Why I think you SHOULDN'T build Blackthorn first on Mulan (and what item you should get in it's place)

2021.12.05 23:27 froggydojo Why I think you SHOULDN'T build Blackthorn first on Mulan (and what item you should get in it's place)

TL;DR: The flat pen and CDR on Jotunn's Wrath is more useful on Mulan over the health that Blackthorn Hammer gives.
I'm relatively new to Smite. I started playing regularly in between Mulan and Baba Yaga, with the Free God level up bonus for me being Mulan. Since then, I've mained her my entire Smite career and have spent most of my time with her in the solo lane. This new meta with her being really good has been a blast for me because it no longer feels like I'm holding the team down when I pick her.
A problem I see with people now playing Mulan a lot is the way they build her. Specifically, her first item. Blackthorn Hammer is a really good item, obviously, and it works well on a lot of gods. However, I don't think it works AS well as another item, Jotunn's Wrath, does on her. Let's compare some stuff about the two.
Right out the gate, Jotunn's and Blackthorn cost the same amount of gold, 2200, with their first tier item costing the same at 650. This means if you like the Warrior's Axe + Tier 1 Item + 4 Health Pots start, you can still run it perfectly. The more common Cudgel gives 10 Power and 75 Health, while the Mace just gives 15 Power instead. Honestly, I don't think those stat differences are that big of a difference. My main comparison comes at the Tier 3 version of the item.
In case you don't know what Blackthorn Hammer does, it's 40 Power, 400 Health and 200 Mana. It's passive gives you +10% CDR while under 25% Mana and +50 MP5 while under 25% Mana. A very good item for really cheap at the start of the game. But when compared to Jotunn's, I think it's a tad weak for Mulan.
WIth Jotunn's Wrath, you're getting 45 Power, 150 Mana, 10 Flat Pen, and 20% CDR. The biggest advantages with Jotunn's are the 10 Flat Pen and 20% CDR. 10 Flat Pen will outright negate the enemy's Warrior's Axe, which is huge when you're boxing in solo lane. The 20% CDR compared to their 10% CDR can give you the edge in terms of using abilities. And with the blue buff, you now have 30% CDR within the first 10 minutes of the game.
A big draw back to getting Jotunn's first is that juicy 400 Health from Blackthorn. But honestly, I don't think it's very needed on Mulan. Assuming you're using your abilities a lot with that 30% CDR, your 2 should be ranked up to where you're healing off it. Now during your boxing matches in solo, you're constantly using that 2, healing all the damage you're taking, and doing way too much damage for the enemy solo laner to handle.
The biggest disadvantage Jotunn's gives would be in the late game when you sell it. If you did your build based around Jotunn's & Pridwen for 40% CDR, you'll either need a Red Pot & Blue Buff, or one of the two & a 10% CDR item like a Glad Shield. Not terrible, but it can be a bit jarring going from 40% CDR for most of the game down to 20% because you had to be the one to buy a Brawler's Beat Stick.
Thanks for reading this impromtu essay on the first item of a god that probably won't be meta anymore within a few patches. I'm curious on what more avid players, specifically long time solo mains, think of my stance here.
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2021.12.05 23:27 Broke_Geek I was told to post my OC here. His name is Shades, because of his constantly changing fur color. All credits go to whoever made the creator on Picrew

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2021.12.05 23:27 Puzzleheaded_Log6906 2500 L7's to be produced

I came across a very interesting press release by a mining company in Canada.
The juicy part is "Bitmain’s L7 miners are highly sought after and extremely difficult to acquire. Hello Pal’s current understanding is that less than 2500 L7 miners are being produced, with no further production planned by Bitmain in the foreseeable future."
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Are the switches on the conveyer level broken? I've had switches in the game that have done things before but ever since getting to the conveyer level, they seem to function randomly. Sometimes I can activate them after hitting 10 other things and sometimes I can not.
In this picture on my iphone, I can not move onto the switch.
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2021.12.05 23:27 Experiment-666 Could the necrons and tyranids have a mutually beneficial alliance?

From what I’ve gathered from the lore, the necrons care only for conquest and revenge, and the tyranids only care about absorbing biomass, not necessarily controlling territory. Because the tyranids haven’t committed past transgressions against the necrontyr and pose no threat to their control of the galaxy, and the necrons provide no biomass, flesh, or genes for the tyranids, why don’t these two factions team up to take down everyone else together?
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Helmerald is exasperated
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After doing some research over the weekend, it seems like Rock Band 4 is super difficult to find!
What would be the easiest way to start playing? Xbox One? PS4? PC? Looking for a way to enjoy the game and appreciate any help. Thanks!
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So I was playing some Freelance Survival and something particular happened. We won the first round and one of the opposing players left. We won the next round after that. Then during the third round I got error code bee. Not a big deal. I get back into the game and see that I only have one other teammate. Within seconds I get yet another error code, this time bat. Could one of the opposing players been hacking to cause not only me but one of my other teammates get booted? I had not had another problems before or after that match when it came to connectivity.
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2021.12.05 23:27 revice2100 Possible story idea for an all-female Kamen Rider mini-series/movie

What do you guys think of this for an all-female Kamen Rider mini-series/movie story?
All of the men - including Ikki, Vice, Daiji, Hiromi & George were kidnapped by an unknown enemy, except the women. The only ones who save them are the Reiwa & Heisei era's finest female riders: Jeanne, Sabela, Valkyrie, Tsukuyomi, Poppy & Femme. For what purpose does this enemy have for imprisoning all the male Riders & men alike? And why have other female Kamen Riders joined up with the cause? Girl power is our only hope!
Main Riders:

Minor Riders:
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