Being ugly really puts a damper on self-actualization, I genuinely feel socially stunted compared to everyone else because I got such a bad genetic hand.

2022.01.17 07:39 When_Autism_Strikes Being ugly really puts a damper on self-actualization, I genuinely feel socially stunted compared to everyone else because I got such a bad genetic hand.

I thought losing weight would help, so I dropped 75 pounds during covid, but my bone structure still remains; I still have a face that looks like it belongs on a chimp and the body of a cartoon henchman. When I was a kid I thought I was ugly but I had no idea the absolute abomination I'd turn into as an adult.
I feel genuine shame interacting with people because I know I'm seen as the odd one out due to being an order of magnitude more unpleasant to look at than anyone else in the interaction in all but the most exceptional circumstances. I can tell that people are playing nice with me when they tell me I'm not, because the last thing you want to do is confirm someone's insecurity, but I wish they were more honest on the matter because it's starting to get patronizing.
I've never had someone even consider seeing me in an attractive light; I can see women recoil in disgust when I try flirting at one of the bars near my apartment. When I go out with my friends I can tell they feel embarrassed to be seen with me, which admittedly makes me feel better in a way because it must mean they REALLY like my personality.
I feel myself falling into this pit of despair because being in my mid 20s it's probably going to be downhill from here, I'm only going to get uglier from here on out. I don't know how I can live for another 50 years like this.
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2022.01.17 07:39 SaraEllaithy كل يوم حديث (5) الصلاة في النعال

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2022.01.17 07:39 coconutoilpapii ID on these boots

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2022.01.17 07:39 lucifermenace Mother Kidnaps Child From Father in NJ. Parental Kidnapping!

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2022.01.17 07:39 Decent-Winter-5793 Give GOE to this jump (pretend you are a judge)

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2022.01.17 07:39 vidaplena36 hug

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2022.01.17 07:39 jobsinanywhere Emotional Diego Costa says goodbye to Atletico Mineiro after ex-Chelsea star is linked with shock Arsenal free transfer

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2022.01.17 07:39 temposy Maybank IB: Despite AirAsia Group’s PN17 status, airline’s fundamentals have improved

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2022.01.17 07:39 Representative_Tap79 What’s most random knowledge u have?

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2022.01.17 07:39 OuthouseBacksplash Gravity Engage

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2022.01.17 07:39 -SubjectSix- Graveyard tokens for my SBGL. Can't wait to Spawn some Zombies and Skeletons!

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2022.01.17 07:39 Creeperprinsen Free dojo trial?

So I reached level 15 and got the offer for a free trial of dojo membership. I accidentally denied that offer, and now it seems to be completely gone? If that's the case then that is beyond stupid.
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2022.01.17 07:39 clown_1 A Brief Introduction to Steve's Gameplan for beginners and new Steve players.

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2022.01.17 07:39 SuccotashEnthusiast Starting the year colorful ✨

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2022.01.17 07:39 sheykha Katrina kaif at the airport today in Gucci

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2022.01.17 07:39 Bick_Kuttowski Wealth of world's 10 richest men doubled in pandemic, Oxfam says

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2022.01.17 07:39 CanAktas0 BNBGlobal's Play to Earn Games Event! $2500 dollars to win! One week old low MC Gem.Big marketing campaign on all platforms. CMC and CG listed! Don’t miss the new gem coin

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Our socials: 🌐Website: 🌐Telegram: 🌐Gameroom: 🌐Discord:
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2022.01.17 07:39 Swimming_Victory Hey Infamers, we have a Newsletter

Hey Infamers, we have a Newsletter:
💎The bridge between #BSC and #Polygon will open next week 💎The launchpad is in development, the mechanics for it are ready 💎NFTs are ready for pre-launch and #whitelist 💎The $INF token rate has reached $4 💎The #INFAMplatform will open soon
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2022.01.17 07:39 solaralas questionnaire could someone please complete my survey its about different dog breeds? thanks.
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2022.01.17 07:39 zainezzzzz Need Voclaist for Pop Trap Production

Hey Everyone! Im a music producer ,RITHMETIC,hope you all doin well , i have a pop trap type production with me on which i need a vocalist,let me know if any of you is interested ,Attaching short piece of instrumental below.
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2022.01.17 07:39 leewayhertz41 Metaverse And Its Link With NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that represent someone’s ownership of digital assets such as social media posts, digital art, painting, signature, and so on. In addition to tokenizing the intangible or digital content, NFT can also represent the tokenized version of real-world assets, including land and building.
Non-fungible tokens and the underlying technology of NFTs play a crucial role in developing the Metaverse. NFTs exist on the blockchain, which was initially useful to trade digital assets, and now it has diverse use cases. If we demonstrate the role of NFTs within the digital environment of the Metaverse, NFTs integrate with existing VR and AR technology and thus regulate the whole space.
To read more -
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2022.01.17 07:39 pilotslinky7 Advice on accepting an offer from WorldQuant

Hi Everyone, this is a first post, and I'm not sure it's the right place. I don't really have many people around me to look to for advice, so I figured reddit might be helpful.
Anyway. I'm a second year studying computer science, with a research background in deep learning.
Long story short, I've been offered a machine learning engineer (intern) position at an AI startup I'm super keen on, but due to some admin issues, they let me know that the scope of work that they mentioned I'd be working on in the summer may or may not happen, depending on certain projects being run now. They're keen to take me on still, but they've expressed that if I were to turn them down, they'd understand.
I'd been applying for a few other positions, of which one is a quant researcher intern role at WorldQuant. I've not been able to find out much WorldQuant, but the small bits I've come across haven't been too positive.
Would anyone have anything to share about what it's like as a quantitative researcher at WorldQuant (or as an intern), the learning value, the culture? Would you advise me to stay away? How would you think about which offer to accept?
Personally, I learn towards the AI startup because the people there seem great and I think the learning value is high, but they've also mentioned they'd be keen to work with me next summer, if I have a pending offer. So it does leave this door open for me to think about.
This is my first real internship outside of research, so I'd really appreciate everyone's feedback!
Thanks everyone!
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2022.01.17 07:39 The_Fan_Boy Guys I think I just discovered a hidden gem called Creep

Guys idk if you heard this song before but it's amazing. I never understand why a masterpiece like this was so under appreciated but I guess they had mad advertisement or something. Anyways, you really have to try this before calling yourself a true fan
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2022.01.17 07:39 2nd_landau_ranking Returnal is an OK game, but is it really worth it? A detailed opinion.

I got a PS5 last year and that was mainly to play the new Demon's souls remake and Bloodborne as I'm an avid souls fan and I wanted to play these two games since I've never owned a playstation system.
After having so much fun with these two (and platinumming Sekiro on the new platform) I turned to other 'playstation hits'. The last of us, Ghost of Tsushima, HZD, Spiderman, God of War and nothing really stood out for me except God of War and I'm really excited for the second game (gameplay wise it wasn't my favorite but I'm hooked for the sake of the great story/cinematics, I also really like mythology).
Due to the praise Hades got I bought it back in August and I've been playing it since then with my gf, we had such a blast with this game and the amount of variety and ways you could play the game and increase the difficulty still blows my mind. It also introduced me to roguelites and I thought I have finally another genre to like since I was really disappointed by many well praised games up until that point.
Then I hesitated a lot before buying Returnal due to it being an expensive title (80 €), and due to the very high praise it got from people and to it being a roguelite supposedly I was convinced to get it but it was a very big disappointment and it taught me a lot of ways devs can mess up a beautiful formula like roguelites.
I spent a total of around 10-12 hours on the game, I died quite a lot in the first biome then the rest of the game felt like the same. I died twice for the third boss and then when I got passed it I went through the rest of the game fairly easily without dying. I was kind of bummed that the game has ended so soon and especially disappointed when I saw that the 4th biome didn't have any bosses, only 3 pathways that lead to keys with the same exact miniboss at the end of each one and then I got a new ability, I didn't learn how to use more than half of the items (for instance, the astronaut figurine I read about its use after I'd finished the game) because simply the game was so short and it didn't feel like the game was pushing me to explore the items. If you get good item RNG you can shoot your way to the final boss easily.
Another point is that I didn't have any incentive to replay the game, the story has maintained its cryptic feeling until the final cutscene and being a story focused game the choice of this very confusing story-telling style seemed odd for me and I ended up looking up the story since I thought the final cutscene was everything there's to see and I didn't understand anything actually. Also when I looked up the platinum it seemed so grindy and I never enjoy grinding to get the platinum in a game (Looking at you covenant items in DS3). It seemed crazy that you can get through a whole cycle without getting any Xenoglyphs or whatever because of how stupidly random the game system runs.
Replay ability from a gameplay point of view was also discouraging. The fully fledged randomness of the items system in the game made for a much worse experience in my opinion. For instance, I guess Hades changes the probability of the player landing a certain item dynamically depending on what's happening in the game. While in Returnal everything is completely random, it literally feels like a lottery, and there's no way to nudge the game in a certain direction to customize your build. In the winning run I think I had tons of health items when I got to the final boss (this boss was extremely underwhelming tbh) with double my health bar, while in other playthroughs, I got to the second or third biomes with half my health bar. It seemed very weird that luck played such a big role in a game that prides itself on being skill based.
This brings me to another point which is the malfunctions system. I got around it pretty soon in the game and I simply decided not to pick malignant items whatsoever. The boosts and rewards were mostly not worth the trouble and some malfunctions were pretty punishing. Also, for a game with such a system, where I expect the game to encourage you to take the risk of picking malignant items, it was extremely weird that after two malfunctions you get a critical unrepairable malfunction, why would they do that ? That made experimenting with malfunctions much more difficult. The combination of malfunctions also was not really thought out, I remember having two completely contradictory malfunctions once and while one did not allow me to do something (or caused damage when doing it), I needed to do the same exact thing to clear the other. Also, I hated the fact that malignant health items had the same icon on the map as the normal health items and it made me do so many back and forth trips.
Another point that didn't make sense was the orange rooms where you get many waves of enemies and get locked in the room until you finish it. These were absolutely not worth the trouble, you get 3 or 4 minibosses with hoards of enemies and at the end the rewards may well be some malignant health items and a couple of useless parasites and artifacts. So after going through them a couple of times I just stopped because they weren't worth it, they're extremely hard for the rewards they gave. The same goes for the dead bodies of previous players, where you actually pay Ether to fight it, and the fight can be extremely difficult for early biomes, and you can well get a very disappointing loot after it. It just felt that the game was unbalanced in a way for the player to avoid encounters as much as he can because the rewards were mostly disappointing and you could well get them without going out of your way.
The last critique before moving to the positives of the game is the skippable bosses. During my play through and after finding the first boss skip I was wondering why would they make the bosses skippable?!! It seemed so strange for a game of this type and this length. Can we even call this game a roguelite if we can just skip whole areas and bosses when we go back to the beginning? This made walking to the place you died at the next cycle feel like a chore and combined with the random items and weapons I was just very annoyed because I knew that there was no way whatsoever to get more or less the same things I had the previous cycle. PLUS, the lack of any rewards for defeating a boss made going back to them after beating them once something unthinkable, this was just a waste of potential imo and one of the biggest disappointments in the game.
Positives (Sort of):
The gunplay was really good, but as I said, if you love a weapon, brace yourself because there's a possibility that you will not get the choice to get this weapon at your proficiency level and you'll get stuck with a lousy weapon that you don't like because if not you can't kill any enemy. For instance I enjoyed the Carbine red shooting weapon, and when I unlocked a few other weapons it was so hard to get my hands on a well leveled Carbine in the cycle, I even went and fought the final boss with a Carbine that was 4 or 5 proficiency levels below mine just because I kept getting bad weapons that I tried and didn't like in the last 4 or 5 rooms before the final boss. Why didn't they implement a system to upgrade your own weapon? It would have been awesome if we had a machine in the shop that would upgrade your current weapon to your current proficiency level for a certain amount of game currency.
The story was pretty good but was vague and ambiguous in a very unnecessary way imo. Also I don't appreciate jump scares in general and I think they're a cheap way to scare people, and the game used them many times in unskippable cutscenes which made me uncomfortable.
The gunplay is the best aspect of the game by far. The cooldown system, the overload system, everything felt very well made and it's really a nice and refreshing experience. Also, each gun felt unique and with the PS5 controller it really was an A class experience.
The game has this feeling of you wanting to play it when you leave it and you're excited to see what's next, but this doesn't last long due to how short the game is.
A few suggestions that would make the game a better experience:
- Don't make the bosses skippable, and add rewards for killing a biome's boss: 1. 25% integrity upgrade or a certain amount of obolites. 2. Moving the proficiency upgrade that you get when you first get into a biome to a reward of killing the previous biome's boss and leveling up your current weapon to your current updated proficiency level. They can also add more customization to the weapon abilities before each biome to get rid of this current 'rigidness' in weapons, you get a weapon with a certain level with a certain ability and you can't change that at ALL.
- Add more rewards to the difficult orange rooms to make it worth the challenge, or at least tilt the RNG to give meaningful items.
- Remove the critical malfunction system or make them repairable. This will make experimenting with malignant items much funnier and a much more rewarding experience, since you know that you can look for the item that repairs malfunctions before going into a boss.
- Add a nice gameplay mechanic to reset the cooldown of the special ability of the weapon. Something like 3 consecutive melee kills, or a last second dodge (for it to work with bosses), or dealing consecutive damage to the enemies, or all of that together. This will incentivize a more aggressive gameplay style.
- Make a dynamic RNG system, like I don't want ether or artifacts in a difficult room if I'm very low on health, I need health.
I'm not suggesting in any way to make the game easier, I'm just saying that the game's difficulty as it is feels very punishing sometimes and very stupidly easy at other times.
All in all, the game gets a 4/10 in my opinion and is definitely not worth 80€, especially when games like Hades exist for 25€ and Hades is better in every single aspect at being a roguelite compared to Returnal. Also, games like Elden Ring which are coming and will be FULL to the brim with quality content are even cheaper than Returnal, so I think it's way overpriced. I'd recommend it if it was around 40€ and this's just in recognition of the cool art direction and the graphics of the game.
A final separate note is that I posted a much less critical post on the game's subreddit a while back and it was deleted without giving any reason, people should chill when it comes to criticizing their favorite games, it's sometimes getting to a point where critiques are so downvoted that people stop criticizing the game, and when you see a game getting so much praise and you get disappointed with it you feel really discouraged from trying out other well praised games. It happened to people in my circle for games like The Witcher and Ghost of Tsushima where the fanbase was so oppressive and aggressive that people stopped pointing out the faults in the games and we need this critical sense in the gaming community, and I appreciate this subreddit for giving us this space. I so wish somebody had told me an honest opinion about Returnal before buying it, now that I think that it was not worth it at all.
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2022.01.17 07:39 Warrenbuffetindo2 At phase 3 and beyond, what type of shaman needed?

Very interested with ele shaman, but i do hear in future enc shama will be more needed
Any thoughts are appreciated
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