07-December I am still here

Happy Tree Friends is an animated series created and developed by Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro, and Warren Graff for Mondo Media.A total of six seasons of the series have been released: five seasons on the internet, and one season on television. In 1999, the crew began the series with a pilot episode, named "Banjo Frenzy", which featured a blue dinosaur, a sky blue squirrel, a yellow rabbit ... 07 December Call for Papers: Adapting Violence in/from Classic Texts, 24-25 March 2022. Deadline for registration: 15 Dec 2021 Organiser: Dr. Amy E. Brown. 2021/12/15 The Future of Human Rights: Discussions – Performances – Debates. Please click here for more information and to register for the event. 2021/12/10 Latest publications This is Hermitcraft Tuesday 07 December 2021 12:00 AM UTC. October Ember Tuesday 07 December 2021 1:00 AM UTC. Noah Peterson Tuesday 07 December 2021 2:30 AM UTC. ... It shows you’re still supporting them - even when you can’t shout from the barrier. Head direct to artist websites to stock up. It promotes independence and wellbeing by focusing on what the person with dementia can still do. Date. Thursday, 02 December 2021 1:30pm-4:00pm AEDT. Location. VIC / Online. ... 07 December 2021 10:00am-1:00pm ACDT. Location. Glenside, SA. View event Image. Driving and Dementia. This session provides information about the impact of dementia on ... IoD events are specifically designed to take the 'work' out of networking and enhance your knowledge on key business topics. We host events in a variety of venues across the UK and you’ll find us in all major cities from London to Edinburgh. Starts: Tuesday, 07 December 2021 at 4:00PM Ends: Tuesday, 07 December 2021 at 5:00PM Available spaces: 178. Tutor: John Vigar The majority of church towers in England are square or rectangular in shape, yet about 160 were built in circular form, mostly in East Anglia. Legends abound as to why they exist and in this lecture... /News category. Summer skills for 2021 school leavers. 03 Dec 2021. Get job-ready this summer with fee-free courses across in-demand industries. The NSW Government's Summer Skills program of fee-free sho... Even after installing the Day 0 patch, Night City still feels like it's barely holding together at times. The good news is that all this stuff can be fixed, but it also means the ideal Cyberpunk ... Announcement SEL-2020-07: December 16, 2020: Announcement SEL-2018-09: December 04, 2018: Announcement SEL-2018-05: June 05, 2018: Announcement SEL-2016–02: February 23, 2016: Announcement SEL-2013–03: April 9, 2013 . Have You Tried Ask Poli? ... If you still have Technical Support questions ... Current conditions and forecasts including 7 day outlook, daily high/low temperature, warnings, chance of precipitation, pressure, humidity/wind chill (when applicable) historical data, normals, record values and sunrise/sunset times

2021.12.07 14:28 FallCompetitive7976 07-December I am still here

It is 07-December 17:28. I am peaceful.
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2021.12.07 14:28 PortugalNewsBot Afinal, quem é que se registou autor dos capotes e samarras e anda a cobrar por isso?

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2021.12.07 14:28 herequeerandgreat i`m tired of every adult animated show being comedies

there are many animated shows for adults that i really enjoy. south park, the simpsons, american dad, futurama, etc. the problem is that nowadays it seems like every single animated show for adults these days are comedies. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
i like comedy just fine but i also like variety. think of all the cool types of shows that we could get if people would use the power of adult animation to it`s full potential. i`m getting excited just thinking about the types of shows we would get. unfortunately, adult show creators seem to be more interested in being gross and offensive because they`re more "mature".
it seems like animation fans need to go to shows aimed at younger audiences to get any source of variety. there are many comedy heavy shows aimed at children nowadays but there are also science fiction shows, fantasy shows, drama shows. kids show creators have pretty much tackled every genre under the sun. it`s because of this that, whenever people are talking about the best animated shows of the decade, most of them are aimed at younger audiences.
It`s really telling just how little variety adult animation has when most adults would rather watch shows aimed at children then shows that are specifically aimed at them. i`m not saying that adult animated comedies need to stop being made. all i`m saying is that variety is the spice of life.
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2021.12.07 14:28 HectorCarnicer My starter house on my 1.18 world. Feedback is appreciated.

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2021.12.07 14:28 daily_luv It’s my world…

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2021.12.07 14:28 Select-Quality4661 Anyone up for chat n lines?

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2021.12.07 14:28 Odd_Feedback_3565 21m looking for new friends

Hi I'm lio 21 Looking for new friends from different countries I'm studying medicine in university I like swimming and watching movies Feel free to dm me We can chat here or on Instagram We can start by playing 20 questions game or other games I can chat about different topics
Thank you for reading this 😊
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2021.12.07 14:28 SmugHatKid12 How long do you think monsters can live?

Tori and Asgore were alive well before the war between humans and monsters which happened "long ago" and undertale takes place modern day and the monsters had lived in the underground for well over a century. The deltraune versions of them are probably the same age too. And monsters can die of old age, Gerson did. But we have no real way of knowing how long monsters can live or why they live so long
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2021.12.07 14:28 Acrobatic_Yoghurt_87 Caption this photo

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2021.12.07 14:28 JuniorBlacksmith5243 Ridley Matchup Tier List.

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2021.12.07 14:28 Dark_Warrior7534 So it begins...

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2021.12.07 14:28 LegalEase86 Perlmutter to add SAFE Amendment in Rules Committee

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2021.12.07 14:28 Orya-is-bae Christmas mood with Romeo ⛄

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2021.12.07 14:28 elpezpr Lucky Cats Collection

Lucky Cat 040 Collectible! https://rarible.com/token/0xF6793dA657495ffeFF9Ee6350824910Abc21356C:67433839237345392194632981666207930025026593882712481800406930181896047427634
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2021.12.07 14:28 KD650-916 Do any of you use this ontop of your trt? If so what and how it working out ?

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2021.12.07 14:28 RandomNPC91 Behind the scenes

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2021.12.07 14:28 Postpone-Grant Heads up: Postpone is currently down due to a major outage at AWS

Hey folks! Postpone (and Reddit) are currently experiencing issues due to a major incident at AWS, the host we both use. This is affecting a lot of large sites like Amazon and Disney+ (more info here).
I'm hopeful that AWS will be able to get this issue fixed and we'll be back up in no time!
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2021.12.07 14:28 BmoreBMX New Skatepark Baltimore Maryland Harbor!

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2021.12.07 14:28 BalisticNutter178 Here for help

Look I won't bullshit anyone. Can someone send me $25 so I can fill my truck to finish moving to California?
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2021.12.07 14:28 ninjasole23 Poly pusdy

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2021.12.07 14:28 jcadsexfree Missy, 4-month old rescue, she her hind leg

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2021.12.07 14:28 ajblue98 I’m considering visiting the UK. What are the right to self-defense & use-of-force laws, please?

I’m an American wanting to travel abroad. (My health/medical status is not an issue.) For an American layperson, I’m fairly well read in matters relating to personal protection, and I hold personal ethical views that prohibit the initiation of force. In other words, I don’t start fights, and I’m confident of how to stay out of legal trouble defending myself or someone else here at home.
But I am a staunch believer in the right to self-defense, which is why quite a bit of what I’ve seen in news articles about violence in the UK concerns me, especially when people defending themselves often wind up charged with committing crimes. Several incidents stand out: one where a person faced public weapons possession charges for using a handy object as a bludgeon against an attacker, another where a homeowner was charged with (something like) inciting fear for scaring off serial home-invading thieves, and a third in which an attacker declined to press charges against the homeowner who forcefully repelled him during a broad-daylight property invasion. There also are rumors about a statue that explicitly revokes the right to self-defense and places that responsibility exclusively in the hands of the police — which sounds farfetched, but alas, rumors ….
All of which leaves me curious about what I need to know before visiting the UK. What are the relevant laws and statutes regarding self-defense, the defense of others, and the carrying & use of weapons (not just firearms), and what are the legal doctrines & principles surrounding these issues, please?
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2021.12.07 14:28 theoisokay turned into a 12 month sub 2 days ago. i attempted at art hope you all like it xqcL

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2021.12.07 14:28 SupahCrews Alternative version of a minimalist poster I made for Spider-Man: No Way Home a few days ago. Added a bit more color to the Spider-Men after a few suggestions in the comments. Still not sure if I prefer it like this or with them solid red instead. What are your thoughts?

Alternative version of a minimalist poster I made for Spider-Man: No Way Home a few days ago. Added a bit more color to the Spider-Men after a few suggestions in the comments. Still not sure if I prefer it like this or with them solid red instead. What are your thoughts? submitted by SupahCrews to Spiderman [link] [comments]