Life In The Philippines Relationship Tips 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely

2021.12.01 07:10 bdix004 Life In The Philippines Relationship Tips 5 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely

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2021.12.01 07:10 Kvxyo Does my lineup suck for my level?

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2021.12.01 07:10 Bricktrucker On Chapter 11:Teresa & would like a small discussion plz

So I'm posting this while avoiding seeing anything else posted in case of spoilers. I have some questions about what I've noticed about someone, or things they said. If there's a general discussion I'm sorry, but I missed it because I don't wanna click or see anything posted here. I'm clocking in so I'll check back on break and hope I get a few ppl interested in anything before Chapter 11: Teresa
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2021.12.01 07:10 adityaprv33n My ex GF is very manipulative and a sucker for attention and now I'm worried for my future

I (17M) met my ex (17F) about 4 years ago, where we immediately hit it off and became best friends. We were really close together, and we had a playful aggressive relationship, where we showed our love by roasting each other and things like that, no matter how bad the jokes got we both knew it was all in good faith and that we loved each other in the end. That being said we never poked on each others appearance or any sensitive issues or anything, just normal teasing as 2 teenagers would do. Things started changing after the first 2 years. We got very close to each other, and our relationship was becoming more and more romantic than platonic. One thing led to another, and we started dating. We had an extremely physical relationship and it was VERY consensual. I had said yes to her at the time only because i really did not want to lose someone as close to me as she was. So i let her have the reigns and make all the decisions in our relationship and one of the first things she bought up was getting physical with each other. We were 2 very horny and stupid teenagers lol.
Consent was super big to me, living in India i knew all it took was one allegation and your life was ruined. I was so careful to really know her intentions and if i really did have her consent, to such a point she got annoyed with me cause i was being way too cautious and asking her if she was okay with all this too many times lol. COVID struck and we couldn't see each other for an entire year, and intimacy got taken out of the question. We fought occasionally but it was all my fault the entire time, she'd leave me in the dust for hours and I'd overthink the entire time, and by the time she came back to me I'd be all over her and apologizing and because of this i got attached to her so bad, ignored my needs cause she became my everything. She was gaslighting me constantly, promising me a future together, promising me she'd never leave me and I believed her. I was pretty much her lapdog at this point, and she knew I couldn't live without her and she even told this to me during an argument.
Things got worse and worse as she finally started falling out of love. I stopped being her priority anymore and she wouldn't look at me, talk to me much or have the time to text me or talk to me. She blamed it all on depression every time i bought it up and it always ended in me compromising and being sympathetic towards her. I really wanted to love her and take care of her thru her healing journey so she could finally be happy with me. But it never happened till one day out of the blue she says she wants to break up. We did, Few days later we make up again, rinse and repeat for an entire month and we break up again. Few days later she tells me that we aren't over and she still loves me, but can't be in a relationship rn. I'm so confused and I ask her what does she plan on doing with me, if she wanted to move on then she should just let me go. She flips out on hearing me speak out and starts abusing me because I was supposedly the reason why she couldn't heal. She blamed me for pretty much everything that was wrong in her life, her low self esteem, depression, anxiety, abusive parents literally everything. For our entire 4 years together, I never got mad at her even when she messed up badly but I really couldn't stay silent here. I spoke up for the first time in my life and told her that we were pretty much done and i know my worth and i dont deserve this. She gets personal and starts making up lies, saying how i touched her inappropriately and how I made fun of her physique, how i kept pushing her to do things she didnt want to. I never did this. I've always stopped anything and everything she said was making her feel uncomfortable. I did things which i didn't really wanna do for her happiness and she says things like this. She says she hates me and hope she never sees my face again and cant believe she was ever with me. She blocks me and starts spamming her pics on her social media, something she never did with me, even when I encouraged her every single time to. I am worried rn cause she has no problem ruining someone else's life if it gets her the attention she needs. She is an addict to it, and apparently the story she told about the dude from earlier, who asked her out was mostly lies. She has no problem lying about others and letting them go once she's done with them and now I am afraid she may ruin my life too. It just takes one word from her to turn everything upside down, and I'm truly afraid. Idk if i should somehow text her cause she said never talk to her again and has blocked me literally everywhere. Idk if i should beg her to stop. Someone please tell me what do lmfaooooo

TLDR: My gf is a huge sucker for attention and doesn't mind ruining lives for it. We ended on bad terms where she spewed a whole bunch of lies about me which never happened, and now I'm worried she may spread these lies and ruin my life too.
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2021.12.01 07:10 QuiGonJinnnn Third person Mod SE

Any mods for better movement while using Third person on SE? there's a bit of delay on the reaction time after pressing a W A S D.
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2021.12.01 07:10 InternalTrain7963 'Visionary Awards' hosted by CJ ENM Yoon Yeo-jeong "The true visionary is Vice Chairman Lee Mi-kyung"

'Visionary Awards' hosted by CJ ENM Yoon Yeo-jeong
People who presented the entertainment industry vision for 2021 gathered in one place.

CJ ENM held the '2021 Visionary Awards' at its headquarters in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st to highlight the achievements of six 'Visionaries' who led changes and innovations and led trends in the Korean entertainment industry this year. held

'Visionary' is an awards ceremony that highlights the achievements of a person who selects a trend keyword that penetrates the entertainment industry in that year, such as broadcasting, film, music, and performance, and presents the next vision of the cultural industry with outstanding performance and influence.

This year, six singers BTS, aespa, broadcaster Jae-seok Yoo, actor Yeo-jeong Yoon, CJ ENM PD Choi Jeong-nam, and director Hwang Dong-hyuk were selected as visionaries and announced on the 24th. (in alphabetical order)

The awards ceremony was held privately at the CJ ENM Center in consideration of the COVID-19 situation. This year's visionary Espa, Yoo Jae-suk, Yoon Yeo-jeong, and Choi Jeong-nam PD, as well as the members of 'Street Woman Fighter', attended and lit up the event. BTS and director Hwang Dong-hyuk were absent due to overseas schedules.

Actress Yoon Yeo-jeong, who wrote a new history by winning the Academy Award for her movie 'Minari', said, "I am neither a prophet nor a prophet, so I thought about why I was giving this award. I think the most true visionary among people I've met is Vice Chairman Lee Mi-kyung. I want to give this award back to her."
Yoo Jae-suk, who has built a unique worldview in the midst of rapid change, said, "Even though I lack the ability to create trends, I will show you a new and changed image. Amazing things are happening through K-content, and we will show K-entertainment that is loved all over the world. I will try my best to make it happen."

In addition, PD Choi Jeong-nam, who presented a new vision by raising the non-mainstream subject of 'street dance' to the surface of the entertainment industry through 'Street Woman Fighter', said, "I want to share this glory with the dancers. What kind of leader am I in the production position? It made me think a lot. I would like to share this award with the writers and directors who were with me, and thank you to everyone.”

Singer Espa, who established an identity as the first metaverse group, said, "It's an honor to be able to work with the 'Visionaries'. I will do my best to become an artist with a good image and a positive influence with responsibility rather than burden." expressed joy.

In addition, director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who has driven the 'squid game' craze around the world this year, said in a video, "We are not in the same time and space as you, but we feel connected together in the name of 'Visionary'. Congratulations to all the winners." He expressed his feelings about the award.

Meanwhile, in mid-December, CJ ENM plans to release documentaries and interviews that highlight the meaning and achievements of 'Visionary' and its influence on the entertainment industry.
먹튀,먹튀검증,먹튀검증사이트,먹튀신고,먹튀제보,먹튀 사이트
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2021.12.01 07:10 g4m3f33d Fortnite 'The End' Event COUNTDOWN: Start Date, Time & How to Play - RealSport101

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2021.12.01 07:10 attractdistract Issue with running ublock on MS Edge

Can go to the site just fine, it loads and everything. But then as soon as it does, I just get a screen that says "AdBlock breaks it!" in the top left corner. Any idea why? This is the first time I've encountered this.
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2021.12.01 07:10 Altheatear Almost went lucid, weird night today

I kept randomly waking up in the middle of the night. Every time I did, a dream associated it, and that was kind of annoying since I woke up at least 10~20 times. Every time I did wake up, I reached for the water bottle (I was unbelievably thirsty, mouth and throat completely dry, still am).
I think I had in mind to do the reality checks but since I was sleepy as hell, I just kept repeating it in my mind.
Somewhere along the dreams, I suddenly turn lucid. No clue if I did a reality check or not. All I remember was I rubbed my hands together to stabilize the dream after realizing it was falling apart.
I kept rubbing my hands, but out of nowhere these words appeared, spaced out and coloured in white. That distracted me and I couldn't stabilize the dream.
I think the reason I went lucid/rubbed my hands was because it was freezing yesterday, my hands were almost ice and I was rubbing them for some heat.
This whole experience was pretty weird.
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2021.12.01 07:10 Astrofotino How long does the "this phone number was recently used on another account" last?

My brother made an account with my phone number and locked me out. I managed to get back in using a friend's phone number to verify, but when I went to change it back to my phone number it said "this phone number was recently used on another account." How long do I have to wait for this to go away?
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2021.12.01 07:10 bajqiqi Gladiator NXT standard a little choppy

Ok so I got myself the NXT standard I assembled it and everything looks and feels premium, except for the movement around the center. It feels "clunky" near the center.
Is this normal? K
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2021.12.01 07:10 bastion_12x updated Bitcoin stats model, I've added counts of addresses with different minimum values, ranging from 10USD to 10M USD. Quantile Regression fit remains about neutral for the short term.

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2021.12.01 07:10 newfoundpleasures so the 20T whale's got jokes

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2021.12.01 07:10 EnvironmentalCode840 is this legit

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2021.12.01 07:10 Deven247 I survived No Nut November, only to have done the worst thing possible.

After the clock hit December 1st, I couldn’t sleep. Then, around 4:50, I made one of the worst decisions I’ve made since last year.
I humped the bed until orgasm.
I never got to see if I had any benefits. I never did anything with my girlfriend. I was busy and frustrated and burned out the whole month, with events, business trips, and appointments, one after another, until finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I just humped the bed until I orgasmed. I didn’t watch porn or anything. I wouldn’t let my hands touch my dick. I simply humped the bed, having lost full control of my urges.
This has been one of the worst and most humiliating L’s of my entire life. I’m just not looking forward to anything after what just happened to me.
I’ve lost control of myself for the first time since September 4th of last year. I have nowhere else to turn to. I’ve lost everything I’ve ever worked towards.
I hope it was worth it, past me. I hope it was all worth it.
I might quit. I’m no longer worthy of the W’s I’ve had in my life up until this point. I’m no longer worthy of anything. I’ll never get to experience what other man have. I’m back to being the nervous, frustrated, useless piece of shit I once was, my man seed having exploded because I couldn’t even wait for my own fucking girlfriend to jack me off in just a few days.
Fuck me. I just want to off myself. My dreams might as well be gone now. Pissed away. I have no future, and I have no place on this fucking planet Earth. All I have is myself and a busted man seed.
There was a time where I had this retention thing in the bag, and now it’s all gone, and it won’t be for another long while that life will ever, ever feel worth living again. Maybe it’s just time I left this shitty planet for good.
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2021.12.01 07:10 JeiwizChikito GROUP AND RECOMMENDATIONS TO BUY

Good morning miners, I want to buy new-used hardware at a price to start importing to Colombia, on which page do you recommend buying, group or some kind of contact with a recommended importer, I want to become a Colombian importer and I have the capital, I was very grateful to your comments.
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2021.12.01 07:10 SpizdiL Дезинсекция. [Слайд]

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2021.12.01 07:10 Justlikemiro Mega steelix 0218 3605 5932

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2021.12.01 07:10 Beginning_Life6004 How long does the honey moon phase last in a relationship

I’ve been with my GF(22F) for 7 months and we went very fast from the very beginning. Sex on first date, officially a couple a week later on our second date. Met each other’s parents by the end of the first month. Slept at each other’s places by month 2. Then living together by month 5. Overall we are still very much attached like we were in the beginning. We say I love you all day. Play like little kids all the time. Cook together. Groceries together, shower together, and have sex almost every day which is honestly better each time since we know what we both like. We talk about marriage, kids, and being together forever. Just want to know if this is destined to end or is it possible to keep it this way.
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2021.12.01 07:10 ZoolShop Town Hall lit red for World AIDS Day

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2021.12.01 07:10 Combo-Cuber Am I good enough for comps?

I'm sub 15. Should I go to a comp?
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2021.12.01 07:10 henrybun 是這麼巧嗎?

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2021.12.01 07:10 he1terske1ter Why is it impossible to attract a girlfriend?

As a physically disadvantaged and socially awkward guy, I've spent all of my life in loneliness and isolation, watching every other guy get the girl. It didn't take me long to realise that the system was rigged against men like me. If you don't win the genetic lottery or have wealth & social status, you will struggle to attract a woman into your life. I've read every single piece of "advice" on here for men in my position and none of it is remotely helpful. It's all based on bluepilled thinking.
Here is some of the usual cod philosophy to watch out for:

  1. its ur personality
Personality is a meme. If having a positive personality meant anything, women wouldn't gravitate towards musclehead dudebros or manipulative, emotionally unavailable psychopaths.
Many women will often preach about wanting a man who's "funny, caring and sensitive", but as soon as that man reveals his vulnerable side to her she becomes drier than the Gobi desert. It's simply a shit-test to weed out unmasculine men. Trust me, as much as women will harp on about gender roles, they are only referring to the ones placed on *them*.
  1. just work out
Keeping fit is obviously beneficial in general but it is not the key to a girlfriend as so many claim. A man with inferior genetics can pump iron 10x harder than the average chad and women will still overlook him for the naturally attractive guy, After all, the word 'gymcel' exists for a reason. Women are only physically attracted to the top 1-2% of men. If you're not at least a solid 8/10, she will not give you a second look. That is why the majority of women are dating men based on socioeconomic status or superficial charm.
  1. lower ur standards
More plebbit meme advice. It works on the misguided belief that "incels" are all chasing Instagram models. I guess if you lazily assume lonely, single guys are all trying to bat out of their league you don't have to acknowledge their grievances. Also, women are naturally hypergamous, so even if a single guy sets himself a realistic target, the woman will always be looking to punch-up to someone who's higher on the totem pole socially, financially or physically.
  1. don't be an incel
This is quite possibly the most annoying piece of advice, because it's intellectually dishonest and operates on backwards logic. Men who are afflicted with physical disadvantages or developmental disorders are fed into a negative feedback loop during their formative years that will often taint them forever. How could someone not become an incel after being exposed to the cold, unforgiving reality of the dating market?
  1. try a dating app
It's hard to know if this advice is a sick joke or not. Dating apps like Tinder are soul-destroying for even the average schmo. They are a glorified meat market for women to hook up with the most sexually attractive men. The worst thing is that even an average woman will be able to find a Chad for the night, but after she's been pumped and dumped she will still feel entitled to a Chad boyfriend.
  1. get therapy
Therapy is pseudoscientific cope that doesn't change external realities or human nature. It is nothing more than an expensive distraction.
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2021.12.01 07:10 b3th4nn My secret Santa gift :) this is the recipients dog, Elska!

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2021.12.01 07:10 CnonShrpe Just being nice or something more?

I've been talking with a friend and I have no idea if she likes me or is just being nice. I've known her since college and she is kind by default. The thing is, we've been talking almost everyday for the past few weeks. What signs do I look at to figure out if she has a thing for me or is just being nice?
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