Indoor plant

2021.10.22 02:55 garden4623 Indoor plant

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2021.10.22 02:55 Kunphen One of world's last northern white rhinos retired from breeding scheme

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2021.10.22 02:55 33alicia33 Valdeande Virtual, hex 5, ALFONSO EL SABIO

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2021.10.22 02:55 Slemnem This game absolutely fucking sucks! Goal on NES Had way better passing

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2021.10.22 02:55 anirudhkolli11 A stab in the back? More like sword to the chest!

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2021.10.22 02:54 Weirdcamp69 This put a smile on my face

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2021.10.22 02:54 Electrical-Vanilla33 i cant join your discord

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2021.10.22 02:54 Consistent-Yam-1980 in need of a good rec

i just finished Midnight Library by Matt Haig and was literally obsessed. so now i need something new to read. i was really interested in the themes that book touched so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good follow up.
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2021.10.22 02:54 almostlikeu Dear Randians, Reddit too is a social media platform. Don't get too comfortable because everyone is a stranger here.

I can see this community growing so well and it's great to see more people in India using Reddit. It's a wonderful platform to kill time, seek your hobbies and have fun.
However, I've been seeing a lot of posts on this subreddit where people are opening up sharing their personal feelings, things they've never shared with their family but are comfortable sharing online.
That's the USP of reddit, being anonymous. However, always know that the person in the comments is a complete stranger to you and probably has no experience to something even if they claim so.
To the people who critical help: Reach out to the professionals in that aspect, don't trust the social media too much.
To the people who see such posts: While you intend to help, you can cause more damage giving the wrong advice. Always ask them to seek professional help.
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2021.10.22 02:54 Intelligent-Win-2594 Hear me out , with all FOMO and push in $DWAC many plan on flowing it all into $PHUN. So with all of the $PHUN we all are going to be having tomorrow consider this ….this stock ran to $500 per in 2019 . With that being said we all know even higher is possible now . Just saying 🚀

Hear me out , with all FOMO and push in $DWAC many plan on flowing it all into $PHUN. So with all of the $PHUN we all are going to be having tomorrow consider this ….this stock ran to $500 per in 2019 . With that being said we all know even higher is possible now . Just saying 🚀 submitted by Intelligent-Win-2594 to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 02:54 Crossbones9117 "All Ghillied Up"

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2021.10.22 02:54 Sybertron [FRESH] Joe P - Going to California (Led Zeppelin Cover)

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2021.10.22 02:54 Tornado18Mustafa Unacceptable behavior

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2021.10.22 02:54 gaymer200 My Boyfriend spends 87% of his time with another friend, I (M) feel left out

I started dating him and he has this best friend. Sometimes he wont text all day and i start to get worried only to find that he’s been hanging out with them all day. I’ve brought it up slightly but never truly. How can I bring this up so that i can have more time with him?
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2021.10.22 02:54 jaylocc7000 Jaccsonvilles biggest goofies

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2021.10.22 02:54 ViniAstro Accurate Astrology service is here !!

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2021.10.22 02:54 GamerdeepSingh New Pasu PB!

I am doing Voltaic Iron fundamental routine. Currently in week 5 of training. Almost Bronze in benchmarks.
Pasu was my big weakness. I averaged between 55-65 since day 1. But today I hit a PB with a massive jump.
I felt in control throughout the whole run and had really good accuracy.
If I can get the same feeling everyday, it would be great haha.
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2021.10.22 02:54 eddyk200 M20 us Aargau. 202cm gross, 120kg mit 16cm bestückt :) meldet euch

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2021.10.22 02:54 Fabulous_Adeptness_2 Is it worth adding items to collection

I really dont mind adding few lower grade items to collection and get some rewards but in some cases it requires to add mystical grade items or even higher, so is it really worth adding it, I mean from the look of it, the rewards are not very great, so is it ok if I just ignore it and not add those items to collection.
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2021.10.22 02:54 Achyutth_ Solid diet plan

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2021.10.22 02:54 pokemontcgonline92 Crabominable V Deck

Crabominable V Deck Crabominable V is quite tough Pokemon with decent 220 HP. Because it is an Ice type Pokemon, it has Metal Wekaness. So, Crabominable V is definitely not good matchup against Zacian V. If you look at the Stats of Crabominable in the Nintendo Switch: Sword and Shield games, you will notice that it has very slow speed. Thus, Crabominable V has very very high Retreat Cost [4 Energy]. So, the best way to retreat it is either to use "Switch" or "Escape Rope".
Crabominable V second attack, Destroyer Punch is its only attack that can deal damage to your opponent's Pokemon. This attack has 90 base damage and does 60 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent's Active Pokemon. Actually, this is the improved version of Sableye V attack, Crazy Claw which has only 10 base damage. Other than difference in damage, Destroyer Punch also require 1 extra Energy to use. Still, it is better to have 90 base damage with 2 Water Energy and 1 Colorless Energy than 10 base damage with 2 Dark Energy.
With Destroyer Punch, Crabominable V can 2HKO any Pokemon VMAX. The first strike will deal 90 damage and subsequently, the second strike will deal 540 on the same Pokemon. You can also OHKO most of the Pokemon VMAX using Destroyer Punch as long as you can put 4 damage counters on that Pokemon before you use Destroyer Punch.
Crabominable V first attack, Snow Slide is perfect move for Mill Decks especially in expanded format. For 1 Water Energy, this attack let you discards top 2 cards of your opponents deck. You might even win by decking out your opponent in the Standard Format using Snow Slide attack.
Full Article at
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2021.10.22 02:54 Xivai Another hint at next year's chapter? Anchorite character's text.

While her origins are mysterious, the Anchorite has a reputation as an ally to the downtrodden of Fargrave. Learn more about this helpful hand you’ll encounter when exploring the Deadlands and realms beyond in this new Meet the Character. The key words there are she will help us explore deadlands okay sure but also realms beyond them too? So is next year's chapter definitely confirmed to not be on Nirn then but in oblivion?
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2021.10.22 02:54 cverdu Verdú - Lou

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2021.10.22 02:54 lizzboa Need a good Sky account, offering my stacked Genshin Account (AR 50 EU Kazuha Yoimiya Primogems)

The account is perfect for someone who wants to start. Has kazuha, the best 5 star in the game. It is basically ready for someone that wants to really get into the game and farm artifacts. There is pity on the character banner and 15000 primogems to play with so you could easily get C1 on the next 5 star you are interested in, C2 if you are lucky. you will beat abyss in 2 months if you invest in good artifacts with them. For more infos and negotiations DM me (scammers with 1 reddit karma dont even try to scam me)
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2021.10.22 02:54 Non-WovenSponges 0.9ohm coil and salt nic

I bought a Caliburn A2 but didn’t realize the coils are 0.9 and are sub-ohm
Can I use 20mg salt nic in this without issue? Or is it more intended for freebase?
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