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Organic Goddess Sea Moss Gel

2022.01.27 07:56 organicseamoss Organic Goddess Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss Gel is great in tea & other hot cold beverages, smoothies, food, or alone. Buy Organic Sea Moss - Contains 92 minerals out of 102 our body needs on daily basis Order Today!
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2022.01.27 07:56 ertesit Does acne clear up once chronic stress is over? If so, how soon?

Female 32, Caucasian, 5'6" 143 lbs - acne since 12 years old
I've always had trouble with acne and I've had chronic stress my whole life. I'm doing EMDR (trauma therapy) to deal with old traumas which is quite stressful but very effective, and my acne seems to have flared up since then. I'm close to the end of treatment and I do wonder if my acne will improve once I'm done. How soon do cortizol levels normalize after a lifetime of chronic stress?
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2022.01.27 07:56 Sausagesandpeppers Why climate change is inherently racist

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2022.01.27 07:56 mundumil Polygen has announces the launch of their community DAO. The system they've selected for voting on ideas is based on a 1:1 basis, which means that each user may only vote once, regardless of how much PGEN they have in their wallet.

Polygen has announces the launch of their community DAO. The system they've selected for voting on ideas is based on a 1:1 basis, which means that each user may only vote once, regardless of how much PGEN they have in their wallet. submitted by mundumil to cryptocurrencynews [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 07:56 deofooo 5 Heuristics to Decide When It’s Time to Stop Designing and Start Coding

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2022.01.27 07:56 siter01 Hey people Check My NFT Collections

It will be good if you like it on OpenSea and like it here on Reddit.

here is the collection if you have comment on them it will be great.

Not everyone can say "I have a Knife/Sword NFT" I will add more Knifes and Swords.
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2022.01.27 07:56 Comprehensive_Land56 NZD/HKD

What is going on with this one?? Likely to be bullish?
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2022.01.27 07:56 King_Killa_Zack How hard are mutations?

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2022.01.27 07:56 Lugiani Truly the MVP of LoE, he has been on the team since January 23, 2019. I've literally played 'over 9000!' matches with him since then. It's sad that he has to go, but powercreep gets even the best units eventually. RIP champ 🙏

Truly the MVP of LoE, he has been on the team since January 23, 2019. I've literally played 'over 9000!' matches with him since then. It's sad that he has to go, but powercreep gets even the best units eventually. RIP champ 🙏 submitted by Lugiani to DragonballLegends [link] [comments]

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2022.01.27 07:56 TheWayfinder1649 Is there any way I can effectively appeal my tram fine?

The situation is that I visited Nottingham with 2 other friends to see a third friend at the uni. Seeing as we didn’t know the city and the third friend did/had the tram ticket app, he told us he would buy our tickets. We then reach a station where the ticket officers approached us and found that the friend had only just bought the tickets on his phone once he saw the officers.
They fined us all £70 for this.
Seeing as the 3 visiting friends had no idea that the tickets weren’t bought and the assurance of the other friend that they were.
We were told that it is our responsibility to make sure the ticket has been purchased, but when we didn’t have the app, it seems incredibly harsh to expect us not to trust what our friend told us. It seems fair enough that the friend gets fined, but to fine the other 3 seems excessive. Is there anything I could say to successfully appeal this?
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2022.01.27 07:56 bei60 Just passed the SAA exam after posting yesterday about my doubts of passing!

Yesterday I posted about feeling unconfident taking this exam this morning, but eventually I passed.
I don't know my grade yet, but I'm SO happy I passed.
Some thoughts that hopefully will help others:

Exam # 1st try 2nd try
1 63% 95%
2 78% 92%
3 63% 96%
4 73% 90%
5 66% 98%
6 75% 96%
I usually do the 1st try, fail, learn where I was wrong and try again the next day.
u/stephanemaarek, if you read this - Thank you! Your signature sign-off sentence stuck with me "hope you liked it, and I'll see you in the next lecture" :D
Thank you /AWSCertifications , this sub was very helpful to learn about the exam itself and for getting the correct resources to pass it.
Good luck everyone :)
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2022.01.27 07:56 BubblesPug Game day!

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2022.01.27 07:56 allthecoffeesDP Unspooled - Paul's kind of a bulldozer?

I love unspooled and both hosts and their chemistry. But Paul is a bit of a bulldozer in the show. He interrupts Amy. He'll cut her off and restate exactly what she just said as if it's his idea.
I just listened to Fargo and he corrects her on a line of dialogue twice and he's wrong! Amy lets it go.
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2022.01.27 07:56 Affectionate_Tart415 Just got banned from a not so Indian subreddit

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2022.01.27 07:56 1000_sny Big .

This might obtain lost in the waves of fans demanding BDB to get Stafford, Rodgers, Watson or somehow get the one that got away... but I keep thinking about what we’re gonna do for our LT. I’ve seen here that people are okay with having Q at ‏‏‎ our LT but seeing the generational talent that he is at G, IMHO, I don’t think that be a smart move, especially know that we found 2 unknown OLs (Smith and Glowinski) so I trust our front office can find another either through the draft or somebody that we don’t even know about and make him a SOLID LT. What are your guys opinions? TL;DR: Big Q belongs at the G position, BDB will find another Solid LT
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2022.01.27 07:56 stalpno [Historic] UW Lotus Control

Hi spikes! Last month I posted a deck guide for a historic Bo3 UW lotus control deck that I had piloted to a peak #2 rank on mythic, and since then I have had a number of DMs asking for updates to the guide as well as great input on people's experiences with the deck (thanks patrickbc, zaexyr and more for some deck list suggestions). So since my last post I have a new version which I have piloted 130 Bo3 matches with. My last post covers already how the deck works, so I recommend reading that first (linked below). I thought I would share in this post the new list, some updated thoughts on popular match-ups, a guide to sideboarding for those matchups, and finally some thoughts on further updates to the deck to consider. First though are the links to the deck, my previous deck guide, and my untapped profile as proof.
The Decklist + match winrate
My Untapped Profile
Previous UW Control Guide
The current version I wracked up a ridiculous 78% winrate nearly exclusively playing in the top of mythic of which I am currently #12. I think since the release of alchemy, this deck has only gotten better, rather than worse. The only slightly hard matchup to appear thanks to alchemy is the aggro WB vampires deck and the flicker deck matchups with inquisitor captain were very favourable (though likely to leave the meta with recent alchemy announcements). a significant portion of the metagame was spent playing against UR phoenix, control mirrors and GW lifegain decks. This deck is hard to pilot but has been incredibly satisfying to master, and hopefully I can share some insights that help you enjoy picking this deck up!
Changes since last version
The last deck had already been performing well, so I only made a few tinkering tweaks initially. Namely I removed a Test of Talents, a Day of judgement and 2x sunset revelry and replaced those with 2x timely reinforcements and 2x mystical dispute.
Timely reinforcements was honestly a card I forgot was available in the format, and I forget who but someone informed me of it in my last thread and I made the swap immediately. So far no regrets, the matchups I want it for the effect is way more backbreaking. And while I do occasionaly miss the cheaper cost and occasional cantrip, the raw power to timely is just so much better against any deck trying to kill you quickly.
Cutting the Day of Judgement was a tough call, but I had been finding in the latter parts of my last version that I was finding sideboarding challenging because I had one more wrath to bring in and that last cut was hard most games. Since the deck already feels favoured against a lot of the decks a wrath is good against, I decided to swap it and the underperforming test of talents for two mystical disputed. Also a decision I have been beyond pleased with. I am sure everyone is already familiar with how good it is, but what I want to stress in particular is that it is incredibly in the lotus mirrors, as it threatens to ruin the day (and multiple times has) of anyone hoping to do a turn 2 stifle of lotus field.
There are also two small maindeck cuts. The first is that I cut a Wrath of God for a Divine Purge. A move which honestly I have little opinion on. I think the wrath might be very slightly better as the only use case where I prefer divine purge is against any Food deck (exiling food/treasure/clue tokens is huge) and against humans. But everything else wrath is better. So I may change it back.
The other big change was swapping out a copy of Hall of the Storm Gods for a Castle Vantress at the suggestion of patrickbc. I think this change is overall for the better as while I had a feeling vantress would be good, I didn't think it would be this good. That said, I do miss the second copy of all Hall of the Storm Giants still, and I am considering for future updates potentially replacing the single plains with the Hall, as plains is by far my least favourite card in the 60.
Thoughts on Popular Matchups
I think there have been a few changed views on some popular matchups. So I thought I would combine views on those matups with sideboard guides. You may note, that my general rule of thumb is I will only ever cut a maximum of 1 card which cheats out Lotus, and the Archmage's Charm, Memory Deluge and Teferis never get cut. I have always been a big fan of Andrew Cuneo and his control decks, and his general principle which I have always believed is that you don't cut the card draw which helps you get ahead regardless of the matchup. And I really prescribe to this theory. Some people who played the deck since I posted the last guide complained that there wasn't a high powered card draw like Sphinx's Rev, Sea Gate Restoration or Discover the Formula. I personally think the deck doesn't need those cards to win, the deck already has inbuilt card advantage thanks to the utility lands + high mana volume, and memory deluge, Archmage's charm + teferi work as both card advantage and game plan advancement at the same time. Which is what I really love about the deck. However because they are integral to your control gameplan, they are uncuttable even against decks that pressure you, since they are what turn the corner. With that note, below are the updated deck thoughts and sideboard plans.
UR Phoenix (8-5 in 130 game sample)
UR phoenix is probably the matchup I feel I have made the most ground playing against, and my matchup has gone from slightly unfavourable to slightly favourable. The reason for this was discovering that the number 1 gameplan should be to slow the UR deck as much as possible before eventually resolving a shark typhoon as an enchantment. Once resolved game 1, if you are able to untap with it, you should win the game. Outside of Unholy heat, they simply can't deal with a deluge of fliers that either trade with or are bigger than the phoenixes or Sprite Dragons. Sometimes they will have a nut draw where they get two phoenix's on turn 3 and you won't win those games, but my winrate went from 2-4 to 8-5 once I consciously started planning to play shark typhoon as an enchantment as my gameplan. This is also the biggest sideboard change of any matchup. The last two cards out really depend on how the UR deck has been constructed. Some are playing lots of creatures, with Sprite Drakes, Delver of secrets, Crackling Drake and Stormwing entity all seeing play, in those matchups you shouldn't side out Fateful Absence, however others are playing almost no creatures other than phoenixes, and in those matchups I will side out one absence. General rule of thumb with countering spells in this matchup is always counter if possible their expressive iterations and faithless lootings, and let the Opts/considers resolve, though this can be contextual. Lastly, be ready to potentially use stifle/discontinuity against a foolish attempt at an end step fabled passage. Lastly, this is your worst matchup for Strict Proctor, so don't be too precious with them unless you either have the combo in hand, or think that a top deck lotus combo is your only out to win. Outside of those situations, don't be afraid to chump block to protect a walker or your life total.
Sideboard Plan
Out In
1x Approach the Second Sun 2x Rest in Peace
2x Day of Judgement 3x Aether Gust
1x Strict Proctor 3x Dovin's Veto
1x Divine Purge 2x Mystical Dispute
1x Commit//Memory
2x JID
2x Opt or 1x Opt + 1x Fateful Absence
GW Lifegain/Humans (13-2 - 130 game sample)
Not much new to add since last update, other than that this matchup is very favourable, and that you should play strict proctor on turn 2 the moment you see a GW land or plains + Soulwarden. Cute thing to note is that players may get to 5 mana and attempt to cast skyclave apparition to deal with soul herder, remember that JID is essentially a counter even though they have mana in this scenario. The only way you lose (outside of standard variance reasons) is to a collected company that gets the oak + heliod combo. so if you don't have strict proctor, play around the risk of that. Also, as long as you keep in your Approach the second sun, even their combo isn't enough to beat you so long as you can wrath next turn. That said, I am still uncertain you need approach to win these games, so I have been cutting it more recently in the sideboard. Humans has the slight addition that I cut the Opts for Timely reinforcements, as opts are really bad against decks that play esper sentinel + thalia.
Sideboard Plan
Out In
1x Narset 1x Wrath of God
1x Approach of the Second Sun 1x Cleansing Nova
2x Opt (Humans only) 2x Timely Reinforcements (Humans only)
Control Mirrors (uncertain of specific matchups and variants, but I was 5-2 vs jeskai, 11-3 vs UW decks [including a few affinity lists] and 5-1 vs Grixis)
There is a lot more control running around, and this might be my favourite version to face control so far. Some quick things to note, until the new Alchemy card updates arrive, always have a Fateful Absence/Discontinuity/Commit handy for a 7 mana Hullbreaker horror, as more control decks were playing that, at least out of the sideboard. There are a number of control variants running around, but the UW lotus mirror was probably the most common followed by Jeskai and then Grixis. All of these require slightly different approaches. Grixis can bright in the decks worst nightmares in Thought Distortion and Go Blank. For that reason, comboing off is extra important and relying on utility lands is often how you win in the face of those cards. Also remember that you can use discontinuity and commit to deal with thought distortion if you suspect they have it. Jeskai control I used to side in aether gust, but I have since stopped doing that unless my opponent is playing a magma opus/mizzix or an indominable creativity variant. In the pure jeskai control or the jeskai lotus decks, the only red cards you fear are expressive iteration (not problematic enough to warrant gust) and the 6 mana Chandra which can be dealt with my saving a fateful absence. I swap out a Day of Judgement for Cleansing Nova because wrath isn't particularly great and nova can get an enchantment shark typhoon, search for azcanta and sorcerous spyglass from time to time. Be wary of the dance that can happen between shark typhoon and archmage's charm stealing the shark. You don't want to invest a lot of mana in a large shark if you have no way to either steal it back or multiple ways of removing it (like an otherwise dead wrath). Last tip and very importantly, for lotus mirrors, be wary of the interaction of using stifle to counter a strict proctor activation of lotus field. And last thing is outside of fears of thoughtseize if your opponent plays a black/x tap land, you should not cast strict proctor in a control mirror until you can play a lotus field on the same turn. Because the worst way you can lose is by having an opponent get to play a lotus with no cost before you do.
Sideboard Plan
Out In
2x Day of Judgement 2x Mystical Dispute
1x Wrath of God 3x Dovin's Veto
1x Celestial Purge 1 Cleansing Nova
1x Approach of the Second Sun
1x Strict Proctor (lotus mirror)/1x Opt (play), 1x JID (draw)
Food (4-1 vs jund and 2-0 vs GB)
No changes in thoughts since last guide outside of the fact that I have been using archmage's charms to steal (essentially remove) witches ovens, to great success. Your ultimate menace in this matchup is Trail of Crumbs, counteremove it at all costs. Be conscious of how aether gust works with trail of crumbs on the battlefield where they can get the card back immediately if it is a permanent. The food matchup is very favoured, the most deadly mistake you can make is mistaking the deck for the less common citadel combo deck, which can be very scary. If you are seeing GB sacrifice things but no food synergies outside of gilded goose, stay cautious of ramp. If you see priest of the forgotten gods then you know it is citadel combo. Cleansing Nova and Ratchet Bomb are at their best in this matchup, as is Approach the second sun.
Sideboard Plan
Out In
1x Commit//Memory 2x Rest in Peace
1x Narset 3x Aether Gust
2x Day of Judgement 1x Ratchet Bomb
2x JID 1x Cleansing Nova
1x Discontinuity
Rakdos Midrange/Arcanist (6-1, 130 sample size)
I didn't play too much against Rakdos, and overall the games feel close but winnable, however I heard that other people playing them at lower rankings were facing the deck more frequently and having trouble. A few things that have helped me a lot is mulliganing slightly sketchy hands to try and find the lotus combo with redundancy, because if you combo, your utility lands (especially hall of the storm god) overwhelm them and make their sideboard hate go blanks and thought distortions rather useless. This is another great matchup to resolve Shark Typhoon if you can. You also have to accept that some games you will just be thoughtseize + arcanist'd to oblivion and that is just how it rolls. Also, this is a matchup where if you see an opponent lead on a rakdos land, do not play strict proctor for any reason outside of playing a lotus that turn, as you will get blown out by an opponent playing a large kroxa early. Rest in peace is your MVP card, if this matchup has been a real problem for you, maybe up your sideboard count of it to 3.
Sideboard Plan
Out In
2x Day of Judgement 2x Rest in Peace
2x Narset 3x Aether Gust
1x Opt
1x Opt + 1x Discontinuity (iRB has aggro lean) 2x Timely Reinforcements (aggro)
This is all of the sideboard guides I have the energy for now and I feel these 5 are the pillars of the most popular decks in the metagame in Mythic, but I may write up more on request if people have them and will update accordingly.
Final Thoughts and Future Deck Update Considerations
Overall this deck is incredibly powerful and incredibly fun for anyone who enjoys control. Moving forward with the deck, my biggest considerations are the following in no particular order

*I'm likely to grind the deck to get to as high of a rank as possible before the end of the season, then I will take a break for a while as I am a bit disappointed about the competitive magic landscape at the moment.
If you have any further questions, I'll respond in the comments. I hope you enjoy this update and enjoy the deck.
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2022.01.27 07:56 LessTwo6836 ICYMI, the CBO of The Parallel, Daniel Pidan joined a live AMA in OEC community. Recap for those who missed!

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2022.01.27 07:56 SombodyWithNoMorals end my life

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2022.01.27 07:56 aqnayab123 History of Business Bookkeeping Services

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