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Why is it that i look different in every reflection?

2022.01.23 05:37 hi123lol123 Why is it that i look different in every reflection?

I’ve noticed that i look different in every reflection of myself, for example my phone reflection, my phone camera, laptop camera, the mirror, the bathroom mirror etc. which reflection is accurate? (I find that i look best in mirrors and worst in my phone reflection and camera)
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2022.01.23 05:37 Ornery_Possession516 I have a question for anyone who sees this post.

What is the most insanely stupid thing that someone has told you?
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2022.01.23 05:37 Successful-Ebb-2000 Grupo

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2022.01.23 05:37 Lazy-You4250 What is some good dubstep to shock someone who has never heard about dubstep?

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2022.01.23 05:37 Piuma02 How to organize a tea party with your cat

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2022.01.23 05:37 assburgerwithnoonion Amicable breakup, what am I feeling what should I do?

So around half a year ago i broke up with my bf of 5 years. The relationship had fizzled out and i was relieved when we ended things. A weight off my shoulders. We decided to remain friends and have ever since. We catch up every now and then to see how the other person is doing, send each other memes etc. u know friend stuff. We did take abt a month of no contact because idk it felt like u should do that so i wanted to do it.
The other day he visited his friend who also lives in the same town as me. He came over to catch up and we walked my cat. However, this is when i just got so incredibly sad (?) and have to bite off the skin on the inside of my cheek to stop. I haven't been able to stop crying ever since. I'm also seeing someone rn and have been for a few months. I also cried after our break up and thought that was it. Sorry abt the ramble
I'm so conflicted. What should I do. I don't know why I'm feeling whatever it is I'm feeling i have no desire to get back together whatsoever. Seeing him and all the details about him, his hair, laugh all that shit, felt way too familiar and even tho they didn't make me go "omg i miss those things I want him back" it just completely fucking broke me down someone pls help i have to fucking get to work i can't be sobbing through my 9to5
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2022.01.23 05:37 Particular_Key9276 Removing specific amount of text within a cell

Hi, I am importing a data set with text. There are several rows of data where in the system adds the line "Equipment moved from XXX to YYY by movement ######" . This keeps repeating twice or thrice sometimes. The actual comments from the users are in between. I am not sure how to remove these generic movement comments. For example
"Equipment moved from XXX to YYY by movement 123456 I have checked the equipment and is having issues, will pass to Mark . Waiting for Mark still . Equipment moved from YYY to ZZZ by movement 456789 I received from Jake and will look at it next "
I am interested in only the highlighted part. I need to find the string which starts with "Equipment moved" and remove 50 characters after. This has to be done for all instances within the same cell.
I am playing around with contains string, Find, replace etc and not reaching anywhere. Any suggestions ?
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2022.01.23 05:37 changck007 Team CRO restake question.

Anyone mind shed some light on what happens when the 180 day stake finishes, the restake the value of the initial amount drop below the previous tier? Eg initial stake 5k worth of cro. When 180 day is up cro worth 4k at the time. Need to top up 1k more worth of cro to 5k to restake the same tier?
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2022.01.23 05:37 HSVtanker Every time I search for WORKER on Google and WorkerMod. Are they the same? I just wanted to check b4 I scam myself XD. Thanks

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2022.01.23 05:37 batfsdfgdgv Lol

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2022.01.23 05:37 _TravelerAether_ 'Shogun' Hunt Decree (Cosine)

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2022.01.23 05:37 NotKonrad Why is this guys name a different color?

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2022.01.23 05:37 Willing-Clock-8884 My thoughts on Naomi Aka HoneyBun From BGC Season 2 #Bluegirlsclub

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2022.01.23 05:37 johnnydoe1224 :) I was stuck on fractured wastes for months but tonight,

I finally spent about 4 hours and tripled my health, got a really good hollow seeker, an astronaut, an adrenaline leech, a respawn point, a death-blow-surviving parasite, and tons of damage and protection augments, and managed to get all 3 Hadal keys before the game fucking crashed goddamnitalltohellimgonnanahggahzbdhu
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2022.01.23 05:37 DJ-Mercy Stay safe out there, look left and right before taking your green light

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2022.01.23 05:37 LeFlame420 Would cellular Apple Watch series 7 from USA work in India?

I’m getting an Apple Watch cellular version from America to India. The apple website mentions different model versions for US and India. But the band support are mostly the same. Is anyone using a cellular Apple Watch from the US in India?
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2022.01.23 05:37 Davidenko94 I have no clue how to beat this level. Any tips?

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2022.01.23 05:37 AdSafe1377 Top lunch and dinner spots?

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2022.01.23 05:37 Legofilip tohle jsem našel při cestě domů, velice krásné #MITH

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2022.01.23 05:37 Ok_Consideration_142 i love my pc

i love my pc
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2022.01.23 05:37 Neupane_666 CMAT 2021 ko question paper kaile out hunxa? and if tapai sanga xa vane dinus,,, thank you.

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2022.01.23 05:37 imnointeresing what challenge do you find the hardest

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2022.01.23 05:37 Glittering-Soft-9070 Any ideas why the leaves are going black on this native frangipani?

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2022.01.23 05:37 paumAlho Intense duel I had yesterday. The heart of the cards is real.

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2022.01.23 05:37 Gunner3008 I’ve been so lonely since moving back to Melbourne at the end of 2020

I’ve been so lonely since the last lockdown.
Hello, I am seeking for some advise or wanting to make some friend with people in similar situation. I am m34, single, I working full time office hours with a second job couple times a week. I’ve always trying to be positive and living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and play sport on the weekend. I don’t smoke or drink occasionally. I was doing ok since the pandemic star until the last August, it really hit me hard, someday I came home from work staring at the teli without any idea to do, I don’t even bother to have a run or work out at home. This is not me, I know it’s wrong but I don’t know what to do about it. My family is oversea, I have a small group of friend but since they star having family we hardly met now. I think it’s understandable. I am looking for someone who in similar situation to go to the cafe, watching sport or have a pub meal together. I found it’s harder to talk to people these day. I am living in Glen Waverley. And I hope I would get more luck with the dating apps 😢 Anyone experienced the similar issue and want to share your opinion? Thanks
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