The 2nd or later distribution of $RAYS

2022.01.17 06:18 Zcussi The 2nd or later distribution of $RAYS

The 2nd or later distribution of $RAYS

The plan is to bring new players into the game with less of an upfront investment. The MCH is distributing RAYS the new token to achieve that goal. Try to keep up the news to not miss an important date where there might be new RAYs being airdropped.
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2022.01.17 06:18 anarcho-brutalism Tjedna diskusija: Socijalistički patriotizam i nacionalizam

Da li su nacionalizam i patriotizam kompatibilni sa socijalizmom? Zašto da/ne?
Danas se događa preporod ideje socijalističkog nacionalizma, neki tvrde da biti socijalist znači biti nacionalist i patriot. Ali što su to nacije? Da li nacije danas uopće postoje i kako je industrijska revolucija utjecala na nacije i stvaranje istih? I što to znači biti patriot (naročito na "Zapadu", ali i drugdje) kada si socijalista koji živiš u kapitalističkoj državi?
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2022.01.17 06:18 iwantlegendary__ is it just me or sometimes we get too many dinos in the hatchery that like we dont get time to hatch every single of them cuz they take too long or there are way way to many like just now put my pteranodon in but i want to hatch something else to but my hatchery is full of dinos hatching

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2022.01.17 06:18 Odd-Researcher-2050 Help with psu requirements

I have 3 x 3060ti FE running at 125w and 9 x 1660 supers running at 80w
375w + 720w = 1095 w + 150w for mobo etc = 1245 w
I’ve got a evga 850 and a 750 = 1600w * .80 = 1280 useable watts
Can someone help my confirm my math pls and thanks!
Im thinking of swapping the 750 for a 1000w
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2022.01.17 06:18 Deeplygends The

The EDIT: repost because u/jkhandlar point me out there was a lot of posts already talking about this :
Post about the sec document :
People looking for TLDR - Reading the comment section could be usefull :

Talk about what should be a nice proposal :
Here we go for my take and analysis
Disclaimer : This is not bla bla bla financial advice, and do whatever you want with your money.
Before Screaming FUD to first who bring a new idea (or old ones with new facts / proofs), It would be interesting to dive into what is this rule ? what the purpose of it? who can apply this rule ? Can I do it to my girlfriend or my dog?
I won't tell you if it's a good or bad thing to apply it. I just want to dive into this.
Read this :
or this :
Oh you are lazy ?This is a summarize.
What is a proposal ? When you love a girl or a man or a cat, you ....
The shareholder proposal is a proposal by a shareholder about a recommandation or requirements to the board and/or the company to take action.
Let's do a example :
I recommand that Gamestop to have a 0% carbon footprint in all the supply chain.
I recommand that Gamestop rebrand Micromania, the french leg of Gamestop, into Gamestop and offer the same products in order to match the rebranding of EBGames and in order to have a global unity betwwen stores. (sorry I am pissed that I can't even buy a T shirt)
This is roughly what could be a proposal. You can also add the funds request for applying your proposal.
If you want a sample :
Who is elligible to do a proposal ? Well, not everyone.
1 - You should have at least continuosly hold a :
- at least 2,000$ value stock for a period of 3 years
- at least 15,000$ value stock for a period of 2 years,
- at least a 25,000$ value stock for a period of 1 year.
Whatever the stock is DRS or not, there is two options to prove your elligibility (DRS or beneficial holder)
2 - You must provide a written statement with your intention to hold the stock after the shareholder meeting for the period in accordance of the previous point.
Ok, so you just can't do a proposal, vote for it and then sell.
3- You must provide a written statement stating that you are available to meet the company in person or by teleconference in order to discuss the proposal. (between 10 and 30 calendar days after the submission)
Please read all the other questions in this source, there are really informative like :
(d) Question 4: How long can my proposal be? The proposal, including any accompanying supporting statement, may not exceed 500 words.
(e) Question 5: What is the deadline for submitting a proposal? (1) If you are submitting your proposal for the company's annual meeting, you can in most cases find the deadline in last year's proxy statement. However, if the company did not hold an annual meeting last year, or has changed the date of its meeting for this year more than 30 days from last year's meeting, you can usually find the deadline in one of the company's quarterly reports on Form 10-Q (§ 249.308a of this chapter), or in shareholder reports of investment companies under § 270.30d-1 of this chapter of the Investment Company Act of 1940. In order to avoid controversy, shareholders should submit their proposals by means, including electronic means, that permit them to prove the date of delivery. (2) The deadline is calculated in the following manner if the proposal is submitted for a regularly scheduled annual meeting. The proposal must be received at the company's principal executive offices not less than 120 calendar days before the date of the company's proxy statement released to shareholders in connection with the previous year's annual meeting. However, if the company did not hold an annual meeting the previous year, or if the date of this year's annual meeting has been changed by more than 30 days from the date of the previous year's meeting, then the deadline is a reasonable time before the company begins to print and send its proxy materials. (3) If you are submitting your proposal for a meeting of shareholders other than a regularly scheduled annual meeting, the deadline is a reasonable time before the company begins to print and send its proxy materials.
Question 12: If the company includes my shareholder proposal in its proxy materials, what information about me must it include along with the proposal itself? (1) The company's proxy statement must include your name and address, as well as the number of the company's voting securities that you hold. However, instead of providing that information, the company may instead include a statement that it will provide the information to shareholders promptly upon receiving an oral or written request. (2) The company is not responsible for the contents of your proposal or supporting statement
Ok, I meet all the requirements, what next ?
It's up to the company now :
They have to annalyze you proposal, discuss it with you and exclude it or add it to the proxy statement :

Shareholder process workflow
So your proposal can be excluded if there is a deficiency in the procedure (like not holding a stock for enough time, not able to proof your stock ownership, not a real/realistic proposal) or if the SEC approve the NON-Action of the proposal
Tl;DR : The shareholder proposal, must be motivated, precised and in the common goal of shareholder. Only long stock holder who planning to stay long for a period can submit one.
Remember : Gamestop staff will have to review ALL the proposal, don't send them a Wen Moon proposal or Recall the shares because kenny lies under oath. Be respectfull and clever.
See you on the other side.
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2022.01.17 06:18 NimblyBimblyMeyow Husband was adamant about not having unprotected sex when things were rocky as well as sticking to our timeline on having kids next year. But now this happens, and it’s leaving me wondering if I should be having a different conversation with my husband now?

So the meat and potatoes is this: Husband and I were going to wait until next year (a year after our symbolic delayed covid wedding celebration in Mexico in 2 weeks, 2 years after being officially married since this last February) before we started having kids. We avoid unprotected sex during my fertile window, but when things were rocky, he would refuse to have unprotected sex at all and he was adamant that we wait until next year. For the last few months, things have been so much better between us. We go to jiu jitsu together, I’m in therapy, things are better than they’ve ever been before. We were fighting like cats and dogs, now the arguments have entirely stopped. It’s the happiest we’ve ever been, and I love it.
Husband and I use this fertility tracker analysis machine that analyzes my pee every day to tell when I’m most likely to ovulate and all that jazz by measuring estrogen (E3G), progesterone (PDG), and LH. Until this month, it has been dead on in telling exactly when my period was coming, along with when I was ovulating (follows my temp trends and proov). So we have unprotected sex on my safe days, and avoid when I’m in my fertile window.
But this month I started taking Abilify, which I guess is known to mess with your hormones as I found out by my doctor when I asked him why my hormones are all out of wack this cycle. I usually ovulate on day 14 of my cycle, but this month I ovulated on day 9. We have sex sans protection on day 8 of my cycle, because I think I’m still in my safe window. The next morning rolls around, and when I took my urine test on cd9, it was BLAZING positive. Like, my LH (fertility hormone) was 3x my normal (this month it was 67, normal is 25 or so). I was not expecting that, and as we’re waiting to have kids, I sat him down and said “hey, this wasn’t supposed to happen, but we have two options: pray it out or take plan B, but just know that plan B might not work since I’m already ovulating. This also means we can’t just have unprotected sex after even if it does work this time because it doesn’t mean it’ll work for the time after that.”
We agree to take plan B, but then get this… We have sex, on cd9 and the day of ovulation, and he asks me if he can cum inside of me… I said are you sure? Are you really really sure? He doesn’t say anymore, and then gets super romantic and all that.
So, up until about a month ago, he’s been absolutely adamant about not having unprotected sex. I asked him why the change, and all he says is “I realize I could trust the science of your little machine”. Again, before this he was heavily against the idea at all.
So… before I mess this up, should I be having a different conversation with him?
Im just very confused because if he wants kids now, why would he agree to the plan B? If he doesn’t, why would he want to cum inside of me knowing it’s my ovulation day????
Please help a confused lady out lol. He doesn’t come home from work until tomorrow, and it’s killing me not knowing.
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2022.01.17 06:18 headhunglow I'm putting together a day one raid team with a bunch of LFG:s. Any day one veterans who want to share their wisdom?

Okay, so I'm putting together a day one raid team. Some of them are part of my clan and some are LFG:s. Some are really experienced, some not so much (just occasional raids). None of us has done a day one raid before.
Any tips from you day one veterans? In particular: * How much prep work did you do? A couple of raids together? * How do you kick people off the team without making them feel bad? Say that they obviously don't have enough experience? Or they just can't behave themselves? * How do you deal with exhaustion? Do you set a fixed deadline, i.e. "If we aren't done by 02:00 we go to bed and try again at 11:00"? Or do you keep going until someone breaks?
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2022.01.17 06:18 Phoenix_Archangel Just why..

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2022.01.17 06:18 meemientekija My custom lego armored police car

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2022.01.17 06:18 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 06:18 aintgotnochoice46269 Not really a confession but more a thank you

This was many moons ago. I'm from the UK and as a teenager applying to uni, you have to go through an organisation and points system called UCAS.
UCAS is the organisation that lets you apply to unis and loans etc etc. When I applied to go to uni there'd been some mess up, they were supposed to send me a letter asking me for more info and left my application for a loan as pending. They never sent the letter and I never knew so a couple weeks/months went by and I think huh let's just log in and check. Now by this point I'd got my conditional offers and was just waiting on the Loan to be confirmed. It was still pending and life at uni was only a few months away.
My dad at the time was abusive, there's no better way to really say it. Extreme anger issues, punches in the face weren't uncommon since I was about 13. Once woke up to him stomping on me in bed because he'd gone through my phone and found a message to a friend where I'd said I was tired of how he'd talked to me that day. Real nice guy.
Anywho, I phone up UCAS who inform me there's something missing on the app, they sent a letter weeks ago but whatever basically could take a couple weeks to fix. My dad flipped the fuck out at this. He was storming round the house literally screaming, charging up to me and stopping just before he got to me with his face in mine.
The dude at UCAS on the phone trying to help with me with my query, could quite clearly hear it all and was trying his best to just get on with life and not make anything more difficult for me.
At the end of the call, after advising the loan stuff was pretty much sorted, he took a moment to say that I shouldn't be scared and read out a helpline number to me. Asked if I was okay. I said sure sure and I didn't call the helpline, I knew after this call I'd be in for a beating anyway so being on the phone wasn't in my head.
I've never forgotten how that guy spoke to me. He was probably just a young 20s doing a customer service job but having someone speak to me like a human in that moment I'll never forget. I've never known their name, I didn't catch it and I'll never meet them but if I could somehow bestow a thank you to him through the universe then I would. Thank you UCAS dude.
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2022.01.17 06:18 creativesugarsweet Dental corps anyone?

I’m in Army ROTC and am planning to go to a dental school and be a dentist in the Army. But then I was thinking if I’ll join Army after I graduate dental school anyways, then there isn’t really a point of being in the ROTC right now right? I didn’t get any scholarships for being in the ROTC either. or am I missing something? Is there a benefit if I become an officer from the ROTC later on even if I’ll join Army as a dentist anyways?
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2022.01.17 06:18 weightdead Nabowa - Fantasia (2021)

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2022.01.17 06:18 ArchiePitt Find Taylor Swift

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2022.01.17 06:18 CaptainNosmic Totally accurate.

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2022.01.17 06:18 annualextinction Granted

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2022.01.17 06:18 DOBLU Should I redo calculus?

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2022.01.17 06:18 LoveMangaBuddy Read Dead Ringer - Chapter 4 - MangaBuddy

ENWhen she opened her eyes, she was lying in an unknown place with an unknown person.She can't even remember her own name, so she calls herself Nine after her 009 written on her attire.In the same way, she tries to get out of this prison-like place with ‘Gongchil’, who is connected to the number 007.The more you struggle, the deeper you fall into the labyrinth. What clues can you find in this myst ... Read Dead Ringer - Chapter 4 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.17 06:18 destinytowin Does i2p support Bittorent v2?

I am sorry if this is an uninformed question, but I wanted to know, since main use-case of mine depends on torrents.
So, if I add BitTorrent v2 torrent, will it work in the first place in i2p network?
Will it work equally well in I2PSnark & BiglyBT (any other torrent client supporting I2P) ?
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2022.01.17 06:18 M-Y-G-T-H-T-I-W-T IP Ban

Is this an official twitch Reddit server if so is there a way I can contact a twitch staff member and talk to them about someone who needs to be IP Banned?
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2022.01.17 06:18 LuceVa-JJ COVID-os vagyok vagy sem?

Sziasztok! Múlt héten kedves főnököm három napig teleköhögte az irodát, mondván, hogy gyorstesztelt és nem covidos. Csütörtökön elment orvosi tesztre és rögtön kimutatta, hogy bizony pozitív. Azóta figyelem magam, hogy változik-e az egészségem, pénteken a gyorstesztem negatív lett. Viszont tökre nem mondanám magam 100%-osra, időnként gyengének, enerváltnak érzem magam, a gyomrom nem épp az igazi, viszont köhögnöm vagy orrot fújnom nem kell. Csak egy általános nyomottság jellemző. Ma délelőtt ismét csináltam gyorstesztet, szintén negatív eredménnyel. Van ilyen tapasztalata bárkinek? Lehet ez COVID?
(Dokimhoz nem mentem el, mert jelenleg a túlterheltségben nem működik valami megbízhatóan sajnos.)
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2022.01.17 06:18 Frosty_277 Monke

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2022.01.17 06:18 Vegetable-Step-8143 Are the thumping of the feet and rustle of the grasses in a documentary movies of animal real?

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2022.01.17 06:18 Glittering_Bid_2818 Any chance STT go back to 4.5$ ?

Any chance STT go back to 4.5$ ? If BTC rockets to 70K+, will our boi also follow?
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2022.01.17 06:18 wahidazal66 Response to Muqīṭ al-Kadhdhāb

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