Developer career: Start training to be a Java programmer

2021.12.06 09:50 NewsElfForEnterprise Developer career: Start training to be a Java programmer

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2021.12.06 09:50 Purpellent thanks

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2021.12.06 09:50 eenigmatic [IMPORTANT] Please no more derogatory titles.

I appreciate all of you posting her stuff. However, please refrain from using derogatory or degrading titles, calling her names etc. Not even in the comments. Please remember that this is not a jerkoff subreddit. Please consider this as a soft warning as repeated offenders will be muted/banned. Thanks and enjoy the posts.
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2021.12.06 09:50 DistinctMatter1 How does one use "project" and "repos" in Github?

Suppose I want to start a new project. "Project" allows me to create Kanban. "repos" will have codes. How does one organize "Project" and "Repos"? Can one attach code in "repos" to a card in "Project"?
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2021.12.06 09:50 rinoceronteriot Ethan & Trisha Have A Jewish Trivia Battle (H3 Highlights channel)

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2021.12.06 09:50 walmdezalm458 blursed_trap

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2021.12.06 09:50 Solell Dervish Dance and Unarmed Strike

I'm playing with a build idea (dex-based scimitar warpriest) and wanted to get some clarity on how the Dervish Dance feat interacts with (Improved) Unarmed Strike, if at all. I've done a bit of googling and mostly just found arguing...

Thanks for any input!
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2021.12.06 09:50 ShortAlgo $UTL Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial at

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2021.12.06 09:50 TDSNews Bombers Overcome 6 Turnovers For Date In The 108th Grey Cup Finals

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2021.12.06 09:50 ainbheartach Tory press officers preparing to explain that all official guidance on snorting cocaine was followed

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2021.12.06 09:50 mads_username Hjelp til å finne ein sang

Lure på ein sang som går «er du glava, glava» eller «er du glad da, glad da» Begynte å tenke på den då eg fekk litt glava i halsen.
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2021.12.06 09:50 KnowthyselfJC Anyone here who had taken a web development course online and already landed a job?

Hello folks!
I hope you're having a good time.
so as the title states, I'm working on 2 jobs now but recently I've found a course on udemy for web development. I've been taking some time to study the course but while at it my PC is lagging or stuttering in some way? I just want to know if I needed a high specs pc on this or if I can buy an app to boost my pc.
I want to be good at this thing and gain extensive knowledge in the long run because I believe that tech is the future for remote jobs. so if anyone of you here who are just a self-taught dev, please give me some hope. Thanks!
lemme know your thoughts so please comment down below. cheers!
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2021.12.06 09:50 trust_me_im_a_dogtor Poor sleep when starting childcare

My LO is 4.5 going on 5 months. He has never been very consistent about sleep, some nights he would go an 8-9 hour stretch, some nights he would only get a 5-6 hour stretch, but overall it was manageable because I wasn’t working. I just started back at work this past week, which meant we had to start childcare 3 days a week. We were already feeling some of the 4 month sleep regression, but since last week he has gone from waking up once or twice at night to waking up every 3 hours.
I’m finding myself getting so frustrated because I know that he can and should be able to do longer stretches. I’m hoping that some of this is just him adjusting to the new change and will pass. It’s just been so difficult to only have a couple hours every day that I get to see him (if that) and then go into these hellish nights. All that mixed with the anxiety of being sleep deprived at work is making me miserable and I even feel like I’m starting to resent him at night 😩
Looking for any encouragement or tips for this tired mom 🥲
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2021.12.06 09:50 Bakbik1234 That's it, I've lost faith in humanity...

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2021.12.06 09:50 lightingnations Theres a door in my basement that wasn't there before

In those first few days the door had a mind of its own, manifesting around the house like a rabbit from a hat, never staying in one place for more than ten seconds at a time.
But by day four, it seemed to have settled in the basement...
Down there the air was cool, and shelves wrapped around three of the four sides. A bare bulb in the middle of the room brightened and dimmed as I pushed aside musty boxes marked ‘Christmas decorations’.
Those photo albums had to be close by.
As I inspected the nook beneath the narrow staircase, there was a sound to my right, from the direction of the door. A heavy, toneless, frightening bang. I forced myself not to look over until it happened again. Then there was a moment of jarring silence, followed by two knocks.
Above my head, the bulb began to flicker. Now the air felt warm and clammy.
Before, there’d never been any sounds from behind the door. It just sat there, a tumorous growth along the wall, always vanishing with a rub of my eyes or shake of my head. While I stood cemented on the spot and forced myself not to think about what lay on the other side, the bulb finally died.
Now the door seemed to expand and contract like a pair of flexing lungs. Inhale, exhale.
There it was again: knock knock. My brain screamed ‘run’. Instead, both legs gave out and I collapsed into a shelf. Tins of white and blue paint toppled over and splattered across the floor.
By the time I found my feet the knock had become a furious THUMP-THUMP-THUMP that rattled the wood in its housing. The door came alive, lurching, pulsing, threatening to burst off its hinges. At the very last moment, as I reached the top of the stairs, I glanced back and saw it jump violently as if someone had swung a sledgehammer against the other side.
In the safety of the downstairs hall, I realized I’d been holding my breath the entire time.
“Darren?” My mom emerged from the kitchen, holding onto the wall for support. Just walking was difficult for her. “I heard a crash. What happened?"
“Damn light went out and I spilled some paint,” I said. My left pant leg was speckled white. “I’ll pick up a new bulb and clean-up the mess tomorrow.”
Later, she made us both vegetable soup for dinner. The doctor had advised her to rest until the spinal surgery—my whole reason for moving home—but convincing her to listen was like chewing salt.
She filled two bowls, found a seat, and groaned painfully as she plopped down.
We watched a news report about a murdeabduction that recently happened close by. A seven-year-old named Abbie had vanished from her home. Two officers discovered her grandmother’s corpse in a bedroom, her belly slit open like a fish.
Mom tutted. “Isn’t that desperate? First the break-ins and now this.”
The story sent shockwaves throughout the entire neighborhood; Tony and Clark, the couple who lived next door, even installed a video doorbell, although the side window they sometimes left open was how most experienced burglars would break in…
Abbie’s mother, a blonde lady in her thirties, sobbed on camera and made a desperate appeal for anyone with information to come forward.
Mom tutted and said, “That poor, poor woman. Imagine what she's going through after losing both her mother and her daughter.”
When a picture of Abbie appeared, I switched off the tv.
Mom turned to face me. “Speaking of, when are you gonna find a nice girl and settle down?” Her voice had gone serious. I waited for the next part. “I’m not gonna live forever you know.” There it was.
Ever since dad’s heart attack, mom made a point to frequently remind me how the only thing she wanted, before she kicked the bucket, was some grandchildren to spoil.
“Settle down?” I asked. “Where am I going to find someone who measures up to you?”
It was a futile attempt to dissolve the tension. She just glared at me.
Soon mom was ready for bed. By the time I helped her upstairs and into her gown, the door had crept to the sidewall of her room, almost entirely covered by a dresser.
Switching on the bedside lamp, I said, “There. Anything else I can—"
Knock knock.
My voice trailed off. Mom reached forward, pressed a cold hand against my forehead, and said, “Everything okay? You look pale.” Sometimes it was hard to remember who was taking care of who.
There was a clamor of noises, and then the handle jiggled. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said. “Just…tired.”
The door thudded against the dresser. Then, from behind, I heard hard fingers scrap across wood. skrrrrrppppp.
Mom rolled onto her side, oblivious to the muffled sounds. “Okay. Night Darren.”
“Night mom.”
For the rest of the evening, the door was more active than ever. Before it never appeared for long—hell, those first two days I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually seen it all—but now it stalked me, following me to the bathroom, along the hall, into the lounge. I felt perpetually spied upon.
I imagined I could hear its thoughts. Yep, I’m still here. And I’m not going anywhere.
If not for mom’s condition, I would’ve hightailed it to a hotel. Or maybe slept in a tent. I reminded myself the door wasn't real—that it wasn't some bogeyman.
We both know that’s not true.
In my bedroom, thunder boomed beyond the window, rain fell hard against the glass, and the door dozed beyond the foot of my bed. I lay down and tried to sleep.
After a few minutes, the handle began to rattle and turn. I sat up and stared so fixedly I didn’t even notice my heart miss its rhythm.
The door slowly shivered open three inches. Four inches. Five. And as it did, the room shifted on its axis, tilting downward. My bed's metal legs slid across the wooden floor.
The incline became steeper and steeper, until the floor was entirely vertical, and the door was thrown open wide. Beyond it lay a long, black tunnel.
Furniture fell towards the side of the room. My stomach leaped as it would on a roller coaster as I plummeted sideways. The bed rotated, becoming awkwardly pinched between walls, and at the very last second I caught hold of the frame and held on.
Darkness seeped out of the tunnel, snapping at the soles of my bare feet. The door wanted to swallow me whole, to drag me into endless blackness, into the sinister world on the other side. My heart pounded in my ears as it laughed. Wanna come play, Darren?
My legs dangled above the hungry, hungry mouth. Palm sweat forced me to constantly readjust my grip—I couldn’t hold on for much longer. Was this a punishment from God? Why? Why me?
You know why.
“No,” I screamed out loud. With that, my strength gave out, and I fell onto the floor with a stiff grunt. Suddenly the room and everything in it was right-side-up. Was it just a nightmare?
From down the hall, mom called my name. No. It wasn’t a nightmare—the door had gone after her.
You're too much trouble, I'll eat your mother instead. Much easier prey...
I burst into her room and rushed to her side. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” I put a hand on her cheek. “Speak to me.”
She looked puzzled. “I was gonna ask for a glass of a water, but if you’re feeling sick I’ll make you some—”
“No, I’m fine. Just worried about you is all. Stay here while I get that water.”
Still trembling from the earlier encounter, I returned to bed. The door remained perfectly still. Perhaps it was dozing.
A few minutes later, there was a faint dap-dap-dap-dap. I squeezed my eyelids together and folded the pillow over my ears, desperate to ignore the sounds, to pretend everything was fine.
But now I could sense the door radiate malevolence. Radiate hatred. That sense became intolerable, and mom's soup almost slid up again. I finally looked over.
Thunder boomed outside, briefly throwing light around the room. The door was no longer mounted against a wall, now it was standing dead ahead, drawing closer and closer.
As it approached my bed, the cramped room became claustrophobic. Something hefty threw itself against the other side. And like a child, I pulled the sheets up over my head. The bumps and bangs grew louder and faster; it sounded like the armies of hell were about to burst through.
Then the sounds vanished. And for a moment I thought that was it—that the nightmare was over.
But as I lowered the sheet to my nose, the handle rotated all the way down. All I could do was lay still and watch the door swing outward, squealing on its hinges.
Beyond the frame was part of a stone wall and a rickety set of stairs that descended into a thick, damp darkness. Swallowing a lump in my throat, I inched forward and whispered, “Hello?”
“Help me,” said a tiny voice.
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2021.12.06 09:50 AppointmentEast4919 Did anyone just realize Gargoyle squadron are drones?

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2021.12.06 09:50 vaskikissa Sorry if this has been already posted but is this one of my mods or did they finally fix this?

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2021.12.06 09:50 ShortAlgo $USAC Awaiting Buy Signal. Free Trial at

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2021.12.06 09:50 movieclips7290 The horror series we all wanted is here. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2021 Trailer

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2021.12.06 09:50 Representative-Toe93 only permanent subs, if you don't intend to remain, don't sub, please.

watch the entire video
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2021.12.06 09:50 kev_24 Web-to-Print T-shirt Designer Plugin

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2021.12.06 09:50 Zsky2000 Make your RTS now

Make your RTS now Hi guys, I am Zsky and I made free 3D assets on my free time, today I do like to share my new pack "3D Animated Units".
This pack contains 8 animated units, which contains the Red and the Blue Team so it will be easy to make a game or prototype it.
I also made others assets that you can combine and make a Town too with this style, link is here:
-FBX, OBJ, BLEND and COLLADA formats!
🎁Download the pack here:
If you like guys please supp me on Patreon, that will help me a lot ;D

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
That means you can do anything but you must give me Credits, use my Patreon page link for credit me (
For more info

❤ Thanks to all my Patrons for the amazing Supp:

(Taikaboy, 50, Joseph Preston, Ryan Warner, Everton Lima, CoughE, Ryan Guthrie, Alexis Peters, Baerthe, KrissyTheCatboi, Enache Bogdan, Joshie Sparks, mars3142, Tyler Williams and Victor Dadaciu)
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2021.12.06 09:50 Boring_Archer_791 WHM and fasting?

Has anybody got informations about doing the WHM breathing during fasting? Monday is my fasting day, so I eat last meal und sunday evening and skip meals until monday evening, so roughly a 24 hour fast. So I'm at work now and during my lunch break I decided to do some WHM breathing. First round went meh, like around 01h30; the second one was 02h30 and after that I've stopped klicking the clock. After 4 rounds I've decided to stop and I've had this feeling what I didn't have for a long time. My hands were tingling af.. I really could feel the energy flowing through my hands and fingers. After that I've just felt like doing a nap, so I did. But now an hour after I'm still kind of dizzy and sleepy.
TLDR: anyone informations if the fasting effects the Wim Hof Breathing because I went deep faster than usual.?
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2021.12.06 09:50 ShortAlgo $TPH Awaiting Short Signal. Free Trial at

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2021.12.06 09:50 Tyrrrz Deploy Self-Contained .NET Apps Without Packaging the Runtime

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