#Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 17.01.2022 (GOLD, USDCHF) - Read more on PipPost

2022.01.17 07:22 aysenpercin #Fibonacci Retracements Analysis 17.01.2022 (GOLD, USDCHF) - Read more on PipPost

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2022.01.17 07:22 Shot-Nectarine-5018 https://t.me/joinchat/mNzrdxOTzhY2MWU0

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2022.01.17 07:22 Maybabii2022 [FOR HIRE] COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Dm if you’re interested.

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2022.01.17 07:22 italyprayer Most obscure recommendations.

Most obscure recommendations. Hi, I am currently watching a film everyday and looking for the most strange recommendations – I would love to have some mindfuck films in my watchlist. The obscurer the better! These are my current favourites:
And here is a short selection of films that I gave five stars to:
Thanks for your time :)
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2022.01.17 07:22 SiddAMA21NG where do Econ students go for Masters?

masters as in MSc or PhD in Econ/Finance/ any other subjects..
just if yk someone or heard something.. trynna get a rough idea
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2022.01.17 07:22 Pimp_Fada What are some of your favorite packages?

I have been away from Linux desktop for a while. Any new packages worth checking out? Especially those suited for the i3 DE.
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2022.01.17 07:22 Astronauts-In-Space Suggestions for beginner apps and top apps for my Quest 2?

I got my quest 2. But am not using it. I feel bad. I just finished the initial setup.
Can y’all please suggest some beginner apps, some top apps, etc., to get a great VR experience?
Can I also get a few beginner tips?
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2022.01.17 07:22 _George0 Takeover

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2022.01.17 07:22 Soft_Bred I agree with this post

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2022.01.17 07:22 Speach_ [Livre] Atomic Habits de James Clear: Un rien peut tout changer ou comment changer nos habitudes !

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2022.01.17 07:22 sexywheat You cannot kill the working class.

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2022.01.17 07:22 chinidetou Why shouldn’t I go into medicine for the money and stability, especially when non-competitive specialties with decent work-life balance exist?

Only finance and computer science are truly “easier” ways to make money, but finance doesn’t fit my personality and I don’t wanna be involved with the sketchy shit they do, and computer science lacks job stability once you get older, unless if you worked at FAANG (and I don’t think I like CS enough to get an offer at a top company). As a science nerd, medicine seems to be the best way FOR ME (might not be for others) to make money and become financially stable, which I value a lot since my family wasn’t financially stable during a good chunk of my childhood.
A lot of people caution against doing medicine if you’re not extremely passionate about it due to the extremely poor work life balance and high burn out rate of medicine in general, but why can’t I just go into specialties like anesthesiology and pathology, which are non-competitive and have better work life balance/lower burn-out rate than most other specialities?
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2022.01.17 07:22 japanidol FantasticYouth - アスノヨゾラ哨戒班 (NightSkyPatrolOfTomorrow) [COVER]

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2022.01.17 07:22 hefnertes Hogyan bukhatott el Völner?

Nem azért de nem az egész ország a fidesz kezében van? Mindenhol az ò embereik vannak, volt pegasus szoftverük. Hogy bukott le, ki indította a nyomozást?
Vagy belülről kaszálták el? De attól még nagy botrány a fidesznek
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2022.01.17 07:22 TryingHardx I handmade a display case for our collection

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2022.01.17 07:22 YugiohCustoms Dream SMP Yugiohs

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2022.01.17 07:22 Jahndres Sketch for drawing exercise. Using mechanical pencil on paper

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2022.01.17 07:22 ekurutepe Ace Jet Black just arrived

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2022.01.17 07:22 john_ch Language Law For National Print Media Comes Into Force In Ukraine marginalising Russian language

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2022.01.17 07:22 Hellak How many “levels” do you have unclaimed?

I’m reasonably new to the game (joined at end of halloween event) I’m a modest 148lvl, and have what I’m sure is a sub optimal build (but I have fun) I currently have 29 levels that I can collect, but don’t really have anything I want to level. I imagine the lvl 400 people have many many more…
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2022.01.17 07:22 fedora-messenger What's going on with my client?

After I log in I get stuck on this screen:

What's weird is that this is only happening on one account.

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2022.01.17 07:22 CKM2000 Fun VAR task for University Dissertation!

Hello Everyone!
My university have designed a short quiz for all current and former referees (of all standards) to complete for me to gain results for my dissertation project. It is a fun task where you will watch several footballing incidents and will be asked to answer whether you think it was a foul, a card or neither and the confidence in your decision.
You will not be assessed on your answers!
You will be asked to enter the name of the student who asked you to take part. Please enter my name- Callum Mckay
Please use the following link to access this quiz:
Any participants will be immensely appreciated and will have fun doing so! Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.17 07:22 FortSquidward69 Little help for the Elon fanbois club. This is his mother. What provocative poses? Symbolism is their language. Pay attention and you will see them talk.

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2022.01.17 07:22 Raid_E If you know you know

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2022.01.17 07:22 ghost_arcd Perkembangan konten sosmed Indonesia kedepannya?

Halo Komodos klo kalian inget gw pernah bikin thread soal bahaya western media yang bikin gw kejebak di lingkaran right-wing di sosial media di era 2019-2020
Gw sebenarnya masih inget dulu alm.VNGNC pernah bikin manifesto bagaimana trend sosial media Indonesia pada akhirnya cuman bakal ikut²an sama trend luar negri especially western. Dan ini bisa dibuktikan Karna 2021 dan 2022 ya buat Indonesia itu tahunnya popularitas streamer seperti di Amerika 2018-2020 Dan dari sini ketakutan gw mulai muncul makanya gw sempet bikin thread yang ngomongin soal issue polarisasi dan influence Internet dari barat Karna kayanya gw termasuk kedalam korban "Cambridge Analytica" di sosmed gw sempet isinya right-wing shit dari atas Ampe bawah mo di YouTube/Facebook/Twitter.
Pertanyaannya apakah Indonesia bakal banyak trend comentary Video yang isinya ngecirclejerk ala-ala bule2 right wing ky si itsagundam, Nerdiotic, thequatering, criticalthinker dkk. Karna kalo iya menurut gw ini 100% bahaya banget gw masih inget dari nama-nama yang barusan gw sebut audience mereka rata2 kebanyakan bocah-bocah smp-sma ini gw ketahui Karna profile pic mereka rata2 ya selerah Bocah ingusan sok edgelord dan klo konten redpill blackpill menuju popularitas gini ada especially kasusnya di Negara kita yang manusianya banyak dan multikultural, apakah ini bakal jadi semacam yang terjadi sama Modi dan India? Gw pribadi ga bisa ngebayangin klo orang Jawa, islam or mayoritas yang dari generasi x acts like true mother fucking Right-wing barat dan koar2 sjw sjwot kek gitu dengan audience bocah ranging from smp-sma-kuliahan entah itu di YouTube/twitch.
Gw pribadi ga suka juga sama modelan sjw Karna gw pribadi udh ngalamin tinggal dimana2 di Indonesia gw udh ngalamin pain and beuty of multikulturalisme di Indonesia, memang benar hal yang kerasa banget sejauh ini ya kita kurang/tertinggal dulu di daerah-daerah yang gw pernah tinggali dibandingkan pulau Jawa tapi jujur gw ga suka hal seperti itu malah dipake buat agenda buat pecah belah Indonesia. Especially di Twitter gw suka ngeliat hal demikian dan apakah klo misalkan kedepannya konten kreator Indonesia bakal ngikutin bikin commentary channel/stream kaya di barat sana? Dan apakah konten mereka bakal bikin trope ala-ala "paling based anti sjw multikultural Ben Saphiro x Elon musk"? Bakal jadi populer?
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