Dear 343, simple solutions are often the best...

2021.12.06 00:40 JoKo13 Dear 343, simple solutions are often the best...

TLDR: These 5 changes address the vast majority of the complaints I've seen and all of them (except 2-A) could be implemented this week according to the information we've gotten from 343.
Playlists & Challenges:
A) Add basic Slayer as its own playlist. We know you have the background architecture to add at least one playlist because you've done it already, worry about adding other slayer variants like shotty/snipers later.
B) Remove Slayer from Quick Play, and retitle the playlist Team Obj. Then simply remove Quick Play challenges from rotation to avoid issues, which we also know you can do since you've done it already with other challenges.
C) Add a Challenge Swap token to the First Game of the Day Challenge(s). This would go a long way towards making the challenges more accessible & enjoyable. You already have the background architecture for this too as evidenced by the Ultimate challenges & Event challenges which provide rewards that aren't xp.
Customization & Monetization
A) This one is admittedly more complex and would take some time, but promise/commit to having a Custom Palette option in the future. Keep the current system, but make it so that each palette you aquire unlocks it's corresponding colors for the Custom Palette. This would eventually give players the freedom they desire while immediately increasing the perceived value of the current palettes, because each one would get players up to 7 new color options instead just one.
B) Permanently reduce the cost of all items in the shop 25-50%. Everyone knows that the game needs a way to make money and are willing to work with that, but the costs in your shop are nearly double what they would be for comparable items in other AAA Free to Play games. (It's $11 for a full suit of Mjolnir Armor in Fortnite and $20 for a partial suit of Mjolnir in Halo, need I say more?)
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2021.12.06 00:40 restartered My OC cosplaying as the knight

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2021.12.06 00:40 Asahi-P Looking for any spare ayaka starter

If anyone has an spare ayaka starter pls give it to me im currently accountless.
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2021.12.06 00:40 GreenNapster [Costco Wholesale] Ubio Labs 15W Wireless Charging Pad, 2-pack - $25 [Deal Price: $25.00]

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2021.12.06 00:40 GreenNapster 3-months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99

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2021.12.06 00:40 KairuXXXRival Ready for infinite

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2021.12.06 00:40 12nb34 Yes. I just love population enhancements. And I believe I was vindicated ☺

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2021.12.06 00:40 Deep_Complaint5331 Why was Easy E invited to the white house?

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2021.12.06 00:40 licking-windows Undetermined SCP

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2021.12.06 00:40 jennisigh can’t get over boyfriend cheating on me

driving home and turned into my neighborhood and my brain flashed to him pulling in to her apartment complex and them going out and him kissing her at the end of the night.
yes he immediacy called his friend filled with regret but it doesn’t change the fact that at the exact same time i was buying him a surprise present because he wasn’t having a good week. searched all over town for these chocolates and cried from happiness because i finally found the chocolates. bought the perfect packaging, wrote a sweet letter and was so excited to bring it to him the next day.
i remember texting him and not getting left on read at one point and felt sus but just ignored it. then calling him that night excited he was finally able to hangout with a friend and he was short about what they did and asked what i did with my friend.
finding out from an instagram dm that the man i was so in love with cheated on me broke my heart. my hands were shaking so bad and my heart was beating so fast. i knew he was distant because he was starting a business and was busy but i didn’t think it was this.
we broke up and got back together and he is different but im sad our relationship can’t go back to how pure it was in the beginning.
i miss feeling like he could do no wrong and have full trust. i love him and our dynamic and he’s my best friend but i hate that i can’t get over this betrayal and it’s been over a year. our 2 years will be on christmas but i wish he never broke me like this i can’t trust him or other guys.
i get anxious when he hangs out with people my heart pounds when i get a text from an unknown number or a dm request.
i’m sad he betrayed the one person besides his mom who would do anything for him.
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2021.12.06 00:40 SpeedemonPowerage98 I only now just noticed that Exotique looks like a Combination of El Viento and Crescendo but more El Viento how have I only now just noticed this?

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2021.12.06 00:40 Slick1ru2 Catching breakfast

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2021.12.06 00:40 note71 Error 0x91d70001 on xbox series x. This occurs when I play disc one of the 4K UHD version of ‘Zack Snyder Justice League’. Doesn’t happen with disc 2 or the other discs. Any fix that works 100%?

I tried resetting the Xbox multiple times and uninstalled bluray app multiple times.
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2021.12.06 00:40 PhirePhrey Our friends dog kept trying to sneak up onto the table via our laps and kept getting elbow blocked. A modern day tragedy.

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2021.12.06 00:40 Consolefreek Last one at Target, so I had to scoop it up. Been trying to get one for awhile now and I absolutely love it.

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2021.12.06 00:40 clip_mirror_bot Emiru Talks about her Struggle with mental illness

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2021.12.06 00:40 Elvisdad Well y’all…her water broke while we watched Lord of the Rings.

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2021.12.06 00:40 Penguin_Milk1 I did this just to annoy this subreddit. Milk in a plastic cup.

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2021.12.06 00:40 BlacksmithHonest8621 Can I please get help

Can anybody for the love of god tell me if this motherboard will support a ryzen 9 5900x
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2021.12.06 00:40 neomancr The release the hounds post was awesome. Thanks for the response. I recorded this to show the current state of things... Lots of data to crunch this week from what we've gathered.
This is why I don't fear their fud and of they claim something will be terrible we just call their bluff and do it.
Doge is nearing Christmas guys. Remember what it is.
I gonna start making stickers for "we accept doge" etc patches that have built in qr codes allow anyone to get their wallet started or to a basic how to.
Don't worry about cyberspace. It's all just noise. We we taking back one common communities irl.
I wish Shiba was real and tried to form an alliance with them but their discord is a mess of spam bots that'd rinse any thing but "we need to shill moar!" pretty much verbatim.
I was more interested in a unified positive community (if you ignore. The bots comments/spam posts).
If you can think of any other so if it offends you but it really shouldn't, an Egypt of prehistory, Israel Palestine right now, Vietnam up until the late 90s since they wiped out our khmer rouge so who'd continue the genocide and dominate the REEs and rubber?
Doge is a lot more important than they let on. Imagine of the word meme didn't exist. What we'd call it is a social phenomenon.
It is all we need to to be and can be so much more.
But this x or xxxmas however spicy you are, at minimum doge had the destiny to abolish this monster I've sworn I've fought several times on ff7.
The mother of all necessity. Why do we have gift cards? Think of all the waste and lost / damaged cards from the stupid peel off tn(thing peeling off thr entire code just enough to tear it in half?
In the east they had paper money before we did but there was still an essential: a debt note is not a gratitude token.
I'm the easy they'd dress up cash in red envelopes creating an industry of various red envelopes from silk to paper that'd convert cash into gift money.
We all find ways to turn debt notes into something more special and that's the time of doge. Who better but our personal ambassador to earth the doggo to honor with its sigil reminding us of what life's all really about.
About 85 percent of people will smile in completely unconsciously when shown a happy dog. That is the most self less act I could think of. To be happy for another's sake.
Doge is about gratitude and what is gratitude? It's not measurable. It's entirely I subjectively.
Dude doing a sick drum riff with a bassist playing for tips but in doing so creating a moment we all value. And we in turn WANT r in give. And here's the strange thing about tokens of gratitude versus debt notes--we never want to short change the person we are gifting the little well wishes in the form of an economic boost. We would rather OVER PAY than under pay.
This is a very powerful concept. The media may pretend like memes are something they don't understand and something being a meme a on somehow reduces the value of something but if that were true the cross, Jesus fish etc the matter still used to draw Christians to your business.
Lastly no many now much they play their games by using the oldest tricks in the book to so in can buy his wife's nft for millions then write it off, doge had a real community which is why it's so j red heavily controlled and there are constant attempts to make it into a p and d with the board being flooded by the same pointless to the rocket spam that started with the auction simulators to begin with.
They can pretend xyz went up 1000 percent with their own money but it can never be what doge is.
But we also can't fall for their scams. Which is why we bother with our guard doge duties.
In times like this it may seem like a crash but it actually had nothing to do with people. We just somehow got accustomed to AOL dominance and AOL hours will be used in Mars guys!
The way this can be achieved by just a few people is pretty much like setting up a bank run for bots then triggering them to overreact as youve published several times. No digitized system is truly random.
The failed Elion tweet would have been identical if we didn't need more time to track and verify the flow. Anyone curious about how just dm it'd all recorded.
Before this week I was doing experiments like this
And you probably remember me doing a call for shib screeners were very helpful the day before the Elion tweet scam.
I don't do any of this to be abusive. My favorite hobbies are building and modding stuff which you can make money with or is otherwise free. But all the accusations I was running a p and d ring made no sense. According to that theory we'd have to be a secret cabal of the richest people on earth and the do a pull to cause a crash.
All were doing is causing a bot vacation.
I made a super cut of how the Friday crash was engineered through the same thing I've already stated:
This is what an lrhs organized attack on BCH like. That wasn't meant to expand but was was timed as a "touche"
When we intend for it to expand it creates a beautiful rhythmic artifact a since it starts off small and like ac power can become unlimited which is why 13x1<1x1000 works and after requesting 10 minutes we did the same here but this time meant to expand.
After MySpace studies were don't to see how much of social melds was actually human which is why it's so hard "Google" things now and there is so much mess content than before. In 2012 including news bots more than 68% of "people" online were corporate phantoms.
So you've read this far. I have the full video if his the btc crash happened on Friday. How it's done. And I also have a super cut.
Would you feel it safe for us to drop it here? And which?
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2021.12.06 00:40 bobanonymous420 Original Melted Wax!

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2021.12.06 00:40 Leonlalit Magic Token- According to the regulations, this token has undergone the process of tokenization through STO - security token offering.

MTK - tokenized shares of Magic Trading created on the basis of TRC-20. According to the regulations, this token has undergone the process of tokenization through STO - security token offering. STO - the counterpart of the IPO, which meets all the legal requirements of regulators. This procedure is a key element in the legality of the tokenization process and is a guarantee of legal transparency, which reduces the risks for investors.
Benefits of owning an MTK Security Token:

The concept and purpose of this project is very good! I hope that the development team will be able to make every effort to make this project a great and useful project for many people!
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2021.12.06 00:40 hhtoavon Estate benefits

Why create an estate vs single parcels?
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2021.12.06 00:40 tiffms94 A little holiday freehand French tip. 🎄 just one nail though… one day, I’ll find the patience and skill to do my whole hand.

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2021.12.06 00:40 Annie_Kay From my visit to a sunflower field in August

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