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New Key Art for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

2022.01.25 10:42 Ishkoten New Key Art for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

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2022.01.25 10:42 Party_Efficiency_610 Regice 1580 9844 2917

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2022.01.25 10:42 Zliangas UVB76 with continuous changes

UVB76 with continuous changes All this period he buzzer suffered with various intruders playing music, sending spectrum icons or text today 25 buzzer seems to use a low beep that sis similar to heartbeat >just try to checlk remote kiwis in Russia Ukraine or even S Nordic countries!
Below are a few screenhots . First news from japanese r-DXer last week via twitter
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2022.01.25 10:42 assaultndbatteryacid I’m done being an incel. I’m leaving the incel community.

Before get excited, this isn’t what you think it is.
I’m done being an incel. It’s not worth it. It’s too much energy to expend the hate and frustration. Other incels are often whiny bitches who obsess over when. Everything they say, do, or think I’m some way revolves women. It’s pathetic and I’m tired of being associated with them.
This isn’t to say I’ve been blue pilled. There’s a lot of truth in the things a lot of incels say, but it’s all hidden by incels obsessions with women and hate for them.
I’m just done being an incel. I’m done feeling like I’m deserved love. I’m an ethnic, ugly, short guy. I deserve loneliness for the way I was born. This is the hand I was dealt and I don’t deserve the things tall attractive white guys get, so it makes no sense to continue being jealous of them and to pretend it’s unfair.
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2022.01.25 10:42 Rubydelasmercedes Founder of T mobile😂 #moraldecay #itsallgoodman

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2022.01.25 10:42 wostylog Will my husband ever become mature?

My husband (32M) and I (28F) have been together for 6 years, married for 4. We have 2 kids under 5.
He’s got a heart of gold and is a very loving husband and dad, but he is clueless when it comes to managing recurring responsibilities. I feel like the office manager of my home. We both work full time, and he does his part without complaint when I ask him to or remind him to, For example, if I make a to-do list and tell him, these are the things we need to get done this weekend. This is what I will do and this is what I’d like you to do. He will do it all. But he never thinks ahead.
The thing is, I am just so exhausted by all of this. I am tired of carrying the mental load. I am tired of having to say, can you go ahead and pay the bills that are due next week? Can you go ahead and book an oil change appointment? Can you go ahead and fold the laundry? Can you prepare the kids for dinner now?
I have had direct conversations with him about how I feel. He acknowledges that he needs to take more initiative, but he doesn’t usually follow through on that. I would feel way less exhausted if he would take the initiative and do these routine things without me having to arrange or remind him beforehand.
We did couples therapy. The therapist said that men and women have a different mindset when it comes to managing their lives. He told us that women taking the initiative and men just sort of following along is “normal.” I am having a hard time accepting this thought.
I’ve spoken to other friends/family members our age, and they say they have or have had the same problems with their husbands. One friend told me that it took almost 10 years of doing similar to what I do before her husband finally got the picture and started taking initiative.
Is this par for the course? I don’t want to seem ungrateful, because I know that things could be worse. I know he tries. This issues has improved slowly but surely over the years, but I wish he would just get the picture and take the lead sometimes. Sometimes I feel like his mother. I love this man, but I feel like this is the kind of thing that will build up resentment as time goes on.
Any advice?
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2022.01.25 10:42 texan0322 DFS NBA Picks with Breakdown for Prize Picks – Tuesday 1/25/22

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2022.01.25 10:42 AlanYT574 and that's when the big bucks start rolling in

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2022.01.25 10:42 terasenpai Are there Home Remedies For Allergy Rhinitis

Hello I am a 15 year old male and i have been suffering from allergy rhinitis since april 2021 i havent had a allergy test yet because of the pandemic situation but doctors have confirmed it is an allergy (probably dust or pollen). My symptoms are running nose, continuos sneezes and watery eyes. My ENT doctor has adviced me to Use A Anti Histamine Tablet Whenever My Symptoms worsen,I was on nasal sprays(corticosteroid ones) for like 4 months and stopped because of no results and i gained a lot of weight(13-14 kg). Right now I am On the anti histamine tablet+ homeopathy tablets.
My mom keeps bugging me saying this thing will cure you like eating spicy food etc. So I was wondering if there are actually any home remedies that have actually worked for anyone?
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2022.01.25 10:42 artompek "Amazing Dialogue"

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2022.01.25 10:42 xhayleyquinnx [MOBILE & LATER PC] [2000'S] Mobile game that later became a pc or maybe flash game where you are two blobs one red and one blue that you need to manoeuvre through a platformer map to a space ship.

It was a puzzle game and the blobs looked very similar in style to the Pou virtual pet but I don't think it's the same publisher.
The blobs were two different sizes and it was a puzzle platformer where on mobile you had to switch between each character and move them to the right locations to let the other ones through, they moved with sort of jelly physics where they were quite hard to control and would easily roll away from you and die as they were sort of like a weighted squishy ball mechanic.
Later on it was available on pc in some format as a multilayer game with two people controlling a blob each. At one stage I believe the Yogscast played it but I can't find it on their channel now. The logo was the two blobs squished up against each other looking out of a circular rocketship window.
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2022.01.25 10:42 ArtisticConsequence Finished my latest SKX007/SRPD build

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2022.01.25 10:42 lespleiades 210526 Karina

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2022.01.25 10:42 Rakib126 Space Runners

A potential project for the future. The project is implemented very professionally and has a clear development plane. Made by a very professional and experienced team
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2022.01.25 10:42 Iron_Deer_QC Be careful... Captain Tobias is a scam!

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2022.01.25 10:42 beepbeeepboopbeeep Who has COVID right now?

I do and I’m surprised about how hard it hit me. It’s like having a nasty flu plus a constant headache. I am double vaxxed, scary to think about how much worse things would’ve been if I weren’t.
Also disappointed in our provincial health leadership. I know I have COVID as the people I got it from work in the health field and were able to get tested. I can’t technically get tested because I don’t fit their criteria to do so. Yet those who chose not to get vaccinated are eligible to get tested. Way to reward people for listening to public health orders. They’ve had too much time to deal with these issues, I frankly find it unacceptable. When I called 811 I was also told there are no longer any firm guidelines for the length of time I need to stay at home, it’s just until I’m symptom free. Definitely a hassle if your employer is difficult with time off.
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2022.01.25 10:42 travelchili Japan Walk from Osaka Zoo to Osaka Nipponbashi Denden Town [21:20]

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2022.01.25 10:42 timmytim2345 Kabtor Zoid painted as the Kabuto Zecter

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2022.01.25 10:42 grandBBQninja [EU] Building a North-European GN-MG team

I'm looking forward to creating a somewhat competitive low rank esports-team. I'm looking for players who're willing to improve and take the game somewhat seriously. Personally I can play AWP or entry fragger. I'm mostly looking for North-European players (because of time zones and stuff).
About me:
-I speak finnish, english, and a little bit of swedish.
-770 hours
-Gold Nova III (have been MG1 at most)

Here are my requirements for players:
-600-1200 hours
-speaks decent english
-willing to learn strats, smokes, etc.
-Age 14-20
-able to commit to the team for 2-3 hours a week
-nice to other players

If you're interested, or if you have anything to ask, please contact me on Discord. (koskenlaskija#6547)
Also, feel free to add me on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199022126507/
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2022.01.25 10:42 everyoneintheroom 2 small things to hopefully start something better

Hey, everyone!

  1. Last week I left EDAnonymous because the posts are (mostly) from people much younger than me. I felt bad even interacting with them because it felt like I was running the risk of contributing to their mental illness. Not only that, but some of the posts are so ... ugh. Intentionally triggering? Seeking validation for bad behaviors? Competitive edgelord-ery? I dunno. Those are not my thing anymore.
  2. I threw out my Fitbit this morning. Like, 5 minutes ago. I'm giddy. I ordered it last June and since then I've been logging everything obsessively (like ya do). I've been obsessing over maintaining a certain BMI for years, and the Fitbit made it easier. I don't want to do that anymore. I used it to torture myself. I could log my suffering and even rejoice in it. Fuck you, you sleek little OCD machine. Begone.
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2022.01.25 10:42 DogeWarrior_69 Is there a resource from where I can download and print out the Vision Value Added Material for multiple topics? I cant seem to find them their website or on telegram.

Any Help is appreciated
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2022.01.25 10:42 AnEpicDoor Tabenthy would've heard stories about kvothe

Seeing as how there's stories about kvothe circulating everywhere in temerant in wise mans fear, that means tabenthy would hear them. I don't have anything substantial to say, it just makes their bittersweet parting sting a little less.
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2022.01.25 10:42 Klaasiker Crypto.com Visa Debit card: Free $25, free Spotify and 2% cashback on all purchases

So I tested Crypto.com and wanted to make my own opinion about it:
Crypto.com offers Visa debit cards that give 2% cashback and a range of other perks like free Spotify. This is a very big company. Recently they started a huge ad campaign starring Matt Damon and they bought the naming rights to the Staples Center in L.A. for 20 years.
The Ruby Steel card tier offers a $25 instant bonus, free Spotify and 2% cashback on all purchases, and a premium metal card. To get the card you need to stake €350 worth of CRO coins and hold it for 6 months. After this time you're free to sell them again (or keep if you want to retain the card benefits).
Important note: you don't need to put crypto on the card, you can just load it with Euro or USD and spend it!
All cashbacks and bonuses are paid in the CRO cryptocurrency. You can immediately sell the CRO in the app for pounds/euros, which you can use again for purchases with the card if you want.
Personal experience:
I've been using the card for two months now. Lost a small amount as CRO dipped a bit and my staked amount is worth less than before. Yet I got on all purchases a 2% cashback which is currently worth $21 (over all purchases were $1050). I use the card on a regular base but I don't have many running costs. In these two months my Spotify got paid back in CRO ($12.99 each month) and I started staking my CRO on their DeFi Wallet with a 12.58% annual reward.
Also the metal debit card looks awesome :)
If you want to start too with Crypto.com you can follow these steps:

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2022.01.25 10:42 chrisor97 [PS5] Battlefield 2042 - PlayStation 5 is $41.97

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2022.01.25 10:42 RaoHimanshYadav #अब_समझो_ज्ञान_क़ुरान GOD ordered Living Beings to be Vegetarians. - Supreme Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj @SaintRampalJiM Bakhabar Sant Rampal Ji

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