Jeffrey Lewis article about China's orbital bombardment system

2021.10.19 04:46 ZeEa5KPul Jeffrey Lewis article about China's orbital bombardment system

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2021.10.19 04:46 CensedPrism Tier lists.

Literally stop posting tier lists if u Havnt listened to all of the songs. It takes just a few clicks to listen to them and a few minutes for each song. It’s not that hard. Please do us all a favor and listen to the songs from the band u care enough about that u decided to do a tier list about on the subreddit u decided to join.
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2021.10.19 04:46 foxkyay Buddy Gator - For Andrew

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2021.10.19 04:46 Right_Summer2040 Hi need advice on mold on plank like ceiling in bathroom.

i rented an apartment unit. The ceiling actually fell down because of mold once. Then repaired by the apartment management. Said there is some water droplets above the ceiling probably from upper floor unit. So they said they will do repair at above unit first. Then they replaced the ceiling+paint.
After several month, mold come back and then i ask them check. And also got the same problem. Also did the same repairs.
Only after a week later i found a spot of mold. Is there something i'm missing here? Is the amount of water splash from bathing resulting the mold. I already left the window and door a slight open after use the bathroom. Maybe i need to open them wide all the way? Or just need to clean the mold using mold spray or something?
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2021.10.19 04:46 twobulletsfortoby One of the pizzas from this Sunday’s lunch

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2021.10.19 04:46 Changlini An After Action Report of my very first run of Humankind

During the release of this game, I wanted to try my hand on treating my first playthrough like an evolving narrative through the ages and produce a sort of in-universe narration recapping the events of my playthrough--kinda what the people over in the Stellaris Community do for their interesting playthroughs. I started this back in September, but only now got to come back and finish writing this long recap up. If you do not know what an After Action Report, AAR, is... it's basically a narrative review of a playthrough. So... here it is:

The earliest traces of the Tribe, whom archaeologists can only theorize was led by the mythical woman whose name is lost to history, tell a story of foraging for food and wondering across three regions where the city of Hattusa stand today within the southern pole of the […] continent. While archaeologists have come to the consensus that the Tribe was no larger than a measly twenty-five men and women, few have come up with any evidence to explain the tribe’s rapid growth within the arctic region. What data we do have, mostly of cave markings, suggest that the tribe lived off locale game located within neighboring regions while their two earliest settlements were within well defended mountain valley chokepoints in areas that have provided the earliest known mass graves containing prehistoric diseased carcasses.
There are few surviving transcripts, most ineligible, of how the Hittites came to be, but the consensus thus far is that their first city was named Hattusa, founded in the same mountain valley of the Southern […] Neolithic Tribal settlement. There are no records of who first led the Hittites within the ancient era, but the few historical etchings on pottery discovered beneath the provincial garrison of Vindemiatrix do depict that settlement, along with Hattusa, being one of the earliest extensions of the Hittite nation. Historical pottery records proceed to depict the Hittites celebrating their advances in industrial workmanship by using their newfound tools to force a family of horses into submission, while what is theorized as scouting parties continued their search north and west—discovering deposits of what is now known as lead and sage. Men of the court are depicted arguing with the matriarchal leader of the Hittite nation over the development of the lead deposits, which seem to have taken a back seat to horse training.
5116 HE, being an approximation, became what is known as the earliest recorded date in history, though the Hittites were not the ones to begin writing down dates. Some Archeological data suggests it were the Zhou, northern neighbors of the Hittites, that were the ones to first begin keeping track of the seasons through their ceramic depictions, or even that it was the Eastern Olmecs. However, with no discernable proof of writing discovered at the time, it remains unknown. What is known, however, is that Hattusa had continued to grow its industrial arm, even expanding Hittite borders with the establishment of the Ainalrami administrative center deep within the mountain basin containing the Mekong River. Ainalrami was the Highest Hittite settlement at the time, many ceramics providing archeological depictions of the settlement of Ainalrami resting above the clouds. Despite all the progress, human remains uncovered around the area seem to suggest fewer than five hundred people lived across all that space. However, that did not mean the few people of the Hittite Nation were poor. No, Ceramic depictions seem to unveil a story of many warriors going off into the unknown and sending runners back home with Hidesacks full of coin. This abundant wealth is theorized to be a cause of why the Hittites, Zhou, and Olmec cultures are depicted quite friendly in ancient pottery within the area. Pottery within religious sites date back to around this time, the ritualistic paintings depicted of people becoming fantastical beasts, many anthropomorphic. Despite there being little hard historical writings mentioning these ancient writes back when they first were enacted, many Histories believe this to be the first ever depictions of Furry culture within the Hittite religion known as Metamorphosis.
Found within the catacombs of Hattusa, ancient slabs of stone mark the earliest form of writing to be found within the planet, by no other than the Hittites. Dating to an approximate 5986 HE, what surviving information that could be translated began painting a grim picture. The Hittites found themselves stagnated from the decades of terrible harvests. And the meager military force they had were still scouting away, scouting the continent, as independent Peoples beset their empire from all sides. Blood ran through Ainalrami’s riverbed as it found itself under constant assault by an unknown force which had been setting the administrative center ablaze. Being so far from the western capital, the Hittites feasibly could only muster up scout riders to cross the distance in a manageable timeframe. Entering battle, the foreign warriors proved themselves quite monstrous, devastating all the scout riders who rode their horses into battle. No men left that battle alive or lightly harmed. And further west of the capital, survivors of the scouting legion told a tale of utter devastation by the Minoans. The scouts, on their path back to the Hittite Border, were unexpectedly assaulted by the Minoans when passing through a mountain range. There were no survivors. The Hittite Population had been devastated.
Written records from around the area, dating to Approximately 6972 HE, show the Greeks, Mauryans, and Olmecs celebrating their successes in war and economy through the fine arts of entertainment. Art culture seems to have grown into a phenomenon available to even the peasants around this time, and many dramatizations and writings circulated across the trade alliance between the Hittites, Olmecs, and Mauryans. Peculiarly the most popular export of the Hittites at the time was a bardic rhyme, author unknown, quite unflattering of the Hittite Administration as it goes into all the failings of their leaders and mockery of the mistress Chief—which the word furry is repeatedly mentioned. Archeologists have found mentions of that rhyme across the far reaches of the Pangea, even in some political etchings within the Celtic homes located far north. Whatever the case, it seems to have been in fashion to hold the Hittites into such low esteem. However, a year into the height of that rhyme’s popularity, there are texts describing the Hittite chief coming addressing the public. Whatever she spoke, the chief’s words are written to have been found humbling by the people, and one of the focal points that is referenced multiple times over the ongoing Classical era as a rallying point for the nation as they focused on farming practices to get out of the ongoing famine. 8678 HE, the Hittites were able to regroup themselves, population growing into the 3000s across their two major cities. And with renewed vigor, they were able to sign a treaty between the Nok to peacefully transition into the Hittite empire, along with mountain an offensive with mercenaries into the Mitannian aggressors who ravaged the Hittites centuries before. Though a bloody conflict, the flourishing farming and workmanship industries helped the Hittites find themselves in a position of power on the political stage for the first time in their existence. It was a time of great change, Historians concluded that it was around the 8700s the battle Hardened Hittite culture began to fade away, pathing the way for the Norsemen.
The Midieval age had come and gone for the Norsemen. Records depict that around 9602 HE the Norsemen funded an expedition off into the unknown. Carrier Pigeons sent from half way around the world, allegedly, told of lands with wondrous mountains and a great reef fill to the brim with oceanic life just ready to be plucked out of the water, even the Natives were no match for the commanding Crossbowmen regiment in-charge of the expedition. Back on the mainland, the Mongols up North have been slowly assimilating more land into their vast empire, but despite their bloody conquests, all nations of the Pangea had many writings about the Olmecs, who were by far the most referenced culture within Medieval historical documents, while the Aztecs, Ghanaians, and English were all following in the shadows of other World Powers.
It is around the time that the Printing press is invented within the Norsemen regions that historians can begin painting a clearer picture of the political landscape. Sometime at the end of the medieval age there was a cultural collapse far and wide across the Norseman lands. As rival Norsemen clans spent the remaining life of the culture infighting and raiding their own settlements on land, it was in the Medieval city of Hattusa that the nameless head of the Span family rallied their forces. There are little written records surrounding the leader of the Spaniards, however there are various secondhand reports of six entire regiments entirely formed out of the Peasantry making a quick, clean, insurgency that eliminated the Norseman rebellions. Almost overnight were the rival clans forced to submit under a banner of unity that followed the Span family. The fallowing year is widely considered the moment that the Spanish culture was birthed within the Early Modern Era.
Despite being the leading Nation in the sciences at the time, it was only at the end of the Spanish empire’s life that they were able to begin investment into the education system for the populous and have widespread availability of textbooks and other materials for wide scientific advancement. Somehow, quite a significant amount of the Spanish lead within the sciences was made without the present of schools, or any form of rudimentary education outside of scientific teams using libraries as a means of obtaining forbidden knowledge that was then used in Government Sanctioned field experiments. Many historians consider the previous sentence as Spanish propaganda. What is undeniable, however, are the immense piles of legal papers detailing judiciary laws, enforcement of such laws, and court settlements between merchants and scientists over copyright laws. Despite being a nation ruled by a tribal, archaic, government, there were deep respect for the order that the Spanish Matriarchal leaders were able to instill through their deep labyrinth of codified laws. The Spanish at this point were quite well known to the modern world—especially within the Eastern Olmec territories, formally detached—but still under the same banner of the Larger Olmec nation to the West of the Spanish. Many nations at the time revered the Spanish with much respect, only the Olmecs surpassed them in popularity.
The End of Spanish rule was marked by political movement after political movement causing civil unrest as corruption ran rampant within the Tribal legislature. Family rule brought the nation together, and now it had been ripping it apart. The tolerance of Religion lead to many sects enacting religious inquisitions to deal with dissidents and tighten grips on power, instead of religious purity. The ruling family saw their influence wain considering the anarchic chaos growing within the nation. Despite how open the nation was to enacting Freedom within the arts, Speech, and a strong communal grip on land rights, Historians point to such freedoms as what led to the meteoric rise of a powerful political Party known today as the Germans. The Germans were quick in rallying public opinion through decrying corruption, the Draconian leadership, even using the disappearance of the leading matriarch to prop up their own matrian of the Germanic political party. It was an ongoing joke at the time that the Woman lead for the German political party looked exactly all the previous leaders of the Spanish, Norsemen, Roman, and Hittite cultures.
At the turn of the century of 1100 HE, the German party… thanks to the fact that many Draftees within the Spanish Nation’s military were part of the political movement, were able to take hold the reigns of leadership within the City of Hattusa, which was nothing more than a military-industrial stronghold at the time. It was there that the Germanic Accords were set in writing. “Here be the people, the long trodden, the ill-fed, the powerless…” the first words of the constitution would echo through the annals of Germanic history as the Germanic council gathered to declare the first Republic of Germany from the smoggy halls of Hattusa.
By 11475 HE, the Republic continued to hold strong within the changing world. The first coming of electricity went by with little fanfare as the wealth disparities were always at the forefront of the political movements, tirelessly fighting for better working conditions. And after the controversial assassination of a well-known grass-roots political leader by mercenary security endorsed by the first privately own railing company believed to be the inventor of the first train, the Germanic Politicians knew they had to act fast or face another collapse for the nation. In the ensuing years Independent peoples were given complete assimilation rights, the industrial revolution lead by the Coking works was nationalized, Workers were given full rights and their pay enshrined to keep up with inflation, and despite the endless contrarian papers and movements produced by the leading mercantile and business families at the time declaring the Germans as a nation of conspiratorial, backwards, newts who would soon fatten and eat their young through enforcement of such extremist laws and ideologies, child education became the priority of the nation nearing the end of the Industrial era. The iconic photographic silent video of the German’s first test of their very own biplane, only to be overshadowed by the Olmecian jet propelled airliner flying high above dates to this era.
Today the German people stand strong. The nations of Pangea revere the German nation for their multi- Decem millennium long alliance with the Olmec Peoples. Many works of science and art were cultivated within the peaceful ages between the two superpowers. The German Military is primarily formed out of its citizenry within regiments of Irregulars ready to take up arms in protection of their homeland. And the well regulated transportation industry has trivialized movement across the cities through intense use of the metro rail system. An earie calm has set over the German people as automation of many of the industries continue to force the people to face questions of their own mortality and finding meaning within their lives as less and less reasons remain for working out of necessity, instead of a hobby to keep themselves distracted. Unfortunately, with the sudden problematic rise of pollution, there’s little time left to discover any solution to dealing with the smog ridden skies and carcinogenic flakes showing up within the water supplies, and the Olmec-German alliance of scientists have placed their full political force behind having both nations look to the stars in hopes of escaping the desolation that awaits those who remain on this planet. The current target for the first extra-solar colonial stations is the closest solar system known as Alpha Centauri.

But, yeah, I'm just glad of having finished this--especially now that I can delete those save files and free up space to being able to save more game sessions lol.
If you read or skimmed through this, thanks for taking your time!
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2021.10.19 04:46 All-Seeing-Bot Doctor: Using Colin Powell’s Death To Fuel COVID-19 Misinformation Is Despicable | MSNBC

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2021.10.19 04:46 FuckCatholicMemes Apparently, if you don't pray for *OTHERS*, then they're doomed to be abandoned by God. Even if they're a priest, and even if that would make God look bad.

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2021.10.19 04:46 avahannah Did my part...741 ... Us apes need to take control... Now put your dicks down and fucking file a complaint... RC has been waiting, and we've all been too smoothed to figure it out!!!!!!

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Vote for the 1 option you'd like most for the November theme!
1001(+) Movies You Must See Before You Die: A combined edition list of all the movies that have been collected in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die.
Movies Mentioned, Referenced, and/or Watched in “How I Met Your Mother”
Pre-Code Films Films made before the implementation of the Hay Production Code in mid-1934
T.Hanks Giving: A celebration of the great Tom Hanks

View Poll
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2021.10.19 04:46 All-Seeing-Bot How Right-Wing Groups Are Catalyzing Culture War Battles In Schools | MSNBC

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2021.10.19 04:46 Flimsy_Tune_7206 what is the most stupid thing that you have seen two people get into an argument about?

Mind you it could be on the internet in real life you also mean to tell me how the argument started I mean that if you know how it started. Or at least tell me what they were arguing for?
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2021.10.19 04:46 cindybubbles NES system, video game cartridges, breakfast cereal and VHS tapes full of Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s, check.

Thus begins Day 37 of attempting to reclaim my childhood from my abusive father.
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2021.10.19 04:46 NORMINGANDER Der Eisendrache

Is it possible to turn of the test launch sequence in DE? Because I want to go for a high round attempt and would love to do it there but the rocket messes with that idea completely
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2021.10.19 04:46 Elix202 I have a 30 gallon and I don’t know if I should add angelfishes, bettas or golfishes tetras.. what do y’all think? I have mystery snails in this tank

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