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I need to tell someone

Discussion about I need someone to talk to please I’m not doing good [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! What you need to do when someone dies An overview of what you might need to do after the death of a loved one. Find out about these steps and more on the Te Hokinga ā Wairua website . I need to talk to someone at British Gas. I am trying to set up a second account at a second address and the only option provided online is to transfer your existing account to a new address. This is not what I need - so I need to discuss with a live person. This seems to be impossible. I would start with a simple: Dear [Mr./Mrs. Name of administrator], Then the best way to phrase it would be to jump right into the question without I need your help, because saying so makes it sound as though you have more of an urgent, sensitive, personal problem than a simple question or two (they might be a bit taken aback by the phrase).. However, if you have several questions (let's say ... Watch video Step Sis "I need someone with experience to teach me" S16:E3 on Redtube, home of free Blowjob porn videos and Big Tits sex movies online. Video length: (12:51) - Uploaded by Step Siblings Caught - Starring Pornstars: Skylar Vox, Tony Profane These are good questions and something every writer should have a basic familiarity with. Whenever you want to directly quote, excerpt, or reproduce someone else’s work in something you are writing, you should consider whether or not you need legal permission to protect yourself and your business from potential future problems. Do you know if someone likes you? Whether you’re at a networking event, want to know if your boss or coworkers like you, or are eyeballing a potential romantic partner, this is the only guide you’ll ever need. In this article, you will find out how to tell if someone likes you: in 10 seconds or less; through their body language gestures During those times when you feel like you need to talk with someone right away, you might want to consider an online forum or chat with a group tailored to your needs. Aside from providing you with people who understand what you're struggling with, you also have the option of sharing details anonymously. There isn't phone support for this scenario, you'll probably have to email support and then the legal team will get back to you. Currently you can only get phone support for direct checkout issues and suspended accounts, the legal department only emails (which is sort of understandable). You can forgive someone for abandoning you in a time of need, for walking away, for not putting you first, for letting you go. But that doesn’t mean you trust that person again. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you’re obligated to stay in a relationship or marriage with someone who has destroyed the foundation of everything you’ve built.

2022.01.23 14:25 Disastrous-Joke-605 I need to tell someone

Other than family cause they clearly don’t care First time it happened I was in class and the lights where off he stuck his hand in my shirt commented on my boobs I was so uncomfortable and stunned I froze I couldn’t do anything Second time it happened I was at camp for disabled people and we were at the lake he stole my clothes and touched me compared me to his girlfriend I was a child you sick fuck The same guy at the same camp recently stalked me around the whole place I was crying the whole time trying to get away from him and finally one of the older counselors they finally listened I don’t know if any of this counts but it was very very upsetting and I get upset thinking about it
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buenas soy un "hacker" experto en phishing,robo de identidad,robo de información,tráfico en la red de información,algunas preguntas?,respondo sus dudas
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2022.01.23 14:25 basilbutterbaby Why haven’t humans evolved to avoid sun damage?

The sun is there almost all of the time. We get sun burn, skin cancer, heat stroke. Why?
Why have we not yet evolved to be immune to sun damage?
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I was checking all my Lore books to make sure my collection before Queen and realized that i miss page 4 and 5 of the Lore book "A Tangled Web", now i checked youtube and here to before making a post about this, can someone help me here on how do i unlock these?
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2022.01.23 14:25 isaacamaraderie Do you think Grimes would ever make a World Princess, Pt. III?

Just wishful thinking. I honestly, really don’t believe she ever would but I like to imagine sometimes lol. If she ever did, Book 1 would be the perfect album for it just sayin.
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2022.01.23 14:25 AtomicSpectrum Underlying chemical/electrical mechanism of batteries in series

I'm aware that connecting batteries in series will add their individual voltages when measured from one battery's positive to the other's negative, but I'm curious as to the mechanism underlying this. I have no formal EE background so this might be basic but I've always just taken it as a given/black box. What is the chemical/electrical mechanism that actually makes this happen? (it's fine to limit this to 1.5V chemical/alkaline batteries for now, but this question also extends to things like capacitors, and inductors)
intuitively, I know the electrically connected ends of the batteries must be at the same voltage, and since the end of one battery is x volts from that, and the end of the other battery is y volts from that, then transitively the two ends must be x+y volts from each-other, but I have no idea what the electrons are doing do make this happen.
Take, for example, an open circuit where the positive of one battery is connected to the negative of another via a wire. There is no current flowing through the wire and thus clearly no voltage between the connected battery contacts. If you close the circuit by connecting the other positive and negative of the batteries directly, current will now be flowing through the previously currentless wire. Electrons could have been flowing through that wire before, but didn't. So, what electrically/chemically changed within the batteries to create 3 volts between their contacts where there was no voltage before? (again, assuming they're both 1.5V alkaline)
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2022.01.23 14:25 VioletOrchid85 A Viper's Nest - Chapter Four, Part One

NB: Contained within this story are descriptions (here and/or elsewhere) of various body parts, bodily fluids, conversations of sex, and other related topics. It is also possible while reading this story, you may come across something I have not mentioned. This mistake is not intentional as I might write something and not notice what I have done, if anyone is offended then I apologise. Readers are welcome to suggest themes to be added to the disclaimer.
Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction and is intended for adults only.
Chapter Four:
John dreamt that he was wrapped inside a warm duvet and that his legs were bound together. He woke to find something heavy was resting on his head. Blinking his eyes clear he remembered where he was. John was currently sharing a nest with Milsi and she had her tail wrapped around both legs, she was also hugging him tightly and his head was mostly enveloped by one of her enormous breasts.
“Milsi?” John called out. He heard a murmur from above, “Milsi, are you awake?” he asked.
“You’re so warm,” she replied. Milsi shifted her hold and then rolled onto her back. She pulled John with her and he found himself laying face first on top of the Quartermaster. Milsi unwound her tail from his legs and as the blood flow returned he felt her tail flop over the side of the nest. John’s head was now resting just above her breasts, his arms by his side as Milsi kept hold of him. He felt some discomfort and realised he had Morning Wood. His cock was pressing down against her stomach, at an uncomfortable angle.
“Milsi, can you loosen your grip?” John asked, “I need to adjust myself,” he then watched as his black and light grey scaled lover opened her large eyes, their warm yellow glow visible in the dimness of the room.
“Adjust yourself?” she asked, her mouth emitting a similar glow. John then attempted to press his cock into her stomach more. “Oh,” she said with a smile and then Milsi loosened her grip so that John was able to adjust himself.
“Thanks,” he said as he rested his chin on her cleavage, “how long till we have to be up?” John inquired.
“About an hour,” she replied, “I’ll need at least twenty minutes to buff my scales, perhaps less if you help,” Milsi suggested.
“I’ll need a shower,” John said as he shuffled downwards, “eat something too,” he then used his hands, attempting to push Milsi’s thighs apart.
“What are you…” the Quartermaster tried to ask but John’s finger touching her pussy made her let out a noise instead. Realising what he wanted to do, Milsi spread her legs apart and used her tail to prop him up.
Finding her pussy, glowing yellow in the dark, John left sucking kisses around the outside. Testing to see how she reacted, he kissed and then tried to bite her thighs. With each gasp or moan, John made his way back to her now wet pussy.
“Damn it, John,” she said between moans as John used his tongue, “we need to get ready,” Milsi then gasped as he inserted a finger, and then two.
With each bite, kiss, and lick, she got wetter and wetter, until her pussy was leaking viscous liquid. Sensing Milsi was close, John started to focus on her engorged clit, rapidly flicking it with his tongue. When she gasped and closed her thighs around his head, he sucked on it. The sound of her cumming filled her quarters as the full force of it hit John in the face, covering him in her cum.
As she lay there panting, Milsi could only watch as John got onto his knees and rubbed himself against her opening. He looked up at her and smiled as he pushed the head of his cock inside her warm and welcoming pussy. Hilting her, she came again and moaned loudly. Her now sensitive insides gripped John’s cock as he fucked her, each thrust sent shocks of pleasure up her body. Milsi could hear his balls slap against her tail as his pace increased. After a while, she bit down on her left hand and started to massage her right breast. Milsi moaned again and then twisted the engorged nipple. Seeing this, John reached up and managed to pinch a nipple, Milsi’s pussy tightening around his cock. With each back and forth motion, the Quartermaster’s cum spurted out.
“John,” she cried, “I can’t,” Milsi moaned as another orgasm wracked her body. John was knocked forward by her tail as it whipped up. She grabbed hold of him as he slammed his cock into her again, and again. He could feel the contractions of her pussy milking his cock, pushing him over the edge. John’s cock erupted inside Milsi and she felt his hot cum pour inside, the warmth surprising her. “So hot!” Milsi moaned as her body shook from multiple orgasms.
Officer Thissa was standing in the queue to the ship’s canteen when she noticed Milsi and John arrive. As the two stopped next to her, Thissa noticed how the light from above shined off of Milsi’s scales.
“I don’t think I have ever seen your scales so shiny before, Milsi,” Thissa said.
“Thank you,” Milsi replied with a smile, “it’s been so long since I last had someone to help,” she then took hold of John’s left arm, “John did a great job, I barely had to direct him,” she said with another beaming smile. Looking at John, Officer Thissa watched as his face went red.
“I used to polish my car with a buffer and you have to keep it moving otherwise you could damage the paint,” he said while shrugging, “I figured the same principles applied to Viper scales,” John then detached his pad and distracted himself.
“I suggest you be careful John,” Thissa warned, looking down at him.
“What for?” John asked, looking up at her.
“If you buff Milsi’s scales too well, you’ll have crew members chasing you around the ship,” she replied with a smile.
“Haha,” he replied.
“Next fifteen,” John heard someone shout from the front of the queue. Unlike his first visit to the Cruiser’s canteen, he did not have to wait long before entering.
As John stepped through the doorway, he saw the familiar light show as each Viper consumed their favourite glowing paste. This time, he asked for the paste which had a taste. John didn’t see the point in eating anything that did nothing for his taste buds. Finding an empty table, John sat down with Officer Thissa and Quartermaster Milsi. Thissa had her usual large bowl of yellow paste and Milsi had three bowls. One was a black paste, another was white, and the third was yellow.
“Do either of you know what I’m meant to do while onboard?” John queried.
“Well, you’re a guest of The Matriarchy,” Thissa answered, “until we reach one of the main systems, there’s not much you or we can do,” she then used her brightly glowing yellow tongue to scoop up a large amount of paste from her bowl. John found himself staring and when Milsi noticed she nudged him, John laughed as she scooped up a large amount of glowing paste from one of her bowls.
“You don’t have to compete Milsi,” he said, “I’m already in your nest,” Milsi smiled as John scooped up some of his paste. “I’m surprised this doesn’t make my pee glow,” he said and then sucked it off his fingers.
“What’s Pee?” Thissa asked.
“Urine,” came a reply from nearby. All three of them looked over to see Doctor Mizta approach, “I see you’ve survived a night with a Viper, John,” Mizta said with a wink. She sat down next to Officer Thissa and nodded at Milsi.
“He was so warm,” the Quartermaster said, pulling John against her chest. Despite her uniform, his head was enveloped by her large breasts. As he tried to pry himself free from Milsi’s tight grip, John noticed that a few nearby Vipers were watching.
“Milsi,” he whispered, “let me go,” John asked. After a few moments, she relaxed her grip, allowing him to free himself.
“Your scales are lovely too,” Doctor Mizta said. The Quartermaster thanked Mizta as she licked up some of her white paste. “Have you had any problems since yesterday?” the Doctor asked, looking down at John.
“Not really,” he replied, shaking his head, “although,” John went to whisper but then he remembered how well Vipers could hear. “I’ll send it to you as a message, Doctor,” John retrieved his pad from his thigh and tapped a message to Mizta. A few seconds later her pad beeped. Removing it from her right thigh, Doctor Mizta read the message.
“You cum more than normal?!” Officer Thissa blurted out as she read John’s message. Instantly the canteen went quiet and John’s face went bright red. He tried to hide as he felt dozens of eyes staring at him.
“Officer Thissa,” said a familiar voice. John looked up to see Yutsi, the ship’s Chief of Security standing nearby, “what have I told you about reading private messages between crew members?” she asked. Thissa’s hood folded itself against her head and neck as the Chief spoke. “Apologise to our guest,” Yutsi ordered.
“I’m sorry,” Thissa said, bowing her head towards John.
“It’s okay,” he replied with a smile. The admonished Viper smiled back, her hood relaxing.
“You’ve finished your food, time to start your shift,” the Chief ordered and then looked at John, “if you keep making a scene while people are eating, I’ll have to separate you from the crew,” Yutsi then looked up, “back to your food ladies,” she ordered and then headed for the door.
“What happened last time?” Milsi asked John as Officer Thissa said her goodbyes.
“Everyone heard him say he likes the smell of our musk,” Doctor Mizta replied.
“I wondered why you were sniffing me while we had sex,” Milsi said, laughing when she saw John’s reaction. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anymore, especially with all the jealous looks I’m getting,” the Quartermaster then looked around the room as she finished talking.
“No fair, how come you get to have a male?” a brightly coloured red and yellow scaled Viper said, “Calm down, before the Chief comes back,” another Viper replied, this one had vibrant purple scales with a glowing pink pattern, dotted around her body.
“I think it’s best we leave,” Doctor Mizta said as she stood, both John and Milsi nodded in agreement. John tried not to make eye contact with any of the Vipers as the three of them left. “If you follow me,” the Doctor said, looking down at John, “I’ll do some scans, see if I can figure out why you’re producing more semen,” Mizta then headed off down a nearby corridor.
“I’ll see you later,“ Milsi said to John as she walked towards a different corridor.
John sat on one of the now-familiar medical beds with his groin open to the air, John watched Doctor Mizta as she scanned it again. Her wrist-mounted scanner chimed after it had finished its scan. “Anything wrong?” John asked, a look of concern on his face.
Mizta shook her head, “no, however, I’ll need to take a sample,” she replied and then activated the control panel on the side of the bed. The ceiling above opened up and a mechanical arm lowered. Watching it descend, John could see that it had some kind of plastic or glass tube attached to the end and a pipe connected to the top, which ran up the arm.
“What’s that for?” John asked. As he looked closely the tube looked similar to a penis pump, “you’re not going to milk me with that, are you?” he inquired and Doctor Mizta laughed.
“No, John,” she replied and looked at him, “remember when you first came to and you couldn’t control your body?” Mizta asked.
“Yeah, that was scary,” he replied, “are you going to remove my control again?” John asked.
Doctor Mizta shook her head, her hood flapping back and forth, “not exactly, I’ll show you,” she then gripped John’s cock with her left hand and slowly began to move her hand up and down. Reaching up she tapped at the controls on the mechanical arm and the width of the tube increased.
“What are you doing?” John asked, noticing his cock was getting hard.
“Watch,” came her only reply as his cock eventually grew to its full length and Mizta pushed the head of his cock through the end of the device. It had a firm grip, pulling his foreskin back as the Doctor continued to insert his cock. When half of its length was inside, Mizta stepped back and activated it. John could feel an odd sensation, somewhere at the back of his mind and then he felt his groin react.
“Woah, what’s it doing?” he asked, a little confused with the whole situation.
“The computer is stimulating the pleasure centres of your brain,” Mizta replied, “I thought it best for you to get used to the sensation, instead of making you orgasm straight away,” she then reached up to the arm and pressed a few more buttons. The sensation in his groin increased and to John, it felt as though he was having sex.
“This is weird and why do you even have this technology?” he asked, wondering how many more times he would find himself in weird situations.
“Do you have domesticated livestock on Earth?” the Doctor asked. John could feel himself getting close to cumming.
“We do…urgh I’m close,” he replied as he bent forward. Before Mizta could say any more a strong orgasm travelled through John’s body. The device around his cock started to move back and forth as cum spurted out and it felt as though it was trying to aid his ejaculation. “What the fuck?” John cried as his orgasm continued.
“Don’t worry John, the computer is just prolonging the orgasm,” Doctor Mizta said as she placed her left hand on his chest, “try and relax. The suction is just to draw your semen up and into the scanner above,” she then used the control panel on the medical bed.
“Intriguing,” Mizta said, looking at something.
“What is?” John said between breaths.
“It looks as though the treatments you received have affected your reproductive organs,” the Doctor replied. She noticed the look of concern on his face as the effect of his orgasm receded. “Don’t worry John,” Mizata said with a smile, “according to the scans, you’re still a fully functioning and fertile Terran, you just produce more when you ejaculate and…oh my,” she said, “it appears you have no refractory period as well,” John heard another chime as Mizta smiled at him. Before he could say anything, the Doctor pulled the device off his cock and he lay there watching it bounce to his heartbeat.
“Refractory what?” John asked, feeling confused and horny.
“Look,” Mizta said, pointing at his rock hard cock, “does it normally do that after you’ve cummed?” she asked.
“Not really no, I mean it used to stay a bit hard, but not for several years,” John replied. He watched as the Doctor gently ran her right hand up his shaft. As it neared the head John felt another orgasm hit him and he was surprised to see so much cum fire out the end.
“Sorry about that,” the Doctor said as John lay back on his bed, panting. “I’ll get the computer to remove any remaining traces of stimulation,” she then stepped away from the medical bed as John watched his cock continue to twitch. With his cock still hard and a pool of cum forming at the end of the bed, the feeling from before returned and John watched as his cock slowly became flaccid. Doctor Mizta reappeared with a cloth and wiped him clean.
“To answer your question,” she said, “with your refractory period removed, you essentially stay erect until you are either no longer stimulated or your body wears itself out,” Mizta smiled at John as he sat up, reactivating the Nanos around his groin.
“I thought yesterday was weird,” he said, “I guess this explains what happened last night and this morning,” John looked up at the Doctor as he finished.
“Yes it does, I’ll have the computer analyse the sample, see if there have been any other changes,” she then smiled at John.
“I hope there aren’t,” John said while smiling back at Mizta, “cum that glows in the dark perhaps?” he asked, half laughing.
“No, that would be impossible,” she replied, “as I said in the canteen, you don’t have any bioluminescence in your body, although,” Mizta stopped talking as she was thinking.
“Although what?” John asked.
“I was just wondering what it would be like to be covered in glowing cum,” Doctor Mizta replied and then winked at John.
“Oh haha,” he replied, crossing his arms, “after what I’ve just gone through I would rather not have anything else happen”, Mizta laughed again.
“Don’t worry John, by the look of these results, those are the only two side effects,” she said and then stepped away from the bed so that John could get down.
“So, I can now keep having sex until I wear myself out,” John said, looking up at the Doctor, “and I’ll cum a lot more than normal each time” he watched as Mizta nodded as he spoke.
“I would be more than happy to do some experiments,” Mizta said, “We could see how long it takes for you to run out of semen and how much you’ll produce on average?” she suggested.
“Oh no, I’m not having you use that machine on me again,” John replied, shaking his head.
“Well, it was just a suggestion,” Doctor Mizta said with a shrug. Her pad started to beep before she could continue. Removing it from her thigh, Mizta tapped at the screen and read the message displayed. “The Chief Engineer wishes to speak with you in the hangar,” the Doctor said, looking down at John.
“This Cruiser has a hangar?” John asked, looking confused. As far as he was aware, only Carriers had hangars.
“I could go into great detail as to why Matriarchy Cruisers have hangars but don’t forget,” Doctor Mizta said, making eye contact with him, “this is an alien ship and we’re not going to do things the same as Terrans, are we?” she turned back to her desk as she finished.
John smiled, “good point, I’ll use the map on my pad,” he then headed off towards the ship’s hangar.
“Be careful when you’re down there,” Doctor Mizta called out, “you don’t know much about our technology, best to not touch anything.”
John guessed he was near the hangar and it wasn’t just the map on his pad telling him. The corridor he was now walking through had pipes and cables of various sizes running along the walls and ceiling. Along the way, John had been stopped by a few crew members. One was a security officer, wanting to know what he was doing, she had let him pass after he told her about the message from the Chief Engineer. Another crew member was an engineer. Somehow, he had lost his way and found himself an inch away from walking face-first into the tall Viper. She hadn’t seen John due to the boxes that she had been carrying. After dropping them, the engineer had apologised profusely and then as suddenly as she had appeared, the Viper was gone.
Finding the door to the hangar, John stepped through it and gasped at what he saw. The room was vast and he guessed that it was around three hundred metres long by one hundred and fifty. He could see machines lining the walls, cables and steam rising as he took in the view. Looking up at the ceiling, John guessed that it was around forty metres high and he then saw that there was a large crane or some sort of claw, set into the middle. It ran along tracks fixed to the ceiling and John watched as it descended, picked up an alien craft and then moved it to another part of the hangar. Looking to his right, John could see two very large doors and guessed that they might lead out into space. Looking at the edges of the doors, he noticed that there was a light blue shimmer. Shield technology? He asked himself. A whistle from nearby interrupted his current train of thought and John looked down. In the middle of the hangar, below where he stood on a raised walkway, was a group of Vipers. He recognised one of them as Chief Engineer Zoazhis, thanks in part to the two mechanical arms attached to her back. Finding the nearest set of stairs, John made his way onto the hangar floor and headed over to Zhoazhis.
“Hello again,” said the Chief Engineer as he approached the tall Viper. John could see her mechanical arms were busy manipulating some kind of device.
“Hello Zoazhis,” John replied, looking up at her bright blue eyes. She smiled when they made eye contact and John thought he saw one of her mechanical arms twitch.
“What do you think?” she asked, gesturing to the dismantled remains of his ship.
“To be honest,” John replied as he looked around the floor of the hangar, ”I’m surprised you were able to dismantle her so quickly,” he said and then walked over to a group of engineers. A few of them nodded and smiled at him and they moved aside so that he could look at the various pieces.
“It wasn’t that hard,” Zoazhis said, stopping next to John as he bent down to examine a piece of the Poseiden, “we stopped using titanium thousands of years ago and our tools can easily cut through it, plus..” she waited as John stood up again, “the central crane can cut through most materials,” the engineer smiled at him when John looked up at her.
“I can imagine, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?” he asked. John noticed that the other engineers were watching him.
“This,” Zoazhis replied and walked over to a nearby monitor. She tapped away at the keyboard and a bright green hologram appeared in front of her. “We’ve figured out how you managed to get to the system we found you in and why you survived the journey,” the Chief Engineer then waited for John as he walked over to the hologram.
Over the next few hours, Zoazhis and a few of her engineers explained to John what had happened: why his stasis pod had failed to wake him, how the Poseiden had entered the Vortex, why it took two hundred years to reach the system he was found in, and why he had managed to survive without a Vortex shield. They had also answered any questions he had about what the Vortex was. John left the hangar and slowly made his way towards the canteen. What they had told him had both surprised and shocked him. He was now hungry and not in the best of moods.
Arriving at the canteen, John found himself at the back of a very long queue. “We keep bumping into each other,” said a familiar voice from behind. Turning around, he saw Officer Thissa and she smiled when he looked up, the light from above catching the shine of her scales. “What’s wrong?” she asked, a hint of concern to her voice.
“Oh it’s nothing,” John replied, “I’ve just got a lot on my mind,” he then looked back at the queue as it started to move.
“I’ve got some snacks in my quarters if you want to chat?” Thissa asked. She placed her right hand on John’s left shoulder, “I can be great company if you let me,” she said, smiling at John as he made eye contact. He could see the warm glow of her yellow eyes and mouth as she spoke. John wanted a distraction from his current thoughts and nodded.
“Let’s go,” he said and followed Officer Thissa as she walked away from the canteen. “You won’t get in trouble?” John asked as she slowed her pace to match his.
“No, I’m off duty now,” she replied, “besides,” Thissa said as she bent forward so that her head was level with John’s, “my roommate won’t be off duty for hours,” she then laughed as his face went red. Fifteen minutes later they arrived at Thissa’s quarters and she placed her right thumb against the door. With a hiss, the door opened and a warm red glow from inside lit up John’s face.
“So,” Officer Thissa said, turning around to face John as the doors closed behind him, “how do Terrans have sex?” smiling at John’s reaction to her blunt question.
“I forgot how forward Vipers were,” he replied and then looked up at Thissa, “pretty much the same as Vipers do, although I only have one cock and I’m shorter than you,” John then yelped as he was picked up and hugged by the eight-foot Viper in front of him. She spun him around and threw him onto what John guessed was her nest. He bounced when he landed and found himself sinking slightly into its soft interior.
“Good,” Thissa said as she walked over to where John now lay. Flattening her hood, the Security Officer deactivated her collar and then removed it from around her neck.
John watched as the now-familiar neon blue light appeared and the Nanos of her uniform retreated into the collar’s reservoir. Looking at her now naked body, John could see that her overall body shape was much slimmer than that of the Doctor or Quartermaster. Her breasts, while still larger than his head, were smaller and the camouflage pattern he had seen before continued down her darker green scales. Thissa also had a pair of large, cream coloured nipples, matching the colour of her secondary scale colour. The cream scales ran down her torso, past her most intimate areas, down the inside of her thighs and stopping at the soles of her feet. John was surprised to see that her pussy was dripping.
“Your turn,” Thissa said as she stood at the edge of her nest. She placed her hands on her wide hips and grinned, the yellow glow of her mouth showing as John deactivated his collar. Once his Nanosuit had disappeared, he removed the collar, clicking the clasp shut and placing it on the padded floor to his right. John lay on his back, legs apart and looked up at the Security Officer as his cock got hard. Thissa grinned again, “you might only have one cock but it’s so big and thick,” she stepped into the nest and then dropped down onto her knees. John bounced from the impact and watched as Thissa moved closer to him, her large breasts pressing against his chest as she lent on her forearms, placing them on either side of his head. His groin started to get wet as her pussy continued to drip.
“What did you think of the Quartermaster?” Thissa purred as she moved her head closer to John’s. He flinched as her tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked his right ear.
“She’s nice, I enjoyed my time with her,” John replied while trying not to react to the Viper’s tongue which was now trying to clean out his ear. After a few minutes, Thissa stopped her licking and then moved her face so that it was directly above John’s.
“How good are you at eating pussy?” she asked and then laughed at the reaction she got.
“Milsi didn’t complain earlier,” John replied. He watched as Thissa adjusted herself so that her knees were above his head.
“I’ll try not to suffocate you,” she said with a mischievous smile and then she lowered herself down. Thissa gasped as she felt John’s lips and then tongue on her pussy. A quiet moan left her lips and then the Security Officer roughly took hold of her large breasts. Thissa pinched her nipples as she started to roll her hips, grinding her pussy against John’s mouth.
John tried his best to grip the Viper’s thighs as he licked and sucked her pussy. He had to swallow as the sweet-tasting, viscous liquid filled his mouth for the third time. John twitched when he felt Thissa’s tail wrap itself around his cock. He had yet to experience how dextrous a Viper’s tail could be. After a few more minutes of him eating her pussy, John felt her body tense up and then she moaned loudly as Thissa came. John tried his best to swallow as his mouth was flooded but he found himself almost drowning in her cum. Before he did, however, Thissa bent forward and fell to her right, onto the nest. John bounced with the impact and coughed. Coming to, Thissa smiled at John.
“Damn, you eat pussy better than a female,” she said.
“Thanks, I think,” John replied while wiping what was left of her cum from his mouth. He looked over to where she lay, her breathing had settled and John watched as she rolled off the nest, got onto her hands and knees and then crawled over to where his feet were.
“My turn,” she said with a smile and then Thissa crawled forward, her large breasts rubbing against his legs as she made her way over to John’s groin. A large glob of her saliva landed on his balls as she moved her head down. Taking his shaft in her right hand, Thissa then carefully cradled his balls with her left.
“Careful,” John called out, “they’re sensitive, make sure you don’t cut me either, otherwise blood will get everywhere,” he then groaned as Thissa pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. She swallowed his full length into her warm mouth and down her throat, her tongue wrapping itself around his cock and he could feel the back of her throat as her mouth touched the base. He felt her hand gently massage his balls as the other pumped his cock when she moved her head up, the shaft glistening in the dim light.
Moving her head down to his groin, Thissa breathed in the strong aroma of sweat and pheromones John’s body was releasing. The last time she had smelt something similar was when she had tried an aphrodisiac on her last shore leave. Thissa ran her yellow tongue up John’s shaft, tracing a bulging vein and then she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.
“Fuck, Thissa,” John called out. Shortly afterwards her mouth was filled with the sweet taste of cum. Thissa sucked it all into her mouth as she swallowed each spurt. Deepthroating John once more, she giggled as he moaned, her warm mouth massaging his cock as she eagerly consumed his orgasm. Once the last drops had been swallowed, Thissa licked John’s cock clean.
“You taste better than our males,” she said with a smile, “wow, you also seem to stay hard like them too,” John then twitched as her long, yellow tongue snaked itself out of her glowing mouth, and wound itself around the base of his cock.
He flinched again as he felt the heat from her mouth as she slowly moved her tongue up the shaft. Adjusting her position so that her hands were on either side of his hips, John could feel her saliva covering his cock as she traced the bulging vein again, with the tip of her tongue. Pursing her lips as Thissa reached the top of his cock, she pushed his throbbing cock inside. John could feel her tongue move over and around his cock as she began to bob her head. Globs of her saliva fell onto his balls as she increased her speed. The sound of her slurping filled Thissa’s quarters as she repeatedly deepthroated John’s large cock, smiling each time he grunted when she had her mouth at the base of his cock. Occasionally she would wrap her tongue around his balls as her head bobbed up and down.
Remembering how Milsi had reacted, John reached down and started to rub the softer edge of Thissa’s hood between his thumb and index finger. As he made his way up and down her hood, now using both hands, he could feel the vibrations from her throat as she moaned. The sensation amplified the pleasure he was getting from her now vigorous blowjob. A familiar feeling from his groin appeared and John tried his best not to show how close he was to cumming, however, Thissa had already noticed, remembering how he had reacted earlier, and so her pace increased. Less than a minute later he came for the second time.
Thissa was surprised with how much cum John had released into her mouth, especially as it had not been long since he last came. What also surprised her was that John had managed to get his hands onto the back of her head and he thrust his cock deep. She could feel his cum flood the back of her throat and Thissa was glad she had no gag reflex. She guessed John had two orgasms instead of one and so once he fell back onto her nest, Thissa closed her mouth around John’s cock and she started to suck. With her throat massaging his cock and the pressure from the suction, John started to twitch as the pleasure from the two orgasms travelled through his body. He made eye contact with Thissa and when she smiled, a load of cum fell out of her mouth, covering his groin. Shortly afterwards, his orgasms finally stopped, John watched as the Viper pulled her mouth up his cock, slurping any last traces of cum from it.
“That was yummy,” she said with a smile, “you came so much, and the smell” John watched as Thissa moved her face down to his groin again and she sniffed. “I could get used to this,” she then started to lick his groin clean, making sure to remove any traces of his cum or her saliva.
Panting slightly, John twitched as Thissa licked the tip of his cock, “careful, it’s sensitive,” he said, “I need to get used to this, Terran males usually have to wait between orgasms,” John slowed his breathing as he looked up at Thissa.
“You seem to have more stamina than our males,” she said, “normally they’d be asleep after one of my blowjobs,” Thissa then stood up. “I think it’s time we fucked,” she said bluntly and before John could protest the Security Officer stepped forward, dropped down onto her knees again, and then adjust herself so that she was able to easily insert his cock into her dripping pussy.
John watched as Thissa pushed his cock into the warm and tight embrace of her pussy. She didn’t stop until her pelvis slammed into his own, moaning as the Viper hilted herself with his cock. John grunted as she kept slamming back down, squeezing his cock as it went inside her. Thissa had her knees by his armpits and John gripped onto her thighs as she kept up the punishing pace.
“Thissa, slow down,” he pleaded through gritted teeth, “I’d like my pelvis to be intact when we’re done,” John then felt as though all the air from his lungs was pushed out as Thissa slammed down. She leaned forward and pressed her large breasts into his face. Before she sat back up, John managed to get one between his teeth and he bit down hard. Both Thissa and John moaned loudly as the tightness of her pussy gripped John’s cock and pleasure from his bite went through her body.
“Naughty male,” she said, smiling at John, “who said you could bite?” Thissa then slowed her pace and John could feel how much his pelvis ached. “Better?” she asked while playing with her breasts. John nodded as Thissa slowly rolled her hips. “Who do you prefer?” she asked.
“What?” was all John could say as he tried his best not to cum.
“Mine or Milsi’s?” Thissa asked and then she leaned forward and pushed her chest into John’s face.
“Yours,” his reply was muffled. John liked them both but figured Thissa would return to her punishing pace if he was honest.
“I’ll let you bite them again if you’re gentle,” Thissa said as she adjusted herself. She then carefully placed one of her engorged nipples into John’s mouth. This time he nippled on it while watching her reaction. When she giggled, John licked and sucked the nipple. “Better, you should never bite without asking,” Thissa then moaned as her other nipple was pinched.
After a few more minutes of Officer Thissa fucking John, he felt her body tense up and then she moaned as an orgasm shook her body. Shortly afterwards his cock erupted inside of her. “Hot!,” she cried, “it’s so hot!” John moaned himself as her pussy milked his cock, each contraction forcing more and more cum into her warm and welcoming pussy. Thissa fell forwards and almost smothered John as the last of their shared orgasms filled their minds with pleasure.
Coming to, they both shuddered as Thissa moved forward, John’s cock rubbing against her now over-sensitive insides. The viscous and pearly white concoction of their joining flooded out of Thissa and covered John’s groin. Rolling off of him Thissa lay on her back and breathed heavily.
“Fuck, I needed that,” she said and then looked at John. He could see the yellow glow of her eyes and mouth as she smiled. John watched as she looked down at his body, laughing.
“What’s funny?” he asked.
“You’re still hard,” she said. John looked at himself and saw his cock was rock hard, bouncing in the air to his heartbeat. He also noted that what dim light there was in Thissa’s quarters was shining off his cock.
“Once we’ve rested, shall we go again?” John asked.
Thissa smiled, “I think I might have to steal you from the Quartermaster,” she replied.
“No offence Thissa, but Milsi is gentler,” John said, “I might like having sex with you Vipers, but I’m not some male for you to fuck into submission,” he said. Thissa laughed again.
“Sorry,” she replied, “I’m used to having sex the way I prefer it,” Thissa then turned to face John, “how would you like to fuck me next?” she asked.
John thought for a moment and then looked at her, “how about anal?” he asked.
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