Craft today's banned cards before the update if you don't already have them

2022.01.27 08:07 lonefirepossum Craft today's banned cards before the update if you don't already have them

I've seen this mentioned in a few threads and didn't realise it myself, so just wanted to highlight it for people in the same boat.
If you don't have four copies of Alrund's Epiphany and Faceless Haven, and you have the wildcards for them, craft them before the update today. You'll get your wildcards back, and then you'll still have those cards available for Alchemy/Historic.
You can also craft one copy of Memory Lapse as it will still be legal in Historic Brawl.
Thanks to the folks who pointed this out.
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2022.01.27 08:07 heinishein Dragon Knight Shard based on Anime.

Right now his shard is meh in terms of concept.
It would be amazing to see his shard unlocking the were-dragon form in the anime with bonus stats (hp regen or damage) and an additional skill (a dash or temporary flight). That is all.
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2022.01.27 08:07 chrisb1978 Kunst und Klischee: Podcast mit tiefen Gesprächen über Kultur in Österreich

Kunst und Klischee: Podcast mit tiefen Gesprächen über Kultur in Österreich Eine gute Freundin und ich produzieren seit Anfang der Pandemie einen Podcast, der mittlerweile alle zwei Wochen rauskommt: Kunst und Klischee. Wir führen tiefe Gespräche mit Menschen aus Kunst und Kultur, egal welche Branche: Literatur, Theater, Film, Bildende Kunst, etc.
Wir möchten hinter die Kulissen blicken, so dass jeder die Komplexitäten der Kulturbranche nachvollziehen kann. #mehrsichtbarkeitfürkunstundkultur quasi.
Wir reden über Werdegang, Antrieb, Zweifel -- und erleben dabei im Studio immer wieder unglaubliche Öffnungen unserer Gäste: die notwendigen Betablocker in Orchestern; die fehlenden Frauenrollen für Schauspielerinnen ab vierzig, oder "einfach" der persönliche Umgang mit schweren Krankheiten.
Unsere Gäste sind häufig bekannt: wir haben mit Marlene Streeruwitz gesprochen, Marco Pogo oder Rudolf Scholten, aber auch mit noch unbekannteren Menschen wie Sara Ostertag (eine der wichtigsten Theaterregisseurinnen, aber es braucht eben bis das in der Gesellschaft ankommt), Annamaria Kowalsky (eine der ws wichtigsten Jungkomponistinnen hier) -- oder Menschen wie Stefan Redelsteiner, die das Land geprägt haben, aber eigtl unbekannt sind (er hat ua Wanda, Nino aus Wien, Stefanie Sargnagel "entdeckt"), die großartige Katharina Mader, etc etc.
Anyway: ich wollte hier endlich auch mal davon posten. Ihr findet uns auf allen gängigen Plattformen, ich verlinke mal die größeren:
Wir sind zudem auf Instagram (, Twitter ( und Facebook (

Ich weiß nicht ob es hier angebracht ist, aber ich möchte auch sagen dass solche Produktionen wirklich viel Aufmerksamkeit und Energie benötigen. Sie sind daher nur möglich weil irgendwie Geld hereinkommt; in unserem Fall gab es wirklich unglaubliche Förderungen, ua durch die uns heute unterstützende Produktionsfirma (Audiamo+) und auch mehrere Förderungen aus öffentlicher Hand (ua Stadt Wien Kultur und Land Niederösterreich).
Katharina C. Herzog und Christian Bazant-Hegemark (Foto (c) Jana Madzigon, für einen Presse-Artikel zu unserem Projekt)
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2022.01.27 08:07 highbull1512 Amyra Dastoor

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2022.01.27 08:07 Spiritual-Recover427 Might sound weird. How do you overcome feeling constantly sad?

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2022.01.27 08:07 PlentyNothings ❄️🧣 Like dusk where it is at it’s palest, least colored || 20% off: “9GAGYESSTYLE” or “DRDRAY” or “VDAY22” + rewards code “JAZA4793” ❄️🧣

Link to the offer (Click here)

and there ya have it, jouir de, valid till feb 28!
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2022.01.27 08:07 peter_mx5 3874 7566 9663 pls add me

3874 7566 9663 pls add me
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2022.01.27 08:07 TasumiThierl Elbaf Predictions: Marco and Kuzan join Shanks, Kid and BB alliance attacks them

Most people focus on Loki and Ussop. I have no idea what they will do. Whatever it is, I am sure the other events will overshadow it. Elbaf is Shanks' base, he probably is governing it well. No need to safe anyone.
One thing that guids me in my speculation is the believe that Elbaf will be to Sabaody what Dressrosa was to Alabasta.
Sabody started with the capture of Camie. Elbaf will start with the Strawhats learning about the capture of Bartolomeo. Luffy will expect a friendly welcome, but instead be confronted with a member of his Grandfleet in cuffs. Redhair Pirates will act very serious at first. Of course everything will be worked out. More pressing matters will be discussed.
Elbaf is one of the last islands. Only Hachinosu and Lodestar Island come after it. So the Blackbeard HQ is near. In Sabaody, the navy HQ was near. They coudn't use the normal way through the Redline, because of it. They had to go down to Fish-Man Island. This idea will be used again. Shanks likes to tell people that BB is dangerous. He will tell the Strawhats to not sail to Beehive. BB is up to no good. There is another route.
The Adam Tree will be on Elbaf. Sabaody was a mangrove forest. The tall tree theme is repeated. The Redhair Pirates will tell the Strawhats to go to the Moon and then down again. Benn Beckman is a genius for a reason. Some invention by his and the Adam Tree will be used to reach "Fairy Vearth". There are multiple hints for it: Beckman was described as "Moon" (and Shanks as Sun) by Oda, and Elbaf backwords is "Fable" (so the literary genre that contains fairies). Enel demonstrated that you can go there. The Coverstory had a purpose. The Strawhats will go there someday. Urouge is from Birka and probably wants to find Enel. He might already be working for Shanks.
But these plans will have to be postponed, like the plans to go to the New World were, back in Sabaody. For two reasons. The Strawhats will learn what happened at the Revery and Blackbeard will attack Elbaf. Last time an Admiral from the near HQ came. This time the Admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates will come to Elbaf.
He will not be alone. Attacking Shanks and the man who just defeated Kaido, is tough. He will have two allies with him: Kuzan (as we know already) and Kid. Kid lost his arm to Shanks. He wouldn't become a subordinate to BB, but an certainly an ally. He allied with Law and Luffy, why not with another member of the Worst Generation?
Kuzan will betray Blackbeard. When Shanks went to the Gorosei, he told them about the danger that BB poses. They might have reached out to Kuzan. We all know that the former Admiral waits for his chance to backstab BB. He will change sides when they are on Elbaf.
Shanks will tell the Strawhats to save Sabo or whatever they want to do. He and Kuzan will take care of BB Pirates and Kid. Kid will fight Kuzan. Luffy will have to fight Akainu in Marineford 2.0. When Luffy fought Kaido, Kid fought Big Mom. It is fitting for him to fight Kuzan when Luffy fights Akainu. That way he can stay Luffy's rival. Also both have lost extremities and compensated with their DF abilites. Ice leg Kuzan vs metal arm Kid. This time he will win wihtout Law's help. Perhaps Killer fights Urouge. They almost fought in Sabaody.
Marco will have joined Shanks. He has no crew anymore and no big mission in life. Shanks asked him once to join. He will fight Lafitte. Both have wings. People think Lafitte is weak. He is not. People think he fights with his cane, he does not (see Marineford). He is strong, kicks and can fly. Marco is strong, kicks and can fly.
Lime Juice will fight Katarine Devon. Lucky Roux will fight Vasco Shot (heavy eater vs heavy drinker).
Don't know about every match up yet.
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2022.01.27 08:07 MezoAnas Overcome fear of failure by wowallinone

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2022.01.27 08:07 beingnull Guess, who is coming to global?

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2022.01.27 08:07 fortheluvofmary how do you know if you’re genuinely content with your life?

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2022.01.27 08:07 natalieswiss0131 How has Fambase helped you.

Hey hotties♡ So, instead of us all (including me) being down about how slow it is right now, let's talk about all the positive ways, Fambase has helped us! Its so easy to wonder when it's going to pick back up or wonder why you aren't getting more viewers and it's easy to overlook the positives. Fambase has brought you.I feel like talking about the positives will help us keep hold of the reason we started doing this in the first place and maybe this can help motivate us to get back on track and get ourselves/and our group ready for when things pick back up so Fambase hasn't fully helped me financially just yet. I've made a small amount of money to help me when I needed it but not enough to quit my full time job lol but doing Fambase has DEFINITELY helped with my overall confidence. I started posting faceless and then I said fuck it and started showing my face and being able to personally see how beautiful I am in the pictures after I'm done shooting has been so refreshing for me. I feel like I've also become a bit more comfortable with my sex life/being sexual as well because I became a bit closed off to sex over the past few years and now I'm embracing it! It feels good, I wish everyone the best of luck with gaining and keeping viewers.
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2022.01.27 08:07 ultradaguri test

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2022.01.27 08:07 Minty-TW Illegal fly hacking in champ

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2022.01.27 08:07 MutedKiwi Why climate change is inherently racist

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2022.01.27 08:07 5chm1dt1 Warum ich die deutsche Gedenktags-Performance nicht ernst nehmen kann - Gastbeitrag von Hanna Veiler

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2022.01.27 08:07 Frozen_Satsuma When a cat pic comes across your newsfeed and looks uncannily familiar….

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2022.01.27 08:07 greenisnotcreative3 How my week is going so far 😀👍

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2022.01.27 08:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to market meth to moms on Facebook
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2022.01.27 08:07 aarongonzales95 What's your favorite Gilmour and/or Waters solo album and why?

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2022.01.27 08:07 sadgurl13 Chronic hives since age 14. Possible hoshimotos connection?

Hi all! I’m a 24y F who was diagnosed with hoshimotos disease at the age of 13. Shortly after this diagnosis, at around age 14, I started getting chronic hives (full body hives, every single day since the day it started). They were so bad, that during the first year I even ended up in the ER due to an episode that caused extreme swelling of my face, throat, and tongue. I had to skip school for like 3 weeks while we first tried to get it under control. I went to an allergist (not allergic to anything) and even tried going gluten free (didn’t work) and was basically told that they were “stress” induced. While I do suffer from anxiety, I have a hard time believing this is the only cause.
My mom and I discovered that if I take a Zyrtec every day, I can usually keep the hives away… so, that’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years. To this day, if I forget to take my Zyrtec, I will get full body hives within a few hours of waking up (I take my pills at night).
I’ve looked into the possible correlation between my hoshimotos and chronic hives before and found some things that suggested it could be related, but every time I try to bring it up to an endo they look at me like I’m stupid so I just sort of drop it.
Just wondering if there’s anyone out there who might have a similar experience or any suggestions on what to do next—whether it be hoshimotos related or not.
Even though my breakouts are controlled, it’s honestly exhausting not knowing. I haven’t seen an allergist since my hives started, I’m wondering if that’s something I should try to reexplore? Or is there really no answer?
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2022.01.27 08:07 01reina01 this pandemic is stealing my youth - post teen pop

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2022.01.27 08:07 maybedisneyvacation [MDV] How to get 5000 bits on Twitch
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2022.01.27 08:07 StudyBuddySG Sharing with you Study Tip #4 Evolving Study Methods

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2022.01.27 08:07 nonamekekw Baustöh

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