erupted in a huge storm of electricity…
Yalonda felt pain. But only briefly!
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2022.01.27 08:37 kniebuiging Paint with Oilpastel

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2022.01.27 08:37 neixn Greedy raccoon boys buying at 307. No entry fee, tips greatly appreciated.

Hey guys, if someone likes to sell their turnips, I got a price of 307.
Please use this link to sign up for a queue: https://turnip.exchange/island/7f2f9092
No entry fee, but tips, gifts and nmt are greatly appreciated :)
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2022.01.27 08:37 Archive_06 O.D.D by 生 Conform 死 (Their entire discog is free) [Hardcore/Deathcore]

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2022.01.27 08:37 AssGoblin657 Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2022.01.27 08:37 Appropriate-Ebb7003 Quarashi | Full stack decentralised system | ICO - Easy X5 | Crypto wallet available on Google Play & AppStore.

Quarashi is a full-stack project with different core components. The first ever non custodial pocket that supports 9000 cryptos with add custom coin. QUARASHI token can be used on all products. 100% secure Calisto Network audit report with open sourced code. Huge community with 35K on twitter, 10K on telegram. Quarashi consists of:
Non-Custodial Crypto wallet
VPN & Anon Browser
ICO - Whitelist is open. In order to be able to participate in the sale, the participant needs to register and verify yar account.
accepted Currencies: ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT
coins for Sale: 50.000.000 QUA
price: $0.06 / QUA
Quarashi Network is a multi-currency crypto portfolio, next-generation project for yar cryptocurrency journey with Defi Blockchain UI Multi chain crypto portfolio, decentralised exchange, and private chat. Them. Now it's available in Google Play

Welcome to Quarashi community!
Website quarashi dot network
Telegram quarashinetworkofficial
twitter QuarashiN
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2022.01.27 08:37 RookieMistake2021 You’re about to be executed for causing a revolution, what’s gonna be your last words which will go down in history?

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2022.01.27 08:37 GiantSlayer-112233 Trying to Verify Contract Address Ownership with Gnosis Multisig

Trying to Verify Contract Address Ownership with Gnosis Multisig We own a multisig wallet with Gnosis and we are trying to Verify Contract Address Ownership on BscScan so we can upload our token logo and socials, but we need some guidance. There are no instructions on how to do so from what we have researched. When I attempt to connect to Web3, it attempts to connect to my Metamask wallet address instead of the Gnosis Safe Wallet Address, is there a simple way around this that we are missing?
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2022.01.27 08:37 tickeron_community Stock Pattern Head-and-Shoulders Top DNN on January 04, 2022

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2022.01.27 08:37 Hot_Pineapple2879 Windows pro 8 with egpu 2060 super

About to start college and wanted an all in one setup, currently have a gaming pc with 2060 super.
Was thinking of selling that but keeping 2060 and buying windows pro 8 laptop with egpu
So when I get back to my dorm I can plug my laptop into my setup and basically have a pc so I can game
Do egpu have problems ?
Any thoughts would be appreciated
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2022.01.27 08:37 Mervcb This is how we can Use Social Media for Search Engine Optimization

Seo and social media go hand in hand. If you’re using social media as part of your overall Seo strategy, it’s important to know how to use social media to your advantage, as well as how not to use it. Once you’ve got the hang of how social media affects Seo, you can easily incorporate your company’s social media marketing into your overall Seo plan without throwing all of your previous knowledge out the window.

Types of social media
Research shows that there are many types of social media, and not all of them are necessarily effective for SEO. For example, Pinterest may have increased in popularity in recent years, but it’s currently estimated that less than 1% of all search engine traffic comes from Pinterest. Therefore, unless you’re specifically targeting pinners as your audience, it’s probably best to avoid social media channels like Pinterest when you’re looking to get your content discovered by search engines.

What is On-Page SEO?
The focus of On-Page SEO is to optimize your website for specific keywords. This includes making sure that each page of your site is using keywords in their H1 Tags, content on pages, and Title Tags. Many people confuse On-Page SEO with Off-Page SEO which focuses on optimizing your website outside of your website itself...
See more...
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2022.01.27 08:37 Optimal__Koala Me_irl

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