What size jumper should I buy 5’11 skinny build do won’t too baggy?

2022.01.23 15:25 joshhjones What size jumper should I buy 5’11 skinny build do won’t too baggy?

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2022.01.23 15:25 WryKnot11 I’m having using air link on the quest 2.

Yesterday, I was able to connect just fine, but now I get an infinite black screen with the 3 white dots loading screen. It also says on my computer that my headset can’t be found, and that it’s not working properly. Any suggestions or ways to troubleshoot and solve this?
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2022.01.23 15:25 ElectroAccident Lightning jerseys alright?

So I’m going to the game tonight and all I have are Lightning jerseys because I’m more of an nhl fan, those are like cool to wear right? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
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2022.01.23 15:25 HeyYouShouldSmile For anyone that uses Bellish, they are shutting down on the 31st

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2022.01.23 15:25 Porkchop113 Record access

Do you think the VBA monitors who accesses a veterans records in their system? I have a friend who works for them and I have a suspicion he has been looking over my file. Including my disability claim and evals that are still pending.
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2022.01.23 15:25 usualteenager Is this normal fuel economy for freeway? Going 75-78 mph on relatively flat road.

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2022.01.23 15:25 TurnoverSingle7410 Don't forget that Stonks go up

It doesn't fucking matter, what Meetkevin says. I mean, who the fuck is this guy anyway? He had pink hair, 2 weeks ago. Do you want to trust a guy that had pink hair?
War's incoming. Inflation. Bullish CNBC cunts.
Doesn't matter. Stonks will go up. Always.
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2022.01.23 15:25 two_pump Help summoning VFD/True King of All Calamities

Does 2+ Level 9 monsters mean 3 monsters total? I’ve summoned him a few times but was unable in my last two duels. I’m running Earth Machines and my setup is most simply:
Level 4 Infinitrack Anchor Drill Level 5 Infinitrack Brutal Dozer
Anchor Drill combines levels with another card (Brutal Dozer) so they both become Level 9
Now, I could’ve swore I summoned VFD with this exact setup before but couldn’t while testing in Solo just now. Any one know what I’m doing wrong?
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2022.01.23 15:25 CynicalNina [VIDEO] Attack on Titan S04E18 (77) "Sneak Attack" REACTION & REVIEW

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2022.01.23 15:25 ConversationBest252 Airfix Vintage Bf-109 E-3 in 1/24th scale

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2022.01.23 15:25 mostafa_tux رئیس جمهور ارمنستان استعفا داد

برخی منابع خبری از استعفای رئیس جمهور ارمنستان پس از چهار سال خدمت در این سمت خبر دادند.
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.23 15:25 Astr0wr1d Trading mm2 for rh mainly Lf a halo

Inv on page
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2022.01.23 15:25 pandoravaleria thank you summer

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2022.01.23 15:25 starline321 [POS] ExultantDragon - fast and professional website designer

I requested ExultantDragon help me put together a resume website. As we started it was found that I’d messed up some parts of setting up the website (specifically I didn’t get the hosting set up correctly). ExultantDragon was very calm and hope worked me through how to do done. Once I was done, we discussed how I wanted the website to look. ExultantDragon talked me through my design ideas and made some very good points of how to make it look better.
I highly would recommend ExultantDragon to anyone looking to get their website off the ground.
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2022.01.23 15:25 Bird-Law1 2011 Odyssey Touring Model - Navigation Update Saga

Don’t believe the Navigation Software was ever updated before we bought it used a year ago. We love the car and we haven’t had any issues since purchasing. However, navigation software was so outdated it wasn’t picking up new roads that aren’t “new” anymore. So it nav feature was essentially worthless.
Begrudgingly purchased the 2021 Navigation Update. 3 discs mailed direct from Honda. $150.
Couldn’t find a post with thorough details of this painstaking process, so I wanted to provide details of my experience:
Honda says each disc requires “20 minutes” of download time after one disc inserted. Have to enter car’s VIN, “device info”, Disc’s serial number, and then Honda emails you a 16 digit passcode for each disc. Actually took at least 30 minutes per disc. Have to leave engine cranked and van sitting in park. Cannot turn car off, or you’ll have to restart.
Once disc downloaded, car needs approximately FIVE hours to finish the update for that one disc. Can finish update continuously or intermittently as it updates “in background” so your options are either: (A) leave car on and waste gas; (B) drive car off and on around town until you’ve had it on for 5 hours (again, this is only for 1 disc. Would be 15 hours total of driving for our 3 disc update); or (C) Connect a battery charger and leave car on in accessory mode while car updates for each disc.
I chose option (C) using a 2amp trickle charge (turned off screen and all other sources to eliminate unnecessary power draw) and the first disc finished last night at 8pm after starting around 2:30pm. So then I plugged in disc 2, disconnected battery charger, and then cranked engine again for 30-45 for disc 2 download. By 8:45, disc 2 downloaded and car was ready to “update in background.” I turned off the car, hooked the trickle charger back up, turned off all unnecessary accessories, and let it finish disc 2 update overnight. (Locked car up with my spare key).
The overnight 2amp trickle charge wasn’t sufficient to keep battery at full charge. Battery shut off at some point overnight. Relatively cold (20F) temps probably didn’t help with hood popped. Not sure if engaging the full 6amp charge would’ve prevented dying, but I wanted to err on side of lowest amperage overnight.
Put 6amp charge on the dead battery this morning and it turns out disc 2 did in fact finish updating overnight. After 3 hours of 6amp charge this morning, car cranked back up, I inserted disc 3, and it downloaded after 30 minutes with car running. I then turned it back off, reconnected a 6amp charge back to battery, and “background update” should finish in 5 hours or so. Hopefully a 6amp charge is going to keep the charge up. We’ll see. If not, I’ll recharge the battery overnight and this process will be done after 30 or so hours.
I’ve seen posts on the frustration with the price and process of the Honda Odyssey navigation update process, but never fully understood what an undertaking it is. I’ve posted this purely for informational purposes for anyone deciding whether it’s worth it. Time will tell, but I doubt I will ever purchase and install a nag update again for this Odyssey.
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2022.01.23 15:25 itscillian Thought it was a cool fit, opinions?

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2022.01.23 15:25 Idan677 Should I try guidance for guides as a beginner?

I just started the game like 3 weeks ago, playing relaxed, not everyday.
Should I try the event? I didn't even visited the areas the quest needs.
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2022.01.23 15:25 CatPuddles Can someone explain how the unvaccinated are selfish?

We know they don't prevent transmission - you're just as likely to catch covid from a vaccinated person as you are an unvaccinated person. So what exactly is the justifcation for calling these people selfish?
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2022.01.23 15:25 lochydjango r/RayHoltMemes Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.23 15:25 DOUBLEJ902 Help me find a Tool Video!

A few months ago my buddy and I had dropped some acid and we were watching some Tool videos and there was a video of two insects trying to communicate with each other but one seemed to be trapped in another dimension. I thought the song was stinkfist.. perhaps it was fan video... does anyone know what I'm talking about and can help me find it?
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2022.01.23 15:25 Ivana321 F40

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2022.01.23 15:25 Embarrassed_Ad5621 Would u suck her toes?

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2022.01.23 15:25 mostafa_tux کولاک مخوف ترین مرسدس بنز 2022 در جاده (ویدیو)

مرسدس بنز CLS63 مدل 2022 یک هیولای کوپه است که با هر بار فشار پا بر روی پدال گاز مو را بر تن سیخ می کند. این کوپه سفارشی به رنگ خاکستری کلاسیک عرضه ده است که در نوع خود یکتا و بی نظیر است. در این ویدیو تجربه رانندکی با این مرسدس بنز مخوف...
لینک دریافت خبرنامه ایمیلی:
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2022.01.23 15:25 ASICmachine When and why did the word ‘altcoin’ lose its relevance? (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2022.01.23 15:25 canttaketheshyfromme Way too early look at prospects: Alec Pierce

This is a reoccuring series where \u\smashrawr and other writers will talk about specific players in the draft process that the Browns community should know about. I've chosen to write up Cincinnati WR Alec Pierce. Be sure to check out smashrawr's writeup on Coastal Carolina TE Isaiah Likely here, it's good stuff!
Pierce is graduating as a true Senior so should still be inside the Browns' "age guardrails." Hailing from the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Pierce is the son of two Northwestern University athletes, and was a 3-star recruit and two-way player in HS who played in 11 games as a true freshman, primarily as a special teams standout, and also putting in work as linebacker on the scout team. As a sophomore he became a full-time WR with 13 starts on offense and led the team in receiving yards, and was named to the 2019 AAC All-Academic Team. Was injured for most of his junior year, limiting him to 6 games. As a senior he was Desmond Ridder's primary target, snagging 52 catches for 884 yards with 8 TDs.
Measurables: 6'3" and 213lbs, he's a big boy with length to match. Pierce also exploded in the weight room while at Cinci, setting a new school record for skill position players with a 675lb deadlift. Unofficial measurements since they're not at the combine, but he's listed by draft sites with a 4.45 40, and a 4.14 second shuttle. And if those numbers weren't enough to get your interest, he also graduated in 4 years with a 3.5 GPA, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Positives: Pierce looks faster than his 40 time in short bursts, he looks like he hits top speed by fourth third step, and he takes loooong strides. He exhibits NFL-grade body control, able to turn his body, jump and extend to make plays on high throws with little time to adjust. His route running looks good enough with solid cuts instead of lazy rounded routes, and can freeze corners up sometimes with his release. Primarily used his size to work outside but also used his speed to make plays from the slot. He's clearly both willing to block, and displays an understanding of technique, paying attention to leverage and hand technique to keep his assignment out of the play. And again, he's a special teams standout on coverage units. Probably also gonna see him as an NFL rookie coming off the edge to block field goals.
Negatives: His route tree is limited, he's far from a finished product, and you can definitely see why despite the obvious athletic talent and intelligence, he's projected in the late 2nd to the early 4th rounds. He doesn't do have a lot of success generating separation on his own against the best cornerbacks he's faced. He's also had drops he absolutely should have caught. He'll amaze you with his hands high-pointing an overthrown ball while falling backwards fully extended, and then a series later he'll drop a TD pass that hits him on both palms. Many more catches than drops, but it's a concern. I also want to see him play to the whistle a lot more. He'll take his first blocking assignment and be only just as physical as he needs to be, but on his film there are times when he'd be in position to lead block if his running back got loose, and just doesn't play to his size/strength or to the whistle, and thereby would blow an opportunity to help out if his running back needed it. Hopefully getting paid will fix that. You play to the whistle in the NFL, end of story, especially when you're blocking for Chunt, since they can turn nothing into a 50-yard run.
Film study: I wanted to see him against the best set of corners he faced in 2021, so let’s look at the game against Indiana, who have the best pair on Cinci's 2021 schedule (unfortunately we didn’t get to see him against Alabama's Josh Jobe in the Cotton Bowl due to Jobe’s season-ending foot surgery).
0:34 – Good effort on blocking for a screen that the QB sailed the ball high on, maintains his block after initial contact and drives his man outside.
0:55 - Sells his route and gets into a position to effectively block the safety, but then takes a bad angle and lets his man slip clean past him.
1:04 - With a stutter-step, he seems to hit top speed at about 8 yards out. That’s impressive acceleration.
1:19 – Not a pretty block, but at least he stays with it after the guard comes in to demolish the corner… a guard who should have noticed the Mike linebacker coming unblocked instead of fixating on a corner further downfield. That linebacker ends up making a fantastic play by shoving the pulling left guard back into his running back.
1:28 – Overthrown but if he’d adjusted sooner or extended more, he could have made the play.
3:33 – Not scouting, just an observation: Bearcats playcalling is getting sniffed out very badly in this game.
3:46 – Good catch at an awkward angle.
4:47 – Well he immediately gets solid inside leverage against the corner as soon as he hits his stride. I’m impressed by his acceleration.
5:36 – Finds a hole in coverage and makes the catch on a high ball. Nothing spectacular but at least he brings that ball down and secures it.
6:45 – Working out of the slot, he blows past the linebacker with a quick juke and secures a very high throw while while underneath the safety. Good body control getting turned around and making the jump while still in stride and securing the ball on the way down.
7:17 – You gotta make that catch, c’mon man! Hit him in the hands and didn’t hold it. That would have been the lead. You hate to see it, on 3rd down especially.
11:41 – 1v1 with junior CB Tiawan Mullen (early projections have him going in the 3rd round in 2023). Didn’t do much to create separation, not sure this would work in the NFL without putting the defender on the outside and having that leverage, but he uses his size and his length to get a ball that the defender can’t reach. Going frame-by-frame, that ball hits his hands a full foot out of reach of the cornerback.
13:01 – I’d like him to make that catch, having a hand on it. The top of the route goes messy, he probably ends up out of position rather than the throw being behind him, but it could also be chalked up to uncalled DPI. Taylor is grabby as hell on the play. More physicality was needed by Pierce, though, who has a size and strength advantage.
13:17 – Lines up as H-back and shows he definitely understands how to block, but again, more physicality would be nice to see.
13:31 – Worth pointing out he’s wide open in the end zone as the QB takes off and runs.
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