2021.12.06 09:59 Mach_lol AI PORRA

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2021.12.06 09:59 organic_crystal_meth Gotta make sure everything is in its right place

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2021.12.06 09:59 ahahdhdbbd just takeeeee alll my moneyyyyssss☹️

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2021.12.06 09:59 mthrtcker I don’t want to be a nurse anymore

I’ve been a nurse for 10 years. I’ve done medsurg, travel, ER, hospice, clinic and back to medsurg for the last 3 years at a golden handcuffs place — with a union, good pay, ratios and pension. I probably would have left by now if it wasn’t for the money.
I just keep thinking there’s no way I can work with the general public for another 20 years. People are so mean, healthcare is just going to get worse. Not to mention a pandemic.
Im also at the age where we’re talking about having kids soon so taking at 40k pay cut doesn’t really feel smart.
I’m looking into some of those coding boot camps. Has anyone done those with success. Has anyone left nursing entirely- if so for what and are you happy?
Thanks 🙏
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2021.12.06 09:59 yotus12345 Jerk to one of these

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2021.12.06 09:59 Doberman5000 American Home Shield

History Channel just played all three or four versions combined into one long monstrosity.
Don't do it. And don't do Carshield Either. American scam. Ice T knows it.
I don't want to see the brat throw a frozen milk jug at her cereal or imagine fatty on her toilet.
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2021.12.06 09:59 Gwanbigupyaself Is there truth to the “Freudian Coverup”

I recently read that Freud invented theories about children being sexually fixated on their parents to explain away why so many of his female patients were disclosing CSA. Many of his patients told him they were being sexually abused by their fathers who were upstanding society men so he wrote that the girls were sexually attracted to their fathers to protect the men’s reputations.
Is there any truth to this concept?
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2021.12.06 09:59 Ill_Willingness5146 24, Seeing Colors Differently In Lazy Eye

Hi all, I am a M24 with a lazy eye that I've had since I contracted German measles as a baby. Since then I noticed even as a little kid that my vision between my left and right eye seem different. I have been seeing an optometrist since 2nd grade and I have always worn glasses since. I have astigmatism and started seeing my first floaters in my teens. It seems like now though as I get older the vision in my right eye just seems odd. At times its as though it sees vibrant colors more vibrant up close without losing definition. I have had eye exams nearly every year and my prescription has been maintained for the last four years (my optometrist retired and a younger one took his place whom I do not trust, my older doctor constantly tweaked my glasses saying my eyes were getting just slightly weaker every few years). I was taught to how to train my eyes and I've even tested patching at home, but, that just made the differences even more prominent briefly though my right eye did feel stronger. I just don't know what to do here, my optometrist says it's basically lucky my eyes are as good as they are but since I've started seeing more floaters in the last few weeks I've been a bit more worried. I haven't had any other symptoms of retinal detachment or anything and I do not have diabetes. I definitely do not eat right sometimes but I am in shape and try to make halfway decent healthy diet choices. It's almost as if things seem "warmer" in a pastel-style gradient in my right eye. It responds to light less than my left eye and always has, bright lights don't disturb it nearly as much as my right eye. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
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2021.12.06 09:59 Photoshop2020Editor [2021 Day 6 [Part 1]] (Python)

I've been making a python script, and the results are off. Can anyone tell me why?
This is for the example:

with open('testlist.txt') as f: first_line = f.readline() ins = [] splits = first_line.split(',') for split in splits: ins.append(split.strip()) for i in range(18): for count, value in enumerate(ins): newv = int(value) if newv == 0: ins[count] = 6 ins.append(8) else: ins[count] = str(int(value) - 1) print(len(ins)) 
And I get 29 in output when I should be getting 26?
What am I doing wrong?
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2021.12.06 09:59 digitally_rajat Products Products submitted by digitally_rajat to NewsAPI [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 09:59 bandrews091 Just wanted to make everyone aware that yesterday was Large Marge's Birthday, and we are now in the void dates between her birth and death. I got a feeling she may be calling, and this long strange trip we've been on may be coming to an end.

Just wanted to make everyone aware that yesterday was Large Marge's Birthday, and we are now in the void dates between her birth and death. I got a feeling she may be calling, and this long strange trip we've been on may be coming to an end. submitted by bandrews091 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 09:59 ConorTheChef I think I'm having a mental breakdown and I need help

Title sums this up pretty well. Up until last Wednesday I was really happy and really pleased with how my life way going. Got a fiancé, 2 dogs, money is okay (but could always be better am I right?). Then it happened, I thought about dying, and what happens after you die, the void and nothingness and I had a full on panic attack out of nowhere. Now I can't seem to get out of this hole of panic and anxiety. I don't see joy in anything anymore, what's the point, these feelings are fleeting and one day they would of never even existed. Everyone I've ever known that's passed just doesn't exist anymore, their consciousnesses gone. I feel physically sick all the time, I'm not eating, I can't sleep. I can't get out of this rut and I just want my life to go back to what it was literally this time last week, I loved it. I saw the joys in little things, like the wind in the leaves, plants etc.
Someone please help because it feels like I'm losing my mind and I can't pick myself up.
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2021.12.06 09:59 _paradoxy 27F looking to make some great friends!

Hey there, I'm Nicole! I've had a hard time making good friends over the past few years. I'm looking for people (non gender specific) around my age with similar interests! I love music, working out, tattoos, piercings, hiking, traveling, video games, reading, true crime, and conspiracy theories. Just to name a few!😅 I have no interest in drinking/partying, never have been, which has been most of my issue when it comes to making friends. I'm currently on somewhat of a fitness journey and working on bettering myself. Would love to meet someone with the same mindset and a good sense of humor! If you feel like we'd connect, comment or send a message.😊
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2021.12.06 09:59 DisposablePride Demongineer Synergy

I've been feeling demons were pretty lackluster since the last update and after the Demon Pawn (needed) nerf. I felt like good demon synergies just took too many cards in your deck or too much mana and healing which they don't provide and add even more bloat.
Simultaneously I was kinda bored with Engineer since it felt extremely limited in good options. Even though Engineer is strong and robust in it's default ability to tackle threats it can feel like your only options are robot synergy, which is pretty slow on it's own, or just reducing your deck to a minimum and relying on gears and skills. Whether you're churning through 60 robo hounds to dig for Flamethrower and building up Artillery Unit or you're only using thorns damage cause you have to keep using Armored Unit to stay alive, it's just agonizing.
But recently I've opened my eyes to the synergy of Demongineer!
To start with the obvious Robo Butler gives access to healing basically whenever you need it to counter the demon damage and Armored Unit gives the stacks of armored that demons have to outsource. But let me spell out some specific cards and how Engineer is poised to make them work.
Guardian of the Demons -
Starting from generalist to specialized, this card doesn't need my advocation really. Since the change to have it not take away armored it's good in pretty much any class that is using armor to survive in high inferno. Engineer has an advantage here in that it doesnt need RoboWitch to stack armored.
Succubus -
This card is quite good for any class that doesn't have it's own way of scaling damage. Succubus is better than most, 12 burning is a lot and it doesn't need anything else to do it's job. The Engineer is faster to level the Succubus than anyone else and she's important to the demon strategy as one of the few demon magic cards.
Demon Guard -
One of the best tribe shield cards, doesn't need resistance to be good but still scales with it. 2 other demons and this card out performs Armored Unit. Engineer in general doesn't scale as well with stres so this guy is a good option.
Living Armor -
Immediately performs on par with Armored Unit so it's a good choice early for an extra demon count, doesn't scale with resistace or demon count so it's not as good as Demon Guard with 3 or more demons.
Melgaroth, Keeper of Flame -
This guy is pretty interesting but I couldn't find a good way to use him till now. See, he's usually too specialized to be useful but Engineer is the only class where this will never be a dead card, elevating Cannon Unit to a power house of a base card. It's use is situational but not useless, in a pinch it can help you activate a gear or getting a good chunk of shield for a hit you're not prepared for or blocked during, lastly I've found him good for when I'm trying to stall to heal or pull off a good Mage Thief. This is the only other magic demon card you want since I don't recommend Demon Bride in most cases.
Flame Imp -
Usually pretty good but not ideal here. This card brings us to talking about the 2 different strategies with using demons, minimalist or big deck. Since we're not prioritizing stres with Engineer Flame Imp needs 5+ demons to be worth using over Cannon Unit and even then it's less consistent. Consistency is the overall problem with using a big deck but Engineer is usually better at it than most since you can use the gears to fill in the gaps for what you need on each turn.
CommandeLieutenant Armstrong -
Lumping these together since they do the same thing with Commander being better for the increased damage, the courage effect, and it's easier to time for maximum effect. These cards obviously only do well with the big deck strategy but I usually wrote them off as being too inconsistent even in a big deck since it takes a lot of effort to get the max damage out of these cards. Interestingly Engineer is in a position to force these cards to scale up mid fight because at it's core Engineer comes with the tools to add 3 or more cards to your deck every turn but it does take more effort, thought, and luck to get the strategy humming.
Demon Bride -
Demon Bride had it's day in the sun but sadly no more. To use this now takes some consideration. First, of course, you really only want to use this in the big deck strategy; second, I found that I had to balance how frequently I play her around the number of gears I've accumulated in the fight because if you don't maintain a balance you're going to quickly end up with a deck full of Demon Pawns making it difficult to impossible to generate any more gears or to maintain any shield. Without any strength the Demon Pawns are not going to finish off the fight soon enough like they used to.
The rest of the demons don't really apply here. Gorgrirath and Barrerath still seem too gimmicky to me, maybe only useful in a specific Warrior deck that uses burning or something. Fallen Angel is really only for some niche angel/demon combo. Demon Prince is still just not recommended, just a dead card for all the fights where you would need it.
Following is a record of one of my recent highish inferno runs with Engineer this run went about as smooth and simple as could be. The deck was almost perfect and if only I could have removed the last 2 base cards it would have been.
------------------ VICTORY ------------------ < DIFFICULTY > INFERNO 24 < CLASS > ENGINEER < CLASS BONUS > 3 < TOTAL SCORE > 5893 < TIME > 1:30:27 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < CLASS UPGRADE > YES < SKILLS > Circular Shield - Tear of Goddess - Necronomicon - Book of Magic - Shield of Shadows - Dark Magic < DECK > Mechanic - Scientist - Time Machine [ROBOT] - Demon Guard [DEMON] - Succubus [DEMON] II - RoboWitch [ROBOT] - Demon Guard [DEMON] - Melgaroth, Keeper of Flames [ANCIENT][DEMON] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ < FLOORS CLIMBED > 44 < NORMAL ENEMIES KILLED > 9 < ELITE KILLED > 11 < BOSS KILLED > 5 < GOLD EARNED > 1592 < GEMS EARNED > 66 < CARDS PLAYED > 1713 < HIGHEST DAMAGE > 306 < DAMAGE TAKEN > 223 < CHEST OPENED > 6 < GAME VERSION > 2.3.2 < VERIFICATION CODE > 78b72 ```
TLDR: Try demons with Engineer, there's some synergies you might not have considered. Feel free to cherry pick my advice on the idividual cards listed above.
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2021.12.06 09:59 djxfade THALREX - Memories

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2021.12.06 09:59 Qbccd MPC-HC using much more "3D" GPU than other players

Here's what I'm trying to figure out:
I have MPC-HC, latest LAV Filters 0.75 installed as internal, using D3D11 Native decoder (tho I've tried the other decoders and the result is the same).
While playing a video, if you open Task Manager, go the Performance tab and go to GPU you'll see that the GPU is being used in 2 ways. One as "Decode" and other as "3D". I'm not sure why 3D is used at all, but it's the way it's reported.
What I've noticed is, if I play a video with VLC, whether it's AVC, HEVC, or VP9, I will get, say 10% GPU "Decode" utilization, and 15% "3D" utilization. But with MPC-HC/LAV Filters, I'll still get 10% Decode, but often double or more of the "3D" utilization, in this case 30-35%. This is consistent across different videos and codecs. I see roughly the same disparity when compared to the Windows 10 Movies & TV App.
MPC-HC also uses about 1% more CPU compared to VLC, but I assume that's because it's no longer being actively developed and I'm okay with that. But with the latest LAV Filters, GPU utilization should be on par with VLC and the Windows 10 app.
I can't figure out what's causing this and how to fix it. I'm also not sure if it's just a reporting bug or if the GPU is actually using more power. I have no way of measuring it. I have a 1050 Ti.
Any thoughts? Sorry for the long post.
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2021.12.06 09:59 tc182 Mega Mix New Pop Songs

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2021.12.06 09:59 ipunchvagina maybe maybe maybe

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2021.12.06 09:59 SpeakerKnockerzzz24 Do We Trust ‘Big Truzzz’ In Playoffs?

Anybody else a little concerned starting Lamar Jackson going forward? His turnovers have been dreadful, barely looks to run it himself anymore, The Ravens offense as a whole looks lost, and the 17.6 points was really saved by that last drive TD..
Ever since that Miami game, where they kept blitzing him, it seems like teams have caught on and keep applying the pressure on him. Anybody else a little concerned?
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2021.12.06 09:59 ChemicalWolverine73 check me

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2021.12.06 09:59 mm1530791 Little Girls Beach est l'une des plus belles plages

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2021.12.06 09:59 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing i was browsing the Microsoft store and looking at games i cant afford

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2021.12.06 09:59 Remarkable-Eagle947 what are your political views?

i consider Fabianism and socialism as the finest
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2021.12.06 09:59 PhoenixTheMighty I’m going to college in a year. I would like a snake

I’m new to snakes and would like to get a pet for my college dorm. What kind of snake would be good for a 10 gallon tank? And where could I get one? I know petco isn’t a very ethical way to get small animals so I figured I would ask. Thanks!
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2021.12.06 09:59 Paran0iaAg3nt Jel još netko dobio refund e-mail od amazona?

Dobih e-mail od amazona u kojem piše da mi vraćaju određeni dio novca na neke narudžbe, a kao razlog se navodi export fee reduced. O čemu se tu radi?
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