Easily get the command to connect through ssh

2022.01.23 15:16 masab69 Easily get the command to connect through ssh

Executing this one line gives you the command you need to write on the other machine to connect to your termux through ssh. After you run sshd, run this:
echo "ssh ""$(whoami)""@""$(sudo ifconfig wlan0 | grep netmask | awk '{print $2}')"" -p""$(nmap localhost | grep oa-system | cut -b 1,2,3,4)"
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2022.01.23 15:16 soggy3000 Love and trust

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2022.01.23 15:16 ColtraneStan Looking for exciting chaotic jazz

Yoooooo, when I have manic episodes I like to listen to Charles Mingus. Any other uptempo, exciting, and a little chaotic jazz tunes/artists y'all would recommend?
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2022.01.23 15:16 Agitated-Ad9775 On a misty day

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2022.01.23 15:16 Heeool Worms Duet, by me, ink, 2021

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2022.01.23 15:16 TKandChrisVietnam A MOASS ape walks into a bar....

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2022.01.23 15:16 gunter21 Cool intro screen easter egg!

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2022.01.23 15:16 Dr_Tic-Tac Artık Allah'a öbür dünyada yanmak için dua edebilir

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2022.01.23 15:16 unvrsdheart 24M [Friendships][Relationship] Discord friends who share similar interests :o

it's really hard to meet people these days who share interest with you. I've met a few amazing people on here though!
i have a job but i'm kind of behind on life for my age. I'm not in school yet BC of life stuff. I have a couple of hobbies. Like gaming or anime. There's alot of series I love with a passion like;

for anime
music genre / artist like
anyways i could ramble on about my interest for a while tbh. I'm in East coast and only really want friends from NA sorry
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2022.01.23 15:16 marknauru Follow my travel channel and I will follow back if you are into photography or travel

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2022.01.23 15:16 TranquiloOne Resigned without a job

This year has been a challenge, but for the past two years I've felt like teaching wasn't for me. So on Friday, I turned in my 30 days notice. My principal looked hurt, but truthfully, I'm doing the job a disservice by staying in when I no longer want to be there. I also was in school to be a counselor, but I'm also giving up on that and going to switch to getting my MBA Generalist degree.
I'm feeling mixed. The reason is that I don't have anything locked down quite yet, but have three interviews lined up this week and had two on Friday. I figured that I should have something locked down by March 1, even if I don't have enough to live until June 1 and I'll be freelancing to make up some of the funds that will be missing if I don't get a job.
My passion for teaching died and I'm feeling it. Is this normal to feel relieved AND sad about leaving the profession? I'm sad because I legitimately enjoyed interactions with my students, but hated how they acted toward actually working. I'm also relieved because I felt like a weight of stress has been lifted off my shoulders.
I'll keep the subreddit updated on what happens with the interviews.
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2022.01.23 15:16 realvalidsalid How do i play against bots in gun game? (quest 2)

i got onward yesterday, and I LOVE the gun game mode (I always played it in pavlov) but... joining matches in progress against multiple people way better than me is really annoying. If anyone can tell me how i can practice against AI, that would be really helpful. (if its not possible, list game modes you can play against bots in)
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2022.01.23 15:16 siter01 Hi people Check My Knives NFT


here is the collection if you have comment on them it will be great.
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2022.01.23 15:16 Unlovablefucker My life right now

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2022.01.23 15:16 EleanorRecord End Citizens United.org is a Third Way group

I've been getting calls from very aggressive "activists" trying to get me to donate to End Citizens United.org. They're very pushy and derogatory if they find you're a progressive. Anyone else get a call from them?
End Citizens United.org is a group that is basically raising money for Democrats running for Congress who claim they want to end Citizens United. There's no strategy, no grassroots, etc.
Most of the staff and board are made up of Third Way people, along with former DNC staffers and employees of various neoliberal corporate funded "astroturf" groups.
One of them formerly worked for NGP VAN, the group that tried to hack Bernie's fundraising donor list in 2016.
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2022.01.23 15:16 archiebold13 Hello everyone! im looking for help upgrading my 1.2ltr petrol polo 02’

Im looking on putting an air filter and/or exhaust on my first car.
Im looking for advice such as if i need to tell my insurance; tips on installation, the best parts and most efficient for my situation.
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2022.01.23 15:16 Infradd Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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2022.01.23 15:16 RipWilder Jealous weenies take each other’s beds.

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2022.01.23 15:16 EpicureanRd “The Sultan’s Palace” is the scene of one of the bloodiest murders in New Orleans history, and now it’s considered one of the most haunted houses in the city.

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2022.01.23 15:16 Lozmet How would you survive an all-nighter?

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2022.01.23 15:16 BigBreadBoii A good armor and weapon mod for lategame.

Hello fellow modders,
I am looking for a mod that adds really strong weapons and armor (like 300+ defense and damage) that are really hard to craft/obtain even late game. I would like it to have armors and weapons for different classes (like robes, light armor, heavy armor, daggers, swords, great swords, axes, hammers etc.). I really want the items to be balanced, like for each one needing to get very specific and hard to get materials (that you can only get late game) to craft them.
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2022.01.23 15:16 Bob_Tuba A Kid Responded to his Mom Literally

I used to work in childcare and have many siblings of my own. I'm sure everyone has heard these exchanges at least once between a kid and their parent.
"What do you say?"
"Please" or "Thank you"
Maybe with an enthusiastic elongation of the word or a reluctant and annoyed tone of voice
The other day I decided to open a door when an eager little boy no older than three banged on the glass under the push bar because he was too short to reach it. His mother was pushing an empty stroller behind them. After letting them both in I heard what I thought was the usual:
"Did you say thank you?"
"No," the boy replies in a matter-of-fact tone
And then the kid rushed off with his mother in tow
I waited until they were well away to lose myself laughing and I figured I would share.
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2022.01.23 15:16 Greedy_Reputation Help vampires are hard

I'm trying to do a duo vampire werewolf run but I camt get the vampire to eat anything how do I keep him fed
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2022.01.23 15:16 Sign-Sigma Drew Genderbent Mifuyu his name is Mitsuo.

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2022.01.23 15:16 LetAsleep619 Which one would you Fuck, Marry, Kill: Disney, CN, Nick all at there peaks?

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