Fiz esse Desenho, ficou meio meh

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2021.12.07 15:49 Perobita Fiz esse Desenho, ficou meio meh

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2021.12.07 15:49 RadoslavL Player lagging when a block is deleted under his feet using sendBlockChange

I am using Spigot with Minecraft 1.8, but when i try to remove a block under the player's feet it makes the player phase into the block and then lag back. Am i doing this wrong? This is my code:
if(command.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("blockdetect")) {

 Material air = Material.AIR; Location blockbelow = new Location(Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").getWorld(), Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").getLocation().getX(), Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").getLocation().getY() - 1, Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").getLocation().getZ()); if(Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").getLocation().getBlock().getRelative(BlockFace.DOWN).getType().toString() == "TNT") { 
Bukkit.getPlayer("RadoslavL").sendBlockChange(blockbelow, air, (byte) 0);
 } return true; 
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2021.12.07 15:49 thealbinohippo What made cypher so popular on breeze? Is astra not necessary for teams anymore?

I don't follow competitive valorant super closely, but watching champions I was surprised at how much cyphers pick rate seems to have gone up. I remember on breeze's release people didn't like cypher on that map, now it seems like he is a must pick at champions. Is info more important than a second controller? I thought astra was good for breeze since she can smoke globally. Could someone break down how the agent meta evolve for me? I'm curious what the turning point was.
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2021.12.07 15:49 ShoulderSpecial Got enough experience to say this is very much possible

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2021.12.07 15:49 FaithlessnessOk8159 ken carson & xtc suki?
XTC Suki deserves to actually work with ken carson for this especially for how much he’s been helping the ken community
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2021.12.07 15:49 Loose-Distribution-5 Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Logitech G920 + Shifter

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2021.12.07 15:49 ErwinAckerman Anyone willing to give me a moon stone?

I have spent HOURS underground looking for ONE single moon stone and have had no luck. I’ll give a shiny Ponyta to anyone who will give me one moon stone
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2021.12.07 15:49 Voice_of_Season Help! I didn’t realize you couldn’t put them in the dryer!

They smelled fine afterwards but once I wore them for a few hours they started to smell rotten. I wore one kind of period underwear in the past and they never ever smelled like this!
Do I throw them out?
The brand is the Thinx one you can get at CVS. The one that is $17 each. I’m not sure if that changes anything. If they are made differently. As this didn’t happen with my other brand.
Help please!
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2021.12.07 15:49 pandadream Feeling like a failure

Its been ar least 5 months I was sober and then an image got stuck into my mind and it was like I was completely out of control and relapsed. Now it feels like I have near zero control again. I realize today that this addition will never end, I will forever be addicted and will always have to fight to keep sober. I'm not sure how anyone can live like this and fully understand other additions very well now and how those people feel. I'm one of them. I'll keep pushing on but God damn I feel like a failure sometimes.
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2021.12.07 15:49 sammohammoo [FOR HIRE] Art commisisons open !

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2021.12.07 15:49 ExtraCoffee I’m [F27] confused about 5 years relationship [M29]

Hello, I hope that someone can help me clearing my mind. I’m in a relationship of 5 years, I moved here (8 hours away from my family) after 2 years being together and I’ve been pretty happy overall. Now we share a house and a contract. We always went along well and I feel I grew up a lot because of my boyfriend. The issue is that it’s been some months that I’m not feeling “happy” as before, I’m confused and lately I’m starting to get annoyed by different things that he does, that I was able to handle before. I’ll make some examples. Sometimes he gets visibly frustrated to random people to the point that he risks to pick fights that could have totally been avoided; he uses baby voices all the time and gets annoyed if I don’t; we deal differently how we manage being in a bad mood, with me feeling super stressed cause he stays upset for hours while I think it’s overreacting; it’s difficult for him to accept that people can have different opinions from his owns, so he complains a lot if me or other friends say something that doesn’t align with his ideas. I still love him but I’m confused. I don’t know if periods like these are normal or not in relationships. The thought of leaving our house and move back to my parents’ scares me, it would mean changing my life again and I’m not sure I feel ready for it, even tho to be honest I really miss my family and friends (I have friends here but they’re not as close). I don’t really expect to find the perfect man out there and I still respect my boyfriend, so maybe I should just be more grateful for what I have? Could it just be a period of boredom? Hope that someone can share their thoughts with me. Thanks for reading.
Tl;dr: I’m not feeling happy in my relationship but not sure if it just could be a bad period. We also have a house together so leaving would be awful.
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2021.12.07 15:49 Sirdanovar New Player and stupid

Won't lie I am not sharpest knife in the drawer. Honestly I am more like a spoon. Actually that is doing spoons an injustice.
Enough dumb jokes but I got Chronicon, loaded it up, and always decided to play a pet class. Picked Warder.... Which apparently was wrong? lol
Does anyone have a good starter build for brand new player that is pet based? Doesn't have to be great or anything like that just something get me the feel of the game and such. I seem to do better with pet classes cause they can play and I can pretend I am helping.
Any help would be appreciated and sorry for dumb jokes :)
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2021.12.07 15:49 GamehengeRanger It’s been three weeks

tl;dr - I miss my cat. Otherwise this is going to be a long, rambling read. Three weeks since I’ve had to say goodbye to my closest companion of the last 18 years. I still feel numb, like the real grief hasn’t even set in. It just feels so surreal. Like at the back of your mind you know someday the person you love most won’t be there anymore but your brain does a good job of keeping a curtain over that thought until the day actually arrives. I went through all the stages, knew I was going through all the stages, but still nothing prepared me for the actual event. It really didn’t hit until my fiancée came home from work the day we had scheduled to put our cat down and saw me cuddling with her on the couch and she just broke down. That made it get real. She admitted she had been trying to be strong for me because I’d essentially been crying every night since I made the call to the doctor. And she herself was still in denial, thinking that the doctor would come by our house and say, nope she’s fine! No need to put her down. But that wasn’t the case. What did happen was we sat with her on the couch and petted her and told her we loved her and tried to comfort her the best we could. But for all the comfort we tried to provide, nothing was going to change the fact that her kidneys weren’t working so well anymore and she was almost 19 years old. She hadn’t peed in her litter box in over a month and the weekly trips to the vet were making her so stressed out. So we knew it was time for her to go. The sun was out that day. I was grateful for that. We live in mid Michigan and November is the start of the gray season here. Overcast skies were forecast for the day but the sun burned through around noon and bathed her in light in her favorite window spot overlooking our yard for her last afternoon with us. The doctor told us that sometimes animals will fight the initial sedative shot and it can take between five and ten minutes to fall asleep. But after she hissed at the doc to voice her displeasure with being poked, she laid right down and it didn’t take long at all for her to drift off. On the clock, the whole procedure didn’t take more than 3 minutes at most. But it felt like time had stopped entirely, watching her breathing slowing, her tiny little chest rising and falling with longer intervals, until finally it stopped altogether. The doctor put her stethoscope on my cat’s body and said she was gone. And that’s what the hardest part for me to wrap my head around was, and still is really. There was my cat, but she wasn’t my cat anymore. It was just her shell. That spark that made. her “my cat” was gone. The doctor excused herself to let us say our last goodbyes. I really don’t remember what happened, only that I was sobbing and had never hurt like that ever in all of my life. It almost felt like I blacked out, I remember standing over her at one point and then the next thing I remembered I was on my knees next to her and my fiancée had her arm around my shoulder but I don’t remember how I got there. Thankfully the doctor was going to be transporting her to the crematorium, so I wrapped her up in the blanket we had her laying on and placed her in her bed. It was so strange to feel her little body so limp, the body that I’d picked up and hugged close for nearly two decades. Her head flopped down and her limbs just hung there and she didn’t hug back or squirm to get down because she wasn’t in the mood to be picked up. Whether I was ready for it or not, the rest of my life was going to be spent without one of my best friends. It’s a lot to take in and the brain kind of recoils from that thought.
Her name was Shark. She came to me in the summer of 2003. I was in my early 20s and living in a big old house in southwest Detroit with 3 other friends. We didn’t have air conditioning and the neighboring houses were so close by that it made it impossible to get any kind of a breeze through the windows, so we spent a lot of nights on the porch drinking beers and chatting. We already had a couple cats and a dog in the house, but one night we had a pair of stray kittens walk up to our porch. They were a bit skittish but we put some food out for them and they ate it up and ran away. Then they came back the next night. And the next. They started to let us pet them and they hung out a bit more on the porch until one night as my roommate was heading inside, she left the door open and said “in or out guys?”. They both came in. At that point in my life, I wasn’t really a pet person at all. Never had much more than a goldfish and a hamster growing up. As I was falling asleep that night, I was jolted awake by someone rattling my bedroom door. I flipped the light on and looked down to see a little white tipped paw reaching under the crack in the door. I opened the door, annoyed, and scooped her up and unceremoniously dumped her on the living room couch and went back to sleep. Only to be awakened five minutes later by the same cat. I didn’t feel like playing that game all night so I sighed and left the door open a crack and she jumped up into bed with me. She came and went for the next few days but every night she spent in our house, she always made her way to my room and slept with me. Eventually her companion had run off and never came back, but she always did. And without fail, she always made her way to my room to sleep. When our lease on the house was up and it came time for my housemates and I to part ways, everyone loved Shark but the general consensus was she was my cat as it was my room she always slept in. Thus began my odyssey as a Cat Owner! Where she was once a mild annoyance in my life, she quickly became one of the brightest spots. I could always count on her to be there waiting for me when she heard my keys in the apartment door. Sitting expectantly, chirping because she wanted to be picked up and petted. She was always there as a calming presence whenever I was stressed over my schoolwork, my job work, not having enough money for bills. She had an uncanny ability to know when you weren’t feeling well, and made it point to rub up against you more, to make you feel loved and not lonely. My favorite example of this was when my fiancée was put on a new medication and she had a terrible reaction to it and broke out in a rash and was bedridden for 3 days. The cat spent the majority of those three days in bed with because she knew something wasn’t right. She was the sweetest kitty ever. I’m a man of few words, I keep pretty quiet most of the time, and what I appreciated most about her was the feeling of companionship with absolutely no need to speak. Sure that didn’t stop me from talking to her, or singing off key and changing the lyrics to the song into something cat related, but when I just wanted to be quiet, she was fine with that too. And now the house feels much too big. I find myself pacing a lot in a vain attempt to find what’s missing. I have a hard time just sitting on the couch, because she was always right there beside me. Who knows where she is now. I had a dream about her the other night. She wasn’t in cat form, nor was I in my body. But I knew without a doubt it was her, telling me she would never be too far away from me. Maybe it was nothing more than just my brain trying to make sense of an awful situation, but so what. I’ll take whatever comfort I can get. There’s sun streaming in through the windows over her couch right now and it looks just like it on the spot where she was laying when she passed. I’l always think of her whenever I see the sun shining in like that. How it lit her up while she was laying there taking her last breaths, slipping out of her old broken body and going back into the light where it won’t hurt anymore. If Lavoisier was right, and mass is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction, then that means we really are infinite, made of star dust. Which also means she’s still out there in some form or another. Here’s to hoping I meet up with you down the line at some point, Sharky. You were my best friend. I love you.
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2021.12.07 15:49 eldertrade Phunware goes live tomorrow at 1:55 PM EST

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2021.12.07 15:49 manjond Hello! Im a bit newbie and I just wanted to ask if I need to keep gems for something or should I just summon at 2.5k?

I have near 9k gems cause I dont know if its worth it just summon without an strategy
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2021.12.07 15:49 Lord_Osse Probably the last Utopia related drawing I’ll ever make. Love this guy.

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2021.12.07 15:49 Better_Teaching6697 🎄 Cute Santa | 1000x potential 🚀 | Just Launched | Experienced Team | 7% DOGE rewards 🎁 | Anti-Whale | Dont Miss out !!!

What is Cute Santa?

Cute Santa is a reward token. Every 60 minutes, DOGE dividends will be sent to your wallet, if you hold at least 200,000 tokens. You can also manually claim your dividends in the main contract. Also each transaction you make will automatically claim your dividends. The longer you hold the more you earn!
A max wallet of 3% and max transaction of 1% allows us to prevent big wallets and dumps. The initial liquidity will be locked for several months into the deepest of the deepest locks and will be below 5 BNB so this token has the chance to go absolutely parabolic!

1,000,000,000 Total supply
3% max wallet to prevent whales
1% max tx to prevent dumps

Tax 10% for buy & sell:
7% in DOGE reward
1% to locked liquidity pool
2***% to marketing and buyback***
Slippage is ~ 10-12%

Contract: 0x5164a75e86403867d9863104b69c7d69c942d9dd
Buy Now:
Liquidty locked for 3 years:
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2021.12.07 15:49 thesuperperson Great Set of CLG Wallpapers (I am not the artist)

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2021.12.07 15:49 Kit_Kup New Patch Already?

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2021.12.07 15:49 anon43850 First ERC-20 to Cardani converter is now live on testnet!

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2021.12.07 15:49 Engedie C6 Noelle here what's better? 4p Bolide or Husk set?

I've been maining Noelle for a year now, but I've only c6ed her the 24th of November. I was planning to give her the 4p Retracing Bolide but the new Artifact Set came out. I was looking all over this sub and I haven't seen this an'ywhere (maybe it's cuz I'm blind lel).
But what do y'all think 4p Husk set or 4p Bolide or Both?
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2021.12.07 15:49 Warm_Blankie PROMO FOR MY FIRST NFT

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2021.12.07 15:49 klizeth Reviews on One North & One South?

I am thinking about moving to a 4x4 in One North or a 4x2 in One South. How do you like it? How much do you pay water and electric? Is there a monthly pet rent or is it a single payment? Overall, would you recommend it?
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2021.12.07 15:49 wweyesss HOT ALEXA BLISS 🔥🔥🔥🤤🤤🤤

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2021.12.07 15:49 JuneDesDunes Khaloune - Darkness

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