Fazendo tributos, novinhas( sem limites), pés, nudes, mandar fotos para o kik mpk9090

2021.12.05 23:33 hajansz Fazendo tributos, novinhas( sem limites), pés, nudes, mandar fotos para o kik mpk9090

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2021.12.05 23:33 UV_Sun Alternative to Adobe Acrobat for 3D pdf’s?

My teacher relies heavily on 3D pdf’s but I just hate Acrobat when it comes to 3D objects. I’ve seen a dozen programs with PDF support, but none of them have 3D support. Does anyone know of any 3D pdf software that I can use (preferably one that allow you to export the 3D object to STL format)
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2021.12.05 23:33 StayFreshy69 Literally the only time I’ve actually done ok solo

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2021.12.05 23:33 nottellingunosytwat Please can somebody help me design a flag for a hypothetical country made up of Italy and a dried up Adriatic Sea?

Minus South Tyrol and plus a dried up Gulf of Taranto and northern Ionian Sea.
I know this is really random lol, but it's a long story. Here's some context.
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2021.12.05 23:33 infinitemuugen Glorious Skin Champion Pose Removed from Skin Pose Selection Chest?

Hey all, a few weeks back I saw a post regarding choosing owned skin poses to be refunded 200 poro coins. And last time I saw Glorious poses from the selection chest (Glorious Lulu - Levitating(?)).
With the new wild pass and ranked store, I noticed that there are no more Glorious skin poses in the Skin pose selection chest, I've checked it 5 times yesterday (Unless my eyes are just so bad, or the selection UI is so confusing and disorganized, randomly arranging the skin poses).
I was trying to see if I can get the Glorious Tryndamere pose so that I can own it and use the ranked points to get more poro coins by buying that same pose (Has anyone tried this? Does it work the same as the owned skin pose hack? Or does the pose disappear after buying it from the ranked store, would love to hear from someone who has tried this, I have ranked currency good for 2 poses or 400 poro coins).
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2021.12.05 23:33 Bobby1171 White to play

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2021.12.05 23:33 prettysmolbread Centurion required mods list

Does anyone have a full list of the mods that the Centurion requires? I checked the steam orkshop page but it doesn't look like it has any mention of the mods it uses
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2021.12.05 23:33 King-Gabriel In-game censor really needs work...

You can't say any numbers for example, which makes communicating a pain - weird thing is you could a few days ago?
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2021.12.05 23:33 ImportantGreen Sebastián Cordova. Reporter is not from the Mexican Media.

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2021.12.05 23:33 VoiceofRedditMkI Getting the sum of an array with recursion?

So the text below might seem as though I have not seen recursive functions, I have, however I do not understand them and what makes recursion recursion in preference to a loop. And so I'd like to try and work up from the basics.

So to my understanding if you want to sum a list such that positions[0] to position[list.Length]
I atleast, would usually use a for loop, for i < list.Length add first value to listTotal += position[i]
However I'm told you can add all of the variables in an array without loops?
I have also heard that "recursion occurs when a method repeats itself" this is supposedly the key?
I would guess that I need a variable outside of the function in order to iterate our "i" equivilent and inside the function one might have something like:
//method begins
globalSum += array[globalPosition];
globalPosition ++;
//method repeats

I might need to rewrite this if it didn't make sense but thanks a million in advance for any advice!
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2021.12.05 23:33 MsVxxen Options Volume Cruncher

Options Volume Cruncher Interesting set up here.......whole lotta action expiring in 5 days......
12/10 Expiry Is Even Steven-Then Huge Drop Off
Where is the Hopium? :)
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2021.12.05 23:33 ramdhakal10 Top high short squeeze potential stocks: December 6, 2021 - PPSI, AGC, CRTX, LGVN, TTCF

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2021.12.05 23:33 Toobusytobreathe Lil miss Emma Jean

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2021.12.05 23:33 Someweirdo237 Nailah's Refine (is really long)

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2021.12.05 23:33 SadSock1313 Anti-Vaxx posters in my neighborhood (and some other unsightly things)

Hey everyone,
Considering this subreddit bans bigotry and hate, I'm gonna assume spewing anti-vax misinfo is frowned upon here. So, I assume this is my safespace to ask this question.
Has anyone else noticed posters in their neighborhood that are anti vax? I go to walk my dog and notice them everywhere. The poster has "moma bear" or something along those lines on the title and I think the url contains some BS like "enduntestedvaxxonkids". As someone who lives central to like 10 school zones and three community centres for children, safe to say I'm a LITTLE FUCKING CONCERNED.
I'm wondering if this moma bear weirdo is just local or [I hope this isn't the case] has a broader audience and is everywhere.
Because my dog is a literal crack hound I never stop long enough to take photos. I also don't want my neighbors thinking im a weirdo.
Everytime I see those stupid posters I get unreasonably mad. I live in a school zone in a low-income community and work with a lot of the local kids at a rec centre. It upsets me that someone would put up this garbage in an area where families are struggling to even pack a lunch to school for their kids. From my experience working with generally miserable people, misnfo spreads like wildfire (because when you are experiencing hell in real life, its not completely inconceivable it could get worse, ie "government trying to make your kids sick") . And by looking at the posters, I can kinda tell some cushy, middle class, faux-pas beavery hills, boss-babe, blurry-eyed mommy is putting this shit up. This motherfucker knows they are effectively targeting the right people.
Am I legally allowed take it down? Can I notify someone of this? I spoke to my mom and she agreed it sucks but gave me the good ol' "freedom of speech lulz".
On another note, a few weeks ago someone spray painted a swastika on the sidewalk a little farther down my street, and then on a paved trail a few blocks away, another person spray painted "FUCK THE HOMOS" :( To add some more spice, apparently based on my location, I keep getting youtube ads for the likes of matt walsh and ben shapiro.
As a brown kid that went to public school in the early 2000's in a majority white neighborhood, I know people are insanely unempathetic through and through. But I didn't realize social isolation would make the fuckers so mask off. It makes me very scared. Moreover, one block away from my house there was a shooting. This all feels like a recipe for a series of hate crimes in the making.
Maybe because of the social isolation I am over-reacting as well. But it feels absolutely fucking awful. I could somewhat handle it when this crazy shit is on the internet or on the news. Not in front of my face on a fucking light post outside of an elementary school.
- sincerely, a concerned citizen
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2021.12.05 23:33 Beechwood4004 What does a DLI student want for Christmas?

Looking for gifts ideas for my son at DLI.
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2021.12.05 23:33 SolidLazy5378 I wonder what happen if they use the Sword Of The Cosmos on SSundee?

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2021.12.05 23:33 Pkmn_Lovar Dead Mount Death Play - Chapter 30

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2021.12.05 23:33 Top-Web3806 Unpopular opinion: I don’t disagree with kody on the whole Covid thing

I don’t like Kody for many reasons but I understand his standpoint on the Covid restrictions. If you have kids who are high risk and other mothers and their kids are UNWILLING to take precautions then I agree they should stay separate. If Christine doesn’t care that much to not be traveling around (remember this was still summer 2020 we’re watching) and putting herself at risk then that’s fine but she can’t expect to be able to be around Robyn and her kids if they have health risks. Same with Janelles boys. You have siblings at risk, if it’s not that important to you to be safer then don’t complain that the whole family can’t be together. I truly think Robyn would want them all together but she’s scared. Whether you agree with her or not is irrelevant. She’s trying to protect her little kids and that’s more important than what these cry baby adults want. End rant.
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2021.12.05 23:33 Arcteler Needing Advice for a laptop

I have a budget of $1800 for a laptop and have been contemplating over 3 laptops at the moment. The 3 laptops are Lenovo legion 5, legion 7 or the Msi Delta 15.6. Is the price different worth it for the difference and are there any other good laptops you would reccommend?
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2021.12.05 23:33 i_watch_the_bees_cas i need more reid memes

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2021.12.05 23:33 sbpotdbot CFL Daily - 12/6/21 (Monday)

CFL Chat: https://discord.gg/sportsbook
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2021.12.05 23:33 Queasy-Page1665 It is the first day of Chapter 3 and I am almost done all of the challenges for Shanta

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2021.12.05 23:33 KushNOj0 UTI not going away

20F 240lb 5’4, currently taking 15mg of prescribed Adderall XR once a day and 20mg of Pepcid twice a day to combat stomachaches and chest pains. Have been on Adderall since July 2021 and Pepcid for about a month. I have lost 50lbs since being on Adderall. I smoke weed as well, never during the day & mainly just to help me sleep or relax at night. I am not a drinker. I don’t do any other drugs and am sexually active but with the same person. I frequent kidney stones as well, diet induced and I am more prone to them due to genetics. Haven’t had an issue with them in awhile though due to cutting out pop and eating less sugar in general. I think that covers that.
I have never had a UTI before this. Earlier October I was feeling back pain where I normally would for a stone, and believed it to be one and drank a lot of water for a weekend to try to naturally pass it. The pain got so unbearable I had to visit the ER where I was told I had a bad UTI. I was prescribed antibiotics and I do not remember the kind. I went to my primary the week after for a follow up and still had the UTI. She put me on Cipro for 7 days. I went back for a follow up and she did not urine test me. I was having bad back pain at this time still and back stomachaches/chest pains. She put me on Pepcid, and everything went away besides my back pain. I went back for it, she urine tested me, and said I still have a UTI. She didn’t seem concerned at all and put me on Amoxicillin. I still had the UTI after taking all of those antibiotics. I got DNA tested and they called me back and just said “you have a UTI, she sent antibiotics to your pharmacy” and I have been taking Flagyl for four days. I have not felt any sort of clear up in myself at all over these four days and know that they are not going to work. I feel extremely defeated and feel like my body is working against me. I do not know what to do, if feels as if it is very very slowly getting better over time but never completely better. I don’t know if I should look into a specialist, bother my primary doctor more, keep taking these antibiotics. I am scared I am building up a resistance to them and do not want that to happen. I feel like I am taking them for no reason and I am just looking for advice on what my next step should be.
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2021.12.05 23:33 ku24-ut21 2022 4* LB Kobie McKinzie commits to Texas

Player 247 profile page
Made with the /CFB Recruiting Post Generator
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