Just rendered this out for the CC!

2022.01.27 07:37 ADBkiller Just rendered this out for the CC!

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2022.01.27 07:37 dw33znuts [QUESTION] how to sound good

So I've learned (and internalized to some degree) all the notes on the fretboard and I know a bunch of different scales to the point where I can teach myself how to play nursery rhymes without Google (they all seem to be in the aeolian scale) , but I really struggle coming up with new good sounding licks, is there any resource one can use to learn the type of music theory that explains what sounds go well together? Or is this purely an experience thing?
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2022.01.27 07:37 Zestyclose_Spread988 Sub 200k olmuş, hayırlı olsun

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2022.01.27 07:37 DevTomar2005 French is not a romantic language.

I am not a westerner, but I have heard many times from westerners saying that french sounds romantic, it doesn't. It sounds kinda intresting but that's all.
It can sound romantic in some situations, but I think a language like Spanish sounds more romantic more times.
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2022.01.27 07:37 IzzetQueen Please don’t work for Torrid

They don’t pay you nearly enough to deal with the drama within their stores. Management is horrible, spreading lies and rumors all throughout the store, acting friendly just to tear you down. It’s not worth the strain on your mental health.
I have been abused by management at two separate stores in two separate districts, and nothing gets better, and nothing changes.
Quality has taken a turn for the worse while prices keep going up, and I for one, think it’s time to leave Torrid in the past.
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2022.01.27 07:37 HarleyDavidsson Nighty night, says the Shibes ❤️

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2022.01.27 07:37 BlaineNicolai02 In “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, when Isabela is quoting Bruno, why does he say “hey sis, I want not a sound out of you.” when Isabela is not his sister? Or did I understand the lyric wrong?

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2022.01.27 07:37 Key_Database155 How many people criticizing Rogan have actually listened to his podcast?

Cause honestly 99% of the people “fighting” against it have no idea what is actually said on the show or even how his format works.
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2022.01.27 07:37 xrtrger8rhe158rg48 [自由研究]のーもらとLLLの違いって何ですか?

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2022.01.27 07:37 __emperor_lelouch Velocity of sound in different media

In the school textbooks they say that velocity of sound in solids is more than what it is in air the reason being the molecules are closer but then why is the velocity of sound inversely proportional to density of gas in air ? I think if density will Increase then the molecules will be closer right ?
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2022.01.27 07:37 Bad_Guy333 What do you think is the best footballling nation ever ?

This question can also mean Which country produced the best talents . For me , its among Brazil, Italy or the Netherlands.
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2022.01.27 07:37 Silberruecken196 Collecting for 8 months now and it has been so much fun.

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2022.01.27 07:37 esocausa Pixellisation without anti-aliasing ?

Is there a way to activate the pixel mode without anti-aliasing ? Is it a brush parameter ? or a fx to add like in Illustrator ?
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2022.01.27 07:37 Fun-Repeat-91 How do I get more comfortable with guys?

I feel like I'm extremely unattractive and boring and not able to relate to guys, so I feel like guys wouldn't have interest in me as a friend, let alone romantically.
I also went to school with many boys who were extremely judgmental about women's looks (both positively and negatively).
I feel nervous and awkward with guys even in professional settings and interviews, and it's seriously affecting my life.
I have 2 male friends, and they've worked to earn my trust over years. Even then, I feel like one doesn't like me that much.
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2022.01.27 07:37 Bilosu Cheapest Spotify, Tidal, Youtube TV, Youtube Premium, Netflix, Adobe CC, Peacock , Deezer, Grammarly, VPN, SCRIBD & A LOT MORE STREAMING/EDUCATIONAL/MUSIC UPGRADES. !!2 YEARS WARRANTY !!

Hi all! I am waiting for you in my small community of discord so that you can be satisfied with the services I can offer you! I can guarantee you that my prices are much more attractive than those of the market, if you don't think enter the link in May to access my discordant server and convince yourself! All you have to do to convince yourself is create a ticket and tell me how I can help you and I will do it with the greatest pleasure!

  1. My server link discord: https://discord.gg/3TBzh3kjp7
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2022.01.27 07:37 Cold_Island8462 The Donut Nfts Giveway

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2022.01.27 07:37 jonn_123 Looking amazing

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2022.01.27 07:37 StarsKing How likely am I to get off the waitlist for Math 1B & Econ 2

I'm 3rd on the waitlist for Math 1B and 11th for Econ 2.
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2022.01.27 07:37 ykthebirdguy theres consistent lightning on the bay its sick as fuck. the sky is just lighting up every second

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2022.01.27 07:37 HayesGod8 If god is all ways watching Isn’t he a pervert

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2022.01.27 07:37 SendMePics0fYourTits If you hate potatoes, that's fine

I'll come to your house at 3 AM
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2022.01.27 07:37 julietides Yesterday marks a year since I started my journey

Disclaimer: progress pic linkes at the botton. The “before” photo is earlier than January 2021, so I may very well have looked heavier when starting.
I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was a hefty baby, a chubby toddler, a fat kid and a miserable teen who faced their fair share of bullying. During my twenties, I managed to somewhat come to terms with “this is how I am” and maintain a reasonable weight between the higher-end healthy and overweight BMI categories. I did believe a lot of it was genetics and was aware my sedentary lifestyle wasn't helping, but despised exercise (thank you, high school gym teacher for making me hate my body for years on end). I was (and am) an avid reader, video game player and piano performing, as well as trying to go into an academic career, so I was sitting on my behind most of the time. My diet wasn't unhealthy, per se, except for the occasional treat, but my portions were disproportionately big for my height and sex (I could eat the same as my younger, physically active brother without batting an eye).
Things got worse when I started my PhD. I went through two traumatic break-ups in the space of three or so years (I know, I should have taken more time to heal, but I was 25-ish and stupid), then spent a whole year sinking myself into writing my thesis (which I defended successfully in September 2019, so hurray for that, at least!) and half-heartedly trying to get into the gym. But we all know you need to be in a somewhat good headspace to form nice exercise habits, which sucks, as it does help combat depressive streaks.
Anyways, I was finished with my PhD, looking for a job, promising myself that NOW that I'm done, I'll get active and diet. Yeah, right. I found no job and was soon after locked in for three months. Wonder why. Huh. The pandemic did a number on me, mentally and physically. I blew up right into the obese category and felt worse than ever. This is why I posted an October photo with a January date for my “before”. It's my last full-body photo before I started losing weight and I'm hiding behind a sign - as much as I liked to compete with Cleopatra being the queen of denial, I knew in my heart of hearts that I hated how I looked and I had failed my health. I was 27 and getting short of breath walking up a flight of stairs.
In the meantime, I found this lovely community, read about CICO and, being into science a lot (even though I'm a humble humanities PhD), I began thinking that approach should work. In theory. Someday. On Monday. Didn't say which Monday, did I? Then I got my first university job and had to undergo a health check on January 26st 2021. I was told my analyses were fine and I was healthy, but just because I was young and lucky. I was obese, and it would become a problem. And you know what? Something clicked inside of me. I spent the day crying, upset because I had been told my weight after not checking it for years (!) And the next day I downloaded Myfitnesspal.
At first, I concentrated on my calorie goal exclusively. I knew I'd tap out quickly if I tried to change everything at once. And I knew I could NOT allow myself to give up. I owed it to myself, my unwritten poems and academic articles, my little nieces and nephews who adore me, my parents who don't want me sick, and my younger brother who would become my best gym bro a bit later. I owed it to my wonderful partner that had fallen in love with me while I was at my heaviest and helped so much in making me understand my value (independently of my weight and shape) and that I was worth being in a healthy body. MFP gave me 1200 calories (I know it's little, but I am a short girl and was obese, so that is what I did), I got a food scale, I began eating more filling, high-volume meals without noticing. Soon enough it felt like a game. I noticed the macros and started toggling with them. And then I went back to the gym once COVID let up a bit. I asked little bro for advice, started with twice a week. The weight melted off.
That summer, my brother and I were at my parents' and we started really hitting the gym together, he taught me proper form and I got into lifting big time. I learnt how to incorporate cardio. At some point I realised I could run, and it felt like flying! I continued my healthy diet and exercise through a move abroad, survived the holidays without regaining, already in maintenance, and here I am todat. My weight fluctuates between 52-54 kg (so 115-120 lbs?), and it's my lowest adult weight and the best shape of my life.
Some people told me I'd hate my boobs, loose skin and start nitpicking my body more, but... It hasn't happened too much. I did take a bit to accept my new chest, but the gym is improving it a lot, and I got genetically lucky enough not to have (noticeable, at least by me?) lose skin. And I love my body. I know this might be childish, but I'd always wanted to be slim and fit. I feel graceful and light and healthy. I love it. My biggest insecurity is gone. And I have a lot to thank this community for.
Wish you all luck and joy at every step of your journey. You're worth it and you'll make it.
Love ♥
My final progress pic
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2022.01.27 07:37 beaninspirer Thought For The Day

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2022.01.27 07:37 Vapidmusings Independent Mantovani Orchestra - "Percussion On Parade"

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2022.01.27 07:37 Relative_Shape7828 Love it when it hits the back of my ex's throat.

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