[help][XBX] dancer

2021.12.01 07:12 dry_gamer [help][XBX] dancer

Keep getting this post wrong and removed 😩
I'm level 50 and need help with dancer.
Hopefully this finds its way onto post lol
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2021.12.01 07:12 Thee_Only_Roman Is this a good Buy???

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2021.12.01 07:12 RandomAussie123 APHO World

Can someone please advise me on how to build my characters for fighting the World boss?
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2021.12.01 07:12 ericktheblack 1 Year Apart , Started Nov 17th 2020 - Nov 6th 2021.

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2021.12.01 07:12 Several_Temporary977 If you know anyone HML lol

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2021.12.01 07:12 aethist TYPING INTENSIFIES

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2021.12.01 07:12 mbaramars Read the daily comic of ADAM THE MARTIAN. THE ARCHITECT OF MARS. Updates daily

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2021.12.01 07:12 Ninjapuppy1754 Should I ask for a date in 2 weeks?

I want to have a date with this girl but she has plans for this weekend so I was thinking “ok, ill just ask if shes available next week” but I’m not sure if I should ask now, or wait till the start of next week. Sorry if this is an obvious question
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2021.12.01 07:12 Dcipher01 About Talia Al Ghul

This text involves storyline from the Tigress arc.
Every scene Talia is in, especially 4x08, she’s always looking from the shadows. I think Ra’s Al Ghul and Sensei are sincere in what they do. It’s Talia that is suspicious. This leads to my theory.
What if Talia is secretly working for the Light or replaced Deathstroke? It’s weird that Deathstroke hasn’t shown his face during Tigress’s Santa Prisca breach and battle. Where is he? Why isn’t he helping Lady Shiva steal JL intel, which the Light wants? If he’s ousted from the Light, it’d make sense. His failure with Terra that led to Lex Luthor’s indictment could’ve been the nail in the coffin.
Talia could secretly be running the Shadows behind the scene. This would allow her to train Damian by her side, something she chastised Cheshire for with her daughter. This could also lead to her betraying her father and permanently ending him, a twist on the Son of Batman storyline.
Just something I’ve wondered about.
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2021.12.01 07:12 Traineesol Adcal tablet expiry says November 2021

Would I still be ok to use these since it's only just gone December ? Or would it be better buying a new prescription, I'm taking these with my steroids. Thank you
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2021.12.01 07:12 MrDuckling_ Typical Markiplier things.

Hi guys, im making a markiplier drawing, but what are some typical things he has, like coryxkenshin has momo, like ksi has his hamster and tank (forgot his hamsters name) what does markiplier have?
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2021.12.01 07:12 88648432 『マインクラフト』大型アプデ「洞窟と崖」第2弾が配信開始。天地が広がり洞窟も巨大化、ダイナミックな冒険が楽しめる圧巻の世界に

『マインクラフト』大型アプデ「洞窟と崖」第2弾が配信開始。天地が広がり洞窟も巨大化、ダイナミックな冒険が楽しめる圧巻の世界に submitted by 88648432 to newsokuexp [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 07:12 genealogystuff4 Where do I pass? (Two pics)

View Poll
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2021.12.01 07:12 -zero01one- WORKPLACE LIFE HACK

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2021.12.01 07:12 Puzzleheaded-Ad-1411 Young girls are a lot more susceptible to anxiety, low self-esteem compared to young boys because of their social media habits

People will say there are a lot of “male influencers” on Instagram, Tiktok that do exactly the same thing as female influencers.
But I believe there are far few young boys active on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat compared to young girls.
Many young girls are aspiring to be social media influencers, not true for young boys.
I would say that it would be a fair statement that “most women aren’t social media influencers, but most of the social media influencers are women”
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2021.12.01 07:12 BompinTV Upgrading game package to LTI

Hi. I own an Aurora MR game package (including SQ 42) and would like to upgrade this ship to another one that has LTI so it can be applied ti the game package.
Does anyone know if there is a way of upgrading this Aurora so I can get LTI on my game package?
I only want to upgrade the existing package and am not planning to buy a standalone ship with LTI (I have few of those already).
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2021.12.01 07:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Target: Stocking Items for the Family Under $5!

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2021.12.01 07:12 Historical-Salad-213 What is a hindu view of creation of the universe and world?

One view is that the universe wasnt created at all by any God because Brahman is above space, time and causation how can someone who is above time and causation create universe at all instead universe is just another manifestation of brahman and everything around us is as a result of that
My point is that is this the view among majority hindus who believe how thr universe came to be?
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2021.12.01 07:12 KAFFEEKLATSCHKPOP 211201 IVE - DEBUT SHOWCASE @ 20:00 KST

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2021.12.01 07:12 MelissciousMoose This sunflower was meant to be yellow like the picture on the packet...

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2021.12.01 07:12 GOAT_Preacher Am I the only one who likes the game?

When looking trhough this sub it feels like not a single one of you actually enjoys playing the game. Sure there are a few bugs here and there (for me my gun stops firing about once a day), but thats it. Aside from feeling useless as infantry sometimes and the horrible vehicle controls. The other maybe 95% feel very close to home for me. I always wanted a "new battlefield 3" (one of my alltime favourite games) and this is basically it. But with modern movement, graphics and gameplay. Of course, better optimization, leaning and more guns would be cool, but nothing updates cant fix. For me Battlefield is the first game in years that got me hooked again, always giving me something to enjoy when I come home. So yeah, I really like it and I hope it doesnt die soon.
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2021.12.01 07:12 Most_Promise_9413 Harris teeter is scamming me

I started working at Harris teeter and they wanted to move me to full time hours but I said not until I start my full time pay which is a 2$ raise. On October 31st the manager told me it was done effective immediately and the next day I started full time hours…only to find out 2 weeks later that they never moved me to full time pay. Now they won’t reimburse me for that time and the manager started gas lighting me saying he never said that and he gave me 40$ in cash to shut me up basically.(I would have made more) I’ve called HR several times and no answer. Now I’m being bullied at work basically. I want to rage quit but I actually like the job itself. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.12.01 07:12 ilknurr 35% off >> $86.99 >> ANBERNIC RG351P Handheld Game Console Banggood Coupon Code [64GB 2500 Games]

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2021.12.01 07:12 CatOfRivia Sauron? Original? Gigantic eye on top of a tower?

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2021.12.01 07:12 Available-Citron2749 ερώτηση για τους αρνητές ηλικιωμένους

Εφόσον σε κάποιες περιοχές υπάρχουν πολλοί αρνητές ηλικιωμένοι άνω των 60 και ταυτόχρονα άτομα που πεθαίνουν πολύ κτλ. Τότε τι υποχρέωση έχει το δημόσιο σύστημα υγείας να τους νοσηλευσει όλους αυτούς; Εφόσον είναι δικιά τους ευθύνη, δικιά τους επιλογή κτλ είναι πλήρως υπεύθυνοι ενήλικες που αποφασίζουν για τον εαυτό τους. Τι υποχρέωση έχει η κυβέρνηση να κρατήσει σώνει και καλά εν ζωή κάποιον που θέλει να πεθάνει;
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