How do I convince my Mom to go see a therapist? (She thinks "therapists are for people with a broken head)

2021.10.22 04:17 YellowberrySeeds How do I convince my Mom to go see a therapist? (She thinks "therapists are for people with a broken head)

As the title suggests, my siblings and I want our Mom (55) to go into therapy but she thinks that it's for suicidal or "crazy" people.
We think she should seek professional help because she's been dealing with a lawsuit since December 2020 (her ex contractor scammed her of nearly USD100k), the divorce with my soon-to-be-ex-stepdad, her only brothemy uncle dying, and her client being bed-bound and moved to hospice care (she works as a live-in caregiver 120 hours a week and is only home 2 days).
All of my siblings are in our home country. My partner, our son, and I rent a room with her. She has been lashing out at me for various little reasons like when I decline to go out with her and her friends for coffee because I have work or when she hears my partner complain about long days at work and instead of being sympathetic, she just belittles him for "being so weak". These episodes are affecting me negatively as I have severe depression myself as well. (Due to her beliefs, I secretly saw a psychologist to get evaluated/diagnosed in the past but I stopped for financial reasons.)
This isn't like her at all and we feel like the stress has built up on her and she's not letting it out enough. We all call and communicate regularly but me and my siblings are all adults with families, hobbies, careers, and busy lives. In the end, we can only do so much... Two of us (me and one of my sisters) proposed the idea to her on separate occasions but she said the statement in the title and gets offended. Any advice on this is appreciated.
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2021.10.22 04:17 grindhind Temp Concerns

With it getting colder I’m finding it hard to keep consistent temps. Got a little fan set up but it fluctuates. Interestingly one of my tubs is just about ready for fruiting despite this but can anyone advise on any risks or concerns? I’ve checked periodically and temps can be as low as 50f and jump up to 80f when the fan has been on. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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2021.10.22 04:17 Shenji458 My Hopeful Post Watson Blueprint

As discussed elsewhere, David Culley is definitely the fall guy. I have to think he'll be out after next season after all parties get what they wanted: Culley gets a final hoorah for his career, capping it off with a HC stint, and a massive retirement fund. Caserio gets a clean slate with a significantly less toxic culture to build upon. Cal gets a chance to run a decent franchise.
I think our coordinators get replaced next year and then one of them steps up to HC the following year. I imagine that would be the smoothest transition.
Depending on the draft, including the Watson haul, we could start competing again as early as next year in '22 and more realistically in '23. Life is moving faster in the NFL so fingers crossed we have some serious juice to watch in '22 though !
The O-line isnt far from greatness with Tunsil and Howard there. If we can get another talented starter on the line coupled with a fresh RB (round 2/3) and I think we can be really efficient on offense. Cooks can definitely still play and we could get a 2nd round receiver like Claypool to pair with him. Our tight ends are fine and we don't need to get cute there.
Our defense feels so empty but I feel like it can be transformed quickly with a couple of high draft picks and elite FA acquisitions. Hopefully we get our own Bosa/Garrett + Asante/Ward type combo this off-season and '22 will be helluva ride. I hope Cunningham doesn't go, but the elite teams are getting by on defense with extraordinary team play, pressure, and turnovers (Bills, Ravens, Cards).
tl;dr : I hope we get juicy offensive rookies in the 2/3rd, elite pass rushers and corners in the first & free agency, and I don't think that's asking too much for trading away Watson. I don't mind giving Mills another year at the wheel and I'd prefer it to starting Tyrod. I kinda see us trying to acquire a Stafford type guy after we've rebuilt the rest of the team anyway.
So what would you guys like to see Caserio do ?
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2021.10.22 04:17 Cu_tie F16 looking for people to [Chat] with maybe more idk

Bit about me: i like music, history, games and meeting new people and i love a good book every now and then (my current read is "password is obvious") Im asian and living in Finland, if any of that intrests you give me a pm, we can chat here or on discord
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2021.10.22 04:17 goonnight MIDI devices and audio interface not detected on RC1 and 2

Does anyone have this problem? I have my MIDI devices and audio interface connected to an USB Hub but they are not detected but my HDD works. I'm not sure if that's a problem with audio devices or usb hub, i hope they will fix this asap
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2021.10.22 04:17 ushKee Was Sora made for literal toddlers?

Like seriously. I don't think the character is broken but he carries bad players more than any other character I've seen. Just pressing the A button again and again will give you combos even if you dont know how to combo. You don't have to even aim with your Side B because Sakurai does that for you! And even the projectiles- While they're not *that* strong, its kind of silly how he can cycle through all typical projectile counterplay just by continuing to spam. Opponents jumping over fireballs? Use Thunderaga, it hits from above. Opponents shielding Thunderaga? Auto switch to Blizzaga cause it breaks shields. They don't even have to use their brain cause the game does it for them. And don't get me started on his hitboxes... his sword somehow covers a perfect circle around him and is constantly active so he never has to get touched. If he's playing any opponent without a disjoint, he can trade just by continuing to mash.
Baby ass character.
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2021.10.22 04:17 Lifedeath999 I always had a fear of falling, but fortunately all the soft baby things I fell on broke my fall.

Unfortunately, the baby was with his things.
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2021.10.22 04:17 Lyalda How many laps in the Freedom hall do you run to reach 1.5 miles?

I saw that we run in freedom hall, in boot camp. Not sure if it's changed. But if it hasn't, how many laps is it for a 1.5 mile? I'd like to know before.
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2021.10.22 04:17 serotonin_scavenger "Broken" does not necessarily mean "useless"

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2021.10.22 04:17 pouxd_ Mid-ladder be like:

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2021.10.22 04:17 warehouseboy2001 [advert] New collection out now!

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2021.10.22 04:17 octoparsefr Web scraping pour les statistiques sur le sport

Article complet:https://www.octoparse.fblog/web-scraping-pour-les-statistiques-sport
Le big data a changé l'industrie du sport. Il est estimé que l'industrie du sport atteindra une valeur de 160 milliards de dollars aux États-Unis. Si vous avez déjà été confronté aux paris sportifs, vous connaissez probablement la puissance du web scraping. En parlant de scraping de données sportives à partir de sites web, beaucoup de gens pensent à utiliser R, Python ou l'API des sites web. Mais tous ces outils sont difficiles à utiliser pour les personnes qui n'ont pas de connaissances préalables en programmation, comme moi.
J'aimerais donc vous présenter les moyens disponibles pour extraire des données sportives de sites Web à l'aide d'Octoparse, un outil d'extraction de données Web facile à utiliser pour les débutants. Les avantages que vous pouvez en tirer sont les suivants:

  1. Plus facile - Opérations visibles par pointer et cliquer, aucune programmation requise.
  2. Plus rapide - Vous n'avez pas besoin d'étudier les sites web ou coder.
  3. Formats de données divers - Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, ou exportez vers votre base de données, y compris SQL Server, MySQL et Oracle.
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2021.10.22 04:17 CHL9 Safari Big Sur: CMD+N Opens new tab instead of new window

Am switching to Safari from Chrome due to memory restrictions as my computer is quite old and crashes often (kernel panic) with lots of tabs open on Chrome or if it's hot out, hoping to ameliorate it by using Safari. Another issue: When I'm on safari and want to open a new window, I do cmd+N, but it just opens a new tab, not a new window. cmd+t also opens a new tab. How do I 'fix" this behavior so cmd+n opens new window?
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2021.10.22 04:17 HiimKvothe Question regarding the mobile version

I just came across an image of the game on twitter and I wanted to buy the game, but I can't decide on getting the mobile version or the pc one. I would prefer it on mobile but I wanted to know if there are any major differences between the two versions since if you can do much more things on pc I would just buy it on Steam. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.22 04:17 snizzlepea Is this girl playing games, should I stop talking to her?

I work with a girl and it seems like I have a crush on her. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend so obviously I don’t make any moves. The weird thing is that when I was first getting to know her, she would hide her BF from me. For example: she would go on vacation with him but when I would ask how her vacation was and who she went with she would say “friends”. Later I finally met him when he came to work.
In the beginning it would be light flirting between us here and there. Later she started working in my department and things changed. She upped her flirting and teasing and would constantly make little comments. She even broke the touch barrier and would run up to me and hold my hand, slide a little gift in it and walk off. Or she would put stickers on me or playfully fight me and try to take things from me by leaning on me and holding my hand and etc..
Oddly enough later on she was trying to see if I have a gf with indirect things like “are you taking a girl with you on vacation”… “I bet your gf is ugly” "your gf blah blah" and so on.
Also, she seems like a jealous type. When I was talking to another girl she seemed upset. She also tends to listen on to conversations I have with other girls and loves to jump into these conversations and push me out of the convo. Whenever I talk to a girl she somehow shows up and stands and listens.
I was wondering if she is playing games and I should just cut her off.
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2021.10.22 04:17 Bullishasf Why didn’t Tony soprano just get a pet if he loved animals so much?

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2021.10.22 04:17 Chri760i 3 legendaries so close, what a rare sight these days. Sadly all duplicates I don't need, but im happy to see that it can still happen !

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2021.10.22 04:17 shadiakiki1986 Macrophones -- atmospheric infrasound as a way of listening to the climate crisis

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2021.10.22 04:17 blackkiritok Fidelity vs Vanguard brokerage accounts to buy Vanguard Index funds?

I recently started my investing journey. After some research I determined I wanted to invest in Vanguard Index funds long term. So I opened account with them. But due to horrible website and support around it, I moved to Fidelity.
After the first transaction from Fidelity account for Vanguard I. funds, I saw a 4% commission collected by Fidelity for my investment. Now we know 4% is quick A LOT! If we assume an average 6% increase in Index fund a year, for me, it will be just 2% cause 4% was cut by default (Just trying to make a point).
Can you guys suggest me anything on this? Is it normal to pay soo much in commissions on index funds? How experienced professionals do it? I don't want to lose so much in commissions.
Any advice is very appreciated.
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2021.10.22 04:17 Pastel_Taste first hate comment(s) lmao (pretty sure this person is farming downvotes or something like that)

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2021.10.22 04:17 Russell_3 India PM Modi says economy getting boost from rising vaccinations

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2021.10.22 04:17 Similar-Presence-679 This Is Why Donkeys Kill Other Animals

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2021.10.22 04:17 ashwin_modey Flame lily, National flower of Zimbabwe.

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2021.10.22 04:17 cellsbella SOLESTAGE authentication Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104 PASS

SOLESTAGE authentication Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104 PASS Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Zoom Racer Blue CK6637-104
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2021.10.22 04:17 VisualSuspect Το The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me θα είναι το φινάλε της σειράς τρόμου

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