Immortality ✨

2022.01.23 06:52 welcomeToGULAG911 Immortality ✨

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2022.01.23 06:52 NoCurrencies I had a dream about OSRS last night

I was in the middle of a Fight Caves run, when I discovered a secret passage leading out from the caves. It led me to a sort of Tzhaar zoo. There were a bunch of enclosures containing lava creatures, including lava crocodiles, lava lizards, and one level-347 giraffe-sized lava flamingo named "Greg the bird". I then proceeded to hop on the OSRS wiki, and was confounded that none of these monsters were documented there.
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2022.01.23 06:52 ArtichokeFit3256 Metbadams Fan Art Folder

Metbadams Fan Art Folder
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2022.01.23 06:52 uglyfrenchfry How come 051YM has so many snitches?

and how come everyone still Rock with em despite them being 🐀s? 🤔🤔🤔
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2022.01.23 06:52 FreezenXl Artyomska

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2022.01.23 06:52 ZoobBot 202766

This is the 202766th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.23 06:52 ClearlyE Can anyone ID this? Found on a Sonoma, California beach. Pacific Ocean.

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2022.01.23 06:52 BDawgJackson Green

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2022.01.23 06:52 MidSpecGamer5 What is the OCHD bubble pop damage I can expect from a built off-field kokomi with her E?

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2022.01.23 06:52 icansmileaboutitnow The EU’s deafening silence on Russian aggression makes war more likely

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2022.01.23 06:52 hunpeter91 Long lasting neck-traps-shoulder pain

Hi there! I have bfs for 2 years. In the last 3-4 months I have had bad neck an trap pain. It started with a very minor mad neck movement in october left side. It took 2 weeks to get better but It flares up every 1-2 weeks. Most of the pain is at the upper edge of my scapula when i raise my arm. (Levator scapulae?) In december the same happened on the other side... Whatever i do it wont get better. Any physical therapy flares it up... I dont know if it is related to bfs or not. How long should it last? How to get rid of this? Anyone else with this madness?
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2022.01.23 06:52 SaturdayKnight1 Those last two achievements were painful but I finally did it. Thank you OMORI

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2022.01.23 06:52 kittyou Question about Xmax V3 Pro On-demand mode

When I'm in on-demand mode and it goes to 'stand by,' I have to press the power button once, and then again to hold the power button to get the coffee symbol flashing. I can't just hold the button from the get-go to get it to start heating up. Is this normal? Apologize if this has been asked before. Thanks.
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2022.01.23 06:52 lelouchlamperouge369 Sigma rule 369 :#hitlerdidnothingwrong

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2022.01.23 06:52 nyoorm How do you determine how deep to go? I was way too careful and I think I went in too flat

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2022.01.23 06:52 PuzzleheadedAd7983 Disconnecting PayPal?

Given the odd length of time for a payment to be processed including in my situation the refund option I wanted to inquire if anyone has gotten rid of the paypal option all together. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.23 06:52 shilk008 Organism donor

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2022.01.23 06:52 Rayshard What Are Some Reasonable Trades for Mo Bamba, Gary Harris and Terrence Ross?

Mo Bamba is currently shooting 35% from three on over 4 attempts per game and is 4th in blocks. Magic are looking for a 1st rd pick and I was wondering what are some fair trades for him?
Gary Harris looks like he did before his injuries he is looking much more explosive, finishing really well and shooting at a good percentage while being a good defender. He is an expiring contract and currently making $20.5 million.
T Ross has also been available and is going to make $10.5 million next season and is a good role player on a contender.
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2022.01.23 06:52 MonotonousSolid The Hum, a worldwide mystery sound explained

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2022.01.23 06:52 alltaeglich Bewerbung bei aktueller Vorgesetzter?

Hallo Leute,
ich möchte mich bei meiner aktuellen Vorgesetzten auf eine weitere Stelle bewerben. Sie weiß darüber Bescheid und will mich auch einstellen, ist aber zur Ausschreibung verpflichtet. Ich sitze gerade an der Bewerbung und Frage mich, wie ich sie im Anschreiben ansprechen soll. Im Arbeitsalltag duzen wir uns, die Bewerbung wird jedoch auch von weiteren Personen und Gremien gesichtet. Also: "Sehr geehrte Frau XXX" und "Sie" oder "Liebe Xvorname" und "Du"?
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2022.01.23 06:52 NAUSEATINGLY_CUTE Dogs probably belive that they are 100% successful in protecting their homes from mailmen, cats, leaves blowing in wind, squirrels and other dogs

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2022.01.23 06:52 Rosie_The_Furry101 Am I the only one that saw this?….or am I just tripping

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2022.01.23 06:52 DutchezzofDarknezz The girl from the other side

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2022.01.23 06:52 Rere_arere Help me with verb tense please
Why does she say "I unplugged" and not "I have unplugged"?
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2022.01.23 06:52 Other-Currency-1930 Bing!!

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