Freddy 1987 online, welcome back pilot.

2022.01.23 16:29 PeeWithoutThePoo Freddy 1987 online, welcome back pilot.

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2022.01.23 16:29 InvisibleEnemy Couldn't help myself

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2022.01.23 16:29 Guyinthehall8 Haunted Graves and Urban Legends

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2022.01.23 16:29 Shelbymindset Motivation quotes 🖋💸 (@_shelbymindset_)

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2022.01.23 16:29 Parking-Scarcity-927 First Months Profits! 😁

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2022.01.23 16:29 simpleaspar What if the Tunguska Asteroid/Comet had arrived a few hours later?

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2022.01.23 16:29 Rabid_Badger_83 Ayo! What’s the dog doin?

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2022.01.23 16:29 wtf_are_you_up_to mannco mod is very hard (which is good, i aint bitching)

i'd consider myself to be a pretty good funkin player but soldiers attacks in the mannco mod seem impossible to dodge, does anyone have anything to help get the timings down?
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2022.01.23 16:29 DingleberryMarathon Which one of y'all did this to the Rochester, TX Wiki

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2022.01.23 16:29 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Subscribe Enjoy The Law And The Promise Thanks Appreciated

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2022.01.23 16:29 LilJP1 LF: Drampa and Turtinator FT: Request

I don’t care if you wanna trade em back or what I just need the dex entries for em and can’t get them to spawn at all.
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2022.01.23 16:29 Natl328 He only sleeps with his arms out like this

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2022.01.23 16:29 Tayo826 WABCO AA-2 Airhorn Compilation

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2022.01.23 16:29 Bayunc0 Void in a box

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2022.01.23 16:29 a-very-angry-crow The black rider needs to have its cost raised by some considerable margin

Have a literal fucking ghost running around the map in a 450 cost match is ridiculous, the black rider (and a few other members of the rider series) need to have their point costs re-evaluated because it’s total BS to fight an exam enabled ghost that can hit you with the:
teleports behind you “nothing personal kid”
The black rider is cool but it isn’t fun to fight against
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2022.01.23 16:29 Ellebore Hello r/france, quelqu'un connaît ce logo ?

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2022.01.23 16:29 codemaple Has anyone taken DANCE IN INDIA ONLINE??

Please help. Any info on the class would be much appreciated.
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2022.01.23 16:29 Mr_get_the_cream Shame on the coaching staff for not calling a time out for an injured Wesley Matthews.

Around the 2 minute mark in the 3rd quarter Wes Matthews hurt his knee and was hobbling around the court, clearly in pain. The bucks did not call a timeout and kept him on the court dispute his wincing. The bucks had multiple time outs left and decided to keep playing while Wes was limping back and forth, for 2 minutes. What happened to looking out for your players? I was watching it live and it almost seemed deliberate---it looked like Bud looked right at Wes and CHOSE to keep playing. I was in disbelief. Take care of your players smh.
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2022.01.23 16:29 Megan56789000 Some thoughts on the Michael storyline. Warning: Major spoilers in this post.

Is there anyone here who actually accepted the Michael storyline? Like the part when he comes back to life? I think that they kind of HAD to do it. I mean the whole show is about Telenovela tropes and someone dead being alive is like one of the biggest tropes of them all. I think it was meant to be a little weird and a little cheesy and it was bound to make people angry or upset. That’s what telenovelas do. Not just telenovelas but the whole concept of a soap opera. I know this kind of thing happens in Indian soap operas all the time. I think that this show stayed true to being kind of a parody/ homage to telenovelas by doing that. Idk, the whole thing just made sense to me. Of course I feel sad that it happened but I also get it and feel that it works well in this awesome show.
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2022.01.23 16:29 Sapphire_Cut_TV NEW premiere starting LIVE on You Tube!! ⚡️☄️👇⚡️☄️👇
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2022.01.23 16:29 youssufdoumbaya Nysom confessions

What’s your deepest secret? Pause
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2022.01.23 16:29 SumWun_0_0 The most annoying feeling

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2022.01.23 16:29 357MAGNOLE Looking for interesting YT videos covering cryptids, paranormal etc

Im stuck in a hotel for work for a couple more weeks and I'm looking for the best, most compelling, hard to explain/deny videos to entertain myself. Preferably lengthy documentary-style videos, not just quick 2 minute clips.
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2022.01.23 16:29 henryjturtle Bottom lip pulls to the right when talking

Hey yall, I desperately need some help. My bottom lip has always (since I can remember) pulled to the right side of my face when I speak. SPECIFICALLY when I pronounce "Sss" "zzz" and "ah" sounds.
It looks awkward to me and makes me self conscious. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how I can fix it? Thanks in advance
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