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Finding Nemo (PS2 )

2022.01.23 15:09 CanadianDashFire Finding Nemo (PS2 )

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2022.01.23 15:09 braxtonjames [USA-FL] [H] AMD RX 6900XT Reference, AMD RX 6700XT Reference [W] PayPal, Local Cash, Trades

Hey Reddit!
Selling a 6900XT that I acquired from a local sale (bought an entire PC) and a never-used, open-box 6700XT, both reference models. Local ZIP is 33458.

Or willing to trade toward high-end gaming laptops/ultrabooks (Aero 15/XPS 15/Eluktronics lineup/etc.)
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2022.01.23 15:09 Channelbot_Reborn Barra GT350 - Testing on an Airstrip!

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2022.01.23 15:09 -Dark_Intent- New player looking for deck help/advice.

I've always liked Yugioh but never had enough money to keep up with it so I pretty much always played with very basic decks like you would've seen 20 years ago. When I saw this game was free and reasonably free2play I immediately hopped on and had a blast learning about all the new stuff. On the other hand I also feel very overwhelmed and wondered if anyone would help me out a bit.
I'm not really sure how to build a proper deck especially when I don't even know half the cards. Is there any advice you could offer on how to build a deck that isn't so bad I can't even play it casually? I don't care about meta but obviously it sucks to not even be able to beat the solo AI because the deck is so bad lol.
Also wanted to know some good deck builds for a few different kinds of cards that caught my attention because I like their aesthetic:

Any help/advice would be appreciated since I really don't know what I'm doing and have thrown together a couple of sloppy decks I can barely beat the AI with lol. Thanks!
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2022.01.23 15:09 xosoulsxo What’s the saddest movie you've ever watched ?

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2022.01.23 15:09 Defiant-Fee151 No matching function for call to ' '

I'm a C++ beginner and just stumbled upon this problem. How do i fix it ?

#include  #include  #include  #include  #include  using namespace std; int investigateScene(int& EXP1, int& EXP2, int& HP2, int& M2, const int& E2){ float d1=E2/9.0+10.0; float d2=0.35*E2; float d3=(d1+d2)*0.17; if (E2<=299 && E2>=0){ EXP2=EXP2+d1; EXP1=EXP1+d1/3.0; }else if(E2<=499 && E2>=300){ EXP2=EXP2+d1; EXP1=EXP1+d1/3.0; EXP2=EXP2+d2; EXP1=EXP1+d2/3.0; }else if(E2<=999 && E2>=500){ EXP2=EXP2+d1; EXP1=EXP1+d1/3.0; EXP2=EXP2+d2; EXP1=EXP1+d2/3.0; EXP2=EXP2+d3; EXP1=EXP1+d3/3.0; } HP2=HP2-pow(E2,3)/pow(2,23); if (E2%2==0){ M2=M2+pow(E2,2)/50.0; if (M2>2000){ M2=2000; } } if (EXP2>900){ EXP2=900; }else if (EXP1>900){ EXP1=900; }else if (EXP2<0){ EXP2=0; }else if (EXP1<0){ EXP1=0; }else if (HP2>900){ HP2=900; }else if (HP2<0){ HP2=0; } return EXP1; return EXP2; return HP2; return M2; return E2; } int main (){ cout<
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2022.01.23 15:09 2bfeminine more femboys

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2022.01.23 15:09 iyezgy53 Amanda Cerny Sexiest Ass and Tites🔥🌡🤩

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2022.01.23 15:09 Bot_Highlights Maybe I should be a Fuse main | /u/imjustjun

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2022.01.23 15:09 PikaPickedaPepper [USA-CA] [H] EPOS H6PRO Closed-Back Headset [W] Paypal or Local Cash

First-time seller at this subreddit (I also sell and trade Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the YGOMarketplace subreddit).
Trying to sell this new EPOS H6PRO Closed-Back Headset I got from a friend for $140, about 78% of its actual value (checked through the EPOS Audio website and Amazon), through either Paypal (Buyer pays fees) or local cash (I'm in San Jose, California). The box is still factory-sealed, so it's very new. Also, shipping is not included, but if you're local, shipping is free.
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2022.01.23 15:09 premiumClub Premium high stakes club the suits lounge. Join today and deal with professionals with 10+ years experience running games. Join and message today. Coming soon #c5on5

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2022.01.23 15:09 e-d-throw-away how can i offset the acidity and pungent taste of jarred minced garlic?

don’t have fresh garlic but i do have store bought jar of minced garlic. however it tastes strongly of vinegar and has really pungent notes , tastes like it’s been fermenting in its own juices for a while. how can i offset or at least disguise the pungent taste?
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2022.01.23 15:09 Devatator_ [PC][2010+] A 2D platformer taking place in a lab after a breakout or something.

I just remember that it has a bit of humor and it was definitely made after 2010 (i watched a video of it between 2015 and 2018 but can't find it in my history). The art style is a bit cartoony
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2022.01.23 15:09 VictorlDelta Inspiração no Tormenta20

Estou me preparando para mestrado minha primeira sessão de tormenta20 amanhã e estou repassando algumas regras, lembro que quando li o livro base pela primeira vez, em algum lugar mencionava algo semelhante à inspiração do d&d, onde o personagem ganha um dado que começa como d4 e vai subindo até o d20, procurei essa regra e não encontrei, onde ela está mesmo?
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2022.01.23 15:09 heythere5468753rgguh Looking for Musicians

Hi, professional in mid-30s, Fairfax/Vienna area. I write music, sing, play guitar, keys, and some other instruments. Also have some decent recording capabilities. Looking for others who might be interested in getting together to play original music and covers. Mostly for social reasons/creative outlet, but we could do some gigs too in the future depending on how good we are and what happens with covid. Ideally looking for people who are proficient at their instrument(s)/singing and have a fairly developed musical vocabulary in terms of reading music and/or tab, chords, some music theory, etc. I've tried looking on bandmix and a few other sites to no avail. Please leave a comment or chat me up if you might be interested.
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2022.01.23 15:09 simplyproductive [Scheduled] The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Ch 13-16

Link to Marginalia: https://www.reddit.com/bookclub/comments/rwpvq3/marginalia_the_murder_of_roger_ackroyd_agatha/

- Jan 23: Chapters 13-16
- Jan 26: Chapters 17-20
- Jan 28: Chapters 21-24
- Jan 30: Chapters 25-end

Characters up to Chapter 16:
- Dr. James Sheppard - our main character, a doctor and brother to Caroline
- Caroline - the whip-smart sister of Dr. James, also a gossip
- Poirot - detective
- Roger Ackroyd - deceased, described as the life of the town
- Mrs. Cecil Ackroyd - the sister-in-law to Roger, widowed. She prevented Roger from marrying his housekeeper. Has expressed interest in money and the property.
- Mrs. Ferrars - suicide victim who poisoned her husband, Mr. Ashley Ferrars, a mean drunk
- Captain Ralph Paton - the step-son of Roger Ackroyd, close friend of Dr. James. He is suspected by the police to be the murderer. Poirot suspects Flora knows where he is.
- Flora Ackroyd - step-cousin to Ralph but not related by blood, engaged. She is described by Dr. James as being attractive but he notes that she is generally disliked. She has something going on with Hector Blunt.
- Major Hector Blunt - Friend to Roger Ackroyd, the deceased, and well known as a big game hunter. He seems to have a crush on Flora, and is absolutely useless at flirting.
- Mr. Hammond - the family solicitor, or, lawyer.
- Mrs. Folliott - the previous employer of Miss Ursula Bourne - she was hiding something. Has no ability to lie.
- Miss Gannett - a Mah Jong party guest who doesn't play the game as well as the others, and overestimates her ability.
- Colonel Carter - a Mah Jong party guest. Dr. James thinks he is less worldly than he pretends to be, but he and Caroline indulge in him. He also pretends not to care for gossip, but loves it (much like Dr. James).

- Miss Russell - the housekeeper Ackroyd likely would have wed if it were not interfered with. She insists something is wrong with her knee to get time with Dr. James to ask about poisons.
- Parker - the butler, described with suspicious behaviour and appearance. Poirot is absolutely convinced that he is innocent.
- Raymond - the secretary, described in extremely likeable terms. Poirot thinks he is hiding something.
- Miss Elsie Dale - a short term as a maid at the Ackroyd home. Dr. James described her as looking a bit stupid when we first met her, but later describes her as 'an exceedingly handsome girl'.
- Miss Ursula Bourne - the parlourmaid, who moved things in the study not to the liking of Roger Ackroyd, and gave her notice the day of the murder

- Inspector Davis - the one who arrived on scene first, seems to be like Poirot joining the case
- Colonel Melrose - the Chief Constable and is well known to Dr. James. His initial reaction to Poirot is concern that he will interfere with the investigation
- Inspector Raglan - Flora described as 'weaselly'. He seems to want recognition for solving the case, and takes great strides to do so quickly. He has dismissed evidence out of hand, and does not think out of the box. Dislikes Poirot (or any citizen) trying to take over the case.

- Poirot thinks that what women call intuition is just that women are more observant, and compliments Caroline heavily
- Poirot begins to explain his view of the case. He establishes that the timeline we are given by Dr. James is correct, and that the mysterious man seems to be an American who is a heroin-user, using a quill. The man went to the summerhouse to meet someone.
- At this point Dr. James gives his opinion - that Ralph came through the window, asked Roger for money, and left. The mysterious man came after and was the murderer. Poirot insists this doesn't explain many of the clues.
- Poirot says that there are three motives for Ralph to be guilty: 1. The blue envelope - identifying the blackmailer of Mrs. Ferrars. Perhaps it was Ralph? 2. He was in some trouble that he feared his uncle (Roger) would find out about. And 3. He stands in inherit a vast sum of money. Poirot is convinced that three motives is ridiculous - Ralph must be innocent.

- Mrs. Ackroyd summons Dr. James on Tuesday morning. At this time, Poirot and Dr. James begin exploring the case separately. Mrs. Ackroyd complains about Poirot extensively.
- Mrs. Ackroyd admits that she has money problems. She also regularly screeches if people don't dance around her sufficiently. (She reminds me of Moira from Schitt's Creek.) She decided to look for Roger's will and snooped in his desk the day of the murder. She was caught by the parlourmaid - Ursula - and then Ursula presumably told Roger.
- Mrs. Ackroyd also left the silver table open (the one which held the dagger, i.e. the murder weapon). Through this Dr. James deduces that Miss Russell came into the house from the patio door. Dr. James thinks of the white cambric.
- Out of nowhere, the parlourmaid, Elsie Dale, seems to have been crying and now is asking for news about the whereabouts of Ralph. She is very concerned with the precise time of the murder. Dr. James' perception of the girl drastically changes - when he first met her, he described her as being a larger girl with a look of stupidity in her face. Now he says she is exceedingly handsome. (Note - perhaps love?)
- Caroline and Poirot disagree on the colour of Ralph's boots - brown or black? Somehow it seems tremendously important. We don't know how or why though. Ends up that the boots are black.

- Dr. James goes to visit Poirot after Caroline's prodding. Poirot is fairly bored at what Dr. James has uncovered, but is absolutely crestfallen about the boots.
- Poirot deduces that Miss Russell is obsessed with knowing more about cocaine.
- Raymond comes in, looking cheerful as always, and admits that he was in debt until Roger's death and is now back on his feet "with a little to spare". He says this while smiling and saying he didn't want a lie on his conscience, and anyways, he has an airtight alibi. Then he leaves, as quickly as he arrived.
- Poirot notes that many people had reason to want Roger dead. Major Blunt didn't. He does note that Major Blunt has an obvious crush on Flora.
- Poirot is now wondering who Mrs. Ferrars' blackmailer was, and wonders if it could have been Parker. He has Parker and Flora recreate the scene of the night of the murder quickly, and notes that there are two glasses - to which Parker replies that he always brings two. Poirot notes that Parker recreated the scene honestly.

- Dr. James, Caroline, and two new guests, Miss Gannett and Colonel Carter are playing a game of Mah Jong. It quickly turns to gossip.
- Miss Gannett informs Caroline that Flora and Hector Blunt were seen together.
- Miss Gannett also thinks that Flora was the last to see Roger alive and could very well be the murderer, with Ralph covering for her.
- Caroline expresses that she has her own theory about Ralph, but won't talk about it. Moments later the colonel says "Miss Caroline's out for a big hand". Is this the author giving a hint?
- Miss Gannett has heard gossip that the parlourmaid has stolen from her employer repeatedly and that she has suspicious activity in general.
- Dr. James is revealed to have held onto some valuable cards, preventing Caroline from winning. She says "So exactly like you, James. You've no conception of the spirit of the game." What do you think the author is hinting at now - that Dr. James knows more than he's letting on? That with his information the murder would be solved?
- Caroline reveals that she thinks Ralph is in Cranchester, that he never took a train and simply walked there. Something about this proposal disturbs Dr. James, who knocks over his game tiles.
- Caroline confronts Dr. James about keeping information to himself, just as Dr. James reveals a very rare card combination to win - a Perfect Winning. This prompts him to reveal information about the ring, which leads to three theories: 1. Ralph married Flora, 2. Roger married Mrs. Ferrars, and 3. Roger married Miss Russell. Or even that Raymond and Flora married. Caroline states that Flora doesn't care for Ralph.
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2022.01.23 15:09 Old_Truth6995 HƯỚNG DẪN TẬP TWERK LẮC MÔNG CƠ BẢN | Linh Miu Official

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2022.01.23 15:09 CharlesJT_1977 Comprehensive Feedback to Patch 2.4 Balance

Overall, great work by the developers with the upcoming changes outlined in Balance Patch 2.4, but would like them to consider the following changes listed below:

Throwing Weapons, Arrows & Bolts
Act 1 Rogue Scouts
Act 3 Iron Wolf
Act 5 Barbarian Warrior
Plague Runeword
Obsession Runeword
Polearm Runewords
Bul-Kathos’ Children
Area 85 Levels
Two-Handed Weapons
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2022.01.23 15:09 JusHereForClouty New ebony teen dropbox! 8$, Dm if interested

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2022.01.23 15:09 sosohappy13 Old player Trying to catch up😅

Hi! I started playing Everskies when it first came out and it’s changed ALOT! If there’s any tips or if u wanna chat let me know 🙌 Username : m4ggot
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2022.01.23 15:09 Ethernetbabe Den egentlige grunnen til at Taliban kommer på besøk

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2022.01.23 15:09 resilient268 Clean

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2022.01.23 15:09 SLEDGELIFE NBA2k22 New York Knicks Franchise Episode 2, Dethrone The Bulls (Bing Bong Series)

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2022.01.23 15:09 kesskess66 Just a moment...

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