where do u guys showcase your eula and what's your highest so far?? mine is at 521k on the primo geovishap but i know she can do better on the regisvines IF THEY DON'T DIE SO EARLY

2021.10.22 03:27 karmaloantoni where do u guys showcase your eula and what's your highest so far?? mine is at 521k on the primo geovishap but i know she can do better on the regisvines IF THEY DON'T DIE SO EARLY

where do u guys showcase your eula and what's your highest so far?? mine is at 521k on the primo geovishap but i know she can do better on the regisvines IF THEY DON'T DIE SO EARLY submitted by karmaloantoni to EulaMains [link] [comments]

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2021.10.22 03:27 I_whip_idiots A picture of a Khanty tribe woman eating raw meat

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2021.10.22 03:27 morbidhack Can I assemble a lasagna Bolognese (using cooked noodles) a few hours ahead of baking?

Hi, I’m attending a dinner get together tomorrow and opted to make my awesome lasagna Bolognese for it. I’ve already completed the ragu which I cooked down for about five hours, and it’s currently in the fridge (I will slowly heat it tomorrow and add a dairy component (likely some whole milk) to add some richness and cut some acidity). But I have a hectic schedule tomorrow and am wondering if I can use what little free time I’ll have during the day to prepare/assemble the lasagna so that I can just pop it in the oven for 30-45 min before dinner. I’ve found a lot of conflicting info on the subject online and am not entirely clear on it, hence posting here. I am going to be using noodles which require boiling, and am just wondering if it’s ok to boil them hours ahead and layer it all together. Also, is it ok to put the bechamel in there so many hours ahead, or will it turn into an overly thick mess? My plan is to heat up the ragu (adding the milk) and simmer for about 45 min, make the bechamel, cook the noodles, and assemble, all around 1-2pm, to be thrown in the oven around 7pm and at dinner for 8ish. Anything I need to look out for? Mostly worried about what’ll happen with the noodles if sitting layered in the assembled lasagna before baking, and also worried about what’ll happen with the bechamel. Normally I do it all in one go and have half a day just for this but this is a unique circumstance. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 03:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Li Yundi: China's 'Piano Prince' detained for hiring prostitute | BBC

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2021.10.22 03:27 OldGamesOldGuy Master of Orion 2 - The Sakkra are at our doorstep an we need to ramp up our defenses. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing.

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2021.10.22 03:27 niuz-bot Fiscalitatea și investițiile pe bursă: aspecte care distorsionează piața și practica utilizării microîntreprinderilor pentru a plăti mai puțin la stat - [Economie][Finanțe & Bănci]

În prezent, legislația prevede aplicarea unei cote fixe de impozitare, de 10%, pe majoritatea tipurilor de venituri obținute din piața de capital, aplicabilă asupra câștigului realizat, scrie Alexandra Smedoiu, președinte CFA România, într-un newsletter al AAFBR. În plus, spune ea, contribuabilul beneficiază de o amânare semnificativă a plății impozitului datorat, pentru jumătatea anului următor derulării tranzacției.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-finante_banci-25125407-fiscalitatea-investitii-bursa-aspecte-distorsioneaza-piata-practica-utilizarii-microintreprinderilor-plati-mai-putin-stat.htm
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2021.10.22 03:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Man Utd 1-6 Man City: Remembering day at Old Trafford that changed face of football in Manchester | BBC

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2021.10.22 03:27 Halloween__witch31 Made a bunch of these for a Halloween party this weekend. How did I do?

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2021.10.22 03:27 JustinHerbertsFlow Who should I add to my tto squad with 100k budget? I have Amy Donovan Mitchell badged out and diamond Deandre Jordan

My Spyda has 40+ gold badges and he plays like a a PD and DJ is a monster. Looking for opinions on my third for tto.
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2021.10.22 03:27 TubbaBotox Race Report: First Marathon

Name: (Nationwide Children's Hospital) Columbus Marathon
Date: October 17, 2021
Distance: 26.2 miles (depending on who you ask)
Location: Columbus, OH
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Website: https://www.columbusmarathon.com/
Time: 3:23:25 (chip time)
My baseline goal was to finish under 3:30, but my stretch goal was 3:15. As this was my first marathon, and given that I'm relatively new to running (~2 years experience), I was in completely uncharted territory and I really struggled with determining my goal pace. My Garmin watch seemed to think I could complete a marathon in 2:53, but my Runanalyze account with access to the exact same data predicted 3:47. As I suspected, and as it happened, the reality was somewhere closer to the average of those two. I can't seem to find the link at the moment, but one night while lying in bed, trawling the internet on my phone for marathon advice, I watched a video where the presenter laid-out a "10-10-10" plan for marathon pacing, whereby you run the first 10 miles at your goal pace + 5 seconds, the second 10 miles at your goal pace, and essentially run as fast as you're able in the final 10k. The premise being; if you hold back your pace initially, you might have something left for a kick at the tail end of your marathon. I decided to adopt this strategy, and with my best guess/aspirational goal pace of 7'35"/mile; that translated to my first 10 miles at 7'40" pace, my second 10 miles at 7'35", and kicking it into whatever gear I had left for the final 6.2 miles.
Splits (chip time)

7k 32:01 7'23"
15k 1:11:10 7'52"
13.1m 1:39:24 7'29"
20m 2:35:57 8'12"
Finish 3:23:25 7'40"

The possibility of a marathon was in the back of my mind ever since completing the BAA "Finish Strong" virtual challenge that culminated in a half-marathon in December of 2020. After completing that string of events (virtual 5k, virtual 10k, virtual HM), I decided to carry on with the same weekly schedule and load that I trained on indefinitely thereafter in order to maintain my fitness. That meant ~25-30 miles a week divided over Tuesday (10k), Thursday (10k), Saturday (5-10k), and Sunday (8-10 miles). Fast forward a couple months, and my wife signed-up for a yoga teacher training course that spanned most of the spring and summer of 2021. Since that was a huge time commitment for her, I needed to dedicate most of my weekends to childcare and various other household duties (at the expense of running 20-30 miles b/t Saturday and Sunday/training for a marathon). I was able to maintain 25-30 miles a week, but it was only after her graduation in late summer that I decided to pull the trigger and sign-up for the Columbus marathon. This gave me approximately 9 weeks to train in earnest. I'd done enough research to know that was borderline untenable, but I did track down an 8-week training plan: https://www.podiumrunner.com/training/training-plans/8-weeks-fall-marathon-finish-line/. However, the plan struck me as a little light in weekly mileage, and a little short on long run distance. I wanted to race a marathon to the best of my ability... not jog/walk it. With that in mind, I tried to proportionally/judiciously(?) increase both the weekly mileage and long run distance. Those adjustments took my peak mileage to 57 miles, and my longest run to 20 miles (having 9 weeks, not 8, helped smooth it out). I should mention that I have friends and family with marathon experience, and they counseled me NOT to increase my mileage as rapidly as I originally intended. So, in consideration of their pleas, I did temper my planned "supplements" a bit, but I probably still overdid it (as they correctly predicted I would). To wit: After describing the symptoms I'd been experiencing for weeks to my now certified yoga teacher wife, she theorized that the burning sensation across my anterior pelvic/lower abdomen/hips probably meant strained/torn hip flexors. I did some online research, and that seemed likely/potentially ominous, and I was 2 weeks away from the main event. I played it as safe (slow) as possible in the second to last week, and I dropped one of three mid-week runs (Tuesday) in the last week, and ignored the planned 5-miles + strides on the day before the marathon (which I would have done, regardless, FYI... seems like a bad idea).

My Dad, who has run many several marathons, advised me to get as much sleep as possible two nights before the race, as I likely wouldn't get much rest the night before. This proved to be true. I was up until 11:30 marathon-eve staging my kit; determining what would be in my check bag, which/how much nutrition to pack in my newly purchased food belt (I trained with a water bottle that had a pouch integrated into the hand-strap, and I didn't want to carry anything in my hands), making sure my headphones and watch were charged, going back and forth on pairs of socks, shorts + underwear vs shorts with liner, etc... Once I was comfortable with my preparations, I laid in bed for 1.5-2 hours before falling asleep, and proceeded to get up to use the restroom probably 3-4 times (overly hydrated), and finally gave up and stayed up around 4:30am. Total sleep: maybe 3 hours?

Race Day Morning
Once I was out of bed for good, I went straight to breakfast. Toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, coffee, orange juice, and a banana. That was all down with about 2 hours to the gun, which seemed like a reasonable interval. I almost always run fasted, but I had been forcing myself to choke down GU pouches on my long runs to get in the habit of ingesting something on the move. It seemed like this was the time to fuel-up with an actual meal proximate to my run, though... so, breakfast.
Speaking of nutrition, I omitted the fact that dinner the previous night consisted of salmon and baked potatoes (4 (small) sans skins) topped with peanut butter. I feel like I'm on to something with peanut butter potatoes. It's one of those things I ate when I was a kid experimenting with preparing my own food, and it occurred to me race eve that it might just be the perfect meal.
But I digress, back to post-breakfast of race day morning; I had diarrhea. Twice. This seemed like a bad place for my digestive system to be at this point in time, so after a quick Google search to confirm that it wouldn't have unexpected side effects, I took two Imodium. Between trips to the bathroom, getting dressed, lacing up my shoes, and re-lacing them 4-5 times, I somehow didn't get out of the door until 6:30am. The race started at 7:30am, but my wife had gifted me a parking pass in a nearby garage, and I had earned (via fundraising) entry to a VIP tent right next to the start line with it's own bag check and "private" bathrooms (limited access port-o-johns). I live pretty close to the freeway, and I thought I was still giving myself plenty of time. Spoiler alert: I wasn't.
I cruised towards my destination as free and easy as you like, but when I got to my exit, traffic was backed-up well into the travel lanes. I should note this particular off-ramp is already poorly positioned relative to several converging and diverging lanes, and comes just after a blind corner... so, I kicked on the hazard lights and prayed I didn't get rear-ended at 70 mph. That ultimately didn't happen, but I did sit on the off-ramp for a full 15 minutes. I then sat in traffic leading to my garage/the start line for another 20 minutes. This meant I was sitting in gridlock with less than 15 minutes until the gun, weighing the consequences of ditching my car against abandoning all the work I'd put into preparing for this race... and cursing myself for not leaving sooner. Luckily, things finally got moving with about ten minutes to spare. I got into my garage, found a spot without getting stuck behind any lollygagging parking garage noobs, grabbed my check bag/committed to making the VIP tent pre-race, skipped down the stairwell and jogged the roughly half mile there. En route, I had to detour around a walking barricade (of people) clogging the sidewalk by stepping into the grass, and this was, of course, in a spot with a leaky/overactive irrigation system. So, now my right foot was muddy and wet. I cursed myself again, and rounded the corner to the VIP tent (now mostly empty), jogged to the bag check, jogged to the bathroom (where I heard the gun for the wheelchair athletes at 7:25ish) jogged back to the tent to sit at a table and remove my sweatpants, jogged to my corral, where I stripped-off my sweatshirt, handed my sweats to a Goodwill volunteer, did dynamic stretches for about 20 seconds... and RACE TIME!

Holy shit. I cut that waayyyy too close. But here I am! I'm doing it! I'm running in my first marathon! Bruce Springsteen was blaring (for better or worse), fireworks were going off, people were screaming encouragement/just screaming, the temps were in the low 40s. My attitude did a complete 180 from 20 minutes earlier. I feel great! I spend the first half mile+ carefully picking my way through the massive throng of people shuffle-running inches apart, and the following mile+ trying to catch/get in sync with anybody who appears to be shooting for the same pace as me (~7:40). Mile 1 comes over my headphones at 7:25 "Whoops! A little too fast... ease-up a bit". The Mile 2 alert comes in at 6:59 "Ok, now you're just being stupid. Slow the f down". The Mile 3 report is 7:26 "You know what? Screw it. This feels pretty sustainable. I wasn't really that confident of what my pace should have been, anyway..."
I'm just running at this point. I decide that maybe I should simply keep an eye on my heart rate, and make sure it doesn't stray too far above 165. If I'm pushing 170, I check my real-time pace and slow it down a touch. Pretty early-on, I run past my boss, who came out at the crack of dawn (with his daughter in tow) to cheer me on. He waves and yells my name, he's got a sign printed, I see him and wave, and it brings me back into the present and the larger context of this whole thing I'm doing. My mood is really peaking at this point. I continue running through familiar neighborhoods, past intermittent crowds lining the course, police blocking cross traffic, occasional random passers-by on the sidewalks clearly indifferent to the runners, people sitting outside cafes with perhaps moderate interest (maybe their person already passed, but they're still sorta taking it in). Lots of people have signs. Somewhere around mile 8 or so, a bright yellow sign that reads "You're the slowest person so far" catches my eye. "That's kind of dick move" I think to myself. I discover later it was my father holding this sign, and I didn't even notice. Weird.
Moving towards mile 10 and into the early teens, I am feeling fantastic. My pace starts to drop into the low 7's, and then creeps into the high 6's. "You know" I ponder "This doesn't even feel like much of an effort. Can I keep this up and actually hit a BQ time?" This was, of course, folly.
Around this point in time, circa mile 13 or so, I begin to notice that my watch does not appear to be firmly tethered to reality. My first clue that I might not be getting reliable information is when, contrary to a perceived steady foot speed, my watch starts reporting a pace of 8, 9, 10, 11, then 13+ minutes a mile. When I first see the 8's (I'm back to checking my pace instead of HR), I initially believe it, and increase my turnover. But, in defiance of this very definite increase in effort, my watch displays a pace creeping ever closer towards "leisurely walking speed". In fact, the more effort I put in, the slower my pace appears to be. I'm in some sort of negative feedback loop, and it's pretty unsettling. I was banking hard on using my watch to guide my effort, and I've also loaded the route in order to have more granular feedback on where I am than I would have gotten from mile-markers alone. As if being duped into thinking I'm moving twice as slow as I "feel" like I'm moving isn't disturbing enough, my watch flatly reads "Mile Fourteen - Three-Twenty-One" into my headset. I smashed the world record!
Ok, I've lost my official pacer, but I can still do this thing the old fashioned way (not that I have experience with that). The route is clearly marked, there are still plenty of runners ahead for referencing the turns, and I've been on pace with several of the same people for a while. I'm coming up on OSU campus, it's my alma-mater, and I'm especially familiar with Woodruff Ave and the immediate vicinity of the stadium. So, I know where I am, and it's bringing back fond-ish memories. Turning in towards the 'Shoe to complete a circuit around it before continuing along Woodruff Avenue, there is a small crowd gathered, and this time, I recognize my Dad in the mix. He has a sign again, but this time I notice the person, not the sign. Apparently, it's one or the other? Anyway, we wave and he shouts encouragement; which at this point, I am starting to appreciate a real need for. Side note: I am not a fan of the victory lap around OSU stadium, of whatever that was supposed to be. It came right around the time I was starting to long for the finish line, and it felt like detour to pull off the straight-away to run a loop and return on the same path. I could do without it next year, but OSU football is sacred, and some people probably get a kick out of it. Not me. On the return to main course, I catch my Mom on the sidelines. Seeing my parents = good. Stupid lap around a football stadium = bad.
As hinted at above, I am becoming more conscious of how falong I've been running, and how much longer I need to continue. Having established that my watch is having fits of some sort, I haven't been checking it as obsessively as I was earlier in the race. Mainly, I'm glancing at it more occasionally to check my progress/distance remaining. I cross from the western reaches of OSU campus into Upper Arlington, and I'm surprised to see an acquaintance/frequent work collaborator (and also marathoner) spectating on the side of the path the race squeezes onto. We see and recognize each other, he shouts something along the lines of "Looking good!", and at this point, that feels like it's probably true, but things are about to go south.
This is where my situation becomes difficult to explain. For future context; all I can offer is that somehow, I must have missed the last several mile-markers. I'm still feeling pretty good. No longer great, but good. I've accepted that I won't know what my pace is/was until I finish, and I'm very much looking forward to finishing. I have still been using my watch to reference my distance covered and remaining. I'm at roughly mile 21.5, and I haven't hit that wall that I've read so much about yet. I just took the last of 3 Marten gels, and while I had been sucking on Clif bloks in between gels, I decide that I'd rather focus on breathing at this point... maybe I can even pick up the pace that way? My mouth is also getting a little too dry to be effectively dissolving them, although I have been hitting most water stations (if missing my mouth with most of the water). One surprising and fortunate development: I had expected the (self-diagnosed) pain in my hip-flexors to mount continuously over the duration of the marathon. That, thankfully, did not come to pass. In my mind, I have a little over 4 miles to go, and that's not even a particularly long run. I can do this!
Then, I pass mile marker 20. I am lost in a surreal wilderness of twisted reality with no escape. How. is. this. possible. The thought that I am, in fact, almost 2 miles further from the finish line than I believed myself to be is soul-crushing. I could have done 4 miles. That was manageable. But a full 10k?! This is not fair. This is not ok. I am hemorrhaging willpower and morale. For the first time, it occurs to me that I may not finish. Maybe it had been happening all along, but I start to notice people pulling off and aggressively stretching their calves on the curb, staggering and slowing to a walk. A women that had been in front of me for miles slows and I pass her. This is what I read about. Things are getting real. Things probably would have been difficult at this juncture without my watch perpetrating one of the greatest mind-fucks of my life, and the combination is almost too much to bear.
Now that the very nature of reality and time-space has been thrown into question, I am having a very hard time. My head is taken almost completely out of the game, but I force myself to keep going. I may not make it, but I'm not done just yet. I don't need to stop just yet. Let's see what happens. The conviction of my inner dialogue is pretty thin. I pass a water station and people shout my last name (it's printed on my bib), and I can barely raise a hand to acknowledge them. I'm not sure if I took the water or not. The fact that I am continuing on owes more to inertia than any deliberative and concerted effort on my part. I think the word is "despair".
So, there I was, lumbering on like a zombie, when a volunteer... or maybe just a random guy who was standing out in the middle of the course (traffic was pretty light)... shouted something along the lines of "You're almost there! This is the highest point on the course! It's all downhill from now on!" "If that's true," I dared myself to hope "Maybe I can actually do this. Downhill is easy, right?" Shortly afterwards (or maybe 2 miles later... what is distance, anyway), another volunteer(?) clapped and yelled "Head up! Move your arms! Your arms set the pace!" as I passed him. I get the impression he was a coach. If I'm being honest, I'm probably not the most teachable person, generally, and a stranger shouting advice at me is not something I would normally take well... but in that instant, and maybe because I was aware that I needed all the help I could get... I thought "Ok, yeah. My form probably does suck. Thanks!" I'm not sure I mustered any additional pace with my arms, but I did become cognizant of the fact that I was plodding along hunched-over staring at the ground, and I did straighten-up.
The last two (three?) miles, I desperately clung to my fragile mental and physical reserves. My watch was back to telling me I was running 15 minute miles, and this time, I believed it (although I learned later it was lying again). People were passing me left and right. The women who had been ahead of me for most of the race that I passed 5 or 6 miles ago overtook me again. I couldn't have picked-up my pace to save my life, and I was tempted every second of probably the last 20 minutes to start walking, including the entire time I was in sight of the finish line. The Frankie Bones I plugged into my playlist to spur me on for the final stretch just thudded impotently against my ears. I could barely grimace for the huge crowd at the finish line, and I ran past my wife and daughter without even seeing them. I weakly raised my arms in triumph as I crossed the finish line, somewhat surprised to see a flat 3:25 (gun time), as I though I had completely blown my goal (and I only modestly blew it).

Post Race
My legs hurt. But they didn't completely seize-up the way they did after my 20-miles long run, so that was another pleasant surprise. I grabbed my medal, a thermal blanket, chocolate milk, and a couple bottles of water. I made my way out of the finish corral(?) and back towards the VIP tent. My wife and 20 month-old daughter were waiting outside. I hadn't seen them on the course, and I was starting to wonder where they were... so, this was my third pleasant surprise. A hug from my daughter pretty much set everything right again. The three of us hung out in the VIP tent and chatted with a couple that had completed the half marathon, while I tried to eat a dry turkey sandwich with no saliva. My brother-in-law (who also ran the HM with his wife) texted that he and two of his daughters were outside, so we went out to say hi before returning to spend another 20 minutes trying to get that turkey sandwich down. Speaking of kids, and the VIP tent, which I gained access to through my fundraising efforts; I would be remiss if I didn't mention the kids from Children's Hospital that benefit from the race's charitable function. I noted some specific personal highlights and lowlights in the course of the race, but a more general motivation was the knowledge that somebody would benefit from what was otherwise essentially a selfish endeavor. On a related subject: another wrinkle on the mystery of how I didn't recognize the discrepancy between what my watch was telling me and my actual progress is the fact that a child/patient from the hospital was stationed at (almost) every mile, and I thought I was giving them all high-fives. Maybe it was my selective sign/face blindness.

My next marathon will be sub-3.
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2021.10.22 03:27 kirancoffey How To Open An Account With Binance

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2021.10.22 03:27 anthonychapman123 Best Way To Buy And Sell Crypto

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2021.10.22 03:27 Georg3000 Moxxie and Millie as Mono and Six from Little Nightmares

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2021.10.22 03:27 _Casual_Explorer_ M/20 feeling alone

At a low point and tired of feeling alone , just looking for a conversation to distract me
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2021.10.22 03:27 concisehacker Combining Dropshipping & my own products?

What do you think about this approach? Have you combined the two and how would you go about it?
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2021.10.22 03:27 drewk312 advice for a fatty who loves to sleep on stomach

Hello sorry for the bother what would you recommend someone whose 6'2 280 lbs (working on losing weight) but I love to sleep on my stomach and wanting a good queen mattress that can support my fatness I was looking at the c4 sleep number but wanted thoughts... thank you for taking the time to talk
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2021.10.22 03:27 reddit_feed_bot The Middletons: Dana Summers by Dana Summers for Thu, 21 Oct 2021

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2021.10.22 03:27 dasruesseltier Hat jemand eine Quelle dafür, dass unter Adenauer mehr Nazis in der Verwaltung waren als im NS?

So oder so ähnlich schreibt es ja Marc-Dieter, aber leider finde ich einfach keine Quelle, die das belegt oder zumindest bezeugt.
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2021.10.22 03:27 PreTry94 Where to find the new rules

The war zone Octarius book is said to ship Saturday 23.10.21, but several youtubers have discussed the rules in their entirety already. Is there a place where all the new rules; Stratagems, Warlord traits, Synaptic Links, etc., can be found? I've been following warhammer-community.com, but can only find pieces there. Is there another place to find these rules?
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