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Metal Chain Maker

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2021.12.06 08:24 Morty154545 Everything I have so far for Into The Clans!

Book one. Into The Clans Allegiances Thunderclan
LEADER Snakestar- greenish tom cat with snake like eyes. DEPUTY Redspot- black Tom with orange spots. MEDICINE CAT Coldriver- dark blue she-cat. APPRENTICE, Freezepaw. WARRIORS Redadder- reddish tom. Dappleheart- white she-cat with orange on her chest.
Shadowclan LEADER Leafstar- dirty-white tom with a weird scar on his mouth DEPUTY Stripetail- grey Tom with only his tail being striped. APPRENTICE, Clawpaw. MEDICINE CAT Nightleaf- black Tom with a cold. APPRENTICE, Coyotepaw. WARRIORS Longear- cream tabby Tom with batlike ears. Critterchirp- young fluffy she-cat who sings like a cute mouse. Fluffwing- tough white tom. Cloudedeyes- blind brown Tom who is brothers with Oakfeather. Oakfeather- blind brown Tom with leaves in his ear. Brother of Cloudedeyes.APPRENTICE, Mudpaw. Dingohowl- dingo patterned tom cat. APPRENTICES Clawpaw- halfblind grey Tom cat. Mudpaw- brown Tom cat. Coyotepaw- bright brown she-cat who is shy. ELDERS Whitefoot- grey she-cat with one white foot. Onefoot- grumpy tom with one burned foot.
Wind clan LEADER Bluestar- light grey she-cat. DEPUTY Barkpelt- tree brown Tom who looks up to Bluestar. MEDICINE CAT Fallenbreeze- tortoiseshell tom.
River clan LEADER Lakestar- light black they. DEPUTY Pondclaw- blue tomcat with a fluffy tail.
Prologue The medicine cat was walking around a forest. All was calm, until the medicine cat noticed a giant wave. They screamed, opening one eye. They noticed a claw, dipped in mud, attacking the wave. What could this mean? The medicine cat intently watched. They then noticed the wave started falling onto them. They jumped onto the claw, trying to ruin it to keep themselves safe. They failed, falling into the wave with a scream.
--Nightleaf? Nightleaf, wake up!- the medicine cat heard a voice.
Nightleaf woke up, looking at the cat who said it. They were light brown, his apprentice, Coyotepaw.
--Coyotepaw! We need to go the leader as soon as possible!- Nightleaf suddenly yelled, hurrying out of the den.
--Nightleaf. Leafstar was just about to talk to you. He apparently had a vision.
A vision? It could be the same one Nightleaf himself had! He quickly grabbed Coyotepaw by the cheeks and touched her on the nose.
--You genius! Thank you for telling me that!--Nightleaf yelled, running off to the leader's den.
Chapter 1
Odin sat one the gate, smiling. He looked at the sunrise, awaiting Ares to come. He kept looking behind to see if Ares has come already. The bushes behind Odin rustled, a brown cat emerging from it. Odin jumped onto Ares, smiling. -You woke up, finally!- Odin squeaked. - I did, didnt I?- Ares chuckled.- Let's go! The two jumped over the gate, looking over at the forest. It was quite big, with several pine trees shown. - Shall we now?- Ares asked, seeing Odin's excitement.
Odin nodded, sprinting off into the pine forest. Ares followed behind, his fur getting tangled in pine cones. As they moved, they heard rustling. The two thought it was just a mouse so they continued. Odin was too annoyed by the sudden rustling. He looked behind, stopping. The brown cat looked at Odin as he stopped. He saw Odin flick his ears, seemingly he was listening out for something. Odin sat down, raising his tail. He kept looking around, ignoring Ares. Ares nuzzled Odin more and more. Odin kept ignoring, occasionally shoving Ares away with his paw. Ares finally gave up and gave one last shove.

-Kittypets!- the bright brown cat yowled. The two strangers jumped onto Ares and Odin each. Odin unsheathed his claws, biting onto the bright brown cat's scruff. The bright brown cat yowled, starting to claw at Odin's face. Odin kicked the bright brown cat off, sprinting off to help Ares. He charged at the black cat, pinning them down. Odin weakened his grip, as he heard q sound. Everyone froze. A white-dirty cat walked out of the pines. He lashed his tail, mad. Odin watched the the cat, hugging Ares with his tail.
-Nightleaf, Coyotepaw! Why are you attacking these newcomers?!- the tom yowled, glancing at the two.
-To protect our home, Leafstar!- Coyotepaw screamed.
Leafstar glanced at Coyotepaw. Then he glanced at Odin and Ares.
-You two. You've fought well, as I've seen. Want to join our clan to show you are worthy?-Leafstar asked Odin and Ares.
Odin and Ares looked at each other. Was this their call? To be in the wild? They looked back at Leafstar and nodded.
-Good. Then, come with us.
-May we say goodbye to our House folk?- Ares suddenly asked. Leafstar glanced at Ares.
-Only the soft do that.
Ares nodded and followed. Odin stood for a bit before following the others. This was his day. This was his call. To be in the... Clans!
Chapter 2
As they moved through the pine forest, they heard a conversation. Odin perked his ears, looking into every direction. He stopped, raising his tail.
Leafstar looked at Odin. His expression became shocked. Odin watched the leader move to the front and walking in the direction of the conversation. Ares looked at Odin, nodded and followed Leafstar. Coyotepaw and Night leaf followed too.
-Bluedespair..- a voice was heard.
-Please, Fallenbreeze, don't call me by my warrior name... It keeps reminding me of... You know what!- Blue despair yowled.
Odin moved closer. Leafstar moved closer to the blue grey she cat. He touched her by the shoulder. The she-cat hissed at Leafstar and hit him with her tail.
-Bluestar? What happened to you?- Leafstar asked. Odin moved closer.
-None of your business!- Bluestar sobbed.
Odin hurried to the dirty-white leader, looking at the she-cat who was crying. He then looked at the cat who was talking to the she-cat. It seemed like it would be impossible to cheer the other leader up. He dipped his head to Bluestar and called Ares. Ares noticed it and moved closer to Odin, dipping his head too.
-Bluestar, I thought you moved on...- Leafstar sobbed with Bluestar.
Bluestar turned away from Leafstar as a sign to leave her alone. Odin watched as Leafstar nodded and stood to walk over to the nearest pine. They grey Tom saw Leafstar nod to everyone. Coyotepaw, Night leaf, Ares and Odin walked over to the leader. The cats continued their journey. Odin walked near the leader. He opened his mouth to ask something.
-Leafstar, who was that?- Odin asked.
-Bluestar. She has... Lived through a loss. Her warrior name was Blue despair thanks to the loss.
-Oh...- Odin looked to the side. Night leaf spoke with Coyotepaw. Odin did not hear the conversation.
-We're here.-Leafstar spoke suddenly. Odin looked at Leafstar, then in front. They were in front of a hole surrounded by pine and cedar trees. He looked inside. There were dens and a lot of cats.
-This is... Shadowclan camp!- Leafstar and Nightleaf spoke in unison. Odin was amazed. He looked at Ares, who reacted the same. This was the greatest moment in his life! He could have believe that he was not in his home, yet he felt... At home!
Chapter three
Odin entered the camp, seeing a lot of different cats eating frogs and lizards. He looked at Ares who playfully made a disgusted face. Odin laughed. He accidentally walked into a large rock, letting out a grunt.
--Gray one, be careful!-Leafstar yowled. Nightleaf, Coyotepaw and Ares laughed. Odin grumbled something, looking at the trio. Odin watched Leafstar jump onto the rock he bumped into. The gray tom moved backwards, closer to Ares. Ares looked at Odin and giggled.
--All cats old enough to hunt in the shadows, gather around the Shade Rock to hear my words.-Leafstar spoke with a cheer. Cats slowly gathered around the large rock, leaving Ares and Odin behind. Odin sighed gladly and looked up to Leafstar.
"Leafstar must be the main one."-Odin thought.
Leafstar looked down, staring at Odin. Then at Ares.
--Newcomers, step forward. Today, we ask Starclan to accept you two as our clanmates. Gray one, you shall be Clawpaw. Brown one, you shall be Mudpaw. I and Nightleaf honor your bravery to enter our clan.
Odin and Ares squealed. They were now wild cats! Odin smiled. He and Ares were no longer Ares and Odin. They were Clawpaw and Mudpaw.
--And before we end this clan meeting, we need to announce mentors for Mudpaw and Clawpaw. Cloudedeyes, you have shown good enough courage. You shall mentor Mudpaw. Meeting dismissed.
--But wait, Leafstar! You didn't assign a mentor for Clawpaw!- Cloudedeyes's brother,Oakfeather, pointed out.
Leafstar's gaze burned into Oakfeather. Clawpaw noticed it and tilted his head, looking at Mudpaw. Clawpaw saw Leafstar talk to the other cat who was sitting on the rock. The cat was a grey Tom with only his tail striped. He looked like Clawpaw.
The grey cat strolled to Clawpaw, raising his tail. Clawpaw flattened his ears, scared.
--You. I am Stripetail, the deputy and your mentor. I assume you're Clawpaw, aren't you?- the deputy asked. Clawpaw nodded, looking at the cat's tail. His name was fitting for such a cat. Stripetail strolled to a lichen covered den. Clawpaw perked his ears, trying to hear something. When suddenly he felt someone pushed him. He turned around, seeing Mudpaw.
--Odi-Clawpaw! I want to show you our den!-he squeaked. Clawpaw stood up, raising his tail. He nodded,"Alright, show me". Mudpaw happily walked to a den. It was in a hole, but it had a lot of space. There was an another cat. It was the same light brown cat from before.
-- You've come. Welcome to the apprentices den.-Coyotepaw mewed.
Clawpaw sat down in a nest, smiling. This was much better than being stuck in that cage! He heard a rumble.
--Someone hungry?- Clawpaw heard a voice in the entrance. He looked there, seeing Oakfeather.
--I'm on apprentice feeding duty today!- he smiled. Something was odd about the tom. Clawpaw was interested. He inspected Oakfeather, noticing he's blind.
--So, anyone want food? Clawpaw nodded and grabbed a small mouse from Oakfeather's tail. As he and Mudpaw ate, they curled their tails together and we're about to fall asleep.
--Goodnight, Mudpaw! Goodnight, Mudpaw!- Coyotepaw yawned, curling. Clawpaw nodded a goodnight and fell asleep, his tail still curled with Mudpaw's. It was such an interesting first day! He flicked his ears and finally fell into deep sleep.
Chapter four
Clawpaw opened one eye, and then the next. He saw Coyotepaw standing over him. Coyotepaw flicked her ears, playfully jumping onto Clawpaw. Clawpaw screeched of the sudden attack.
--Wake up, sleepy head!- Coyotepaw giggled. Clawpaw looked at Coyotepaw, standing up. Mudpaw was already out. He walked over to the den entrance.
--Come on. Stripetail has decided to make you come to the patrol with him.-a voice spoke from the camp clearing. Clawpaw jumped up. He looked in the clearing, sighing with relief as he saw it was just Fluffwing. Fluffwing walked closer to him. The white tom nodded to him, smiling. Stripetail was already waiting near the entrance. Clawpaw hurried to the cat with a smile.
--Ready?-Stripetail asked.
Clawpaw nodded. The patrol started moving to a pine tree. The cats scratched the bark. Clawpaw tilted his head, questioning. Then they moved forwards to a nearby puddle. They drank water from it. Clawpaw also drank water, but saw it rising. He yelled. Stripetail quickly turned his head to Clawpaw who was still yelling.
--You ok, Clawpaw?-Stripetail asked Clawpaw. Clawpaw nodded, as they continued on. They grey Tom heard a rustle in the bushes, along with a "HONK!". The tom hurried to the bush, sniffing it. He saw a flash of black and white jump onto. He screamed. Clawpaw thought this was the end of him, until he heard footsteps. He fought back, but he was not strong enough. He heard a battlecry which belonged to... Stripetail! Clawpaw escaped as soon as the badger was distracted by his mentor. Clawpaw watched Stripetail fight with the badger, until he saw his mentor on the ground. The badger walked away.
Clawpaw and the rest of the patrol walked to Stripetail. They saw that the deputy was not breathing anymore. Clawpaw tried to wake him up, but he couldn't. He starte tearing up. The tom shook and shook the body of Stripetail, but still no hope of waking him up. One of the cats that were in the patrol grabbed Clawpaw by the scruff. Clawpaw started fighting, but the cat, along with the patrol, carried him back to camp.
Leafstar looked at the cats, lashing his tail. He perked his ears.
--Leafstar... We couldn't help, Clawpaw would die!- the cats tried to explain. Leafstar dipped his head. He pointed to the warrior's den, shooing them off. Clawpaw started walking with the others, but Leafstar called him. The grey Tom strolled back to Leafstar.
--Clawpaw, now I need to train you, while you shall find a good deputy for us.- Clawpaw rid not expect Leafstar to say that. Clawpaw nodded, walking to the warrior's den. He looked at each and everyone, trying to think off who to assign as a deputy. Clawpaw's eyes landed on Fluffwing. He called Fluffwing, walking him over to Leafstar.
--Leafstar, I have chosen Fluffwing.- Clawpaw reported. Leafstar smirked, but it turned upside down.
--Chosen for what?!- Fluffwing asked, yelling. Leafstar lashed his tail at Fluffwing. He mouthed:"Deputy". Clawpaw heard Fluffwing squeal. He covered his ears and walked over to the fresh kill pile.
"At least I need to eat."- Clawpaw thought, grabbing a lizard. He heard Coyotepaw walk up to him, in a hurry. He looked at Coyotepaw who was smiling.
--Clawpaw! Clawpaw!- Coyotepaw smiled. He raised his head. "What is it?"- he purred.
--Did you know that Fluffwing is the new deputy?- The she-cat asked. Clawpaw purred a yes. The light brown feline dipped her head, sitting down near Clawpaw.
--I have heard about Stripetail...-she mumbled.- I know how hard it is to lose a friend.
Clawpaw only nodded and gulped down the frog. He walked over to the apprentice den and looked at the star-studded sky. He started crying for Stripetail. "Why did that badger appear?!"- he pondered, crying himself to sleep.
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2021.12.06 08:24 Wenckstain Is it just me who is finding it almost impossible to find a hookup I'm interested in and is interested in me on Grindr?

I've had this god forsaken app for almost 2 years now and it's not yielding any results for me. So I'm pretty young so I prefer people around my age (under 25 I guess) but they're completely hopeless. Older people seem to be eager to set stuff up but younger ones never seem to commit to anything, and when I do get something going they either block or ghost me last minute. Should I change my standards, give up on the app entirely or change something else?
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2021.12.06 08:24 Mookala Anyone else uses for holding Tezos? Problems every other day

Anyone else uses for holding Tezos? Problems every other day Been trying to send out tezos for a week - no errors but nothing happens on the blockchain either. tried Firefox, Chrome, Brace, Windows,Linux.
Tried again today and I get This message.

Tried Emailing []( and got a reply stating no such email exists.
Any other way I can rescue my XTZ from Trezor wallet?
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2021.12.06 08:24 Ranzware Inside the blockchain developer’s mind: Blockchain consensus, Part 1

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2021.12.06 08:23 Dj_Faby Christmas Songs 2021 - Playlist

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2021.12.06 08:23 nf_highlights Naz Reid 19 PTS 7 REB: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.06 08:23 ellie___batton Would you rather choked by foot or by ass

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2021.12.06 08:23 Tombahr95 Friendcode 5943 5174 5887

Hello, im looking for Friends could you add me please ? 5943 5174 5887
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2021.12.06 08:23 goldie87uk Flytipping - am I liable for this?

I moved house over a month or so ago and I used a waste removal company which I found on Facebook which appeared to seem legit. They showed their waste licence number on the Facebook post which I entered into the Environment Agency website and it showed they held a licence and it matched their name. I used them twice, recieved a receipt for the first trip (as it was a much larger load) but forgot to ask for a receipt for the second trip (as there wasn't much to take).
Fast forward a few weeks and I recieve a phone call from my local Council Environmental Agency telling me that theyve found my items which were fly tipped not far from my old house. So clearly, the waste removal company just dumped it. The guy from the Environmental Agency asked if I obtained receipts from the company (where I explained to him for one trip only) and if the company showed me their waste licence on the day, in person (which they didn't).
The guy then said that its my fault and I'm liable to be fined for this as I didn't ask for a copy of the waste licence (who is to know that?). He said they'd investigate further and get back to me in a few weeks.
He called me yesterday and said that I am liable to be fined for this, however, as they are building a case against the removal company, they'll waive the fine and me being charged if I go to their office and provide a statement to them.
So the first question I've got is, is the way they are handling this legitimate from their point of view?
Also, if I do go to provide a statement? What should I prepare and take for it? I have Facebook conversation copies with the removal company, email receipt copy, photos of what I asked them to take and a copy of their waste licence.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.06 08:23 Elyxio Top 0,5% for the best OST, wondering if any of you are in the 0,001%

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2021.12.06 08:23 PhSon Should i quit?

My first job as a Data Engineer isn't what I expected, not learning much about popular DE tools and more how to use cloud techs like GCP. And my jobs consist mainly of upgrading, maintaining, our current data pipeline since our main project is already done when I joined, and it's been liek this for 6 months now. Not much related to actual data engineering works like writing ETL, data transformation,... I think. Thinking of quitting after only 6 months, I don't want to continue for 1 year to just end up with not much actual experience in this field. Looking for advice, thank you!
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2021.12.06 08:23 Famous_Window666 I’m 14 and on my furst cycle. Help me out!

I have just started my cycle of Turk and Nitric and was wondering what to do for pct? I’m afraid my aspirin won’t be delivered in time from the ugl I’m using (it’s vitamin shoppe, they don’t sell shitty “clean” supplements like gnc does)
I’m afraid I’m developing some gyno from it and a little funk around my mouth hole. Is there any other solutions?
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2021.12.06 08:23 nf_highlights Taurean Prince 11 PTS: All Possessions (2021-12-03)

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2021.12.06 08:23 ZoobBot 190929

This is the 190929th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 08:23 GuyStreamsStuff Squirrel

Do these get vetted or are admins asleep when it comes to animal posts? They've been on the rise lately. Last one I just saw had a squirrel with a god damn condom in it's ass. WHAT THE FUCK? Start upholding your rules. Creepy ass mother fuckers.
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2021.12.06 08:23 PotaraWarrior What Armor is this?

Hello, does anyone know what armor is worn by the male Nord throughout Syn Gaming's latest video?
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