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Drug induced psychosis

2021.11.28 12:10 Legitimate-Pound-616 Drug induced psychosis

In 2019 I took a chocolate with 5 kinds of shrooms about four times in the space of 3 months. Even though doses weren’t that high (1g, 3.5G, 0.5G and 1 g) I was feeling connected to everything and like completely in the present moment afterwards . Unfortunately those feeling triggered an hardcore drug induced psychosis in witch I lost sense of reality and went 6 days without sleeping . I’m still recovering from this and am taking antipsychotics . Now life just seems greyer and I am cognitively fucked, also am not able to express myself verbally as fluently as i used to . As anyone here gone through something similar , and if yess how was the recovery? Were you able to feel in the present moment and the bliss of life again ? Chasing this feeling makes me want to try shrooms again once I quit my meds but I am too afraid .
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2021.11.28 12:10 GAM3R_ZA Max tries to sneak into the departure gates, but UFE officers spot him, and he runs onto the baggage conveyor. Max takes off his jacket, sunglasses, rolls up his sleeves and loads his gun.

Max tries to sneak into the departure gates, but UFE officers spot him, and he runs onto the baggage conveyor. Max takes off his jacket, sunglasses, rolls up his sleeves and loads his gun. submitted by GAM3R_ZA to GetMoreViewsYT [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 12:10 niuteraratcam The True Meaning of the Brand - its shape and its soul - the perfect world - the two phases of the sacrifice: in obscurity and in glory. PART 2 of 2

The two phases of the Sacrifice
H:1) Together, the two lower modes are the lower, form-bound half of Yearning, seeking to be justified, like a word orphaned from the meaning it was meant to express and trapped in an alien "language", forced to express unnatural meanings. On its own, the third mode is the upper, free half of Yearning, the Yearning to justify, to be expressed. For both halves, and thus all Yearning, to be accomplished, like a poem of full form and meaning, the lower half of Yearning must first be torn from the false language that traps it, then restituted to its proper language, so as to receive the true meaning that will justify it.
H:2) That lower half of Yearning and these two "languages" are none other than Mankind. Mankind was born from Nature's (or Existence's) innate Yearning, as Nature's organ of expression, so that Yearning could be consciously felt and expressed in all realms. The wholeness of Mankind is Yearning made language so as to express Yearning, and every human is a word, a nuance of Yearning to be expressed. The false language is Mankind as it lost its purpose, becoming the Summary (or Coordinate) of Nature's Order, sealing away its own purpose. The true language is Mankind as it regained its purpose, becoming the Summary of Nature's Yearning, the "word" through which Forthrightness invades the greater language of all Existence, becoming unto the Cosmos what the word "Desire" is unto Language.
H:3) The means by which the "pieces" of Mankind are torn away from Order and set aside for the Forthright expression of Yearning, where the Missing Piece shall take place: that means is the Sacrifice. What follows are the two greater phases that the form of the Sacrifice goes through as it approaches its ultimate goal: the Transfiguration of Existence into the Perfect World.
In obscurity
I:1) The 3rd mode of Yearning is virtually present in both lower modes. However, because of its rejection of Order, the 2nd mode is the most conductive. To the 2nd mode of Yearning is granted from above (or within) the twofold power to Brand and Sacrifice parts of Mankind, so as to consecrate them unto the Perfect World, as substance for the formal aspects of its descent. The most common and striking of the aspects of this descent are the "apostles of Desire".
I:2) The spiritual ideas that be at the "summit" (or beginning) of Nature (world of ideas) have a twofold influence on the world. A "female" influence that sustains the "horizontal" relations and the unfolding of forms "as-such", and a "male" influence that sustains "vertical" relations and gives meaning and transcendence to forms, as both the source of life and the higher mode of death. These two influences are like yin and yang, never truly separate, impossible without the other. When and where the male aspect intersects with the world, that time and place becomes sacred and central. It becomes both a sacrifice and a means of sacrificing to that idea, giving it food so that it may take place in the world and vivify and enlighten it further. This is the origin of all religions.
I:3) Among these ideas, the KoD is the most hidden, because its influence, which polarizes into Desirability and Forthrightness, has no proper form to be expressed by in this world: the advent of such a form is the purpose of the sacrifices, by which one becomes an apostle. When its male influence reaches the common domain, the absence of proper form is manifested as great distress, which calls forth the heart of the 2nd mode, or rather, its angels.
1:4) Here is shown the twofold power of the 2nd mode, granted to it by the 3rd: the Brand is entrusted unto the God Hand, the Sacrifice unto the candidate to apostlehood. Both receive their half of the power from within, and it is up to the candidate to make them join on the outside, thus "closing the loop" and completing the sacrifice. It is this virtual "loop", "sewing together" the world's Order and the 2nd mode's power, that Void alludes to as the "thread of Fate" when the count apostle fails to sacrifice.
I:5) Ordinarily, when the transgressive tendencies caused by the 2nd mode are acted upon, they merely cause the transgressor to pass from one law to another, usually harsher law, as from society to gangs or prison, thus upholding Order in a negative way. This is because even transgressive objects of Yearning are usurpers. The true purpose of transgression is hidden within the transgression itself, at the interstice of all laws, but such Forthrightness is impossible to most. Apostlehood allows those who cannot reach that core to avoid falling back to some law, thus remaining a permanent mark of the Forthrigthness that touched them.
I:6) Just as the "male" spiritual influences are enshrined in temples which become lynchpins of Order, the touch of Forthrightness that allowed the candidate to become an apostle is enshrined in that same apostle, who henceforth becomes the temple of one of Yearning's countless nuances, a living tear in the fabric of Desire-ignoring Nature, a perpetual sacrificator, preparing for the advent of the Perfect World.
I:7) However, just like some temples are more important than others, all apostles are not equal. Both halves of the Sacrifice are empowered to overtake Order by the 3rd mode's Justice, but while the God Hand's Brand is always perfect, the quality of the candidate's will to Sacrifice varies greatly, because the intuition that sustains and impregnates it can have many nuances of depth. This modifies the result of the Sacrifice, and thus, three great categories of apostles can be discerned, each of which has a role to play in the descent.
J:1) The lowest and most common category by far are the "Depraved", made out of the most violent, bloodthirsty, monstrous apostles, whose bodies are grotesque amalgamates of random animal parts and misplaced sexual organs. Their human modes are typically misshapen, and when in released mode, their trace human face is often in an odd place. The intuition that impregnated their sacrifices did not reach at all beyond the 2nd mode, and thus only produced despair and rage against Order. This burning rejection of Order, even unto self-hatred, is manifested by their utterly incongruous shapes and pulsional behavior. Their role is to be the countless cracks that subtly fragilize Mankind's connection to Order, and thus Order itself.
K:1) The higher and much rarer category are the "Noble", whose only known members are Locus, Zodd, Irvine, Grunbeld, Ganishka, and perhaps also Rakshas. They contrast with the Depraved in every way. Rather than pulsionality and bloodthirst, they display a reserved and dignified demeanor that makes them stand out even among regular humans. Rather than grostesque bodies, their shapes, though monstrous, are far from incongruous and all possess an elegance and harmony of their own, like legendary beasts. Their human modes are well-proportioned, and when in released mode, their trace human face is in a fitting place.
K:2) The intuition that impregnated their sacrifices contained some glimpse of the 3rd mode's Justice, not enough to actually be conscious of it, but enough to give them a subconceptual sense that, though Yearning has no justice in Order, it will eventually become that justice and assimilate Order. This tacit, even unconscious "understanding" turns what would be rage and despair into solemn patience, a sense that their Justice will come. This sense of impending legitimacy is manifested by their distinguished shapes and reserved behavior. Their role is to assist the Bringer of Justice when he comes.
L:1) The last category is the Egg of the Perfect World on his own. Though it could be seen as the highest "category", it is in fact entirely outside of the scale of depravity and nobility, as it contains them both, and thus transcends them. His shape signifies a deep mystery, as it is the very shape of the lower, unjustified half of Yearning: the true shape of Mankind. Behelits are the means by which Forthright transgression is achieved: for him to have gained that shape means that he reached the hidden core of transgression. Let us consider what it means for the shape of an apostle to be the holy Behelit.
L:2) Behelits are the "crystalized" essence of the 2nd mode, they are virtual Yearning, concentrated in a drop of the primordial Waters (undifferentiated Nature), sleeping, waiting to be felt. When actualized, the world-linking power of Desire hidden therein opens a way for the highest and lowest modes of Yearning to meet (as the Brand and candidate, respectively), eventually allowing a particular share of Mankind's Yearning to gain a "shrine", in exchange for a particular piece of Mankind's Order. For the shrine thus gained to be the very shape of lower Yearning as in the Egg's case, the "share" of Yearning expressed thereby must in fact be the very principle of lower Yearning, virtually containing all modes and nuances thereof. Naturally, for this wholeness (not the sum of parts) of Mankind's Yearning to gain shape, the wholeness of Mankind's Order must be Branded and Sacrificed.
L:3) Given that the shape thus gained summarizes all lower Yearning, the intuition that impregnated this sacrifice cannot have come from it, it can only have been a share of the 3rd mode, the share by which Mankind's Yearning and Order, warring twins, are made to become one Justice. Being himself the intermediate of the halves of Yearning, thus necessarily taking actual part in neither, the Living Behelit can be said to transcend them both, thus making him the incarnation of the 0th mode of Yearning, the likeness of Desire in obscurity, even as Griffith reborn is the likeness of Desire in glory.
L:4) The mystery of his role is manifested in many ways: his furtive motion, his short life, his elusive and mercurial habits, witnessing everything yet neither judging nor taking part, are symbols of the purest "mode" (or non-mode) of Yearning, intersticial, one with Desire, pervading all modes yet taking no actual part in them until the Accomplishment of Desire, where it will be manifested as the Form of Desire, the Perfect World.
L:5) The Egg's lack of a human mode and of a trace human face is a sign of the purity of his Yearning. Although they are usurped by Order, humans are the vehicle of Nature's Yearning, hence the human face is really the face of Yearning. Only one who has reached the purest Yearning at the root of Existence will manifest outwardly the inner shape and face of Yearning from "before" even the arising of life and the three modes, which is the Behelit.
L:6) His lack of a name, which "no one told him", his rejection by other humans, his smothered life and his burial under the dead of the world further establish him as the "likeness of Desire in obscurity", as Desire-Itself is never seen nor acknowledged and buried under countless "spent" ersatz, which are the false purposes. In particular, his namelessness is meaningful, as there is no one in the world who could name Desire. The very use of the word "Desire" to name That comes from the KoD, which is not part of the world.
L:7) Whereas certain apostles can overrule the order of human bodies with their own as part the enshrining of their share of Yearning, the Egg has the power to allow someone's own dormant share of Yearning to overrule someone's own order without an additonal sacrifice, because since he sacrificed all Order in principle, all of Mankind's Yearning is already virtually enshrined in him, so that he only needs to actualize it. That power is an image of the "touch of Forthrightness". The fact that he specifically blessed the "holy" and "wicked" beings, who gave shape to the respective hopes of all those who follow Order or Yearning, before giving birth to the 3rd mode incarnate, is a recursion of the primordial Yearning producing the three modes, further confirming the Egg's identification to the primordial Yearning.
L:8) However, it is the Brand that he bears on his tongue that manifests his role most clearly. His role is to be unto Mankind what Mankind was meant to be unto Nature: the organ of Forthright expression, the Behelit, by which the universally smothered Yearning is made to break out of obscurity and into all-acknowlegement, from damnation to justice, from shame to glory, from being like nothing to being all. This is an essentially Human role, in that whatsoever would perform it would hence be de facto human. Mankind is Nature's Nobody, Nobody is Mankind's own Mankind. This perfect recursion is why he himself was Branded, rather than each human individually.
L:9) Having felt and expressed the Yearning "to hatch the Perfect World", he not only accomplished in principle the Human purpose (which coordinates all other purposes), he became one with the essence of Mankind. Having thus reached the root of Humanity, from which all human persons arise, there was nothing outside of himself to sacrifice. To him, sacrificing the world was no different than sacrificing himself, and through him, it was Mankind-itself that Forthrightly realized its wretchedness and Yearning, and sacrificed its own wholeness. As Mankind is the organ of expression, he recursively received the Brand on his tongue. This is the culmination of the functions of "apostle" and "behelit". The large Brand in ch.163, which was manifested spontaneously from within rather than imposed from without, is the ripple of Mankind-Nobody's recursive Sacrifice.
L:10) All sacrifices before this one were merely building up to it, and all that follows blossoms from it. As the Egg, Mankind's behelit, brought Mankind's Yearning to light, Mankind in turn recovered its status as Nature's behelit, fated to bring Nature's Yearning to light. Thus ends Yearning's obscurity.
In glory
M:1) Even as Desire must be Known throughout Existence, even as higher Yearning must Justify lower Yearning, so must the 2nd mode's power to Brand and Sacrifice be inherited by the 1st mode. That is to say, concretely, that even ordinary humans who have no part in the 2nd mode's despair and rage must nonetheless become able to reject Nature's Order in expression of the 3rd mode's Justice, thus essentially becoming sacrificators akin to apostles.
M:2) The 1st mode is the implicit presence of Desire in forms, which makes it the most integrated to Order. Hence, for that mode to reject that same Order on its own terms and not those of the 2nd mode (which is the absence of Desire), the formal manifestation of a new Order is necessary, so as to allow those of the 1st mode (ordinary humans) to tear themselves (and not be torn) off from the false "presence of Desire" and integrate unto the true presence, like pieces of a jigsaw spontaneously leaving their old solved state to form a whole new "solution" by arranging themselves around the Missing Piece.
M:3) Before the Egg's Sacrifice and Griffith's subsequent rebirth, no form was truly capable of justifying Yearning. When the 3rd mode trickled down to the 1st, it caused "dreams" to arise, like that of Griffith, by replacing the ordinary desirability of common ersatz with a more Forthright desirability, causing some common object to become, for that person, an image of something undescribably more.
M:4) Even as the perception of Order, through the common domain, causes language to arise in the newborn, the perception of the "blessed ersatz" becomes like the "first word" of a true language, a language that would only express the things for the sake of which the possibility of language and expression exists in the first place: a language of Forthright Desire. Such is the essence of Griffith's view of the "castle".
M:5) However, this perception, attempting to bridge the gap between higher and lower Yearning, has no true justification in the latter. The ersatz that is its object still remains part of Order, and can only continue to justify that perception for as long as it is not reached: either it remains afar and the dream is not realized, or it is reached and seen up close for the part of Order that is, thus shattering the dream. This is why higher and lower Yearning are split. Only one such as the Egg could reach beyond, but only for oneself and at the cost of total obscurity. Communication, and thus language, remained impossible, because of Order's hold on the common domain.
M:6) Griffith reborn is the object that justifies this perception. The "word" that was the "castle" for one and the "valley of elves" for another is now the "Hawk of Light" for all. Had Griffith reached his castle, had Rosine found a haven of elves, the essence of these dreams would have been snuffed out, perhaps never to arise again. For those who see Griffith reborn, the opposite occurs: as they set their eyes upon him, their place in the common domain is shattered in 1000 pieces, which immediately recombine, but with the Missing Piece as their Coordinate. Griffith reborn, by mere presence, takes more back from Order than all previous sacrifices.
M:7) This is the true Sacrifice, requiring no bloodshed as it unfolds entirely in the soul. This is the true rejection of Order: the sight of that which Order is the very veiling thereof, as if Order was not, or rather, as if it were what it is meant to be.
M:8) Before Griffith's rebirth, the Missing Piece was utterly beyond the reach of reason. All Yearning for it was doomed never to reach nor even conceive its true object. Hence, all things pertaining to Yearning were clothed in darkness and despair. This is why, when the Brand appeared across the crowds in ch.163, only the sheer horror of Mankind's forsaken Yearning seeped through. However, Griffith became the missing piece, he became the image of Desire for all to see, his name became the Renown of Desire.
M:9) The great Yearning, which had been forced to wade and trudge in shame, outside of all justice, could finally shed its cloth of darkness and despair, don the robes of light and hope, and walk shamelessly in the light of day, having become the center of Justice. When the heads of temporal and religious powers allied themselves to Griffith, they did not grant him a seat among them, they did not give him a blessing he lacked: materially, they did do these things, but such things are like words, truncated without their meaning. These acknowledgements are but the humble offering of their meaningless glories to the one who brings their true purpose, it was their own way of sacrificing their shares of Order to Yearning, taking their place in it around the Missing Piece.
M:10) To be sure, this did not happen for the glory of Griffith, nor even to assist him in his plans. As the living Winged Rod of the true Brand, Griffith reborn exists, strictly speaking, only as a prop for the two snakes, "Obedience" and "Transgression", to coil around. He was created to become the Hawk of Light, the All-Desirable, which is one of the meanings of his androgyne countenance. What the common judgement sees as mere parading is a sacred display, a ritual, meant solely to awaken and justify Yearning in its spectators. This is shown in the final battle against Ganishka, where the most eloquent and beautiful manifestation of the Brand occurs.
M:11) It is obvious that, had Ganishka's "defeat" been the true purpose of this battle, Griffith could have ended it immediately, indeed, he could've prevented it from occurring altogether. The true purpose of this battle was purely ritual. Ordinary humans and apostles, servants of Order and transgressors, the two snakes of the Brand: they had both tasted Justice from the Hawk, but the consequences of the mystery that had been awakened in their hearts had yet to reach their souls and minds. They had not realized that what now filled their hearts was the essence of the Brand and of the Sacrifice, in their minds they still bore, apostles included, the empty justice of the Order that separated them. Their intuition required help to become understanding.
M:12) Even as their awesome adversary threatened absolutely everything they knew, the deep Hope that the Hawk had awakened was still usurped and deviated by the old Order: many believed that Griffith would save the world they knew. Seeing the "demonic release" shattered this last falsehood. The Pontiff alone did not break in sweat before that sight, because he had already seen deeper. As their last false grip was removed, they finally began to rely on what filled their hearts, allowing themselves to be wholly invaded by the 3rd mode's Justice.
M:13) As humans became transgressors by shedding blood for apostles, apostles in turn became servants by shedding blood for humans. Transgression and Obedience coiled around eachother, as both shed blood for the sake of Yearning's Justice, incarnate as the Hawk. Thus was the essence of the Brand and the Sacrifice realized throughout Mankind in spirit from the impulse of Desire's image in glory, as it had once been in shape from the impulse of Desire's image in obscurity.
M:14) What followed was the ripple of this awesome event. Hell, the part of Mankind that belonged entirely to the 2nd mode, still had not received Justice. Although its rejection of Order allowed it to act as a channel for this Justice, it also prevented it from receiving it properly. Bearing only negativity and transgression, it could not sustain a body, it could not become a "language" like corporeal Mankind. Having become lost to the false implication of presence, it couldn't be reached by the true presence when it overtook the former. However, Ganishka, usurping the power of apostles, had become Hell incarnate. He had become the body through which Hell would finally see Justice. The Earth, Mankind's realm, had become the meeting place of Heaven and Hell.
M:15) When Hell incarnate saw Griffith reborn up close, the corporeal form of Griffith opened like a window and showed Femto as the Carrier of the 3rd mode's light. Note that the Skull Knight could only see Femto and not the light. This is the true nature of Griffith reborn: the 2nd mode carrying the 3rd mode into the 1st, all three in one, so as to be seen in all worlds, whereas the Egg had been seen in none. Only through the formal window of bodies could this communion be achieved, which is one of the reasons for Griffith's incarnation. As the 3rd mode appeared before Hell, the 3rd mode's virtuality (Justice) was awakened in Hell, thus closing the loop within Hell for the first time.
M:16) As the most unjustified part of Existence, Hell was connected to the primordial, most obscure aspect of Yearning, which became Justified through it. Deeper than the modes of Yearning, deeper than all worlds: there was the true Nature of Nature; the Root of roots; the Archetype of the behelits; the 0th mode of Yearning; the Mystery from where Desire unfolds Existence. This connection of the 2nd mode to the 0th mode is why primoridal Yearning previously manifested through an apostle, the Egg.
M:17) Although It is present at the Root of the root of every form and idea, It is realized only in the Knowledge-of-Desire, from which this realization radiates to all forms throughout countless space and time, and through these forms, to the unrealized 0th mode. Usurped and smothered in all creation, hidden at the heart of transgression, the Most-Subtle became Born in This World through the rejoicing of the countless nameless transgressors and through the Skull Knight's usurped use of Its own world-linking power, and took Its rightful place at the center of the world that had just then been consecrated to it.
M:18) The great Interstice is none other than Desire, the common Purpose of God and Nature. All existence is expression, all expression is the manifestation of the "higher" through the "lower", and the means of that manifestation is That which unfolds Between. Between the One and the Countless; Between all souls and bodies; Between all meanings and words; Between all intents and actions; Between all worlds; Between the front and back of gates; Between all betweens: here is hidden the Purpose of all unfolded worlds and beings.
M:19) Hidden Between all things, It has no place in any world, for no world can produce such a place: the worlds and beings cannot give a place to the Purpose that moves them; the worlds and beings writhe and contort from the Yearning; the worlds and beings grow to forget the Yearning. At the bottom of Oblivion, Justice reached injustice and Forthrightness reached the Root of Nature, just as it had reached the root of Mankind through the Egg, and that which is Between was expressed. As the Purpose of all worlds became manifest, the worlds high and low cast off the false purposes and false Order granted to them by the Usurpation, and joined together in Forthrightness, with the Breach as their Coordinate, thus echoing the Brand that Mankind had become (during the battle), which itself the glorified form of the Brand from ch.163. The world-itself has become the Brand, the consecration unto the Perfect World.
M:20) Thus, Ganishka opened unto Nature's Missing Piece, even as the Egg had opened unto Mankind's Missing Piece. One of the wizards of Elfhelm says that the cosmic state that resulted from this is similar to the primordial chaos: the truth is that Nature has merely resumed Her "childhood", which had been suspended by the Usurpation, and from which She shall grow into the Perfect World.
Here ends this attempt at bringing to light the hidden dynamisms of Berserk. Given that these were most likely not consciously intended by Miura, this post might not "fit in" equally well with all the actual story elements which it is based upon. Nevertheless, the very fact of their presence in the story, blurry as they may be, was too awesome for me not to try something like this.
As I couldn't just expound upon everything in a row, I tried to stick to one element, the Brand, and to only graze the tangent elements, such as the apostles, but the result is twice as long as I expected, because of all the secondary subjects, which means it is probably rather confusing, with some leaps in reasoning that I couldn't detect and "pave" in advance, and more. So, if anything felt confusing or incomplete, feel free to ask about it, as it will allow me to complete this post :D
Lastly, if you have read Attack on Titan and found this post interesting, you might enjoy this series.
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2021.11.28 12:10 vadimkobal music distributor

Hey guys,

anyone here used antijoy music distributor? They are very new and there is not much feedback about them but surely looks like an interesting project. I'm currently with cdbaby but exploring new options so would love to hear your thoughts if you've used it!
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Bitgame has been committed to providing a great user experience for sports fans and will continue to become the betting platform of choice for many around the world. With the global sports industry now worth over $1billion and growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.4%, leading platforms are scrambling to provide ample services to support the subsequently emerging sports betting industry. From the beginning, Bitgame has been committed to providing a great user experience for sports fans and will continue to become the betting platform of choice for many around the world.
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2021.11.28 12:10 thx_tex [American football] If the undefeated University of Georgia played a game against the winless Detroit Lions, what would be the most likely outcome?

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2021.11.28 12:10 Nervous-Programmer97 DOBERMOON | 30K MARKETCAP | Very Early P2E GameFI | 3weeks old !

A little idea of the adventure: The Earth is overcrowded, living space is limited, pollution has been devastated, the Humans of the time destroyed everything. We have to find an alternative. This is why Mr. Dobershi Nakatomo designed a crew in total discretion, with the aim of conquering new territories, and discovering new habitable lands. LP LOCK 24 months MC 30k! DoberMoon is a game where everyone can play and have fun. Possibility of playing in Free To Play unlike some games where you need several thousand dollars to start! A large collection of NFT's will be available so that each is a unique skin, allowing it to become more efficient! The project is under development. We have a lot of ambitions with regard to it. A little recap of our project so that everyone has a precise idea of the project: The NFT's will be classified among 5 categories (1) Municipality (2) Rare (3) Unique (4) Epic (5) Legendary If you invest in NFT's, it will get you more in-game bonus. However, it is possible to earn money without investing anything. We want to set up a community game, where each of you can post ideas for improvements, either in-game, or on our future platform. A community game therefore implies an acid community. We are, and will always be, listening to our players. TOKENOMICS: 12% Total Tax 5% Holders 5% Liquidity pool 2% Marketing Website : dobermoon.site Twitter : https://twitter.com/DMoonOfficial Telegram : https://t.me/DoberMoonofficialgroup 
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I'm in the process of setting up a eero pro 6 to a modem that only has one port, I'm hard wiring my desktop to the second port in the eero. In the near future a I'm getting a voip service which will need a port do i get a hub or switch ? I have no clue what each is for. Does it cut down internet speeds or interfere with WiFi speeds when something plugged into ports are bringing used ?
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I currently have two male parakeets and thinking of another. Is it advisable to have three or do I need to keep them in even numbers?
Thank you!
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2021.11.28 12:10 AlexK- Concerned about my "revision time"


Not gonna lie, I don't use Anki, this year, as my main study technique, for many reasons. (Not that I don't like it, I love it, but I can't study with Anki this year). So, I use it from time to time. Today I studied after 1-2 weeks and noticed something I'm not sure if it was this way in the past.

My "revision" buttons are wayyy over-exaggerated. I'm talking "6 months". My settings are 99% from Zach Highley, a Med Student and avid Ankier ?(Anki-dependent user). Is that right? I'm concerned I might loose cards this way...
Screenshots [Buttons + Settings + Stats (Yes, I'm embarrassed from my stats as well, but as I said, I can't do anything for that this year....)]
Thank you.
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2021.11.28 12:10 HotWingsNMargs thyroid hormone levels?

I’ve (F22) struggled with hypothyroidism since around age 5/6. Not really sure if I’ve ever been on the perfect level of meds for it, but anyways my cause for concern is since September I’ve had a very rapid unexplainable weight gain. It was way too much to have been nothing (about 19 lbs). Got a thyroid panel of blood work done earlier this week and I’m confused by the results: thyroglobulin antibodies and total T3 are out of the normal range and both my personal all time high levels. High Thyroglobulin usually indicates hypo while high T3 usually indicates hyper. I can’t get in to my doctor until January so I would appreciate anyone who might know more than I to let me know what this could possibly indicate? The rest of my tests are in the normal range, but also at the low end and are my all time low levels since my diagnosis.
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2021.11.28 12:10 reithx choice between schools

i have the choice of two schools, school 1 id take maths business and economics, school 2 id take computer science maths and info tech. im really interested in programming and know a lot about it and my ultimate goal is to stary a tech business. i want to go to uni for computer science anyway and id prefer school 1 but ik school 2 would be better for me. would i still be able to get a tech job with school 1?
talking in terms of a levels
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2021.11.28 12:10 quiksilverkid13 Flex Half PPR

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2021.11.28 12:10 aneesn [WTS] Nike SB Dunk Low Pro ACG Terra Red Plum DS SZ 9 + SZ 10 - $175 shipped each OBO

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2021.11.28 12:10 Icy-Document2389 If she did JOI she would be GOATED, 🍫 thingz

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2021.11.28 12:10 Engine-Fresh I invested in this

Hey everyone, ive recently invested in this coin. Didni make a mistanke or we goin to the moon? Thanks appreciate any fred back
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2021.11.28 12:10 freebreadsticks1 Spicy four cheese tortellini!

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2021.11.28 12:10 TexasRebel830 My wife’s cousins cake came out pretty good. Got to start them young.

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2021.11.28 12:10 code-Legacy I built a spaghett!

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2021.11.28 12:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Waukesha restaurant donates all of day's sales to help parade victims | FOX

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