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Kitty Biscuit We Knead Em You Need Em...

2021.12.06 08:47 Edwin_Knight88 Kitty Biscuit We Knead Em You Need Em...

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2021.12.06 08:47 blahblahaddictchick Any thoughts? (Mystery substance & pipe)

Last night I smoked out of a glass pipe that had a tip that worked like a weed bowl minus the carb.
The substance was stringy like rolling tobacco, but smelled sweet and sour, like a sour chemical.
The resin was brownish orange, and melted into a puddle when heated up.
The taste of the smoke seemed to stick to the tip of my tongue and it was almost like the smoke numbed the tip of my tongue.
I could smell this pungent chemical smell through my nostrils after a few hits.
I'm not entirely sure the effects of it as I was already high on meth when I hit it.
I know it wasnt spice. So any idea on what it couldve been?
(Yes, I smoked something without knowing what it was...let's move past this shitty part lol)
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2021.12.06 08:47 StyleBloggerIndia Super hot 🔥🔥🔥

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2021.12.06 08:47 Background-Musicc Laziness must be hereditary

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2021.12.06 08:47 dhatura Other sub realizing they are losing the plot

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2021.12.06 08:47 nsueki LF - Moon stones / SP exclusives FT - BD exclusives

fyi i can get any exclusive just might take time for me to breed/catch them for the trade and for moon stones i can do item trades as well
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2021.12.06 08:47 Pale-Relation-5735 I love working out! (OC)

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2021.12.06 08:47 incestalabama69 Do it!

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2021.12.06 08:47 badislay Wo Bubatz?

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2021.12.06 08:47 Spookwagen_II It may be Minecraft, but it's beautiful

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2021.12.06 08:47 NerdInHibernation Books with strong patriarchal theme?

I am going to read The Handmaid's Tale and need more books dealing with patriarchy. Having various female characters, rebellious and brainwashed, both kinds, will be a big plus. Any suggestions?
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2021.12.06 08:47 malleekikidee Why is it whenever you decide to put your Guard down a little you get your heart broken

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2021.12.06 08:47 LordPurloin PsBattle: Boris Johnson dressed as a police officer

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2021.12.06 08:47 Rozaarus Kdyby Nik Tendova tetování byla kšiltovka

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2021.12.06 08:47 dokieduck What's on your mind right now?

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2021.12.06 08:47 fappingjack LBI Come stay with us next summer! Booking now. Weeks still open! ...

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2021.12.06 08:47 Uknowthemvibz Zekrom 2163 4285 2002 (pls be lvl 40+)

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2021.12.06 08:47 Gochme Extra KYC questions for EU clients

Anyone had to answer a bunch of questions after having successfully gone through kyc 1 and 2 vérification?
Very annoying that I have been waiting since November 19 to deposit funds, but I am starting to think it's best no to and cancel the account altogether.
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2021.12.06 08:47 Life_Description271 i need help recovering a file

its basically my diary, and i store it on a pendrive but today it shows up as a corrupted file. it says that its locked for editing by 'another user' but my pendrive is password protected and i dont recall sharing it with anyone so this shouldnt happen. now 1 have 3 options: create a read only copy create a local copy and merge my changes recieve a notification when the original copy is available
now, no matter what i choose, word says that it encountered an error while opening the file. is the drive corrupted? can i recall it by any way possible? i really dont wanna lose a diary ive kept for almost a year now oof
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2021.12.06 08:47 AmyLouise7325 I should find out in the next few hours whether my GF is coming home or not.

My GF has been in prison on remand since 6th Nov, and today she goes to court to enter her plea and the judge decides whether she stays in prison, goes to a psych hospital or gets bailed. Most likely she will be sent to the psych hospital. It's about 100 miles away so I won't be able to visit her very often. I miss her so much it hurts. This month has been the worst of my life. I feel so broken and alone without her.
I'm freaking out just a bit. I don't know how I'm going to cope without her. Her actual court date isn't until next April, so she will be locked up until then.
I'm terrified of what will happen. I'm going to be alone on xmas and new years. I don't have anyone in my life apart from her. I don't know how I'm supposed to cope until next April.
I feel horrible because she's the one going through all this and I'm being so self centred. I just don't know what to do.
How am I supposed to get through this?
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2021.12.06 08:47 Chr1st1_an 🥕🥦

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2021.12.06 08:47 DontCallMeShirley747 CAULIFLOWER IS TRADITIONAL

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2021.12.06 08:47 zetlamj

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2021.12.06 08:47 1nfinitus Everyone in crypto right now

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2021.12.06 08:47 Iammiddow1991 Why is there no 2FA

In a world we’re there is a greater emphasis on digital security. As a long term user I do wonder why Todoist has no support for 2FA through accounts set up directly I get that you can have 2FA through using your google account this just doesn’t work for people who like to have legitimate separate accounts for each service.
Any word on if todoist will be implementing a 2FA process?
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