Dividends w/ Healthy Balance Sheet + Growth

2021.10.22 03:39 GemelosAvitia Dividends w/ Healthy Balance Sheet + Growth

  1. Realty Income Corporation (ticker O)
  2. Walgreens Boots Alliance (ticker WBA)
  3. 3M (ticker MMM)
  4. Marten Transport (ticker MRTN)
  5. Graham Corporation (ticker GHM)
  6. Cerner Corporation (ticker CERN)
  7. Argan, Inc. (ticker AGX)
  8. McCormick & Company, Incorporated (ticker MKC)
  9. The Kroger Co. (ticker KR)
  10. KB Home (ticker KBH)
  11. Molson Coors Beverage Company (ticker TAP)
  12. T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. (ticker TROW)
  13. General Mills, Inc. (ticker GIS)
  14. Lockheed Martin Corporation (ticker LMT)
  15. Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. (ticker SCHN)
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2021.10.22 03:39 Turbostrider27 Sword and Fairy 7 is now available on Steam

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2021.10.22 03:39 clip_mirror_bot Let the Snoop Dogg wine do the talking.

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2021.10.22 03:39 Gullible-Welcome9878 I wanna do a video on this look

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2021.10.22 03:39 depressedassshit Tell me about your crush

Pretty simple just talk about the special person you like. Why do you like them?
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2021.10.22 03:39 Qualmyst After spending a few mins reading posts on this sub during my work breaks, I come home and am met with this in leveling

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2021.10.22 03:39 paperwaifu The latest version of Ramen no Oujisama (v1.1.7) is now available with the new V3 artwork style and can be played with a girl MC!

Hello everyone!
I think it was 6 months back since I came back with an update about our game, Ramen no Oujisama. (Maybe we should add Oujosama in there...)
I've got some good news! The latest release for our patrons, v1.1.7, has undergone significant updates and the new V3 character sprite artstyle are now fully in the game! This means that the game also now supports an MC character sprite (whereas there wasn't any before). The game has a genderbender option that lets you choose between male/female/futa. Choosing female/futa options will change the default male character sprite to a female one.
To support the new genderbender features, animated special scenes are made for each one specifically. The special scenes are still a work in progress and each scene encounter, which originally only needed 1, now needs 3 unique ones to complete. Now that the V3 artstyle is in the game, I can continue working on the special scenes, upgrading them to the new V3 artstyle in the process!
And also... the demo version of Ramen no Oujisama is now the FREE version of the game, only an earlier version that is kept up to date as well. You can play it here:
The free version of the game is currently at v1.0.9 where the V3 artwork is still heavily a WIP. But if you'd like to see what the game is about and what the V3 character sprites and special scenes look like, play the Genius Chef route (the first girl you'll meet in the game) with the secret code genderbenderxyz, and select to play the when you start her route! All 10 character routes are playable in this game, but they're still in the old V1/V2 artstyles.
PS: All animated special scenes in the game are optional and can be skipped if they're not your thing. Even the MC's character sprite can be hidden in the options menu if you prefer a first person perspective. The MC doesn't appear all the time.
This was and still is quite some work for me and I hope you all like it! :3
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2021.10.22 03:39 OggyTheKing Just wait for the end

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2021.10.22 03:39 Floor-Proof A Roma il superbonus è a rischio stallo: il Comune è sommerso da scartoffie e l'accesso agli atti bloccato

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2021.10.22 03:39 HandsomestBoy Pizza Plays Monster Party | Weird Retro Gaming!

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2021.10.22 03:39 faizanalam Shouldn’t exective orders be used more often?

I think it’s weird that people could point out the conservative number of times previous presidents used executive orders and compare it to the number of times Trump used it. Sure, I’m not his supporter, but why not flex what you have if it’s for the greater good? Trump not being my prime example, though.
Biden, particularly, promised so much that he looks hypocritical for seemingly going back on his promises. But if his biggest obstacle for getting anything passed is that filibuster, then why not use his executive powers to make congress more efficient?
Sure, the precedent is to not use executive orders to respect the will of the people and not use too much power. But we need things to get done more quickly! It seems bizarre that Biden doesn’t use executive orders to at least try to bring the changes he offered, namely why he got elected in the first place.
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2021.10.22 03:39 Massive_Dinner 🥷 Ninja Floki Inu 🥷 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute | Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity | Easy x10 - x50 GEM

🥷 Ninja Floki Inu 🥷 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute | Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity | Easy x10 - x50 GEM

The launch will take place this To Day, we will do the best publicity we can to reach more than 100K marketcap, help us by sharing this project with your friends.

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Release of whitepaper
Website launch
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Coming soon...

🥷 Total supply:
🥷 Dev wallet: 2%
🥷 Initial burn: 50%
🥷 Pancakeswap: 48%
🥷 TAX : 2% To Liquidity
🥷TAX : 2% To Marketing

🥷Initial liquidity: 4 BNB
🥷Liquidity locked on DeepLock

Don't miss this opportunity, we will hit +100K marketcap

🥷TELEGRAM : https://t.me/NinjaFlokiToken
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2021.10.22 03:39 MrShawry1 Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco is the king of Dreamcore music.
Change my mind.
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2021.10.22 03:39 BADLlAR i can’t wait to go to heaven and be with Jesus forever earth is so ghetto

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2021.10.22 03:39 SavageStreak A serial killer broke into our home.

I immediately leaped in front of my girlfriend, the deranged man laughed, before saying, "Serial killer? No man, your girl hired a hitman..."
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2021.10.22 03:39 Ronathan64 Dead Cells Easter Egg in Skul The Hero Slayer :)

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2021.10.22 03:39 filtron42 Why did I observe a skill spike (both micro and macro) in the last week?

I was stuck with mastery 5 for weeks with both my mains (Pyke and Senna) from about two weeks after buying them like, months ago; then in a week I got mastery 6 with pyke and mastery 7 with Senna (i got the three mastery 7 tokens in theee consecutive games); to my knowledge, neither one of this champions had been buffed, the only theory I have to explain it (other than sheer luck) is that I started consuming a lot more LoL "in depth" content (about macros and laning phase) and these were the first drafts after playing a lot of URFs, so getting used to more variety and uber baffed enemy comps might have "trained" me?
Sorry for formatting (I am on mobile) and bad English (it's not my first language)
For anyone who might be interested, here's my (very embarrassing) op.gg Filtron42#EUW
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2021.10.22 03:39 Catnonymouse I'm tired of searching up things about adhd and only finding info on just kids so I'll ask my question here: If You Struggle With Making Eye Contact, What's the Reason You Struggle With It? (e.g. awkwardness)

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2021.10.22 03:39 Horrorisepic Nocturne With Louis

He blooms on the chaise couch. Lover, my gardenia. His arms unfurl and he yawns, as if awaking. As if brand new.
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world...
I’m awaking. Stretching my petals, letting the bees shine in on me from the window. The moths retire to their corners and pockets. There’s a car parked on our driveway. I’m not sure whose.
I hear babies cry...
It’s my daughter, stepping out of the driver’s side. Rose lipstick, lily eyes.
The sky’s so blue. So, so blue. And the clouds—
of white...
Whose hand? Whose pulse? Whose fingertips?
The colors of the rainbow... are also on the faces...
It’s just him. My flower. His petals curl around mine. He smiles at me, and I think to myself.
The bright blessed day...
They’re singing to me. the faces are getting blurry. I’m trying to remember.
My daughter tells me not to worry. her voice sounds odd
the bees are dulling. His hand presses into mine: Oshibana. they keep singing. and singing. and singing
the dark sacred night...
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2021.10.22 03:39 Essayshand Senator Bernie Sanders is Promoting a Free College Act in the Senate Essay

Senator Bernie Sanders is promoting a free college act in the Senate, and makes it sound so great and believes that it will solve the student loan “crisis”, but really, it will never do so. People go to college to excel in a field of study to pursue an occupation in that field. Some go to two year community colleges, and some go to a more prestigious four year institution. College is not for everyone, and cannot be a good fit for many. Those people can go into the trades, or other jobs that do not require a college degree. For those that promote free college, they do not explain all of the other costs that will have to be paid by tax-paying citizens. No one should have to pay for someone else’s schooling. According to Max Page and Dan Clawson, authors of It’s Time to Push for Free College, college is a necessity for people of age, and free college will solve student loans, and students would be able to afford a higher education but in reality, free college is not a necessity because many jobs do not need a college degree, taxes would increase significantly, the college tuition is expensive for a reason, and if there was free college, more important programs like medicare, social security, and welfare funding would be cut all for some kid to go to college.
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2021.10.22 03:39 Aditosh Stack (DSA) Interview Must DO Questions And Complete Preparation for 2021

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2021.10.22 03:39 afrenegade Measuring team productivity through Git

Hello, everyone.
Together with my coworkers, we are exploring the possibility to measure how productive our team is using git history. We were looking into several ideas which include:
- measure productive code (time needed to net 100 LOC after churn)
- measure raw code (time needed to gross 100 LOC)
- measure number of coding days (days per week with commits)
- measure commits per active day (average number of commits when active)
- measure merges/conflicts ratio (divide number of conflicts with a number of merges to see if the ratio is higher than 15%)
We were interested to add some kind of experience metric. See how much "experienced" an author is in the codebase (get first commit vs today's date) and see ratio with productive code, but we were not sure.
All of this analysis should be conducted only by running a git log. What do you think about this, and perhaps could you add or take away something from this idea? Do you think that this will provide value and why?
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2021.10.22 03:39 K25Computers AMD TRX40 DESIGNARE Motherboard

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2021.10.22 03:39 Thresher-shark Shrimp weirdly hanging out in corners

Today I added a new plant and tried out a new food (Hikari shrimp cuisine). My shrimp are being super weird now. They’re hanging out in two corners: the one with the sponge filter and the one farthest away from the sponge filter. None have died, it’s just really odd. I removed the shrimp cuisine and added crab cuisine which they normally love, but they’re ignoring it.
Water parameters are good: ammonia, nitrite, nitrates all zero, pH 6.9. Tank is 5 months old and I haven’t had any issues.
Anyone had this happen? Could stirring up the dirt while planting make them act weird?
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2021.10.22 03:39 NoMarriageNoKids NO MA'AM Best Of (Married With Children) [AL BUNDY] (Time for some humor, gents.)

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