2022.01.18 12:46 Unique_District_9381 Hmmmmmmmmmm

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2022.01.18 12:46 MoienTajik ASP.NET Core Developer Roadmap in 2022 🚀

ASP.NET Core Developer Roadmap in 2021 🚀
Github repository:

Printable Version
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2022.01.18 12:46 Beneficial_Cress1395 What do you think about ON Opti-Men multivitamin?

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2022.01.18 12:46 themoorofvenice 1,448 new Covid-19 cases in S'pore, infection growth rate rises to 1.76

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2022.01.18 12:46 waltzraghu The mad man does it AGAIN!!!

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2022.01.18 12:46 sharkmenu Isn't Kaelego the real victim here?

I loved the show, but I just can't understand why Kaelego keeps getting painted as the villain of the series.
Imagine you are a supernatural entity stranded in a pocket dimension physically linked to a planet, Earth, inhabited by fleshy bipeds. You didn't decide to crash part of that comet onto Earth. You never volunteered to be trapped for centuries all alone in some cramped alternate reality, nor is it your fault that you appear to Earth's inhabitants as a towering ghoulish monstrosity.
Of course you try to escape by crawling out of TV screens or beg for help by interrupting Patricia's TV shows, you are basically trapped in solitary confinement for extraterrestrial beings. Some of the humans try to talk to you by humming, which is nice, so you pay them back by drawing some pretty designs on their walls with some delicious fungus. Most people who eat the fungus seem to really like it.
The friendly humans occasionally come visit you, which is cool. You try and make them feel welcome by letting them see their departed loved ones and making them immortal beings who never age. You aren't really clear why they sometimes kill each other right before visiting--maybe it is a weird human custom, you don't know--but it isn't you out there slitting throats.
TL;DR: Kaelego is just trying to escape space ghost jail and is being nice by spreading a pretty fungus and giving his guests things he thinks they would like.
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2022.01.18 12:46 srnagappan Montana Sapphire (credit: korypettmangems)

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2022.01.18 12:46 upbstock lower

The major indices are struggling to begin the shortened week and it isn't simply because of weakness in the mega-cap stocks and growth stocks. Today's weakness is wide ranging and has been catalyzed by worries about rising interest rates and disappointing Q4 earnings results from Dow component Goldman Sachs (GS 351.23, -29.71, -7.8%).
Goldman's profit growth was constrained by higher than expected expenses, which was due largely to higher than expected compensation expenses. That understanding is feeding concerns that other companies will share a similar narrative; hence, today's early selling interest is cutting across both value and growth stocks and is affecting nearly every sector.
The lone winner on the sector front is the energy sector (+1.1%), which continues its outperformance as oil prices ($85.30, +1.48, +1.8%) continue to rise. Exxon Mobil (XOM 73.47, +1.60, +2.2%), which shared a goal today to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, is a standout in the space.
The move in oil prices is fueling concerns that inflation will be higher and more persistent than Fed officials previously expected. The inflation-sensitive 10-yr note yield has jumped eight basis points to 1.85%; meanwhile, the 2-yr note yield, which is more sensitive to changes in the fed funds rate, has jumped seven basis points to 1.03% -- its highest level since February 2020.
A lot of attention has been paid to the market pricing in the prospect of four rate hikes in 2022, on top of quantitative tightening measures, to help rein in inflation. There is even some chatter that the Fed might feel compelled to raise the fed funds rate by 50 basis points at its March FOMC meeting to regain some inflation-fighting credibility.
In a separate development, Microsoft (MSFT 308.41, -1.79, -0.6%) announced a $68.7 billion, or $95.00 per share, cash acquisition of entertainment software company Activision Blizzard (ATVI 83.75, +18.36, +28.1%). That news, however, has failed to alter the broader market's interest rate angst.
The Russell 2000 is down 1.3%; the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite are down 1.4%; and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 1.5%.
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2022.01.18 12:46 NewsCryptocurrency The 'Black Swan' event that could wipe out your wealth and how to hedge against it

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2022.01.18 12:46 Reddit_user_robbie I'm such a faliure

she's gone
so I should be too
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2022.01.18 12:46 synaesthetist Where can I drop off for FedEx express? Does the Walgreen’s on New Derby take them? Getting conflicting info online and need to drop off Covid test

Looking to drop off my Pixel Lab covid test today, preferably in downtown Salem. Getting conflicting info from Fedex themselves (one search says to go to Peabody, another says Walgreen’s is fine.) Ideally, I would be dropping it off at the Walgreen’s on New Derby as our car isn’t working properly and at least I could walk there.
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2022.01.18 12:46 ShakaWTWF Gayjoob plz!

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2022.01.18 12:46 AssanCHOP Killing Word Life...

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2022.01.18 12:46 BlankCanvas609 Are there any non binary teachers at primary schools, if so, how is that addressed?

Do the kids get told what non binary people are, and this a certain teacher uses they/them pronouns, and what do they call the teacher, as they wouldn’t be a Mr, Mrs or Miss
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2022.01.18 12:46 IsocelesKramer Bi-Daily Song Discussion #87: Born On a Different Cloud

Definitely Maybe - (Average 8.44/10)
1) Rock ‘n’ Roll star - 8.14/10
2) Shakermaker - 7.05/10
3) Live Forever - 9.63/10
4) Up in the sky - 7.31/10
5) Columbia - 9.18/10
6) Supersonic - 9.53/10
7) Bring it on down - 8.65/10
8) Cigarettes & Alcohol - 9.11/10
9) Digsy’s Dinner - 7.29/10
10) Slide Away - 9.59/10
11) Married With Children - 7.36/10
12) Sad Song - 8.62/10
1) Take Me Away - 6.90/10
2) D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman? - 8.68/10
3) Cloudburst - 8.15/10
4) Whatever - 9.28/10
What’s The Story? (Morning Glory) - (Average 9.02/10)
1) Hello - 9.21/10
2) Roll With It - 7.91/10
3) Wonderwall - 9.37/10
4) Don’t Look Back In Anger - 9.91/10
5) Hey Now! - 7.30/10
6) Some Might Say - 9.61/10
7) Cast No Shadow - 8.90/10
8) She’s Electric - 8.49/10
9) Morning Glory - 9.66/10
10) Champagne Supernova - 9.87/10
11) Bonehead’s Bank Holiday - 7.77/10
Singles #2
1) Its Better People - 6.70/10
2) Round Are Way - 7.87/10
3) Step Out - 8.51/10
4) Cum On Feel The Noize - 7.21/10
Be Here Now - (Average 8.03/10)
1) D’You Know What I Mean? - 8.87/10
2) My Big Mouth - 7.93/10
3) Magic Pie - 6.14/10
4) Stand By Me - 8.40/10
5) I Hope, I think, I know - 8.88/10
6) The Girl In The Dirty Shirt - 8.03/10
7) Fade In-Out - 7.50/10
8) Don’t Go Away - 8.16/10
9) Be Here Now - 7.71/10
10) All Around The World - 8.53/10
11) It’s Getting Better (Man!!) - 8.27/10
Singles #3
1) Heroes - 5.72/10
2) (I Got) The Fever - 8.05/10
3) My Sister Lover - 6.96/10
4) The Fame - 7.29/10
5) Flashbax - 8.31
6) Street Fighting Man - 5.41/10
The Masterplan - (Average 8.98/10)
1) Acquiesce - 9.60/10
2) Underneath The Sky - 8.86/10
3) Talk Tonight - 9.12/10
4) Going Nowhere - 8.22/10
5) Fade Away - 8.77/10
6) The Swamp Song - 7.27/10
7) I Am The Walrus (Live GCH) - 8.43/10
8) Listen Up - 9.66/10
9) Rockin Chair - 9.68/10
10) Half The World Away - 9.34/10
11) (It’s Good) To Be Free - 9.08/10
12) Stay Young - 9.09/10
13) Headshrinker - 8.83/10
14) The Masterplan - 9.82/10
Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants - (Average 7.63/10)
1) Fuckin’ In The Bushes - 8.33/10
2) Go Let It Out - 8.85/10
3) Who Feels Love - 7.82/10
4) Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is - 5.68/10
5) Little James - 5.61/10
6) Gas Panic! - 9.83/10
7) Where Did It All Go Wrong? - 8.24/10
8) Sunday Morning Call - 6.17/10
9) I Can See A Liar - 6.65/10
10) Roll It Over - 9.20/10
Singles #4
1) Let’s All Make Believe - 9.36/10
2) (As Long As They’ve Got) Cigarettes In Hell - 7.71/10
3) One Way Road - 8.29/10
4) Helter Skelter - 6.26/10
5) Carry Us All - 8.13/10
6) Full On - 7.88/10
Heathen Chemistry
1) The Hindu Times - 8.16/10
2) Force of Nature - 6.78/10
3) Hung in a Bad Place - 7.00/10
4) Stop Crying Your Heart Out - 9.25/10
5) Songbird - 8.42/10
6) Little By Little - 8.32/10
7) A Quick Peep - 4.19/10
8) (Probably) All in the Mind - 6.45/10
9) She Is Love - 6.54/10
10) Born On a Different Cloud - ?/10
What are your thoughts on Born On a Different Cloud? Favourite lyric? Love it? Hate it? Where does it rank in the discography?
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2022.01.18 12:46 TipendraJCJGada Lack of all rounders

What happened to the all rounders? At this point in time, in the whole league I can think of only one true all rounder - Aslam Inamdar. Also many all rounders have just started focussing on one aspect. Eg - Deepak Hooda ( Raiding), Nabibaksh (Raiding), Sandeep Narwal (Defending).
And today Sandeep proved that most of these all rounders can still do the other thing. So why?
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2022.01.18 12:46 ToastyCubo The story of a noob (me)

OK Idk how to play. I just enter the map and run like a bear is chasing me. I like the graphic and the game even if I suck. I wanna play with people but it's like the 4th time in a row I get into the match and my team kills me idk why lol. I'm starting going in raids only with knife. I'll update
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2022.01.18 12:46 jghttkeupefpzmcyhs MOAM has begun on this blessed day! Bonus “Why did you invest so much” and “Stop being negative pls”. GME single digits EOD.

MOAM has begun on this blessed day! Bonus “Why did you invest so much” and “Stop being negative pls”. GME single digits EOD. submitted by jghttkeupefpzmcyhs to gme_meltdown [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 12:46 Solrac19 Open ended question

Does anyone really care if someone came up to you and said hey I’m female or male but I’ll be your mute, and be the gender you would prefer me to be simply to form a bond on VRCHAT? Regardless of the bond, would you still take that offer ? Many people go to VRCHAT just to make friends but I know some go for other reasons ie lewd, or looking for a relationship. Well, if someone was up to offer you that but it would only be strictly in VRCHAT would you take that offer ?? Why or why not and what’s your reasoning behind it
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2022.01.18 12:46 JoukovDefiant Austro-Hungarian artillery 1914

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2022.01.18 12:46 TheEminenceInShadow Bubbles

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2022.01.18 12:46 xx_rats_xx Is is possible to job shadow a Funeral Director

I am in 10th Grade and for the past few months I have been looking into becoming a Funeral Director or an Embalmer. I think next year we will have a job shadowing opportunity. I was wondering if it’s possible to do this?? I live in South Carolina. I have searched this up many times and have gotten no results.
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2022.01.18 12:46 Glory_To_Atom Since the mods no longer pin their post. Patch v19.10 changelog

Player facing changes and new features

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2022.01.18 12:46 eabutuner Power mirror help! About to go mad

Owner of a 02 civic sedan here (1.6 ES european version). Bought it used and it came with custom power mirrors, which has 4 cables for each mirror (2 for the horizontal motor and 2 for vertical) yet the car's switch has 3 cables and here's the diagram for the original electrical setup.
Anyways, I figured I would succeed if I combined 2 cables of the custom mirror, thus obtaining 3 wires in total that'd match the original mirror switch's out-going wires.
I was trying out different combinations and it was looking promising (lol) when all of a sudden the upper side of the switch stopped working. Other directions still worked and I thought ah I semi-f*cked up the switch, bravo me! and replaced the switch.
Today I installed the new switch but the problem still persists. Turns out I unnecessarily replaced it.
Any help is appreciated!
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2022.01.18 12:46 phunkdungus (Solar return) This year looks like a VERY good time for me. Am I wrong?

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