Sitting Across From You…

from definition: 1. used to show the place where someone or something starts: 2. used to show the time when…. Learn more. Find 9 ways to say FROM, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 1 synonym or near synonym of from from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 antonyms and near antonyms. Find another word for from. from - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Compound Forms: Inglés: Español: be a far cry from [sth] expr expression: Prepositional phrase, adverbial phrase, or other phrase or expression--for example, "behind the times," "on your own.": informal (very different from): estar a años luz de expr expresión: Expresiones idiomáticas, dichos, refranes y frases hechas de ... From definition is - —used as a function word to indicate a starting point of a physical movement or a starting point in measuring or reckoning or in a statement of limits. How to use from in a sentence. Create a new survey and edit it with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of pre-made themes or create your own. Free with a Google account. From definition, (used to specify a starting point in spatial movement): a train running west from Chicago. See more. Access Google Forms with a free Google account (for personal use) or Google Workspace account (for business use). from meaning: 1. used to show the place where someone or something starts: 2. used to show the time when…. Learn more.

2021.10.22 03:02 PrettyFeetDontCheat Sitting Across From You…

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2021.10.22 03:02 azkadenplasmoid No slots for IPPT, and my window closes next week

My bad. I totally forgot to book my IPPT and realised 1 week before it closes. Sadly there weren't any slots left for me to book. Called customer service, and they told me that since there isn't any IPPT slots, I can attempt to book for 1 NS fit before my window closes.
Does anyone of you shared similar experiences ?
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2021.10.22 03:02 geek_lawyer Uh

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2021.10.22 03:02 deeragunz_11 What to do about living situation ?

Hi there I hope this is the right thread to be asking for some opinions and advice but I am having some issues with my living situation...
Please be kind as I really do feel lost not sure as what to really do, I will appreciate that a lot.
Background and context:
Me and my now ex having been living together for 4 years now, I came to his place because I having family problems and was kicked out that place, I just didn't get along with my brother anymore and our relationship was done for, so I called my ex to ask if I can stay the night, I was also had just broken up from a relationship and it didn't end so well, this period of my life wasn't so great and I think this was just one of those moments where I was just at my lowest and spiralling down hill, things were so chaotic. When my ex picked me up he let me stay for as long as I need, I slept on the couch for days and at that time he also had a girlfriend, she wasn't happy that he took me in and they had a fight and broke up not long after, she now is Inna path of revenge to get back at him for the circumstances that happened...
While at his place, I wanted to say thank you by cooking dinner for him and his brother and dad. He was really nice to me and it was really platonic at first.. we spent more time hanging out and one night he confessed how he felt and I stupidly told him I felt the same, knowing that both of us jumped too quickly. It was really great for about 6 months but because I never got to deal with my trauma and break up from my previous relationship it started to take its toll on this one and slowly we started going down hill from there, we would fight and break up and the cycle went on for another 3 years and more, I really hate that this happened because we used to be such great friends but there has been so damage done in both sides it's hard now. . . The situation now is that I have a dog that I dearly love and currently studying for my degree, he is doing the same too he expressed that he doesn't want a relationship anymore but still does couple things and wants me to cook for him, I still give in and do those things as well so clearly we are both at fault maybe me even more, at times he treats me really badly and I do the same , we aren't good for eachother anymore and I want to know how I can leave with such little income and with a dog and just start over as a women.
It hurts when he expresses how much life would be better without me but yet he stills talks to me like as if I am more than just an ex or a friend. My fault too for caving in as well and just being unhappy and insecure, this really sucks, I really want both of us to be happy and not end up resenting one another.
We are not fighting now and are okay but this has been a long time cycle and pattern and while I have the space and time.
To just quickly summarise because it is too long the questions are :

I'm really sorry if this was long but I truly am looking for guidance.
Also thank you for taking your time to read this.
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2021.10.22 03:02 gooseddit Should I just wait or contact for help?

I downloaded the game via Steam and it always says "Version Mismatch" "Please check for an Update".
What should I do?
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2021.10.22 03:02 RhiannaWasHere ___: The game that got rejected from squid game

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2021.10.22 03:02 SilverPhantomB The Demon summoned from Earth: Chapter 13; Ruined and Seeking

Thanks to all of you for the help for the previos 12.5 chapter
The undefeated champion of all seven country's of Vilkan, Korg, could not figure out how to use this old Human contraption, a "crossbow".
Korg was not the most intelligent Ohri, nor was he magically gifted with more points in insight. He was often considered brutish, dumb, and barbaric. No citizen of Vilkan would actually say that to his face though.
He sat in his extraordinarily large room, on the floor.
The cross bow was small and fragile in his obtusely large grey fingers. He had spent over an hour trying to operate the clearly complex mechanisms of the ancient machine. It had been a gift from Olivia from Vargu, as an apology. Refusing marriage to the strongest man alive took a level of pride and courage that Korg found even more desirable.
Maybe he should visit them again.
The old Hunter, Shika, was his mentor and partial father figure when he was young. Korg still remembered the vivid days and nights on perfecting form, on using the system as an extension of himself and how to achieve greatness with the magical numbers.
He had been born Abnormal. His might had cranked to be triple that of the other children and at the age of five he was as strong as a grown man. Instead of growing in points only, his body reacted to his point allocation physically.
So he was a hulking 'ballerina' as the extinct humans called it.
'Abnormal' was a label worn by those born with oddity's, blessing or curses designated by the Gods.
So at the tender age of 19, Korg became the Hunter Apprentice of Operic, his current home.
All that really meant is that his assigned hunter would spew garbage about 'protect' and lecture on 'procedures', mostly things that Korg found uninteresting.
Now 23, he was just waiting for Old Hunter Jack to 'bite the dust', as humans would say.
He was a savant for Human history. For some reason the war race of nightmares had become almost like an unhealthy obsession, one he followed and found enjoyment in. He was not a smart man, but Korg could recite the entire Mysterious knight speech from the Battle of Dying Gods.
He even asked mages to find a way to show him their final battle, so he could see it for himself.
Just so happens that a big enough bag of silver made anything possible for a Kilk mage.
There was a sudden knock at the door. Korg jumped a little, not expecting any kind of interruption at this time, considering he was studying another human artifact.
'Hunter Apprentice Korg, Town center, 11 minutes.' A servant called from just outside the door.
Old man Jack was throwing a string of demands again. Korg frustratingly sent confirmation that he understood and rushed to delinquently put the old wood back into the box.
Korg, unlike his Ohri brethren, wore clothing by choice, as a way to get closer to the spirit of humanity, even though no one knew about that. He just lied and said that it was a part of his 'Abnormal Status'.
His armor was fastened and ready in under 2 minutes, almost his record time.
He went everywhere with it and his weapon of choice, an ancient Avatar made weapon called 'Dragon Bone' when translated in Human common. Its stark white blade was unblemished even after years of abuse. Korg chose to strap the oversized blade to his back and readied himself to go back out to the noise infested outside. It had been a gift from a Mister Kilk, the one who had shown him 'The field of dying gods' using visual magic and dead men's memories.
He opened his magnificent door way to the befuddled noise of a castle of pestering noise. The Ohri spoke to each other in the open, sometimes forgetting to target each other for singular dialogue, leaving snippets of words and information in the open air.
Korg did a light jog to escape the labyrinth style castle. The remainder of the council members entourage shuffled slowly through the exit. A clear path was made once his name was brought up by an onlooker.
The amount of respect he garnered from people who he hadn't been raised with, surprised him. Kill a few monsters, turn some guys from alive into dead, and pump your stats just right and people looked at you with fear. Being an Abnormal made it even better.
As the reached the end of the crowd, he caught some loose information, more then likely just weaseling speculation and drama amongst the court.
The words, disjointed and misaligned where all he need to begin his sprint down to town square, blood roaring in excitement. He ran through the mostly empty cobble stone roads and was a blur in the sight of onlookers.
The town of Operic was simply put, an untouched human city repurposed to for the Ohri's use.
After the town was abandoned, and the war ended, the Ohri came back to towns and cities empty and devoid of the 'god blessed'.
Korg put some 'Pep' into his step, as a human would say.
He reached the town center with time to spare and a pathway to the stone circle in the the center of Operic.
He found Old man Jack standing atop the dais, awaiting Korg's arrival. The yellow eyes of the Jack met his own and Korg sent the burning question in his soul.
'Abyss Hunt?'
The day when abyss creatures break from their home in the void and invade the towns, villages and neighbors of multiple regions but due to a dwindling amount of void spawn appearing, the last true abyss hunt was 13 years ago.
Korg paid attention sometimes.
The old man just nodded.
As the people trickled in, most talking of trivial and mundane life, Korg was in his mind again, letting the fantasy of another abyss hunt run wild. He had been little about he heard of the chaos that had ensued. Men, woman and children fought tooth and nail to take down a massive, city sized, demon from the its of Azarith herself.
How fun.
Eventually as the masses crowded around the center dais, the noise quittered until silence ruled with authority unbecoming of its uncommon appearance. Jack simply sat in undilued silnce, unflinchinly wathcing the sky above like today was just a normal day.
Slowly the people began to clamor, throw questions and distress about why they where there. It seemed like a waste of time. Bread had to be made, farms tilled and art made.
All it took was a single wave of his hand the Hunter reestablished the ruling of silence.
His faint yellow eyes washed over the crowd of city dwellers with a predatory glint, even as a elderly, half dead, and senile old man, his eyes could still pierce the hide of a Blue Kringok.
'There is an Abyss Hunt', was all that came from the Hunter.
Seconds ticked by until the first words where spoken from the one of the court members.
'Holy Shit'
In a place, far, far away
He was angry.
But then again he was always angry.
He was the mighty Teril Oberak.
And he was stuck in another fucking box.
GameMasters and their fucking cubes.
He looked down as himself and saw his ghostly figure was a reflection of his death, the brutal battle where people he grew up with, where people he protected, where home was, died.
He raged against multi colored and misshapen cage, know damn well that it wasn't going to do anything.
A century of talking to nobody and nothing and then receiving a formal message from the system had been shocking, but a welcome shock.
He had helped Alex, which had to be a good thing right?
Human is human after all.
Even if tearing the head off the Hunter and 'Nuking' the village was less then honorable, it was something that had to be done. He still remember the reports of city's burned and raised by the horde of faceless freaks. It was only fair that he did some genocide too.
He was back to sitting cross-legged in his new prison. There was little point in fighting against the locked cage, especially one as strange as this one.
Usually Sky made blue or white cubes, and he once saw a cube of grey, but this didn't had the Sky's craftsmanship. He watched as his shifted and contorted like a living thing. It was fleshy and geletal, moving slowly but randomly.
The colors where muted and undefinable mixture and amalgamation. Teril sat back, letting his phantom helmet drop and reached out to the nearest wall.
Something in his mind, soul and reminder of instinct, was roaring to stop. To leave. To sit down and never touch the box.
But he'll be damned if he just sat there while Alex was out alone.
Because Human is Human. Abyss or not he carried an obligation to the crying ghost of his family, friends and home. Let humanity live on, even if it was not a human born in LuiK, it was now a LuiK citizen, now a member of the dead race, even if the atrocity of the past meant nothing to them, it meant something to him.
His hand finally reached its destination. Nothing.
Teril disappointed and saddened by the wall of flesh let go and wondered if he was ever going to et out of this one.
He removed his armor again, placing it down next to him he slimly stared ceiling.
Days, minutes, months, time here was irrelevant yet he still felt its passing. only he could figurer out how long.
He was expecting the blue screen to pop in.
Only it didn't.
As in it was gone.
Jarred and shaken from his time lapsed phantom existence, he stood up.
The ghost simply waited but no screen came into view.
Even when trapped inside a normal Game Master Cube, he was still capable of using the system and reading his status.
So what the Fuck?
Ever so faintly in the distance he could a whispering voice. One that he felt like he knew even if he has never heard it before.
'.....So if i take this blade of grass and turn it into a knife, would i.....'
Teril listened to the voice.
'....but if i die, would that make me a martyr or a villan in the histiry books....'

'....agic is fucking sick.....'

'.....I wonder how long she's gonna take to get some clothes....'
'....I hope Stacy grabs me something cool to wear, i wonder if they have my size....'
'.....ould I ask her about how she knew about that 'bad guy' label.....'
'...... So if I teleport here.......'
'.......Wait its that easy to learn magik?.....'
'......I am a Genius.....'
He watched the human play with godly magick like a hatchling learning to run in under an hour. 0023 was scared beyond his less then capable brain capacity and somehow found the courage to be mesmerized by the show of lights and unnatural learning.
The Human was playing at being a God.
At first when the human had awoken, he had waited many kilometers away, hiding, waiting to be smote down by god gifted lightning. Eventually when non came and surprised he wasn't dead, he unfurled his many limbs and found that the scent of the human lingered in his snout.
The cursed curiosity backfired and he couldn't help himself.
He had lowered himself to a crawl, watching the occasional green light flash as the other human, not covered in blood, healed her wounds. They talk in their rhythmic and clacking language before they hiked to a river.
On the way the larger human, possibly tried to kill the other and words where used before the became friends again. Glowing eyes were really scary. Maybe they didn't like each other.
They washed some of the death from their scent, before the smaller one left the bigger one alone and ran away, seeming to dissipate into the night.
0023 watched as the obviously greater human, started to play with grass. not like a hatchling would fiddle with the blades, more like how a warrior searched for a weapon.
First it was fire, then it was other things he could no longer understand. Like how the single piece of grass left a crater when he dropped it. Or how he threw on at the nearest tree and impaled it like a knife would.
He watched as he blipped from place to place, zig sagging across the river in order to test his godly status some more.
0023 could not look away as the human seemed to grow and master the systems magick and he could smell the use of each spell, each one leaving wafting scents in the air.
Distracted and careless, the dumb scout stepped on a twig.
Magik was disturbing.
Skill list:
Dark resurrection;
--Once every 72 hours, be capable of returning from death, with the exemption of if your corpse is;
Dismembered and separated, Melted, evaporated, or consumed by another creature.
Hunter (Triggerable passive);
--(+5) health healed upon a kill done while unnoticed.
Out Numbered (triggerable Passive);
--(+75%) to all physical stats when fighting multiple foes.
Abyss call;
--Call to the abyss for help.
*Magick Manipulate;
Become capable of hiding and altering the inner mana within yourself
*Magick store;
--When at full mana, a reserve of mana equal to (50%) of mana count will fill up like normal mana. This separate mana source can refill or be conjoined to the maximum mana for spell casting purposes.
*Spell Learning (Basic);
--Become capable of learning simple spells
Learning spells require:
Spell name, Effects, and Mana available to cast.
*Spell Learning (intermediate);
--Capable of learning higher spells and Gain +1 Zeroed resist.
*Mana Infuse;
--Infuse an object with a known magical property.
(-30) mana
(-X) (30) mana for additional properties
*Silver eye;
--Activate to visibly detect mana.
(+10) mana on activation.
His list of skills at first was a jumbled mess.
Now he was convinced that he could basically kill anything. With a whapping 522 mana and another 261 in the vault for emergencies, he was carrying 783 mana around. Out of shear boredom and a dire need for escapism, Alex figured playing around with his new 'Harry potter' power set could pass the time.
Start small.
'Mana infuse'
The grass turned into a match, but didn't burn him for some reason. After letting it fall, he learned that it just burned to ash when it left his hand. Alex was quite literally playing with fire and for once was not having a shitty time in this shitty world.
Leave it to him to dump a unreasonable number of stat boosters into magick and not know why he had to.
Never mind all that, there was more fuckery to be had.
He played 'short teleport' reasoning that there must be a 'long teleport'
He was right.
"The displacement of matter and reappearance in another place", was the only explanation the system needed before he was drowning in pop ups. It was intoxicating being so awesome for once. He was practically prancing with energy now, letting his brain create magick with simple science.
Acquired Spell(s):
Instant transmission:
-65 mana, Appear in a place that you remember within 1,000 meters
Removed spell(s);
Short, medium, long teleportation.
A twig cracked in the soundless forest.
That was all it took for the reaction. It was the break in the silence and he felt his heart drop to near cardiac arrest. Something was watching, someone was present, and he was no longer alone.
Alex sobered from his magical spree of learning and fun. For some reason there wasn't any panic. There wasn't any anxiety or terror. His vision was crystal clear and the moon illuminated the three eyes watching him, wide and glistening in the ambient light.
Why was he always fighting?
Killing or being killed?
Always a conflict, Some homicidal asshole in the woods, some thing that had to be done in the sake of survival. Alexander was, quite frankly, sick of it. But he was forced to lay by LuiK's rules so he would rather kill first then die permanently.
Alexander let the eyes in the brush become his primary focus. In an absent place in his mind, he wondered what creature it was. It was time to test out his only offensive spell. Overpowered may be an understatement. It's something at least.
Instant death
(-500) mana
Check the insight score of a creature within 30 meters, and if your score is higher, the Health of the creature drops to (0)., If the targets insight score is higher, your Health will drop to (0) instead.
He had learned it by simply choosing to kill via cellular death. The idea had been like a 'Life drain' style spell but he ended up getting this instead. As useful as this was considering his resurrection ability, it wasn't available and he didn't have time to try to create a fireball with science.
A wild creature wouldn't have more insight then him right?
He brought his entire focus on the animal, letting the world sink away and meld into the familiar nothing. He would be embarrassed if he died to a three eyed wolf because of a backfired spell.
Time to flip the coin.
'Instant Death'
Target: Jixlian Scout 0023
Insight score comparison;
0023; 4
Alexander Newt; 174
-500 mana
Mana: (0/522)
Reserve: (107/261) \
The creature slumped into the ghostly grass, falling in an almost eternal slow-mo. Alex witnessed his 'Shoot first' policy used for the first time. It was odd, seeing the wolf thing fall and become more visible in the light.
It was the same type of dog bear that had woken him up after the village incident.
Dipping into his dwindling mana reserve, he used his upgraded teleport to cross the river. He looked down at his next meal and was only slightly sick with himself. It had become obvious that the 'Jixlian' had been caught like a deer in headlights. But he didn't know what they where capable of and couldn't risk it yet.
+9 (x2 Child Killer) EXP gained
The slightly sick feeling became a slightly disturbed feeling.
Long time no see
Some errors and stuff ill fix tomorrow
I'm trying to get back on schedule for uploading every few days or once a week
Thanks to everyone who came to help me for the 12.5 chapter
So i'm back
I don't really have anything else to say
See ya in the next one
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2021.10.22 03:02 yungccreal random sound keeps playing

im recording guitar tracks and one take keeps on randomly playing despite not being present on the playlist. i've also checked if theres an instance of edison and there isnt. what's the issue? is it a glitch?
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2021.10.22 03:02 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Watch CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum Asia: Technology & Innovation | NBC

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2021.10.22 03:02 thalion777 Should i request back pay to stay and then leave?

I work for a security company and they have slowly driven every employee out with their awful policies and the owner being a micro-managing a-hole. I am currently the only patrol driver and have had multiple of my trainees quit their first day.
My pay is $12/hr and i just got an offer for another security company that has way better work hours for my home life at $20/hr.
I'm basically one man-ing a 3 person route for the past month. Should i show them the offer letter, demand $16/hr with backpay (around $1600) then take the offer? Tired of being kicked around by employers and want to fight back.
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2021.10.22 03:02 PhlegethonAcheron Is she actually interested? Should I persist? Am I a dumb-ass misreading cues?

I'm a clueless dude, and I'm pretty sure that I at least have some sort of chance with her. At multiple events so far where we've both been, I've seen her looking at me multiple times, and holding the eye contact when I caught her looking. During a class presentation I was doing regarding personal strengths, she asked me a question that went along the lines of, "Our strengths seem to line up pretty well, is that something you'd want in a study partner?" A week or two later, after the event where we kept holding eye contact from across the room, we were chatting and found many similarities, which she seemed to find interesting. Two days later, after a class where she kept glancing across the room in my direction, we randomly met at the on-campus restaurant place, and after I initiated the conversation with her while she was in line, she came over and sat down at a table right next to mine and my friend's, and shifted the conversation to a more interesting topic than the one I chose. She turned 90 degrees to face me in the chair and scooted a small bit closer to me, and through most of the course of our conversation, which she seemed to want to try and keep going for much longer, almost all of her attention was focused on me, and she paid very little attention to the other people at her table. When it did become time for me to leave, I asked for her number, and it was given to me. I am absolutely certain that it is actually her number.
However, when I asked her if she wanted to join me at an event two days ago, I was considering attending, she didn't even respond to my text. Is she actually interested? There's another event tonight, should I bother asking if she wants to come with? Should I just leave her alone, revert to the default state of acquaintances? I'm a bit confused, and I don't know what I'm meant to do here. I really want to ask her to come with me to the next event, but I really don't want to be creepy, or pushy, or overbearing, but I also want to explicitly express interest in spending time with her.
If it's not a bad idea to text her again, I was planning to text this message to her: "Hey, I forgot to mention that this is [My Name], but you've most likely figured that out by now. I'm sorry I wasn't at [the first event I mentioned on Wednesday], I figured that if you weren't going, I might as well spend the night studying. I will definitely be at music event that the school's hosting , if you want to hang out."
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2021.10.22 03:02 AnanymooseWilly 14 YR Rapper New EP

It's really good I think!
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2021.10.22 03:02 thaddeh Gas Tank Vacuum- It Crushes Itself??

I am new to this world of Golf. Recently got a 2012 Golf 2.5, story was that somebody must have bottomed it out on the fuel tank.
New tank and new fuel pump later, I hear a thump and look under the car and the gas tank has gone from outie to innie. Some vent somewhere is malfunctioning, and the vacuum from driving the car is causing the tank to implode just like the one I pulled out. I devised a way to use a little compressed air and pop the tank back out, but if I click the fuel cap all the way properly closed it implodes again.

  1. Where is this vent? 2. What exactly is it called? 3. Has anybody else had this happen? All help is appreciated!!
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2021.10.22 03:02 Lunagamer128 No Audio with Quest 2 link

I recently got a new PC, and Quest link works perfectly fine aside from one thing, there's no audio. Both in games and in the Rift menu as well. I've already tried reinstalling the Oculus software, audio drivers, switching USB ports, changing the default audio device, plugging headphones in, all that stuff. I haven't found a single solution. Anything else I might not have tried yet? (Oculus support hasn't gotten back to me so I thought I might as well try asking here)
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2021.10.22 03:02 autotldr PNG morgues full as Covid-19 runs rampant

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 47%. (I'm a bot)

Papua New Guinea media reports paint a grim, ongoing picture of full morgues due to the surge in Covid-19 cases.
Hospitals in the biggest cities, including Port Moresby, Lae, Mt Hagen and Goroka are reported to be full, as deaths from the virus have become a daily occurrence.
The mortuary at Port Moresby General Hospital is full - with 300 bodies there at present it has reached full capacity - and now bodies are being stored at another unspecified location.
At Moresby General as well as other hospitals in the Highlands, Morobe province, and in western provinces on the border with Indonesia, wards are full and health workers among those getting infected.
With limited testing, and a lack of routine reporting of the cause of deaths in many parts of PNG, the Centre's statistics of 26,154 Covid cases and 325 deaths so far in the pandemic are likely to be far below the true measure.
The country's Covid-19 steering committee is reported to be considering whether to recommend a lockdown plan for Port Moresby.
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