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2022.01.17 06:35 ThatGuyBertisha Callouts

Target: You just call at least 2 hours before your shift
Also Target: Doesn’t answer after over 10 tries
Welp. Can’t say I didn’t try. Oh well
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2022.01.17 06:35 doublebarrels Fime Group Molot Vepr RPK47-33 7.62x39mm Semi-Automatic 30 Round Rifle (UPC: 47337) - 5699.99

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2022.01.17 06:35 sabrina_marcante Will Ok Google be ever integrate into Chrome?

I was wondering, this could mean Linux could use finally a good vocal assistant too for example.
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2022.01.17 06:35 shinycoffee1234 im starting to think that religion is manipulative

The senior in my religious organization invited me to the upcoming worship session and said:
"Let's face this new year together for a better and happier life"
So he means i won't be happier and better if i don't join the worship session?
Damn why i ended up thinking this way.....
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2022.01.17 06:35 ashnachaudhry Eternals

If Thanos is a Deviant (according to the Comics), why didn't the Eternals and the Celestials stop him? Well, some people say that in the MCU, he's shown a Titan and not Eternal-Deviant. So that explains something. But then again, how can Eros, his brother, be an Eternal and Thanos a Titan?
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2022.01.17 06:35 iMajiid Based on your experience, what's the best Moroccan bank for online shopping/payment ?

Hello dears, Plz based on your experience, what's the best Moroccan bank for online shopping and payment in term of fees, quality of service, availability, .. ?
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2022.01.17 06:35 K1Xaviesta Toby: Being a GIRL FOLLOWER!

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2022.01.17 06:35 TrooperPlays28 Woody smp [CRACKED] (no whitelist) (landclaim) (good plugins) (24/7ish)

Woody smp is now a month old smp being run by experienced admins and owners running 1.18.1 with 1.16.5 support for low end pcs if you are interested join the discord https://discord.gg/vMmHzwgjqT now and do ( !ip ) command for the server ip address!
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2022.01.17 06:35 EntertainmentTight78 Κινητό στον στρατό

Λοιπόν , έφτασε η μεγάλη ώρα και για εμένα να υπηρετήσω τη μαμά πατρίδα . Μεγάλη απορία οστοσο έχω για το πώς θα βάλω το κινητό μέσα στο στρατόπεδο . Οπότε δεκτή κάθε συμβουλή και ιδέα για το πώς να το βάλω ( χωρίς φυσικά να το βρει κανείς ) .
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2022.01.17 06:35 Vufur How people think Playground Games will react when they see their incredible car wishlist.

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2022.01.17 06:35 flaxtravel_ Mahabat maqbara information

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary close to Ahmedabad and Wadhwana wetland in Vadodara are among the four wetlands of the country that have been remembered for the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, the Union government said on Saturday. With this, the quantity of Ramsar recorded wetlands in Gujarat goes up to three and the postings come long term after Nalsarovar had procured the tag in 2012.
"Four additional wetlands from India get acknowledgment from the Ramsar Secretariat as Ramsar destinations. These locales are Thol and Wadhwana from Gujarat and Sultanpur and Bhindawas from Haryana," a delivery from the Press Information Bureau (PIB) expressed on Saturday. "With this, the quantity of Ramsar locales in India are 46 and the surface region covered by these destinations is currently 1,083,322 hectares. While Haryana gets its first Ramsar destinations, Gujarat gets three additional after Nalsarovar which was pronounced in 2012," the delivery further expressed.
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2022.01.17 06:35 Man_of_culture_112 Emily Elizabeth

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2022.01.17 06:35 cutiepiedaily ;

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2022.01.17 06:35 Waity180 Best beginner coin?

Just turned 18 looking to get into crypto. Is bitcoin the best beginner coin or is there any better options?
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2022.01.17 06:35 JaneSmithIsFake So fearful and paranoid that I’ve stopped sleeping at night - what kind of therapy can address this?

Hello all. I am a very fearful person prone to panic attacks and insomnia due to paranoia. I.e. I am always concerned I will be harmed in a violent way or involved in the mass shooting of the week here in the States. This has been interrupting my sleep all my life but is coming to a head now, hence the 3:30AM post.
I know what trauma caused this when I was a child, but I’m now in my 30s and removing myself from too many places and events over fear. I avoid crowds, movie theaters, malls, going into grocery stores, etc. At home I won’t leave if it means coming back to an empty house, shower when home alone, and arrange everything in my house to feel safer (no big windows, certain doors, no furniture layout that puts my back to a window, transparent shower curtains, etc). I started using management tactics like these from a young age and create new ones for every new part of my life.
I have an autoimmune disorder that causes pain and sleeplessness, and staying up all night to hear every sound and allowing my mind to race with every scenario has resulted in me rarely being able to sleep during the night even when tired or when taking a sleep aid.
My husband is still working from home, so for the past 2 years I’ve largely stayed up on guard all night and sleep during the day when I know he is here to alert and/or protect me allowing my mind to relax. The closer we get to him returning to the office during the day the more I’m spiraling.
This has always been an “annoying habit” or “childish behavior” (according to family members) of mine but I’m painfully aware that it’s heading in the direction of agoraphobia. I left my career when I was dealing with the autoimmune issues, and I’m terrified to return to a campus when school and workplace violence is so common.
I need help. I am already on the max dose of Wellbutrin and have tried every common antidepressant before this. I know I need true medical intervention but I don’t know who can provide what I need. I’ve done talk therapy to no avail. I don’t even know what to Google to find the right therapist or doctor. Does anyone have advice or experience similar to this? Who can help me?
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2022.01.17 06:35 Miguel_Soares_ The Olympic Class

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2022.01.17 06:35 Arkenge Best < 5 hours solo games?

Hi all,
I know that most people are know enjoying super long game and I can completely understand why. However, father of 2 children, my gaming time has been lower to 30 min every 2 days. So, even i'ld love to play all the open world insane games, I'm more looking for short and super fun games that I can play as soon as I have about of free time. My main purpose is to find a game that I can finish in a couple of weeks and where I really feel progression after playing only for 20-30 min.
So what's you best < 5 hours solo game you would recommend?
I own a PS4, Switch, Xbox Series S and a good PC.
Thanks all!
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2022.01.17 06:35 Advanced_Ad2406 Is the 6 pack mini figure absolutely random? Or are there two versions

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2022.01.17 06:35 CoinBetter CIRUS Will be Listed on Coinbetter

CIRUS Will be Listed on Coinbetter Coinbetter will list CIRUS(Cirus Foundation). Details are as follows:
  • Trading: 10:00 Jan 17th, 2022 (UTC)
  • Trading pair: $CIRUS/USDT
Project introduction: The Cirus Foundation is a multi-layered ecosystem designed to accelerate the ownership economy by leveraging the latest advancements in hardware, software and a tokenized economy. Enabling individuals to enter this new era by owning, managing and monetizing their largest digital commodity, Data.
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2022.01.17 06:35 BorisSupreme Faith No More - We Care Alot (1987)

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2022.01.17 06:35 faddingfast Trisha Paytas lying to insider that her ex bought her the Chanel purse when it was actually Trisha herself who bought it in October 2020.

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2022.01.17 06:35 vvversch Hosting a PZ server for friends, PLDT Fibr

I'm currently trying to host a Project Zomboid server for myself and friends. Problem is, the ping is quite high and is unplayable beyond 2 people. I'm pretty sure that it's not the game or lag that is the problem (I can play PZ just fine, and I can play other online games with no lag).
Looking around the internet, it seems like portforwarding is the most direct solution for it. I just wanted to know if there are other alternatives or solutions since PLDT's customer service is a pain.
Any help or tips are very much appreciated.
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2022.01.17 06:35 I_love_the_piano A photo I found online

A photo I found online
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2022.01.17 06:35 Rumana67 LPIDAO

Don't miss this great opportunity. The project is going live, the team are very active, and is a reliable coin to buy in future time profit, hurry and be a part of the investors.
LPI #LPIDAO #CRYPTO #BINANCE #BEP20 https://LPI.finance https://t.me/LpiDaoOfficial https://t.me/LpiDaoNews
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2022.01.17 06:35 PlotCitizen Culturescope S1 Trailer

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