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2021.10.22 03:09 personman115 Quick Question

So, what's the deal with this subreddit? The picture is Cortana from Halo 5 and the description is says "Halo 5 Warzone". Yet, in reality the sub's just CODWarzone 2. What exactly happened?
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2021.10.22 03:09 Jeuc3s Interested in a new photographer and artist brand new to the NFT Projects but I have feeling I’ll fit right in “Cash and Apps The People Use Every day” a picture of constant movement of currency #BTC #Cashapp #NFT interested ?

Interested in a new photographer and artist brand new to the NFT Projects but I have feeling I’ll fit right in “Cash and Apps The People Use Every day” a picture of constant movement of currency #BTC #Cashapp #NFT interested ? submitted by Jeuc3s to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 03:09 andreba Rainbow Waterfall

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2021.10.22 03:09 Limmy06 About to be delivered!

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2021.10.22 03:09 Bot_Highlights Since he asked nicely. | /u/SCGSatheros

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2021.10.22 03:09 Bunbunbecks I’ve lost count on how many days Camilla Robinson has been pregnant. She’s a great influencer! You go girl!

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2021.10.22 03:09 LilacMauve Thoughts on names and nicknames

Hi hi, my name is Lilac and I'm loving it.
My name comes from my background in writing. Before the trans-realisation hit me I wrote a lot. When I made characters, a lot of the time I would name the male lead would either be named Evan or Scott, the latter is a habit I'm trying to break since it's my deadname. (Not too miffed about it rn, since I have to sneak around in public as my old persona still :/ )
In any case, the female lead would either be called Rose or Lilac. I chose Lilac since a) I don't feel like a Rose, and b) I would want to name my daughter Rose if I ever had one.
Anyway, in my writing I would sometimes abbreviate Lilac's name to Li or Lie (pronounced the same), and that became a nickname. I thought that would come about when I came out to my friends, but perhaps unsurprisingly I think differently than many people lol. My best friend has taken to calling me Lil sometimes. I might just be used to Li, but Lil just doesn't have the same effect. Plus imo Lil would be more of a nickname for someone named Lily.
I don't wanna correct my friend bc she was proud when she came up with that nickname, plus she's new to having trans people in her life so she doesn't wanna get stuff wrong.
Tbh I think I'm ranting without end so I'll cut it here. Idk if this is even a thing people can have comments on but if you got one don't be afraid to say your piece <3
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2021.10.22 03:09 Livingdedgorl Are most methodists politically conservative or liberal, especially if they are older?

I am just learning about this denomination. I don't mean to start any debates here, just curious.
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2021.10.22 03:09 mvgenerator MVGEN: Majid Jordan With Drake : Stars Align

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2021.10.22 03:09 bomfaier „Unii s-au smintit de tot”. Cum acționează rețeaua de influență care se asigură că educația sexuală nu ajunge în școli - Jurnalul Decretului

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2021.10.22 03:09 Bot_Highlights Thanks melee, very cool | /u/mr_waff135

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2021.10.22 03:09 Odd-Paleontologist50 Ps4 Regs league all teams open besides cardinals and browns. Rules are posted in the discord

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2021.10.22 03:09 The_Nugget_Sacrifice What do you think will happen in the next Freddy & Friends: On Tour episode?

I have the feeling that we're going to see a new or old animatronic at the end and maybe see a broken glamrock freddy glitch. I don't rlly know but, okay. :)
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2021.10.22 03:09 magical_salad Jarrod Bowen or John McGinn punt?

Neither of them have particularly eye catching fixtures, but are nailed on and are showing progressive returns as the season comes along. Anybody thinks either could be an interesting choice to bring in?
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2021.10.22 03:09 Bot_Highlights Last action hero. Elimination from Shooting from the zip line and in the air after I let go of zip. | /u/Eyehopeuchoke

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2021.10.22 03:09 foooood4thought Could Aspergers socialising problems be an identification issue?

OK, guys. I have autism. This is my theory on why we can't socialise...
Neurotypicals are identifying each other, using eye movements, using facial movements.
These are not precise numbers, but, let's say most people do 100 facial movements.
And then, let's say, autistic people only do 10 facial movements.
Therefore, it's like Face ID on Apple, and notice how Apple has added in more of these "dots" onto their Face ID, to make it more and more accurate.
There is actually a mental condition, I forget the name, where people think their own wife has been replaced with a fake wife.
They believe their own mother has been replaced with a fake mother.
How does a human being actually identify another human being anyway?
Smell? You can fake that with perfume?
Face? You can fake that with a disguise, just ask the CIA.
Walking patterns? Much harder, if not impossible, to fake. I watched a BBC documentary years ago, on how CCTV cameras identify people with walking patterns.
Dialogue? Ah! Now, you "could" identify someone, by quizzing them on their entire life story, every time you meet them. But that would take hours upon hours upon hours. This may even be why Aspergers talk at length on and on, this is our form of identifying each other.
But clearly, we only have 24 hours in a day, so we cannot possibly expect to socialise if we are talking at such length!
In the early months of our life as a baby, we failed to make proper facial and eye contact with our own mothers. This is the basis of a new treatment for autism that has been developed. They re-train mothers to make proper eye contact and then autism is apparently prevented. This was in the news recently.
How about new room concept? Autistic people, if one small thing changes in the room, believe that it's an entirely new room. Apparently this is why we get so startled by new situations. This is why we are overwhelmed at an airport with 100s of people walking around. This is why we are overwhelmed driving a car or a bike, with 100s of cars on the road, and all the different sounds etc.
I have a really strange feeling here, that we cannot socialise, because we are not even convinced that it's the same person in the room.
The autistic brain has actually been said to almost "blank out" other people in the room altogether. Subconsciously, it's like we almost don't believe there ARE any people in the room. Or that we are "shape shifting" throughout "parallel universes", and different humans are entering the room every split second.
It's as if we cannot talk to these humans, because we think that every second, it's actually a different human in the room altogether. It would be pointless starting a conversation with a person, if they are a new person every second?
Oh yeah, fun extra. I actually have anosmia, as one of my "sensory issues". I literally have no sense of smell whatsoever. So I can't use smell whatsoever to identify people.
Is it really an identification issue?
And if so, what would the solution be?
Autistic people are said to be like 24/7 "workers". We see others as "colleagues" rather than "friends"
We talk to people for "specific purposes", like "do this particular thing", rather than, "let's just hang out"
We suck at "small talk", and again, would take to you only for a pre-approved, "white listed" task.
Perhaps the solution for autism, is that we must basically pre-arrange each activity with a person, and then carry it out.
We also seem to entirely suck at "interactive", "two-way" conversation. We need "one-way" everything.
We are really just no different from a video tape, that plays from start to finish, and that's why we HATE being interrupted.
I feel like our conversation in autism, is more like, we rant at you for 30 minutes solid, you record it with an audio recorder, you go away and analyse what I've just said to you, and then you come back, with a 30 minute rant at me. And we go back and forth.
It's almost like chess players, playing this long-term chess game, where they might come back, once a week, to make a new move on the board.
This ongoing, day-to-day, two-way conversation, it just doesn't work, and leads to shouting and argument with us.
We are ridiculously slow to interpret new situations. This is why in jobs, we are best doing pre-arranged jobs which we can entirely "pre-rehearse", such as, learning the items on a menu, before applying to the restaurant.
Such as, being an actor in a play, and learning our lines, before showing up on stage.
And I also feel like, when we do get interrupted, that we should immediately "throw in the towel", and start the task all over again.
The way that we socialise, I believe, is entirely one-directional. This is not my theory. I have read this from proper sources. Autism is similar to ADHD, even narcissistic disorder, in this regard, in these long-winded, one-directional conversations.
I really do feel that, we should have one single rule for conversation, which is that, we have pre-defined, in minutes, how long I am going to talk to you. And then, if you interrupt me at all, that I will simply "eject altogether", and abandon the entire conversation.
For example, if you were in a school classroom, and one kid is calling you names, and you can hear it behind your back, with your exceptional autistic hearing, in your ears.
OK, and then, let's say, this kid at school, and he spreads rumours to the other kids, that you are a loser, and now you have 2, 3, 4, 5 kids all making fun of you, behind your back.
OK, so what is the solution here? The solution, is to leave the school classroom altogether, and not come back, until everyone stops making fun of you. You cannot do the autistic rage thing where you get angrier and angrier, and then start attacking the kids.
The solution to any and all school bullying, by the way, is to do what I just said. To literally leave the entire classroom.
Imagine if you were browsing through your files in Windows File Explorer. And you were going into a folder, and there are like 100s of files and sub-folders, and it's all so complex. And you just said, screw it, let's go back up. So you press the "up" arrow in your file explorer, and you "escape" the entire folder directory altogether.
OK, so that is what we are supposed to do, with autism and socialising.
We entered this folder, to find one specific file, and if we go 5 minutes and can't find it, and now we're forgetting why we even entered this folder at all, OK, so now we just abort the entire thing. Press "up", go back up to the directory "root" above this folder, stop what you are doing, re-collect your thoughts, and when you are ready, go back in again.
Have you ever programmed computers?
If you make just ONE error in the computer code, the entire code aborts.
You will spend the next, God damn, I don't know, 15 minutes, just looking for some semicolon that you put in the wrong place, or bracket or something.
That is autism. If we find one thing that surprises us, we really, in my opinion, have little to no "thinking skills on the spot", to figure out, "on the spot", how to correct this error.
We are, in my view, like computer code, where if there is one error, it just won't compile at all.
We are like people, if we are running a running race, and we must always come in first place. And if we are getting behind, and it looks like we have lost the race, that we just throw a tantrum, and want to restart the race all over again.
There is absolutely no point whatsoever, in telling yourself, that this is a "bad thing" and we should "change our behaviour to become more like neurotypicals".
No, no. This way of thinking is so deeply embedded in us.
I have seen autistic people married to each other in a relationship, long-term, and it is just miserable, long-term fighting, bickering, arguing, every day. The two people tug on each other, and they prevent each other doing anything without the other person's permission. They take every single attempt at breaching out into the world, and tug it down, parasitically stick to it, cling to it, hold it down, slow you down. It makes it impossible to be productive.
It doesn't so much resemble a relationship, as more like a battle in an arena. It's like the couple have gone off into their own Schizoid world, where in Schizoid Personality Disorder, it's just you, your very best friend/wife, and then the rest of the world is "blockaded out".
This is basically very dangerous, like domestic abuse, and once the relationship inevitably fails and you finally leave, it's like, you've gone decades now with no money or work skills etc.
Quite simply, the solution to autistic socialising, is to compartmentalise everything you do. Everything is just its own little thing.
Every interaction with your wife should be like a 30-minute pre-approved video tape that plays back. You pre-schedule it, you show up on time, a bit like a psychiatry webcam appointment or something.
We just don't do this sporadic, unplanned, co-operative behaviour at all. We need to be told what to do, or tell someone else what to do. But we are remarkably bad at this "interactive" social behaviour.
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2021.10.22 03:09 Bot_Highlights What even is this game lmao | /u/GitsGez

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2021.10.22 03:09 kowalikus ITAP Top of Śnieżka Mountain at cloudy time

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2021.10.22 03:09 rurdenimli Sams Club Coupon Code

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2021.10.22 03:09 Fresh_Training_4266 https://t.me/joinchat/WqdnG0HeuxFlYzIx

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2021.10.22 03:09 xboxlozer quick question lol

so i just got this game and what i did buy the class 2 bmw got to level 11 and put on the best mod (the one u get at lvl 11) im just wondering if im spose to go for higher class cars? because i feel like this class 2 drifts like a fucken charm lol.
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2021.10.22 03:09 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Carolina Porqueddu

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2021.10.22 03:09 abizarreexistence There's still a tinge of green

Well so I washed my cloth pads 2-3 days after my period and it has been drying out in the sun for 3 days but there's still a slight tint if green on it. Is it safe ? Will it go by washing again?
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2021.10.22 03:09 vodkaishealthy western spies: write that down, write that down

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2021.10.22 03:09 nathanfletcher123 How To Make Profit From Binance

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