Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Confirms Daredevil Return With Fan-Favorite Actor

2021.12.06 00:46 MattGreg28 Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Confirms Daredevil Return With Fan-Favorite Actor

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2021.12.06 00:46 Weekly-Discussion-36 Best XP Mode Chapter 3

So i was just wondering what the best mode for gaining xp via completing challenges is in Chapter 3. Team rumble isn't very good anymore.
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2021.12.06 00:46 cat_sword Colored Cat Names?

Some of my cats have non-white colored names such as: grey with box around it, orange, light grey, and beige, why are they these colors?
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2021.12.06 00:46 mabup4 Oh no...

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2021.12.06 00:46 PaleConclusion6 Millipede and Crested Gecko?

I've heard that people have been successful housing these two together, but I wanted to double check. Is it okay to put a millipede and crested gecko together?
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2021.12.06 00:46 boredsparrow This German Shepherd will make sure no one hurts this little boy

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2021.12.06 00:46 Putrid_Leadership_18 Ready for a cleaning after a hard day's work..

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2021.12.06 00:46 Stillcouldbeworse familiar

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2021.12.06 00:46 earlgreyyuzu Where can I do DIY furniture? I live in an apartment.

I'd like to get into fixing up furniture, like sanding and painting dressers. However, I live in an apartment. Is there a place where I can bring large pieces of furniture and have access to an outdoor space for electric sanding, painting, etc? The surrounding areas near Cambridge would be fine too. Thank you.
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2021.12.06 00:46 morgan-elise assembly

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2021.12.06 00:46 mubydram I tried using turpentine, but that just made it worse.

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2021.12.06 00:46 2020sVision What types of lessons are considered a must among the wealthy?

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2021.12.06 00:45 sirborksalot Looking for lace suggestions for dark brown Danner Mountain Light IIs

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2021.12.06 00:45 sanjay_swain Is Gnome organization like this? Any proof of any of these claims of censorship made on r/linux4noobs?

I just stumbled upon this comment here on linux4noobs.
I am having a hard time believing any of those claims and can't find anything regarding those but would like to ask here.
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2021.12.06 00:45 wfblatz How much is too much to draw from a furnace transformer?

Hi everyone,
Want to install an Ecobee. Install is easy enough in that I have a C wire and all that jazz (I have 18/6 running from the furnace to the thermostat.)
I want to setup the Ecobee to control my (Aprilaire 600) humidifier. Right now, the humidifier is controller by a humidistat unit mounted near the humidifier.
From what I can tell, this is (usually) as simple as connecting one end of the Aprilaire solenoid to the C terminal on my furnace, and the other to ACC+ on the Ecobee.
However, right now the humidifier is hooked up to its own dedicated 24V transformer, not the C of the furnace. In looking at my furnace, the following are all currently connected to the C terminal:
-Thermostat -ERV Controller (Renewaire Percentage Timer) -AC Condenser unit -Humidistat
With that many things hooked to C, I can see why the HVAC guy put in a dedicated transformer for the humidifier. If I install the Ecobee, I would be disconnecting the humidistat, so that's one less thing on the C terminal. Is the transformer in my furnace enough to handle Ecobee, ERV controls, and the Aprilaire humidifier? Or do I need to find a way to keep the transformer in line with the Ecobee controls?
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2021.12.06 00:45 ActualDin ng lv55 upper cathedral ward

waiting at upper cathedral ward lamp. need someone to help us get to celestial emissary and kill it. username ActualDin password phetcsss
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2021.12.06 00:45 common47 I feel I was lied to about my position (since made redundant.) Should I just get over it?

I am sitting here today and it is still bugging me pretty much 4 months on.
I was made redundant end of August, and I can't let go of the annoyance of it. See, I was hired and told during my interview "we want to bring someone on board to take over and operate the warehouse side of the business, taking care of all incoming/outgoing of stock, inventory and everything related to the warehouse". I was like sweet, I can do that. I got the position.
But then told a few months later, after two other staff members threw me under the bus and didn't own up to their errors and let me take the brunt of it, which the boss told me I was being "aggressive and defensive" when I stood up for myself. However, a few months in they hired an admin girl to work "alongside" me. I was told that she was my "conductor" and would direct me each day. The boss even admitted "Not sure if I ever made this clear, or mentioned in the interview (she did not), but the admin person is your conductor, they will let you know what needs to be done each day, but I don't believe in hierarchies, just she sees the big picture, you just see the small picture of the incoming/outgoing".
This pissed me off and I felt instantly lied to about my position, and I didn't need telling what to do each day as the job was simple as chips.
The long and short of it all is the admin person upon learning they were my "conductor" took up smoking again, took 1-4 smoke breaks a day lasting 5-20 min each. Boss knew about it but laughed it off, shrugged off any errors this person made etc. She was a real brown nose to the boss too saying stuff like "You're the best boss in the world" and letting her know ever second she stayed back after hours "Oh I stayed back 1.5 hours yesterday".
And when I finally got pissed off on a day I was left to pack 38/50 orders, this person was meant to be helping with, I was the one that got made redundant 3 business days later after (also 3 days after my brothers funeral).
So the story of it all is, just get over it? Or am I slightly justified in feeling ticked off and feeling I was lied to about my position?
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2021.12.06 00:45 RLCD-Bot [Mudcat GXT] [Mudcat: RL Esports] [Phase-R] [Demon Disc EG] [Forest Green Blazer]

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2021.12.06 00:45 Hobbit-guy What should I watch tonight?

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2021.12.06 00:45 Striking_Debate1889 looking for scholarship axie i have experience in axie 1500 mmr

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2021.12.06 00:45 2asses1moo Can someone check my math?

I've been reading as many posts as I can, but I need some help. My starting weight in August was 228 pounds. I'm a 6' male. My goal is around 195. My current weight is 206. I lost 2 pounds a week for almost 10 weeks. I have been losing very little weight since. I've been using My Fitness Pal to log all of my food. They suggested 1,720 calories a day. My exercise is to make sure that I walk 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week. (used to only walk 3,000-4,000 a day)
My questions:

  1. I have not been eating my step calories back. I stick as close to 1,720 as I can. (only gone over a couple of times). Is this the correct plan?
  2. Do my numbers look ok? What should I do to start losing again? More calories? Less steps? Less calories?
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2021.12.06 00:45 JaydenUndoer #shorts

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2021.12.06 00:45 Gravitron23 So something went wrong somewhere with my mods for only a single character so far. Had to double take when i was skipping through the dialogue.

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2021.12.06 00:45 CryptoVaper Tourney Results for 2021-12-5

Start=2021-12-05 19:00:08
Place9=RDProgrammer (0) KO:BellevuePhog
Place8=Ender (0) KO:mrlefty
Place7=TheRipler (0) KO:Joshung
Place6=MiGenteD3 (0) KO:Joshung
Place5=mrlefty (0) KO:BellevuePhog
Place4=CryptoVaper (0) KO:Joshung
Place3=TazDevyl (0) KO:Joshung
Place2=Joshung (0) KO:BellevuePhog
Place1=BellevuePhog (0) KO:BellevuePhog
Stop=2021-12-05 20:46:08
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