My DIY Beginner Kit

2021.10.22 02:58 insipidwisps My DIY Beginner Kit

I got tired of cartridges about a year back and started using a foil razor to save money and to avoid restocking issues (money, not knowing when to move on to the next cartridge, not being able to find the right cartridge replacements, etc). I ended up waiting way too long between shaving my beard because it still sucks.
I used the foil trimmer the first two times I started shaving my head, which was a chore. Yesterday I picked up a $16 Van Der Hagen razor from Walmart because I wanted to try something different, and now I'm in love. I was able get a mostly baby smooth shave on head AND face in 10-15 minutes with no nicks or cuts. Today I did some research and put together a cheap-ish kit from Amazon.
$29 - Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor $11 - Omega Boar-Hair Shaving Brush $15 - Nivea Sensitive Shaving Balm (3 pack) $7 -12 brand blade sample pack (60 blades total) $12 - Cella Milano Shaving Cream
Total: $74
This doesn't count the $23 razobrush stand with bowl as it is not really an essential.
Comparing this with the Maggard kit, the razor is only a few dollars more, the blades I bought from Amazon come out to less per blade, and Maggard's kit doesn't have aftershave. The big benefit of Maggard is the $3 brush and the $5 soap, but if I end up loving Cella, I might end up buying the kilo block for $35.
Feel free to add thoughts on the kit for future members. What soaps or upgrades would you recommend for a few months down the line?
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2021.10.22 02:58 ZoolShop Biden vows to defend Taiwan from Chinese military action

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2021.10.22 02:58 PunnthePun What? 60 bucks !

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2021.10.22 02:58 naldinhodosus New scholar, been told this is a really good team. Can anyone please help me with strategy? What should I do on each turn? Started yesterday, stuck at 1000-1100.

New scholar, been told this is a really good team. Can anyone please help me with strategy? What should I do on each turn? Started yesterday, stuck at 1000-1100. submitted by naldinhodosus to AxieInfinity [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 02:58 qgoldham Dream Blunt Rotation

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2021.10.22 02:58 Normal_Diet_8254 Predicting "eruption"

Volcanos have two modes: dormant and active. Active = it is currently erupting or shows signs of erupting Soon. When will Doge hit $1? Soon!
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2021.10.22 02:58 Gorfnab Bagpipe music in the new Dune movie

So just watched the new Dune movie and there is bagpipe music in the score and a bagpiper shown on screen. Does anyone have any information on where to find the sheet music for what was played?
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2021.10.22 02:58 Hulkhontosee3667 In your Opinion who is more important to DC universe

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2021.10.22 02:58 Great_Diet_948 Shed some light on this please

Yesterday I noticed my boyfriend follows one of my university colleagues on Instagram, and I harmlessly asked – “oh you follow her, I didn’t know you guys knew each other, she sits next to me in class” and then he responded “I don’t actually know her”. I don’t know why, but that sentence extremely upset me. She doesn’t post anything provocatively or anything like that, but quite recently he actually went through his following list and removed like 200 people on his own, without me saying anything, so I would assume he would remove someone he doesn’t know. Turns out that’s not the case. Due to my own little insecurities, and trust issues, this made me feel very disrespected, and somehow really hurt and almost abandoned in a certain way. He noticed that I was a little bit upset, so he asked me if I want for him to unfollow her, but to me it seemed more like he’s asking to be polite and like he actually doesn’t want to do it. Of course I said no, because I don’t wanna be a control freak, and I don’t want him to resent me for trying to control those technically meaningless things, that unfortunately cause me issues. I understand people can find other people attractive, and again, I cannot justify why it made me feel so bad, but it did. Can you shed some light on the situation and tell me what to do because I literally can’t look at him the same anymore
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2021.10.22 02:58 Grandstar8504 October Tourney Haunted Mansion Final Round

all surviving travelers leave their rooms ready for what happens next, or are they? As each steps into the next room they walk onto the roof of the 30 floor manor, and on it stands a strange Red Floating man. Coffins slam open to reveal several monsters including Vampires, zombies, mummies, and Frankensteins Monster. The spirit Chuckles at the travelers and begins his attack
Round 5- Rooftop u/uthio
There can only be one winner to this tourney
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2021.10.22 02:58 thatpanda666 Being YOU'd?

I so happened to find a camera inside a charging block, was faced at my shower - any tips & advice on figuring out who it was? Any recommendations on camera detectors or how to find out if there is anymore?
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2021.10.22 02:58 todoinversionis Presenting the world’s first HTML5 accelerator card

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2021.10.22 02:58 Mad_Gremlyn Shallots are for elitist know-nothing douche bags that think they're Gordon Ramsey... in most (but not all) cases

I really love the taste and texture of all onions and this obsession with shallots in most cases is just for wannabes that watch too much cable cooking shows. Shallots are great! There's nothing wrong with them in many recipes and they have their place, but a lot of the time, you're losing a lot of great flavor by using shallots instead of white/sweet yellow/red/etc onions which have a very bold flavor.
"oh, man, I'm gonna use shallots so it won't overpower the flavor of XYZ stuff" -same asshole that thinks a head of garlic is too much garlic
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2021.10.22 02:58 hackadaybot New Part Day: Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

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2021.10.22 02:58 Famous-Atoki Praise God all the time

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. This will please the Lord more than an ox, more than a bull with its horns and hooves. Psalms 69:30‭-‬31 NIV
Praising God once a week can be more effective than fasting and praying 24/7
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2021.10.22 02:58 Perin_Sofia886 I think ETH will reach $8K in this rally

I think ETH will reach $8K in this rally With all the cryptocurrencies plummeting today, our ETH is still in a stable state, so I think it will see a bounce tomorrow and it will reach 8K, what do you think
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2021.10.22 02:58 freedomshinabuta chingchong

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2021.10.22 02:58 Travilcopter After a look alike of Brian Laundrie was held at gunpoint by Federal Agents.

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2021.10.22 02:58 Ok_Squirrel_7660 FlokiElonPuppy 🐶| Just Launched | 100x from now easily | From Elon Team? | 7% Rewards In Doge BEP20

Did you miss ShibaInu? Don't miss FlokiElonPuppy ($FlokiElonP) and Get your 100x Gain Now NFT Marketplace launching soon and Make this Most Popular Community In World! Rewards in Doge!
☄️ FlokiElonPuppy is an elastic supply token build on the Binance smart chain, designed to rise by a minimum of 12% every 8 hours. That's the best rate of rise guarantee you can find !
Tokenomics :
☄️ 10% Buy/Sell taxes :
⚛️ Rewards : 7% Doge BEP20 Rewards - A percentage of each tax goes towards the contract which buys Doge BEP20 and distributes it to the holder proportionally!
⚫ 2% Marketing & Buyback -
This tax ensures there is sufficient amount of funds to sustain the coin in the long run and if needed, will be used to buy tokens to support the chart!
1% Locked Liquidity - Meaning that we will always maintain a stable liquidity pool, keeping your investment safer and more sustainable to hold for the long term
(added to liquidity to create solid price floor)
Experimented team of professionals (development, marketing, etc.) 📡
Incoming marketing :
- Poocoin ads
- CG/CMC application
- Price mathematically guaranteed to rise 12% every 8 hours
- Twitter, youtube influencers
- Dextools Trending is planned
- Private investors AMA
- Press releases
- Coingecko & CMC listing
- Banner ads on high crypto traffic sites
- Telegram AMA
- TomorrowLand Concert for Holders
Marketcap target : 500M ! 📈
And more to come ....
Contract: 0x9028783e472f4a752d6a00c036171abef96a9e07
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.22 02:58 Craxy-Polly-Sparaxy Captain, who was drunk, it was later ascertained, crashes ship into bridge.

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2021.10.22 02:58 Lisztomania1098213 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING LISZT!

He will be remembered for his rocking pieces.
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2021.10.22 02:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Firefighters battling scrub fire in Lower Hutt | NZ Herald

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2021.10.22 02:58 verano56 Baby blue wren. My friend took this photo from Australia. It's so cute I have to share it!

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2021.10.22 02:58 dillonlawrence0101 Ecommerce agencies- how did you start building up clients

We’ve done a few Shopify projects now and that’s the niche we are starting to focus on.
I’m curious as to how agencies and freelancers bring in clients and close deals? Most of our work has been word of mouth
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2021.10.22 02:58 zyxwvutsrqabcdefghi Shrek Putin

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