Fam; I got into a new project with just as good potential. Worth a look!

2021.12.06 08:36 PhoTime1982 Fam; I got into a new project with just as good potential. Worth a look!

Highest APY that is going to destroy Wonderland, Olympus DAO, Jade Protocol, and Nemesis DAO.
DApp for Ice Dao Finance website: https://app.icedao.finance/#/dashboard
Dex screener for $ICE tokens: https://dexscreener.com/avalanche/0xfefb9b28f341d855b598e16ecc5f83b40cd827e6
Link to trader Joe for $ICE tokens: https://traderjoexyz.com/#/trade?outputCurrency=0x9235b893a3e61a14b2d02a91ec1394fbf411689e
Note: there is 2 $ICE, one for Time, Wonderland Abracadabra; and the other one we want is for $ICE DAO.
$ICE token contract address: ICE token contract address : 0x9235b893a3e61a14b2d02a91ec1394fbf411689e
Official Medium: https://icedao.medium.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICE_DAO_
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/icedao
Thank me by airdropping me a gift in my AVAX wallet: 0x5E759A9c9dE520e89919F13EB31bC05364fe8FC4
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2021.12.06 08:36 BromineBradleyVII 14F, I’m bored and I’ve got time, so I would like to chat! [CHAT]

Hello! I would like to chat with anyone, so I can build my social skills to chat IRL to new people if I ever need it.
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2021.12.06 08:36 Timely-Difficult How far is magic strategy behind physical

Hello, just had a discussion with friends about magic nuking. In consensus, magic is inferior in terms of raw dps. Then few say magic is so far behind physical that there is almost no presence in end game contents and so don’t really need to work on magical jobs. Other says magical strategy is little behind physical and so is still viable. What is your opinion on it?
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2021.12.06 08:36 rabinakram POV PHOTOGRAPHY WITH SONY A7II - SWEDEN

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2021.12.06 08:36 elisshaze Am I in the wrong for asking my neighbors to cut down the noise?

Some background: I live in a pretty old building where noise insulation is basically non existent. My upstairs neighbors are actually pretty respectful and don't make a lot of noise and generally, the sounds that come from their apartment is annoying, but not a trigger for me. Except one thing. Stomping. I already talked with them about the stomping sounds, and the lady showed me her slippers she uses in the house, telling me that she uses them to prevent noise as she knows very well how bothering are heavy heels. All fine, except these slippers have a hard sole and some platform, basically, they make A LOT of low frequency, loud noise. I don't really know how to act. The misophonia has gotten so bad that I cry and sometimes even puke every time I hear her stomping. I can't stop my brain from spiraling into a pit of anxiety. Should I tell them? I even thought about telling them about my OCD and misophonia problems, as they seem understanding people. However, I fear that this could enrage them and perhaps take it out on me.
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2021.12.06 08:36 Inevitable_Insect176 Another test

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2021.12.06 08:36 Dismal-Educator-3967 Zekrom raid on me ‼️ adding first 5.. 1517 2573 1313

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2021.12.06 08:36 ryderclowny leaks

leaks So, I'm helping my friend develop his christmas event for his MM2! Heres a christmas leak:
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2021.12.06 08:36 Fotznbenutzernaml I've heard we're proposing upgrades to drivers' cars now: Here's Alonso

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2021.12.06 08:36 Spare-Spray6508 University-Microservices: Implementing an “University” microservices application with domain-driven design and CQRS with using RabbitMQ on .Net Core.

University-Microservices: Implementing an “University” microservices application with domain-driven design and CQRS with using RabbitMQ on .Net Core. submitted by Spare-Spray6508 to coding [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 08:36 kaitian9 Legendary ev training

I’ve never played using legendaries in pvp, so I’m curious how one EV trains them specifically. Obviously I can’t go back and SR before catching them (ones like Zacian). Am I just goin to have to use a load of bottle caps after grinding them to 100?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 08:36 beepbop21 [mo] well gifted marina

She is well loved. Don’t need anything in return but if you have any spare 2.0 DIYs, they would be appreciated. Please save this sweet girl from the void!
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2021.12.06 08:36 16F628A The Yakumo family and the Meirenji temple

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2021.12.06 08:36 TeacherCertain6949 With this prolonged dip, let it BURN BURN BURN!!

With all the channels popping up, companies offering to burn Shib. This is what the ARMY is for, do your part. It may seem small and insignificant, but so is recycling. You love us and your planet, don't you??
So do what you can to support burn projects. With this dip, we should in theory see a TON of burns this month. BUY the dip, Fu*k the whales, burn the shib!
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2021.12.06 08:36 Archieezzy A playlist I've been updating every week. A melting pot of jazz, italian, french soundtracks, japanese fusion, funk, soul, instrumentals, and hidden gems. Happy Holidays!

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2021.12.06 08:36 FallCompetitive7976 06-December I am still here

It is 06-December 11:36. I am mad.
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2021.12.06 08:36 leguinstarr Christmas is coming

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2021.12.06 08:36 anaila01 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ Listed on CMC 🚀 $370K MC 💥 1920 Holders 💰 Bitcoin Rewards Daily

Mermaid Token is a bitcoin reward contract that pays holders in bitcoin. No need to claim just hold the Mermaid token in your wallet and you will earn Bitcoins.
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🤑Buy - https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x238c5c0c074126226f4afc5c667ee3c623aa0791
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Mermaid Token will do everything in his power to keep you by her side and stay away from the ghastly creatures. Mermaid Token has a few tricks up his sleeves to achieve this, he cross your palm with $BTC for staying by her side and HODLING, but that’s not all…. within Mermaid Token’s lamp he has a secret, when the buys, volume and belief is high, his magic lamp will fill up with $BTC and randomly drop them in a believer’s wallet….MAGIC
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2021.12.06 08:36 AxolotlinTrenchcoat Set on having a specific food

A moment I can giggle at now but also it was to frustrating/upsetting yesterday.
Slightly relevant to the story, I'm polyamorous and live with my partner and her husband.
So yesterday I was dying my partner's hair for just over 2 hours because her hair is super long . I was already exhaused from a draining week, so two hours standing had me even more exhausted. Her husband called to say he was coming home, so I asked if he could buy me icecream on his way back. I sent a picture in our groupchat of the specific one I wanted.
He comes home, and I go to grab the icecream from the counter, and it is the right brand but wrong flavor. He bought me vanilla instead of choc chip. I was trying to compose myself because I honestly was starting to tear up, but didn't want to seem rude or unappreciative. I stared at the icecream for a bit, knowing there was no way I could just eat it because that's not what I felt like.
Even though I was extremely exhausted I really had my heart set on choc chip icecream and not having that was going to cause a meltdown, so I made myself some cookies. I put on the damn oven, looked up a recipe (I can't bake from scratch), made choc chip cookies, then had to wait for them to cool, mixed them with the vanilla icecream, realised it was still melting because of the cookies, put the bowl in the freezer, then had the icecream at like 5pm when I was done. It tasted pretty average, but better than the idea of just vanilla icecream.
Wish my brain could just be like "oh yum icecream, thanks" instead of going into "I don't want this, the idea of this sounds disgusting, this is my least favourite flavor right now" etc.
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2021.12.06 08:36 Hone_Horton Today I realized I've been subsidizing my gf lifestyle. Financial/relationship advice plz.

a few weeks ago we had an argument about cheese. Yes cheese. haha. She gets home and the cheese is finished. We had 2 other kinds of cheese in the fridge (which i had bought) but the mozzarella (which she had bought) was gone. (We bought the cheese's to make pizza 2 nights before.) She was mad that i "ate HER cheese" That day i learned something during our argument, In her mind, the stuff she buy's with her money is hers, the stuff I buy with my money is ours". She didn't say it out right but non the less this is what she meant.
Afterwards i went for a run and my mind got to thinking and i realized that my gf is kinda living off of me? I don't want to paint the wrong picture here, i really don't think its on purpose or malicious/calculated in anyway, i think we kinda just ended up in this situation because we didn't have some conversations that we needed to earlier in our relationship. I'm a little worried now though that if i try to initiate these conversations, its gonna get messy, so i need some advice.
About 3 months ago (we had already been dating for 7 months at this point) she got a promotion at work and my place was way closer to her new job than her parents so i asked her to come live with me. We were both excited for this development in our relationship. idk why we didn't talk about it, it just never crossed my mind, but i didn't ask her to help with rent because i was paying it just fine, i don't need her to help with rent. Utilities have gone up only a little so i just kept paying them without really thinking. Because its my apartment, i just keep doing all the stuff i was doing before she moved in, i buy all the household stuff like toilet paper, towels, cleaning products etc etc and i usually buy the communal food items, she also buys a lot of food but its all just stuff she wants, the meals that we eat together, its usually food I've bought as we make a grocery list each week and i go shopping.
She has recently bought a new car and is paying that off, she buys expensive cloths, handbags, makeup you name it. When she goes out with her friends its to fancy restaurants or day spa's etc. Basically, she uses all her money on herself and since moving in with me, her quality of life has sky rocketed. I'm not rich but i ain't poor either. I'm just not materialistic. I have a nice car, but not as nice as hers, i don't want a new one, i have average cloths as i don't feel the need to buy designer brands, when me and friends go out its usually just to each others houses for drinks and gaming haha. I live a really cheap life and it suits me just fine, but after doing some thinking, i really started to resent this imbalanced between us. Its not about the money, its about feeling like we are on the same page, like we are a team, like we are doing life together. I don't feel like we are doing life together. I feel like i am doing a lot of "us" but she only really does things for "her". I'm feeling a little used rn tbh.
I don't want to put all the blame on her, because as i said, i didn't ask her to pay anything, I am also responsible for the situation we are in, we didn't talk at the beginning and kinda just ended up here.
Just hearing her yell at me the other day and be talking about "her money" over an $8 bag of grated mozzarella, when i have literally saved her thousands of dollars over the last few months by subsidizing her entire life, it cuts man.
How do i have a conversation about equal finances? I don't want her to feel blind sided.
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2021.12.06 08:36 bearcatjb UPDATE 2 (Probably last): BIL tries to dictate if I can speak to my sister (his wife). I shut it down.

The Special Thursdays (as requested by a few)
(Be warned, quite long.)
My 8 year marriage had not been a loveless one, but towards its end, it was a miserable one, which in due time became a miserable and loveless divorce. At first bitterness hung about like our personal black cloud, spewing forth a thunderstorm of nastiness, hard-feelings, rigid stands, and foolish pride, where pain and misery were day-time companions and night-time demons.
If ever a civil word passed between my wife and I, it died of loneliness. Soon after, solicitor’s letters and court battles came as cannon fire in a never-ending relentless war. Two sovereign nations waged an all-out war where victory meant decimation of one and complete destruction of the soul for the other, with a sweet little boy as silent horrified witness to the savage fury and the wanton blood-letting.
The first couple of years after my divorce were dark days, initially I was alone on 56 acres, and nary a human in sight, then finally moved back to the suburbs and family, but having basically lost direct access to my beloved 4 year old son. From being a near-stay-at-home dad, involved in all aspects of my son’s life from his birth, to being a near-stranger he saw for a few hours every other weekend.
But I was back in the city, and there was my sister and niece, who had their own dark days after Sis’ first husband (niece’s father) was killed in a motorcycle accident when my niece was 5 years of age. These were people I could give my attention to, provide help, stability and company, and perhaps fill the pain and loss in my own life. They became the surrogates for my absent Little One. Later came my Sis’ second child, a son to husband number two, Tom.
So it started with me being an adult male presence in my little niece’s life, and providing a small relief to my sister in hers. Thursdays became the Uncle Bear days, first for my niece, Steph, then later for Steph and her brother, Dane.
Initially when it was Sis and Niece, I would be over for dinner that one day a week, then entertain Steph by telling stories, reading her books, watching her perform plays for me, helping her with schoolwork, up until it was her bed time. Then it became the same for both Steph and Dane, though I would usually go after dinner, not that I wasn’t invited, but I kind-of felt that after a day of the family being more or less apart it was important for all of them to sit around the dinner table and bond, and talk and compare their days, without having to feel that they had to entertain, or even censor themselves due to the presence of their uncle.
The only real rule was, “Bear, don’t wind them up too much, ‘cos they have got to go to sleep eventually and they have school the next day.”
Sis and Tom’s house had a separate theatre room, with big couches, thick carpet, overhead projector and giant screen. Thursday after dinner, we took this room over. Sometimes we watched a movie, other times played board games and kids card games. They always had a production to perform for me, or a sing along, which we gave up very quickly, as my singing voice sounds like a cat stuck on a barbed-wire fence.
During these times, while I had the kids, Sis and Tom had alone time. They would maybe sit and chat, or even do their own thing uninterrupted by pesky, curious munchkins wanting to know everything. Tom would tinker in his workshop, sis might call and catch up with friends. They might even drink a bottle of wine and kick back and relax. Sometimes they might even join us in the theatre room to enjoy their kid’s self-produced extravaganza, a play of some kind that they put together in the space of 10 minutes and was immediately ready for an audience. So “enjoy” is kind of a strong word, perhaps “persevere” was more apt. Nonetheless, we always clapped enthusiastically, and encouraged them further.
If I was ever lucky enough to have my son with me a time or two, it became mayhem.
The night would usually end with me sitting on the couch, my niece to one side usually sitting alone, as really, she saw herself as fiercely independent and not needing to be coddled. My nephew next to me, as close as he could get, and I would read to them from one of their books.
I was a great out-loud-reader. I had been a teacher for 10 years beforehand, and knew how to read a story in a manner that kept kids interested. I would do voices, place stresses and emphasis on words and phrases. Perhaps even stop and a carry forth a discussion regarding an important aspect of what just happened in the story.
Sometimes even Sis and/or Tom would come in and sit and become part of the audience, while I regaled them with adventures, and journeys, quests, and dragons, and ladies, lords and princes.
Usually, Dane would fall asleep draped over me, to be carried off to bed and Steph would kiss my cheek wish me goodnight and go off to her own room. I would then have a coffee, tea or a port with Sis and/or Tom, then head home.
This book-reading was one of my favourite things. An aside:
I remember one night I was in bed reading to my son a Harry Potter book, the one that had a giant snake in the walls. I had voices for each character and was able to use a scary voice for when Harry heard the disembodied voice of the snake talking to him.
I looked up for a second to see how my son was reacting, or if he had even fallen asleep, to find that my son wasn’t there, instead was a my-son-sized blob rolled up like a ball, totally covered under the doona. And the blob, it was quivering.
“Are you okay, buddy?”
Shrill little disembodied voice (not totally unlike the snake of the story, only less scary) said, “yes”
“Why are you under the cover?”
“Uhm, I got scared”
“Is that why you were shaking?”
“Do you want me to stop reading?”
“But you can’t stay under the cover like that, if you fall asleep you’ll wake up with a sore back. I also kind of like seeing your beautiful face. Besides …” I was sitting with my back to the headboard, but my lower half was under the cover. “… if I was to fart while you are under there, you might suffocate. If you survive that, it might actually stunt your growth”
“Dad! Don’t you dare.”
“Is that a challenge?”
His little wide-eyed head came out with the coverings tight around his neck, and I began to read, but in normal voice, without doing separate voices, especially not the scary one.
“No!, dad. Read like before”
“Are you sure, it might scare you?”
“That’s alright, I don’t mind it. Anyway, you’re not going back to your room, you’re sleeping in this bed tonight.”
“Alright, as long as you don’t wet the bed.”
I turned to continue the reading, and even before I started, he was already quivering.
Back to the story:
There was one particular Thursday that earlier my Sis had asked me to wear neat-casual when I came over that night. Not formal but nice clothing.
I said, “Sis have you got people over? You know I’m not really all that good with company. I can come another night.”
“No no, it’ll just be us,” she replied, “and before you ask, ‘why the neat dress?’ You’ll see”
So I showed up in neat casual, to be greeted by my niece (12 to 14 at the time) in formal dress.
“Please come in Mr. Cat.” She said, “It is a pleasure you were able to attend this evening.”
I was slightly taken aback, but saw the mischievous smile on my Sis’ face, as she was standing behind my niece.
“The pleasure is all mine ma’am”, I replied
“Please, please enter,” I walked in. “May I take your coat?”
I removed and gave her my jacket, as I followed her into the kitchen dining area. The kitchen table had been set with a fine lace table cloth. A vase with multi-coloured flowers was the centrepiece, and an array of cookies and cakes had been set on trays around the table.
“Please sit, Mr. Cat,” said my niece
“I don’t mind if I do. Thankyou.” And sat. Then Dane, Tom and Sis were also ushered to the table, and sat down.
Dane was maybe 4 or 5 years of age, squirming in the finery he was forced to wear, but the funny part was his utter shock and disbelief. It was as if his sister had been abducted and replaced by an alien who looked like, but definitely wasn’t, her.
“Now, can I interest you in a coffee or tea?” said niece Steph, as she got up to head to the kitchen area.
I looked towards Sis and softly asked, “what’s going on?”
“Steph wanted to host this evening,” she said, so we allowed her. She told me that now she is a woman, so feels she is old enough to entertain.
Sis, then got up and said, “Miss Stephanie, allow me to assist you” then headed for the kitchen. Hosting was one thing, but being unsupervised around the stove was another.
Tom, Dane and I just looked at each other, wanting at any moment to break out laughing. Dane was like a coiled spring, ready to rip his uncomfortable clothing off, and start running around the house.
Tom gave him the “behave-yourself” look, and Dane settled a bit, then chose to reach for a cake.
I said, “excuse me, young man, it is rather rude to start eating before everyone is at the table.”
Dane took exception to this, and looked to his Dad to confirm that he could still take a cake.
“Mr. Cat is correct, Master Dane. It is extremely ungentlemanly to proceed to eat while the hostess is not at the table.”
Defeated, Dane retreated his empty hand.
Tom and I grinned at one another, then started a banter as if we were high-fluting, upper class men of prominence, discussing the stock market (‘stock’ ended up being pigs, cows, horses and chickens), politics, our respective hoity-toity university we never attended, but pretended we did, and ventured our disgust at the ‘unwashed masses’.
Dane pivoted his head from one of us to the other as if he were at a tennis match, I’m sure convinced that the aliens have taken over and replaced everyone he knew.
The night continued in this vain for the next few hours. Sis joined in with the artificial over-the-top conversation, and it became a giggling chaotic mess, which lead to niece frowning and “ahuming” us.
At one point, during drinking of tea, I “ahumed” Dane to get his attention. Once he looked at me I led him with my eyes to look at my hand. He looked at me with a gesture of “I don’t get it”. I wigged my pinkie, to show it was extended, then drew his attention to his mom and dad who were doing the same. Dane, then did the same, and immediately fell into an hysterical laugh, as if it was the funniest thing in the world.
Steph was barely stifling her abhorrence at this uncouth behaviour.
That led me to later gently poke Dane in the ribs when no one was looking to try to set him off again.
At another moment, Steph, decided to try her luck and offer to provide wine, to which she made a point that as a woman now, she should also have some. We all broke down into laughter, to Steph’s consternation.
It was a glorious night, which ended with my saying, “so I guess we have outgrown the story reading portion of our evening.’
“Mr. Cat! My goodness, don’t be silly, story-reading is forever,” said niece. “A mind must always be developed and kept sharp. I think we should read one of my Sweet Valley High books.”
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2021.12.06 08:36 Ok-Scarcity-3 Love how the Tampa Bay Lightning have owned Philadelphia here and there

Let's go lightning!
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2021.12.06 08:36 Affect-Electrical Coinbase Earn. Get paid to get brainwashed, but where does the money come from... Is it you?

So, I've seen these ads for Coinbase Earn - apparently you can "get paid to learn about crypto". Basically you watch crypto adverts, er, tutorials and then answer questions on them. Apparently, they have given out millions. But how could the people whose business is making profit on sales of crypto possibly make money out of paying people to learn about buying crypto?
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2021.12.06 08:36 GaddockTeegFunPolice What was the most shocking conversation you overheard?

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2021.12.06 08:36 pinguaina Last Year's Christmas with family. We are European.

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