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[XBOX] [H] Playmaker Black Sub-Zero + More [W] Trades

2022.01.23 15:14 RavenWithaJ [XBOX] [H] Playmaker Black Sub-Zero + More [W] Trades

Looking for some item trades, not just credits. I’m reasonable. Here is a list of what I’m after, but open to other items that fit these setups:

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2022.01.23 15:14 Humpr04 WTS Scorpion EVO stock $125.00 shipped TIMED Dated 1/23/2022

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2022.01.23 15:14 Lillelapsik Friendly swamp monster

Friendly swamp monster submitted by Lillelapsik to Amigurumi [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 15:14 Sure-Juggernaut4781 NEXT EMAX SERIE A MATCH

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2022.01.23 15:14 Character_Ad1443 Check out my NFT collection made by My own Hands 🙌

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2022.01.23 15:14 ZachLemur Enemy damages

Does anyone else feel like too many of the enemies in this game have extra damage effects? I’m pretty sure only 2 types of enemies don’t make you bleed/burn/get poisoned every hit
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2022.01.23 15:14 Yoinked905 Is playing on Drizzle with command frowned upon for skill/achievement unlocking?

Im just curious. 99 percent of the time I play on drizzle with command for the challenges since it just makes it faster. It seems to just take longer and not really be "harder" on Rainstorm. What do you all think? I dont use it for mastery though, I take that as a true skill test and play without command or any artifacts, but what do yall think?
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2022.01.23 15:14 paxinfernum Has anyone else had a problem with the DHCP server crashing on Verizon Home LTE with NCQ-1338?

I didn't have any problems the first few weeks I had the thing.
However recently, it's stopped working after around 3-5 hours. At first, I thought it wasn't getting a signal, but whenever, I logged in through the router admin page, I could see it was still connected, and the light was solid white. The problem was that any device that connected to the router would say there was no internet connection, despite all evidence to the contrary.
So I read something online that made me think of checking the DHCP lease, and sure enough, the DHCP server is not responding after a few hours. All DHCP requests timeout.
Right now, I just have to turn the router off and on every time it happens, and it happens infrequently enough that I can still do my work. But I'm curious if this is something others are experiencing or if there's a way to fix it. There's no way to reset the router from the admin page, and there are no controls to turn the DHCP server back on. So I don't see anything I can do. I hate to contact technical support because that's usually an hour affair.
Any advice?
Router Software 214322
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2022.01.23 15:14 MrCasterSugar Just a few of my snaps. This game truly is beautiful.

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2022.01.23 15:14 robhoey I followed Jen Psaki's advice and now I'm screwed

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2022.01.23 15:14 Netanel_Pingas Where is that sample from?

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2022.01.23 15:14 RuinedNinja3907 Remove reflex guard

Assassins are the only class of characters that have a disadvantage because of their class. Literally dumb why is it in the game I'm pretty sure you can hold up a katana for more then half a sec mf drink some milk
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2022.01.23 15:14 stuc1997 17 Chain Method

Did they patch the 17 method? I’ve had great luck using this method over the last month or so. On average I encounter a shiny after about an hour of resetting the radar. However these last few days I’ve gone though hundreds of repels and hours of no shiny encounters while trying this method. Not sure if I’ve just been really unlucky or maybe they changed the odds?
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2022.01.23 15:14 pagingDeath911 i found my tribe! home of the strange dark and mysterious 😎

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2022.01.23 15:14 hyperh4 Raven

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2022.01.23 15:14 LiquidLar Trazodone makes me feel terrible the next day

I have been taking trazodone every day for like 26 days now, I have actually been getting sleep now last night I got around 6-7 hours but I feel like shit every day. I'm just wondering if its the trazodone... I feel this weird heavy headed fatigue and brain fog. It just feels like shit and I'm wondering if it could be the trazodone.
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2022.01.23 15:14 HabitCustoms I can get this for $137 on sale. Is it worth it?

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2022.01.23 15:14 starlytical Trading Royale Rebel set for 170 robux

Only trading through roblox premium trading cause that's the only way I know, lol.
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2022.01.23 15:14 OldKingColb [Spoilers Morning Star] My one complaint and proposed changes: Darrow and Mustang

I just finished the original trilogy and absolutely loved it. If you see this Pierce, you killed it. The battles, politics, and character arcs were incredible. I particularly loved Darrow’s relationship with Eo through the books and how it continued to mature without diminishing. Which brings me to my one and only major complaint with this series: Darrow and Mustang’s relationship.

Book 1 (Read Rising):
All is good, nothing to see here.

Book 2 (Golden Son):
It starts in the second book with her relationship with Cassius. Mustang says she never loved Cassius, she manipulated him, and she only did it to protect her family. She’d already joined the Sovereign to protect her family, and the relationship with Cassius was just the cherry on top of a family-protecting-split. But none of it did anything! The sovereign ended up betraying her; which she couldn’t have predicted. But when the relationship does nothing either, it makes her look naïve. She put forth all this effort, going so far as to marry someone she cares little for, only to have it do nothing. She’s supposed to be brilliant! How can her plans fail so miserably when she clearly has done everything she can think of for them to succeed? If the Bellona’s desire to take down her family was so forgone she should have been able to see it. It makes her excuse that it was to protect her family seem weak.
Beyond this, she has feelings for Darrow. Now Darrow left her and her trying to move on is totally acceptable, but she went to Cassius?! CASSIUS!?!?! This guy has both tried and very nearly succeeded in killing Darrow, and is still sworn to kill him! Of anyone she could pick, it’s him? Mustang is one of the most intelligent people in the Solar System, particularly socially. This makes it look like a jab at Darrow. Even if it wasn’t, she would have to be fully aware that it would certainly look like one. She and Darrow break up and she joins the person who most wants to kill Darrow? This seems like a huge announcement of “ya I don’t give a care about Darrow.”
But let’s assume the Cassius relationship truly was just to protect her family and she believed she was completely done with Darrow until the moment she saw him again, this still leaves my biggest complaint. It draws away from the real relationship plot between Darrow and Mustang: Mustang knows about Eo! She knows Darrow is hiding something, and their relationship is hindered by Darrow’s inability to open up to Mustang. The Cassius Mustang relationship just detracts from this much more interesting drama. It felt like it was thrown in to cause more drama, like some low caliber TV series where they have random relationships anytime things are getting stale just to re-amp the drama. Mustang knowing Darrow was keeping something hidden was sufficient and much more interesting tension in the relationship.
I have my complaints, so let me offer a solution: When Darrow leaves, Mustang tries to move on. She starts several relationships but is never truly committed or involved and always ends them before they ever really get all that serious. She has various reasons why, but either subconsciously or consciously denies to herself the real reason: Darrow. Not because she is madly in love with Darrow, but because something is different about him from all the other golds. Something she doesn’t understand or can’t quite put her finger on. When she sees him at the gala, she isn’t able to deny it any further, just like originally happened. Why is this better? It highlights that the thing that draws Mustang to Darrow is the same thing causing Darrow to push her away and ultimately causes her to leave him. It shows that Darrow being a red is what allows him to think in a way that matches her unorthodox beliefs.
This change also forces the next scene where they speak together in the cafeteria to change. Darrow is still a little jealous of any other relationship she had, even if they never went anywhere. Those relationships can still be brought up and he can still have his response of she was free to make her own choices. But here she can tell him that when she saw him she realized that what draws her to him is that something is different about him. She can start trying to dig deeper into what he is hiding. This is then the moment that Darrow realizes he can’t let her in. Not just because her finding out he is a red will drive her away, but also because if he allows her to fall in love with him then he knows he is going to hurt her, which he is unwilling to do. This leads perfectly to the later scenes where she is trying to get in and he won’t let her. It ultimately builds more into the relationship, rather than the random “Cassius relationship followed by a bunch of excuses and Darrow saying he’d never admit to her how much it hurt him and then never hearing anything more about it other than Cassius still being into Mustang and Mustang being cruelly cold towards him.”
All other scenes after this are very good. I did wonder why she stopped hitting him with the practice sword, it did seem like an effective way of getting him to open up. Also, I might consider the last thing Darrow saying to Mustang in Lycos before she left to be, “Please stay.” That would have connected back to when the two were in his room in the Pax and she was telling him to ask her to stay but he couldn’t. And now that he could, the very thing she was trying so hard to get him to open up about was the thing that kept her from staying.

Book 3 (Morning Star):
Really, for all I said the second book did a decent job with the two of them… which brings us to the third book. After they reunite and are heading to the poles of Mars to free the obsidians, I was waiting for some sort of discussion between them. The last two times Darrow had seen her, she was very near killing him (one on Lycos with a gun to his head and the other in Quicksilver’s meeting room with the sword fight). When he’d finally opened up to her in the last book she abandoned him (understandably, she needed time to process and think). Then he unfortunately was kidnapped, tortured for a year, and presumed dead by her. Ya, they have a lot to talk about. Now he’s back and… not really anything is discussed.
On the moon Phobos when she convinces him to let her join him, they have the conversation they need to have for that moment. They are in a bit of a hurry to escape. The conversation’s short; just enough to convince him to let her come. Also, It’s fine that for most of the time in the poles that the conversation doesn’t happen either, they were constantly trying to survive and never really had a chance to have a deep talk. This gives Mustang some time to truly show she is committed to helping Darrow. But it remains that a lot has happened since they really had a heart to heart, everyone else who is close to Darrow is telling him it’s a bad idea for him to be with her, she has admitted to being able to manipulate others easily, and he knows there is something she is keeping from him. Something more is needed between the two of them. It should lead to the opposite situation of the last book, Darrow is trying to get her to let him in and her knowing she can’t do it yet.
I was certain they were going to have a talk after they freed the obsidians, but nothing ever came. Nothing really came for the rest of the book. The most we really got was some touches and “don’t die’s.” There is no relationship building. No relationship tension. The relationship just is. Darrow is loyal to her no matter what, and she is always loyal back. Then suddenly we find out they have a child and it is a happy little twist to the end of the trilogy, but it felt undeserved after a whole book of no progression in their relationship.

Perhaps I’ve missed details. Perhaps my alternatives aren’t better than the original story. I’d be interested in hearing what people think. If you’ve made it to here, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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2022.01.23 15:14 whiskey_lover7 What's your top 3 in each category? Bourbon, Scotch, Japanese Whiskey, Rye, normal whiskey, flavored whiskey?

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2022.01.23 15:14 Substantial-Title-59 I just turned on my pc I don't know what is happening I don't rember doing anything any one know how to help me with this ( I use macbook pro 2017)

I just turned on my pc I don't know what is happening I don't rember doing anything any one know how to help me with this ( I use macbook pro 2017) submitted by Substantial-Title-59 to bootcamp [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 15:14 Minato2Namikaze Anyone want to trade a victory brief for a champions brief?

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2022.01.23 15:14 Smooreszz_ [IOS] [2011??] It was an high school simulator type of game that took place, a week or two before prom and you have to find a date.

Okay so this has been driving me crazy for while, and I swear this game existed but I can't find anything on it?? It was an game that took place in a high school and prom is coming up, parts I remember that you could be shoved inside a locker by jocks or somthing cause I think the character you play is lonenerd.
It gives you the option on choosing yourself and love interest I believe
Things in the game are based on choices you make and things you say.
But the part really remember is a scene during the party were your in a dark room with your love interest and theirs some weird diliougle were you end up telling your crush you have night vision and x ray?? And too prove it one of the option you can say is that their wearing pink underwear with hearts on it(prolly wasn't that but I'm prtty sure their were at least hearts on it)
And if you pick that option they act surprised and say Howd you know??
Sorry for the formatting this phone I'm using sucks.
Please help for the past couple years I think about this game, go searching for it and find nothing but the high school game.
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2022.01.23 15:14 Severincreate working on my current project: Notion Starter Pack the advance sale will start soon

working on my current project: Notion Starter Pack the advance sale will start soon
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2022.01.23 15:14 Airbee Dependant injured in sports

My wife got accidently injured during a wrestling class and ended up with a bad fracture. She went to ER, got treatment and surgery and is good now a month later. We just received notice from Tricare about asking her what happened and who could be liable. We don't want our friends nor school to be liable for this injury considering it was a complete accident. Has anyone gone through this or seen it before? What happens next?
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